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Joe, you have inadvertantly helped my family so many times by answering other people's questions.

I was hoping that perhaps you had written a book (even an e-book) that will have common problems and the remedies.

Your opinion is very valuable. Please let me know if there's a way to purchase something like this.
  Dawnnoelle1045 on 2010-09-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Go to this website. It has got all the information you want.


gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Murthy,

You should also do what your good friend did. We all want you to share the rich knowledge of 200+ books you have read and also your own thinking.
kadwa last decade
Dear Gavini,

Thank you for promoting my website which Rohan my eldest son established for me a few weeks ago. I am still in the process of copying some of my more interesting cases to it and hope that I will be able to establish a permanent record of cases that I have treated with my 'Joepathy' to which anyone who is interested in my direct 'This for That' therapy can refer to if they so wish.

You may like to know that Rohan is a gifted musician whom I have promoted from his childhood as a Composer of music which I believe he has inherited from me and my wife, both musicians. I do not play my Steinway Grand any more today as I cannot practice as I used to do up to about 10 years ago for 2 hours on a daily basis. I believe that it was Homeopathy that took first place and as a result I started to listen to music more than to play it myself. I used to listen to music in the past on the old 78 rpm discs, then on the 33rpm's and today on iTunes on my computer which I have connected to 2 separate Bose sound systems, one in my office and the other at home.

You may like to visit Rohan's own website and listen to some of his music on:


Rohan migrated to the UK a few weeks ago with his wife and just last week informed me that he has won a prize for another international music competition and will be leaving for the performance in a few days in the US. This music is entitled 'Remembrances (Electroacoustic) on his website. He was invited to help in choreographing the music for the occasion.

The first composition under the heading Electroacoustic 'Haiku' has won many prizes and has been performed in at least 3 venues in Ireland, Spain and lastly in Brazil a few weeks ago.

His latest composition 'The Nokia variations for Piano' was based on the Nokia ringtone which one hears often and was composed in just 12 days which was one of the pieces played by Ashan Pieris who is just 24 at his concert which was very largely attended in Colombo a few weeks ago. Ashan is perhaps the best Pianist in Sri Lanka today and returned after his studies in music in the US a year ago. He was awarded the prize for the 'Young Musician of the Year' competition about 6 years ago which is held every two years by the Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka of which I am a Trustee and a Governor. This competition was judged by my son and his contemporary in music, Rohan De Silva who is the accompanist to Itzhak Perlman who as you may be aware is a world famous Violinist. The two Rohans were in two US Music Schools, mine in the University of Michigan and the other in the Juilliard. Mine specialized in Music Composition and the other in Performance. I believe that Ashan owed his Scholarship from his University to his being chosen as the Prize winner at this competition.

I would like to join Kadwa in requesting you to follow my lead and establish your own website where you can record your own cases and your classical viewpoint on Homeopathy which you have spent so many years in studying.

Both my Website and Rohan's are on WordPress which is very easy to configure and has about 500 templates any one of which you can use for a small fee under $40.00 for 5 years.

Kind Regards

Joe De Livera last decade
To Dawn

Thank you for appreciating my efforts to help anyone in distress which I gladly do as I have done for the last 10 years on 4 Homeopathic Forums and for the last 30 years here in Colombo where I live, where I treat anyone who consults me free of charge and also include the remedy.

I am glad to note that you have read the therapy I prescribe to others aka 'Joepathy' which was once harshly criticized by the classical fraternity when they discovered that my therapy worked sometimes overnight. Right now I am encountering some criticism on the Fistula thread and I requested the moderator/owner of this forum Simon Broadley to delete some of his posts as they were too personal and too much to accept on a public forum dedicated to helping patients towards a cure of which there is ample proof on this thread.

You may like to know that I am 82 years of age and have been in Homeopathy first as a skeptic and then as a patient and later still as an unqualified practitioner of this science to which I am dedicated and spend about 2 hours of my time daily.

As my friend Gavini has mentioned above, I have recently launched my own website on
joedelivera.com which I am adding to as often as I can.

If you have any ailments that you would like me to advise you on, please feel free to post them either on this thread or on my website.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Kadwa

After reading many books both old and new including the latest, I am literally at the cross roads.

Homeopathy is amenable for many many interpretetions and every author tries to support his point of view.

Some seem logical, some probable, some out right outlandish, and some doubtful.

I used to be very vehement in criticising prescriptions that deviate from the strict Hannemanian homeopathy.

At some point of time I started pondering over the fact that there are many variations in the way people prescribe and all claim some success..can't deny that as otherwise they won't be in buisiness..when I say buisiness that includes those who do it as a hobby without expecting any rewards.

Hahn proposed a way to follow in Organon. It is based on his perception. Some people find it very difficult to follow it..fail when they try to do so and looked for alternatives.

Some tried combinations, some tried poly pharmacy, some use only mentals, some use sensations, some use the periodic table, some use dreams and some even tried to standardise the therapy based on the disease name.
There are many many variations.

All of them claim they benefitted atleast some of the patients. All of them claim no patient is worse because of their treatment.

I was worried about the suppession that may ensure because of wrong methods. I am not so sure now. I tend to believe now that it is difficult to suppress with homeopathic remedies.

So I stopped criticising others and read everybody with a open mind. May be five years from now (when I retire from my present job) my thinking may crystallise one way or the other or I may accept all the possibilities. Who knows? :-)

I shall continue.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Joe

Glad to know about your son's success in his chosen field.

My earlier post to Kadwa might answer you in part. I shall take to serious, regular prescribing once I retire.

Meanwhile I will try to understand the various hues of homeopathy. :-)

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Murthy

i hope that you will clarify your position on the following points. You have created huge confusion by changing your age old position all of a sudden. Even i could see that Dr. Lokesh Kumar who had a long debate with you on certain points was impressed by what you have been saying.
a. There is no point in giving a polychrest remedy to everyone even if the remedy may provide some symptomatic relief.
b. If inimical remedies are mixed there could be a strange reaction. So even a mixopath should have some knowledge of remedy relationships. Similarly while arriving at a group of remedies the mixopath should know how to do the repertorization and evaluation of the drug images.
c. If one takes a remedy in repeated doses one may become addicted to the remedy and there won't be any way to know what is happening on account of remedy proving and what on account of the real disease.
d. The concept of LM potency doesn't give a licence to the prescriber to repeat the remedy without reviewing the case.
People should understand that they can't serve homeopathy by using abusive language against those who don't repeat the word Organon in every 25 words they write. The real service to homeopathy has been done by people like Rishimba, Pankaj Varma, Maheeru, John Stanton and others who read Materia Medica and Repertory carefully before giving a suggestion. They have the courage to do the cases online inspite of the possibility that if their suggestion doesn't work, the world will laugh. This is how common people like me have learnt homeopathy. The real credit also goes to the owners of abchomeopathy because they refrain from 'enjoying their right of ownership'.

Best Regards.
kadwa last decade
Dear Gavini,

Dear Gavini,

I am glad that I played some part in converting you to at least accepting my way of healing which you once termed 'Joepathy' which term has stuck since 2005, when you first did so.

I started on Homeopathy as a skeptic about 50 years ago and when I was healed by a Homeopath I decided to study this science and discovered that I had a certain gift of healing which I believe I inherited from my ancestors who were a family of Ayurvedic Physicians who lived in the late Nineteenth century in Negombo, where I too was born. History records that one of these Physicians cured the last King of Kandy, Sri Wickrema Rajasingha of some unknown illness for which he was rewarded by the grateful King with a grant of a 'Nindagama' or Royal Gift, of around 10000 acres of land, the records of which exist in the Land Registry even today.

Homeopathy gave me the opportunity of helping many in the days before the ABC and other Forums were first established in the early days of this Century. With the proliferation of similar Homeopathic Forums it was possible to reach out to thousands throughout the world and they would describe their ailment and I would prescribe the remedy which I had invariably used personally or those that I had prescribed and found effective like ailments that I had not suffered from like Fistula, Fissure and Abscess which I treat on a daily basis with about 90% success on the ABC where I have used my own Joepathy to work out the most effective cure using standard Homeopathic remedies with the addition of Antibiotic ointment the equivalent of which is not available in the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia.

I studied this Science during my free time away from my business for many years and it was after the arrival of my 3 sons after their studies in US Universities that I discovered that I was relieved of my duties which I transferred to 2 of my sons, as a result of which I had more time on my hands which I used to help patients who consulted me free of any charge including the remedies which I have always given my patients free of charge. I have over 500 remedies in my stock which I import from India as they are not easily available here in Sri Lanka as our government did not recognize Homeopathic therapy officially due to the prejudice fostered by the medical profession from ages past. This situation has been changed in the recent past this year as there is now a Homeopathic College which was opened last February as a result of the constant agitation that our group of Homeopaths have made on our government.

I purchased Radar 9.5 software in 2004 and have it on my computer and refer to it often when I am not conversant with the ailment. I must admit that I invariably do not use the remedies that are suggested by this software as it uses the Repertories of the many acknowledged Classical 'Masters' whose recommendations are based on their own experience and research on the use of Homeopathic remedies which in some instances I have found was not quite correct. One example is Dr George Vithoulkas condemning the use of Arnica prior to and Post surgery which I have dealt with in some posts I have made on the Otherhealth Forum under 'Joe and Arnica'
which even today is attracting around 300 visitors monthly as it is possible that these visitors have used my Joepathy with Arnica and have discovered that it works in the manner that I have recorded.

Whilst I do respect that these Homeopaths are professionals who have had far more experience than me and are teachers of this Science, the fact remains that they are governed by the strict rules laid down in their studies which unfortunately places some constraint on their own thinking which I can best describe as the inability to see the 'wood for the trees'. I have used Arnica 30c prior to and post surgery for my Retropubic Prostactomy in 2002 and again before and after a minor surgery for an Inguinal Hernia in 2008 and can categorically state that I was able to use this simple remedy exclusively as an analgesic in place of the IV Morphine used in the former and Diclofenac Sodium used in the latter surgeries. The nursing staff and my 2 Surgeons were duly impressed with my pain management and deducted the cost of the Morphine ($150) and Diclofenac from my bill.

I believe that a person like you who reads vastly and is dedicated to studying the available literature on this Science will benefit greatly if you too purchase Radar of which the latest release is known as Radar Opus and costs around $1000 and is available from B Jain in India. The great advantage that one has with this software is the ability to refer instantly to the many textbooks numbering over 200 which are all part of this software which refers to them in the diagnosis and the remedy prescribed for any ailment or disease.

I believe that the discoveries made by each one of us is a positive contribution towards the progress of this science in the world and I am indeed grateful to the Homeopathic Forums that have made it possible to share our individual 'discoveries' in the use of various remedies with Homeopaths throughout the world.

It is this horizon that I always had before me in my many encounters with you and many others who often used to criticize me and who eventually accepted that my 'Joepathy' too was a valid form of therapy which benefited the patient in a manner that Classical Homeopathy which treated the 'Totality of the Symptoms presented by the patient with a Single Remedy' could not always equate.

Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Kadwa

Let me answer your queries one by one.

a. There is no point in giving a polychrest remedy to everyone even if the remedy may provide some symptomatic relief.


Polychrest remedies by definition cover many common symptoms of the man kind and I don't see any reason as to why we can't give them if we see indications for them.

In fact it is good to prove these polychrests on one's own person when they are in fairly good health. Hahn said that the prover's health will improve as every medicine will do all the help it can do.

Dr.G.V. says that if one wants to 'test' a medicine he can do so at the rate of one medicine per month.

There are two ways of doing this. Take a low potency like 6c every day till you feel some changes in you and then stop. The maximum period shouldn't exceed two weeks. If the medicine is likely to help you because of your susceptibilty to it you should get some positive results.

The other way is to take a high potency like 1M in a single dose and observe for three weeks, without taking anything else. If there is susceptibilty the medicine will do all the good it can.

This is one reason why Hahn. advises to give Sulphur at the beginning of chronic cases. Sulphur opens up the case and will do all the good it can.

I did prove a series of medicines on my self ..and I am no worse for it.

The only care required is not to over do it and be careful to give enough gap between one medicine and the other.

That being so I don't understand the reason for giving a polychrest when it is indicated.

If you meant something else please elaborate.


gavinimurthy last decade
b. If inimical remedies are mixed there could be a strange reaction. So even a mixopath should have some knowledge of remedy relationships. Similarly while arriving at a group of remedies the mixopath should know how to do the repertorization and evaluation of the drug images




c. If one takes a remedy in repeated doses one may become addicted to the remedy and there won't be any way to know what is happening on account of remedy proving and what on account of the real disease.


The concept of susceptibility again comes here. If your vibration levels are far far away from that of the remedy it will neither do any good or bad despite repeated doses. It amounts to taking nothing.

Some short acting medicines can't do harm even when the patient is susceptible to it provided the doses are low in potency..more so when they are divided doses in water.

Please read my thread


for more clarity.


gavinimurthy last decade
d. The concept of LM potency doesn't give a licence to the prescriber to repeat the remedy without reviewing the case.




Regarding your general comments, let me assure you that I have not changed my position. I am only trying to analyse why certain protocols work despite being against the accepted tenants of Hannemanian homeopathy.

When Dr.aegidi proposed that two remedies can be mixed together and given to the patient, Hahn. initially lapped up the idea and did experiment with them. That shows that he too is not averse to deviate from the one remedy at a time concept.

However he were forced to retract from that as his sishyas feared that it will open a pandora's box and give the then critics of homeopathy a weapon to beat them with by pointing out that after all by mixing more than one medicine together, what homeopathy is advocating is no different from the then practice of giving mixtures of medicines.

My opposition to give more than a single remedy at a time was well chronicled on this forum.

My grounds were

1) There are no provings done with the new substance that is created by mixing two medicines together and as such there is no data to rely upon.

2) The prescriber will be at a loss as to the next step when the combination ceases to work after an initial useful period.

I still hold to these objections. But I do find that certain well tested protocols are working in acute situations without harming the patient further. I want to examine this matter further.

My position has changed to the extant that we need to investigate further as to why non hannemanian homeopathy too is giving acceptable results in some cases.

Perhaps there is a way to explain it logically and I wish I may be able to do so in the days to come.

I do appreciate the selfless service the people who you refered are doing on this forum. I share your sentiments regarding Simon who is model moderator in giving every body the required freedom in voicing what they feel.

Your comment on the need to desist from abusive language in case of difference opinions is very welcome and you might have observed that I started practicing it, though a bit late. :-)

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Joe

I have Hompath M.D. software which is close to RADAR in features and utility. However I use it sparingly as we tend to neglect mastering and understanding the Materia Medica in a proper way.

My reply to Kadwa in the above posts cover the other points rised by you.


gavinimurthy last decade

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