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help with general health and weight

Hi there

am new comer to homeopathy adn this site and have received some excellent advice regarding my 2 daughters and wondered if you can advise me on some health issues. I am generally fairly healthy but have had some problesm since pregnancy and child birth. Here goes:

had pre eclampsia and high blood pressure for about a year after both my pregnancies, gained alot of weight each time and have been unable to shift about 2 stone since my youngest was born (she is now 5)I was quite underwight before hand and never put weight on, am only 5 feet tall and now weigh about 9 1/2 stone, would like to be about 8 stone (pear shaped mainly large around bottom and legs)

Have developed guttate psoriasis which only happened during 2nd pregnancy and have had 2 very bad attacks both following strep throat infection, have very mild patches of psoriasis most of the time but not much. My skin on face is very prone to pimples now which i never used to suffer from.

Have scoliosis of spine which is now causing some
bad problems at bottom of back and hips.

I am very prone to picking up nasty stomach bugs Have had campylo bacter and anothjer nasty parasite I picked up from abroad within last 3 years which has really affected by stomach, have lots of bouts of diarreah and stomach cramps for no apparent reason.

Seem to be picking up lots of colds and coughs lately which I never did before.

Have not been tested for any allergies, suspect could be wheat intolerant.

I crave salty foods especially crisps, love anything pickled and spicy, occasionally crave sweet things.

I am 36 and live a busy life as working mum, but do not do much exercise, as it hurts my back.

Hope I am not a lost cause, be grateful for any advice
  gerth on 2005-04-11
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi Gerth, the major problem to give most attention is the scoliosis. Get checked for calcium levels and bone density. You probably need calcium. It is too late for surgery, unless you become helpless.

The next in line for checking is the parasites. They are EXTREMELY hard to get rid of. One must check every 6 months or every year to make sure they are gone, for 3 or 4 years.

You are having all the stomach and cold stuff as reoccuring conditions. They are not "new" each time but reoccuring. This is what allopathic antibiotics, etc. causes.

If you suspect wheat, a good way to test is NO bread or pasta. Check all the "prepared" foods to see if it contains Maltodextrin, etc. I think I told you these, if not, tell me.

Do not eat anything containing wheat for two weeks. One can get different bread in health store without wheat. Ask. Then after two weeks. Enjoy two slices of regular bread for breakfast and not again. Watch for any changes in body.

We may have to begin with one remedy and then change later as you progress. You have a lot to catch up with as there has been a downhill development over the years.

I strongly suggest you avoid having any more children.

I will be studying. More later. Write more if you feel like it.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Hi Sabra

Thanks for your reply, I really appreciate your advice, I agree that my health has been gradually declining over the last few years and i do need to sort my self out, dont get me wrong Im not ill and manage to live normally, problem is with two kids and working etc dont get much time to worry about myself!!! As far as my scoliosis the dr did offer to operate when I was about 18 but i refused and I have been relevatively lucky that I only have phases were it plays me up, Dr said there is nothing they can do as I get older it will get worse, i think pregnancy probably didnt help, I do not plan on having any more children!! I am not taking any supplements, can you suggest any?
As far as parasites, the last nasty bug i picked up was in the caribbean in November last year and was diagnosed as crypto spiridium, I did not receive any treatment for it and was told it would go by itself.
I have not had a bad attack of guttate psoriasis for almost two years now but and very worried every time I get a sore throat.

As of today I have cut out wheat and will report on results. Not sure if I may also be intolerant to dairy as on saturday we took kids to a dairy farm and tried some pure untreated cows milk and cream and when got home had very bad upset tummy for a couple of hours.

A bit about me emotionally, I am very sensitive, pisces star sign, worry alot and become very involved in everyones problems. Have a very nervous nature at times and am a nail biter. Have very little willpower at times but can also be very strong when I need to be. I am very loving and dont like confrontation with people I care about, although become very defensive if someone I love is hurt or I think there has been an injustice!!

Hope this helps, let me know if you need any more information.

Once again my sincere thanks for all your help

gerth last decade
For the weight I swear by yoga. I started to go to an Ashtanga yoga class once a week at my local centre. You see the difference in 10 weeks, I felt energetic... fitter... kept doing it and after that realised I had the first flat stomach I ever had! It is very intensive yoga with some relaxation at the end. It really makes you sweat and yet build up at your own level, well worth it. I lost the few extra pounds I had without realising. And it inspired me to eat more healthily, and funny enough I eat more now than what I used to. And of course still able to eat chocolate and knowing I will work it off on my next session.

For the skin... have you tried coconut oil? Applied to wet skin out of the shower it really makes my skin soft and smooth, helps my dry hands too, and is free of nasty chemicals.
sugarpencil last decade
thanks, I have looked locally for an ashtanga yoga class and cannot find one, but do other types of yoga I can try.

For Sabra

I have been a bought a basic kit containing 36 remedies, I confused as to whether you can take more than one remedy at once.

I will wait for your suggestons as what remedy might help me

Kind regards
gerth last decade
Hi there

Hope you have had time to consider my case, does anyone have any suggestions that may help me, am feeling particuarly tied and lethargic at moment, stomach playing me up.

look forward to hearing from you all
gerth last decade
Hi gerth - have you decided whether to start cutting out wheat?
If you are unsure then begin a food diary - you need to keep it for about 10 weeks (a long time I know but may be very worth it!!). You write down every single food and drink that passes your lips and also write down your health (part. stomach) and mood for each day. At the end of the 10 weeks a pattern will emerge in respect to what you are eating. Some foods take longer to digest than others, so check this out on websites and bear this in mind if you keep the diary and analyze it. Some of the foods that take longer are pork (2-3days for full digestion I believe) and sweetcorn (altho I read this it does appear to go through quicker than this!!).
If this diary business seems too much work then cut out the wheat - allow time for the system to clear (10 days and sometimes more) before improvement may happen...
erika last decade
Any yoga will help. Glad I could help.

You say you are low on energy... I wouldn't cut out wheat unless your doctor/nutritionist advised it as that gives you energy. If you think you are allergic to something a professional should really check it out. Have you heard of a food pyramid? This is a way to regulate all the food groups so that a balanced diet is atained, and has worked with me to raise my physical energy. You draw up a little pyramid and tick the boxes as the day goes on. I could e-mail you an example if you like. Not sure about posting it shere as copywrite laws might apply.
sugarpencil last decade
note to add! It sounds like what you are eating might be the cause because of your cravings. The body craves more of the bad things when the diet is unbalanced. I still get cravings too, but less strong than they were before. Just following the plan I do (got from a nutritionist) makes them better.
sugarpencil last decade
Dear Sugar pencil

Than ks for your reply, I would be very interested in receiving details of food pyramid, how do I go about giving my email details??

Many thanks
gerth last decade
Gerth, still studying. No, do not take several remedies. We are trying to get you back to better health and there is several factors to consider. It would be best to use one remedy to see it's effects on you as you go. Do not believe what the bottles say they are for. I have never found it to be true. Get a Materia Medica from, orders(at)minimum.com

Updated MM by Boericke (has pic. on front)

You know you need calcium?? Get liquid calcium in health store. Looks like little white footballs. 3 at dinner, 3 at bedtime.

Do you know prepared foods have maltodextrine in them? This is wheat. Carmel color is wheat. Soy Sauce is wheat. Color in sodas is wheat. DO NOT drink sodas or beer AT ALL. Avoid ANY diet anything. Start reading ALL the ingredients on foods.

Yoga may be very good. Tell them about your back. One can work with it, may improve.

Still looking. Patience with homeopathy.

If one wants to email, one has to say (at) or the forum will not let the address through. www. goes through.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Gerth, lost you when the forum "shifted." I know it has to, but I dislike it all the same.

Please tell us how you are doing.

I am having a time finding a remedy. I keep discounting them and look more.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Hi Sabra

Thanks for finding me again, Im doing ok, still feeliong quite weak and lethargic, stomach very delictae at moment and have just had a very bad period but feeling better now. Am trying to eat more sensibly but havnt cut out what completely yet, need to get some willpower.

looking forward to hearing from you

gerth last decade

Just thought I would update in hope you can help me. Have been cutting down on wheat although not completely stomach doesnt seem to bad. However I am feeling really tired and anxious, my periods are reaaly playing up still regular adn quite heavy but the premenstrual symptons seem to be starting ealier and getting worse, this month I only had 1 week were i wasnt feeling terrible with sore breasts, stomach ache and severe irritability, i have now finsished but still feel really tearful and emotionally low. I have been getting a lot of back ache which doesnt help but that doesnt normally get me down like this.

can anyone advise anything to help this poor old wreck!!!
gerth last decade

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