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liposuction + ruined health

I had liposuction at 23 years of age. I had been told that I was "too curvy" my whole life that I finally did something about it. I lost all of my hair 4 months afterwards and have had hormone problems ever since. I am SO SORRY that I did that. I miss my body - whatever shape god gave me. I miss my health and strength. I feel like someone "gutted" out my insides and I constantly have pain in the areas where the surgery was. It has affected me emotionally, physically and sexually. I wish more than anything to be whole again. I want my fat cells back.... Does anyone know what might be of help? I was thinking of thiosinamum or silica for the scar tissue and then homeopathic adipose tissue in 4c afterwards....Thanks for any reply!
  jentoun on 2005-04-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Do you want us to ok your choices, or choose for you? This would be much easier and more successful.

After 40 years I still am lousy at diagnosing myself!

Write more on how you "feel" not what you are mad at, and I caution the statement "I want my fat cells back." The sub-conscious will oblige you. Say, "I want my perfect health back."

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Often , when you have a problem , its best to do as Sabra says and delegate it to your sub conscious .

Easiest way to do this is to formulate the whole of the problem in your mind on going to sleep -- often , the next morning you have some form of answer.

We are far more than we imagine.
passkey last decade
agree with passkey and sabra.
No need to punish yourself so much for this, you will feel whole again...you have not done anything wrong! :)
erika last decade
Thank youfor all of your replies. It has been 10 years since the surgery and I feel "less whole" as time goes by. The bruising I had immediately after the liposuction was so severe - dark purple and black.
I lost most to all of my hair 4 months post surgery. I experienced hair growth in other places like my face and breasts.
I felt menopausal at 23 years old. I am very angry at my mother for not giving me any guidance my entire life. She agreed that the surgery would make me look better and thus, drove me to the plastic surgeon. She is a very selfish woman that ignored me most of my life because she was always too busy with her friends and activities. I have always lacked self-confidance and unfortunately the surgery took away any self-esteem that I had.
I am now married to a wonderful man and I have two beautiful children but I am walking around feeling "shattered" inside. I am a very good person and I just wish to live my life free of health complaints.
1)I have significant hair thinning (male type pattern)
2)I have facial hair growth
3)I have some acne and scarring
4)The areas that were liposuctioned hurt constantly and I feel hollowed out. I am disfigured in places with strange depressions in skin where liposuction was.
5)I tend to feel depressed
6)I am usually more of a hot person
7)I like fresh air
8)I have very, very dry skin on my hands with deep cracks.
9)I have wrinkled fingertips
even though I drink lots of water.
10)I am extremely pale with green eyes and light brown hair.
11)I am solidly built and I used to have womanly curves but now I have no hips and will gain weight in my belly since the surgery.
Thank you for reading my post.....
jentoun last decade
Jentoun, I'm not a professional homeopath but I just want to encourage you in your pursuit of healing through homeopathy. I, too, have had regrets and anger in my past and have achieved so much healing through homeopathy. Be as honest as you can and really spill your guts (sometimes one sentence is the key to the correct remedy) and the homeopaths here will help you. Best wishes, Ruth
ruth45 last decade
Caution here, leave the "appearance" of the body to last. You have very specific hidden emotional views that must be treated first, and the body will follow this course.

If you are relative new to homeopathy, be assured we treat the whole person. The emotional is the basis for the final choices of remedies. The body is considered just as important, but second in consideration.

If you wish, please talk more on who claimed you were too "curvy" and more on your childhood. Your anger at your mother is deep. Now, as an adult, converse about how you are feeling "in the NOW." Let yourself go a little and expand on your "list."

Meanwhile I am looking for the remedy (ies).

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
My father used to say that my hips, thighs, and buttocks were always ten pounds to big no matter how physically fit I was. I was always very active and exercised rigorously my whole life. I used to feel poorly about my body because I had full hips and was wide across the pelvis. My mother had small hips and very big breasts and that was sort of the standard for beauty in my father's eyes. My parents divorced when I was three years old and my father was extremely angry that my mother left him with 4 kids - me being the youngest. I have another sister and two brothers but I look the most like my mom ( my face closely resembles my mom's).
My father was a very angry, negative man and he took most of his anger out on me from the age of 14. I know that my father loved me but he had too many emotional issues that were unresolved that greatly impacted me. He wrapped his whole life around me because his life just stopped when my mom left him. Looking back, I realize that he was so afraid for me to leave that he took all of my confidance away from me so that I wouldn't leave. I married at age 29 - rather quickly and thankfully to a wonderful man but my father always had to put my husband down and make me feel badly about my new life. My husband never took him seriously and could see through his tough exterior but it greatly affected me. He died one year ago next week. I was sad yet, I felt free at the same time. I have a lot less stress now that he is gone.I have some guilty feelings just admitting that.
My mom never really did anything outwardly mean. She is very beautiful and friendly. She always received a lot of male attention and found herself being the center of any social situation. She never gave any part of herself to her kids. We were dragged along to every tennis game and event that she attended. She frequently forgot to pick me up from school which made me profoundly insecure as a child. I used to go home with my teacher until she could locate my mom. She married and divorced 3 times and made a royal mess of our lives. Now that she is seventy and single she can hardly find time for me and my two children. I haven't heard from her in the last three months and she is dating one of her ex-husbands, a man who made my life as a child very difficult. I do not wish to have any contact with her anymore. I tried my whole life to have a good relationship with her and I have just given up. My life is better off without her. My oldest son has been plagued by allergies and severe asthma since birth (now 3.5 years old) and he nearly died from allergic asthma 5 months ago and she can't even pick up the phone to ask how he is doing. He has been to a homeopath and I am so happy to say that he is doing extremely well. His asthma is very minor thanks to Arsenicum album.
His constitutional remedy was silica - he matched perfectly with a second layer of arsenicum.
I am now angry....something that I have never been. I mainly felt hurt and disappointment as a child but since I am now a mom I realize just how awful my parents were. I feel angry that they did what they did to all of us and none of us kids even speak to eachother other than myself and my older brother.
Right now, I feel old. I feel used up from all of the stress. Nobody has been supportive other than my older brother. My kids don't even knoew their other uncle and aunt nor do they really know my mom. My husband is working day and night to finish his chemical engineering degree and we are really struggling financially while he is in school. My father hadsome money and never offered to help. In fact, he died leaving most of his money to my other brother and gave him power over my share of the estate and he doesn't even talk to me. This is the same brother who has a 300,000 a year income. I feel hurt by that very much. I don't care about the money per say but to leave everything in his control when most of the estate is his to begin with is extremely insulting - especially when we are really hurting for money.
These are the biggest emotional issues that I am contending with. I also, feel very insecure about my hairloss and facial hair growth. My body is a mess from the liposuction and hurts all the time. I oblige my husband but I really don't feel sexual at all and I feel badly for my husband because he inherited all of this when he married me. He is handsome and has beautiful skin and hair and I feel like a freak. I never burden him with my feelings of inadequacy because he has a lot to deal with and he doesn't need to handle anything else. That's my story.....I thank everyone for reading my post. I never seek out help and I feel strange having put myself out there like this. I am tired of going through things by myself. I want to be happy and healthy. I know life can be better than this.
jentoun last decade
Thank you Sabra - and thank you Ruth for your kind words........
jentoun last decade
Dear Jentoun, there is so very much to say to you, to share. Because of my own life experiences, I now counsel others, especially women, how to overcome "the old" and go on for themselves.

My own son recovered near-death asthma with Ars Alb, this is how I began in Homeopathy.

While I search for a suitable remedy you may want to email me? a1remedy(at)yahoo.com

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Dear Jentoun, have found a good remedy:

ECHINACEA 10M. Must be 10M. One dose each week for 6 weeks. Yes, only one per week. This must be done slowly so you are comfortable.

This is homeopathic Echinacea, not the herbal stuff you get over the counter at health store for colds. Works differently.

This is a wide-range very safe remedy and will be good to balance a lot of the body. If another remedy is needed, we will know by your progress.

ABC should have this, maybe not in 10M? I know other places to tell you to ask.

Please let us know?

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Forgot, for all those reading: Echinacea is listed as:
E. Rudbeckia
E. Purpurea
E. Angusifolia

It is the purple cone-flower.

It seems every place I look it up it is listed differently. I finally found a listing that listed more than one and another in brackets. Seems different people and areas call it by different second names.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thank you for your recommendation. I will heed your advice. I'm just curious how you came up with echinacea.... Is it more of the mental picture or the physical that led you to this choice? I know that 10M is quite potent, do you think that I will ever encourage new soft tissue regrowth or is that a hopeless endeavor? I haven't ruled out the possibility of utilizing gene therapyfor replacing soft tissue where my body is hollowed out...I thought if that were possible some of my other health problems would disappear. Let me know what you think...Thanks, Jennifer
jentoun last decade
When you stop seeing and thinking of your body as "hollowed out," it WILL change. It still obliges your attitude and speaking.

Echinacea is a great blood corrector. I chose it because I am so familiar with it. It touches every part of the body. A great remedy.

The potency is high because you have serious conditions. The space between doses is to make sure you do not suffer too many symptoms while your body corrects itself. Only one dose per week. NO more.

Remember, we are treating the whole body. Depending on your progress we may use another remedy, but we won't know this for several weeks.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Okay..... I will go get some echinacea 10M and let you know. I thank you for your attention to my situation and really appreciate your support. I will post as soon as I see results.

Best Wishes,

jentoun last decade
Post "as you go" not just results, but conditions of any sort. After the first dose and two or three days pass, let us know how you are doing.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Jentoun, did you receive my email reply? It seems I am having trouble sending. S.
sabra last decade
No, I'm sorry I didn't receive it...
jentoun last decade
I can receive but cannot send a reply. This is making some think I am not answering. I think I forwarded you a new email? I will write again.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
I mistakenly took Nat Mur 200c. I can't believe that I did that!! That was late last night... I don't know what to do. Is there a way to antidote it?

I have had a strong reaction to it since last night and I am not sure what that means. I bought it a long time ago because it is a remedy for hair loss.I never got around to take it though.... until last night. Should I take the echinacea today anyway?


jentoun last decade
No Jen, it is not dangerous. You are just getting uncomfortable with some suppressions letting go with the remedy. Please do not antidote it. Let it work, it will subside, I promise.

Please wait at least 5 days before taking the Echinacea. This will give the Nat mur conditions time to settle down too.

Please be at peace. You have had so many things done to you and had so much allopathinc "stuff" in you, this increase in symptoms sometimes occur, but it is not dangerous and usually short-lived. It actually is a good sign of the remedy working.

Because of your history, you have many levels to treat.

My email is fixed.

I want to send you a paper on "speaking good health."

Have you read the post I made on "Live in the Now..."

Please stick with us and let us see you through this finding the old/new you. And we will!

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
SPEAKING IN THE NOW Speaking for good health and life.

The human race in general, do not realize they cause most of their own ills by their speech habits.
For example, how many hear friends and relatives repeatedly say things like:
“I am ALWAYS sick.”
“I get a cold every spring like clockwork and it takes weeks to go away.”
“I just know I am coming down with something.”
“I am a loser, no matter how hard I try nothing good happens to me.”
“I am so worried, my child is beginning school; I know he will be out sick half the year.”
“I always get fired from every job I try.”
“I am so depressed, no medicine will help me.”
“I will never get ahead in life.”
“I don’t think I want to do that.”

Then there is the parents that have hysterics when the child is ill and allow the child to hear and see their anxiety. The anxious, helpless child is now frightened and more sick.

So, Now let us rephrase the statements above:
“I am a healthy and happy person in every way.”
“I am free of colds and respiratory conditions every year.” (because....above).
“Every day I continue to be healthy in my body and happy in my life.”
“I am regarded well by those that know I am a caring and dependable person.
“My child is healthy and completely free of any illness from any source. (child hears this repeated)
“I am a successful person because I have studied well and have good work habits.”
“I get better and better because I am a good person and was born in happiness.”
“I have a positive attitude that brings success in all I do.
“I don’t think (I do) want to do that.” Well, does one {think} or not?

“Our child has a condition that we treat and he is better soon. The children hear this and feel secure in the parent’s care of them.

AND, the words: don’t/not/can’t/won’t/try/ are all words of defeat.
“I don’t want to get sick.”
“I will try to do it.”
“I will not do this.”
Only 3 examples, but most important. “Will” is in the future, any day. “Don’t” is not heard by the sub conscious mind and hears: “I want to get sick.”
If you leave out ”try” the statement says: “I will do it.” (future) It would be better to say “I know how to do it.” (Now) Or “Give it to me to do now.”
Again the “not” makes the sentence say, “I will do this.” So, “I choose to let someone else do this.”

If one wants to eliminate a certain condition, say, "I am free of....NOW" Or, "There is a continuing absence of....Now. The sub conscious will cooperate fully. It does take a little time.

To most reading, right now, I understand this sounds stilted and weird and laughable. I promise you, it is not. I have spent 30 years putting it to use and teaching others. One must live in the now. One is not “going” to get something or “if” this, “that” will happen. “I will” do thus and so is all in the unforseen future. It is not the NOW.

Another thought is to speak in terms of “I want.” To speak “I need” makes you needy and in the future. A strong person always “wants now.” “I want” makes good things happen much quicker.

Parents make a mistake by telling a young child “be good” or “behave.” The child does not know how to make this choice. Spell it out: “I want you to be good by doing ......” It is a waste of time and insulting to say “Stop that right now.” Explain in great detail how to be “good” or well “behaved” and when it happens, reward with a hug or secret smile.

There are many persona levels of the body, mind and Spirit. Let us speak only of two. The Conscious mind and the Sub Conscious mind.

The Conscious Mind is the logical and analytical mind. This consciousness likes to think that it knows everything and if not, it can figure it out. It has an ego. This specious ego lacks the natural simplicity or naiveté that communicates well with any and all. It is limited to its own level. This mind gets its feelings hurt and takes things personally. The Conscious mind is filled with mistaken beliefs, no matter how insignificant, that can play havoc with the Sub-Conscious. Not always in big ways, but small, like a tiny itch, that never goes away. Small is harder to address than the larger that is more apparent.

“Logic” may be only something that one heard or was told, and became a belief. To analyze, one could debate it nearly forever because of the different views on the same subject by the many. Being aware of the many problems of the conscious mind, we then turn to the individual and examine their logic and beliefs for their own personal growth or correction. A judgmental response is unproductive. If we lose the individual, we have lost everything. All humans are valuable. Our very differences are all the aspects of everything valuable in one another.

The Sub Conscious mind has a barrier between the Conscious and itself. The sub conscious mind can hear everything the conscious mind thinks and says. It is child-like in it’s responses, so everything the conscious mind thinks or says aloud is taken in as truth. The paradox is that if the conscious mind makes a mistake it is now “untruth” but believed as truth. The sub conscious tries to oblige the body by making all positive OR negative statements come to pass. If one makes a statement of illness, the sub conscious mind looks for a way to make it happen. It wants to please the “Boss,” the Conscious mind.

The immediate difficulty is that the sub conscious mind cannot “ask” directions or clarity of the careless mouthing of the conscious mind. It has the barrier. It can hear all, but not communicate. The Conscious mind does not care what it says and even less of what the sub conscious mind hears, due to it’s ego.

We must gather our wits about us and think of the positive ways of speaking to lead the sub conscious mind in more productive ways. It is like teaching a child with love, and the parent speaking as well and carefully as possible so the teaching will be valuable and not fall by the wayside in confusion.

I use this Speaking process in hypnotherapy. An exciting example was of an educated woman who couldn’t make any money. She was 3 months behind in her rent and down to one dollar. When we spoke about hypnotherapy, she quickly told me that some yogi years ago told her group to never do hypnosis as the person is playing with your mind.

In one sense this has been true of those hypnotists who do not care except to show off, but she knew me for several years. Within 3 days, she called back and said OK. We wrote out what she wanted and what she did not want me to do. This is how I work. The person must be confident that I will not exceed my authority over their’s. (actually it is difficult to do this, they usually awaken) We did it her way.

When we reached troublesome times in her life, she repeated the same negative statement: “No matter what I do, nothing will ever come of it.” Wow! What a downer. I gathered this statement and told her she was now free of this statement in her adult life as it belonged to the child that was upset in “that” time space. That particular statement belonged only to the child. Her childhood’s negative statement had unknowingly affected her adult life. She did it to herself.

Her telephone began ringing 3 days later and she had her rent paid up in 6 weeks. It has been nearly 3 years now and she is very successful and has more work than she ever thought possible. She loves her work and is very happy.

For those that want to pick apart some of the statements above as “future” etc. One must remember that the written word is not always the same as the spoken word. Ask any English teacher.

An additional observation connected to this form of thinking is the absence of taking anything personally, or getting one’s feelings hurt. They are one in the same. When one reacts in a “hurt feelings” kind of way when someone makes a statement, this same person is being childish.

The Conscious mind, being judgmental, decides in it’s ego that the other has erred and they are the ones that are at fault. This is not so. The one with the hurt feelings has erred and is at fault. They are being critical.

If one wants to be just who one is...all others have the same rights. This is the exchange of maturity. When another makes an unwelcome statement or acts in an unwelcome way, a mature person will either ignore it, choose to leave, or even choose to sever the relationship with one that acts in the unwelcome way.

It is criticism to be pouting and having hurt feelings. They don’t owe you anything. You choose what you want to do about it. When you understand this interaction, usually one realizes it is the other’s problem and has nothing to do with you. Many times one will listen to some statement that seems to ruffle one’s feathers so to speak, but it is your own choice how you take it and what you do about it.

To ignore as if it doesn’t exist, this silly human frailty, is the most freeing thing that has ever happened to me in my life for my sense of maturity.

Age has nothing to do with maturity of the heart and mind. I have met many old gossipy angry people that have never had the peace of true happiness in their entire lives. I have an angry neighbor that doesn’t like me because I tell him he is rude to awaken me at 5am because he wants to dig in his lawn while I am sleeping. This is not his right. I really don’t care if he doesn’t like me.

All this is not an easy, overnight thing to learn. It takes daily diligence and a sense of curiosity to see if it really works. And it does. It took years, and I am still learning to smooth the edges of the thought patterns.

Another reward for this work is the quiet serene feeling of being just who You want to be. And the happy ability to allow other’s to be themselves also. Unless they are rude and waking one up at 5 am!

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade

I read your "Live for Now" anecdote and was really moved..... especially the second part about the acknowledgement ceremony. I really cried a lot because the old, grumpy salesman
sounds just like my father. He only talked about what was wrong and negative about us as kids, especially me (I remind him of my mom - a bad thing). I was in a similar situation like the boy - I never got to a point with my father where we ever had any understanding of one another. He died one year ago April 13, and our last conversation was very negative and wrought with judgements and criticisms about my new life and husband.

I do feel free now... but I have a lot of unfinished conversations within my head that I wish I had had the opportunity to have with my father.

Thanks for the anecdote!!

Best Wishes,
jentoun last decade

Thank you for sending "Speaking in the Now". I need to focus very hard on my thought patterns. I do send a lot of negative messages to myself by my self-destructive thinking. I replay lots of tapes in my head from my father and mother. My mother never said anything negative, in fact most people would say that my mom was very positive. She just ignored us and made us feel insignificant. She was always very busy with friends and work and tennis that we spent an unbelievable amount of time by ourselves from a very early age. She was what I term "passive destructive" since her actions rendered us to feel very unimportant.


Thank you very much!!
jentoun last decade
Remember, when you forget and do the "negative" you must be forgiving of self.

Laugh a little and rephrase the sentence or thought and let it go.

Some people I know say "delete, or cancel that" and keep going. No self criticism.

It is so difficult, sometimes I even forget.

You know, you can still have those conversations with your Dad. Find a quiet spot, or do it while walking around. The "other side" is not that far away.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade

Since I took the Nat Mur by mistake, my normally dry hands have become so irritated and dry that I cannot bend my swollen fingers without them cracking and bleeding. They are extremely painful.

Also, I have had an incredible amount of congestion in my head - I blow my nose constantly. This is not very typical for me.

I have been having lots of memories from the past as well. I find myself quite angry and resentful....not a good way to be. I keep reinforcing the positive but the anger still comes in waves.

Is all of this a good thing? I am never sure whether symptoms are induced by a remedy or released by it.

jentoun last decade

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