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Possibility of curing thyroid problems in homeopathy

I have great regards for the expert advices that have come in this forum.One of my friends wife is suffering from hypothyroidism and as per allopathic doctors there is supposedly no cure for this apart from taking daily
doses of thyroxine;
I have a firm belief that natural remedies and homeopathy particularly might have a way that can leave this lady without such a life long baggage.If any of you do have specific pointers please do post it in this forum.thanks for your time and help.
Nishchay Sinha
  nksinha on 2010-09-04
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Homeopathic constitutional therapy can be helpful in dealing with hypothyroidism.
Dr.Saravanan last decade
there are many medicine in homeopathy to deal with this problem.you can get the list in synthesis repertory under General section.the correct medicine depends on the patient constitution.complete description is required to get the right remedy
gopal18 last decade
A Homeo remedy is always selected on the basis of totality of symptoms. The effectiveness of remedy selection is directly proportional to the details provided by your friend’s wife while replying these questions described below. Please post all the questions here duly answered. On that basis her constitutional remedy may be worked out. Please give as much information as she can.

(Attention: Please read you/your: your friend’s wife in this Questionnaire)


Age: Children: Occupation: Habits (like smoking/ alcohol/ tobacco, partying etc):

1) Family Medical History:


Grandparents (Maternal and paternal):

Brothers and sisters:

Spouse and children:

2) Patient's Medical History: (Include vaccination history and the reactions to them if any)

major illnesses (Chronologically):

Operations (if any chronologically):

Present medication:

Previous medication:

3) a) Present your complaints in order of priority:(Give as much information as you can in your own words without much reference to medical and technical terms.)

b) Can you connect these complaints to any other events? What was going on in your life personally, physically, emotionally, socially, environmentally when the complaints came on?

c) What are the things, which aggravate your suffering and which are those, which make you feel better? Example- time, temperature, pressure, rubbing, washing, eating, tight clothing, movement, climate, music, consolation, thunderstorm, exam or other important events, smell, noise, light etc. Are you worse on any particular side of the body?

4) Physical Profile:

Colour of hair: Colour of eyes: Skin: Complexion: Build: Posture: Height: Weight: Nails: Others.

5) Mental Profile:

a) Describe yourself in your own words:

b) Any grief, broken relationship, any anger/resentment against anybody, any fears, any phobias?

c) Do you have any strange, peculiar or unusual symptom or feelings? How are you different from others?

6) a) If Female: (Describe in detail where ever necessary)

Age of Puberty: Cycle of periods:

Please describe the irregularities in periods, like pains, moods, flow
type, clots, sensations etc if there are any?

Pregnancy problems—before/during/after delivery: Number of pregnancies:

If Menopause—headaches/flushes/sweats/dryness/mood swings/memory?

Any problem with intercourse?

b) If Male:

Any problem with intercourse or sexual organs?

7) Do you think you are able to satisfy your sexual desires in general?

8) What do you crave for in food items and in general and what are your aversions in food items and in general?

9) Describe your thirst and hunger? (Examples: Average or Excessive or thirstless or loss of appetite or any other associated details)?

10) Describe your sleep? Do you have a particular posture of sleeping?
Are there any Recurring or significant dreams?

11) Describe about discharges (colour/odour/consistency)? [Nasal, from ear or sweat (where do you sweat more? head/trunk/limbs etc), stool and urine.]

12) What is your preference—in climate, weather? (Examples: sun/shade/cold
dry/cold damp/hot humid/not extreme/well ventilated)

13) Other details you want to say or if there are any peculiar things going on in your physical or emotional plane.

Best wishes,
Info.rahiq last decade
so if correct remedy is found do you stop taking thyroxine?
sunnyj last decade
If you take it seriously than I want to tell you that hypothyroidism is complitly curable in initial stage. You have to decrease the quantity of Thyroxine gradually when you're taking homoeo remedy and you are sure that your overall symptoms is improved & all of the pathological report such as, T3, T4, TSH are in normal range. I always prescribed my patient to continue it atleast 1 year more for his/her safety. Than I request for another tast. If I sure that my patient's thyroid test report is still in normal range than I suggest for discontinued Thyroxin. This is all about trust. He/she have to continue homoeo treatment at least two year so that his/her doctor is sure that he can cure his patient completly and his/her condition does not relapse.
Info.rahiq last decade
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