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ARsenic alba and side effect

My son is 17 months old, and when he was about 11 months and 2 weeks he started to wheeze after catching cold, and it was diagnosed as asthma induced by cold. After that in almost every cold episode he wheezes, and he is on Pulmicort(Steroid puff), and have to take a mild bronchodialator whenever required. We went to a omeopath, when he was about 13 months old. Here are rhe remedies she has perscribed so far:
January: Pulsetilla 200 once
February: Meterelinum 1M Once
March: Arsenic Alba 200
April: Arsenic Alba 1M
SHe also told us to give arsenic 1m after diluting in water three times a day if he started to wheeze, and we did that few times over last one months.

Now from last month, he is wheezing almost everyday. It seems that the inhaler steroid is not working to reduce the inflamation. I do not know that if the high power dose of arsenic is suppressing the alopathic drug, or arsenic is incorporating the symptoms it supposed to treat due to overdose. PLease comment. I hope that the treatment is not going in a wrong direction for a 17 month old child.
Thanks in advance.
  amitra123 on 2005-04-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
The Arsenicum Album is not dangerous. My own son took it for years.

The inhaler steroid is the culprit. It helps and aggravites at the same time so it is limited. His little body should not be having this. But what to do?

For a mother with a young baby who is sick I understand. I didn't find homeopathy until my third son.

Try to examine HOW the wheezing is. Inhale difficult or exhale, or both? Try to see if there is a difference.

Does he caugh? what is it like. Is he cold child, what is better...worse. Homeopathy treats the whole person not just one thing. Tell us more about your child.

STOP getting vaccinations. This is causing him to be sick. It is your choice, you do NOT have to do it. Did you read the Vaccinations post?

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Sabra thanks for your encouraging comment.

Yes he coughs when he is about to wheeze. The cough is basically dry. He wheezes while exhaling air out. However he did not have any vaccin for a long time, so the vaccination seems to be not the issue here.

I hope that the Homeopathy helps and the guy gets over soon.

I have read the high potencies are not generally prescribed for young children,- is it true??
Thanks for your help.
amitra123 last decade
In the past high potencies were not used so much at all.

We increasingly live in a poisonous world. We live in a chemical environment. This has forced us to reconsider our ideas when the world was cleaner.

You need to evaluate how much chemicals you can get rid of for the sake of your son. No air fresheners...just a gimmic to get you to spend money. Try to cut out as much as possible.

I have had to readjust many times over the 40+ years I have been a homeopathic practitioner. I raised my three sons on it, and now mostly I treat children. I am susposed to be retired, but I cannot turn my back on children after what I went through with my own son.

I too, used letters and tele to treat my son. We didn't live near the dr. So the forum is a familiar way to communicate.

Learn more about foods and see if your son may be allergic to certain foods. My son couldn't eat anything green and no milk. Some children very allergic to nuts, mine lived on peanut butter and jelly sandwichs. Would not recommend such a diet today. Read other postings see what is happening with others.

My son DID get over the asthma condition by age 7.

Your son's age??

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Just saw it, sorry...S.
sabra last decade
Thank you very much for your encouraging comments. My son's age is 17 months, and his asthma is triggered by cold. He goes to day care(a family one), and yesterday he wake up from nap in the afternoon (About 5 pm), and started to wheeze out of nothing. He is eating the food he is eating for last 5 months, and going to the same day care, and sleeping in the same place. Most of the time, his wheezing starts in the late afternoon or evening, and many times after playing in the park. His mother had asthma when she was a child, but got over it when she was 18.
I do not believe in steroids, but sometimes, there is no other option but to use it from time to time.
I read an article that, if a remedy of high potency is not well chosen, it can bring out the symptoms in a patient it is supposed to treat. Is it true...
amitra123 last decade
My son is a year old. He too had wheezing from exposure to cold, bad cough, and severe eczema.

His wheezing is now completely gone, and so is his cough. Instead his eczema seems to have gotten worse. But, I can handle that - what I can see doesn't pain me as much as what I cannot see!! Eczema takes a few seasons to get better.

I have been in constant touch with Sabra via emails and posts. Her encouraging words, and suggestions and remedies have helped me through the worst period.

But, I also contacted a doctor in Bangalaore, India. He provides free service, and would be very happy to help anyone. His remedy has really helped my son.

There is a catch though - he will not tell you the name of the remedy until your child gets a whole lot better.

If interested, I can give you his email id. This forum does not permit email id's. I have a yahoo.com account, and the id is kganti.
kganti last decade
Also, I just wanted to mention something here. If wheezing is constant, and not responding to bronchodilators and steroids, the suspect could sometimes be a foreign object stuck in the airways.

Has your son's pediatrician looked into it?
kganti last decade
Fortunately it is not constant, and brochodialators work just fine.
amitra123 last decade
Your son is very slowly being poisoned and suppressed by the brochodialators and it will become a life-long habit. I know many adults that no longer need it but it is now an adult habit, like smoking.

As soon as a homeopathic remedy cures, they will no longer be necessary.

I have located MEDORRHINUM 1M to use for treatment and hopefully healing for your son. Give 1 dose each week for 2 only.

Please keep us posted as to the progress.

If you cannot find this remedy I have it.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thank you very much for your reply. I would like to give you more details of the case of my son, that may help you to find the medicine.It would be great if I can email you..
My email is amitra123 at yahoo dot com

From nov04 he has 3ice cold induced asthma
Last cold he had was on march 11th, and he did not wheeze till the 25th of march(Which is very uncommon as he starts to wheeze withing 4 days of catching a cold) From 25th he started to have runny nose again. We live in northern virginia, and we have a lots of trees behind our house. Every morning for last 2 weeks our cars are covered by pollens. ON 25th, my wife, who has pretty bad pollen allergy, started to have running nose also, and thet went away with the nose spray she takes. SO I am not sure that my son's wheezing that started from march 25t is from cold or allergy.

The amount of pollen increased from march 5t, and from that time, he wheezes almost everyday, and that startes afdter we take him out to play in the park. Now when he starts to wheeze, we have no other option but to give a bronchodialator puff. In normal circumstances, if he has no cold, he is fine,- no wheezing at all, but at this time,he has no cold, but still he is wheezing from time to time. I hate to give him the dialator, but I do not know what to do when it stats. I will try to find the medicine in the local nutrition store, and most probably they can order it from Boiron.
Thank you very much. I feel very guilty to poison the guy from time to time, and hope it ends soon.

amitra123 last decade
Until you find right remedy, I have some suggestions nutritionally. My son and I both have bad asthma, and this helps us. In the meantime, we are looking for a cure with homeopathy.

Cut out dairy. It's mucus forming. To get vitamin D and calcium for bones we use enriched rice milk, 2-3 cups day.

Cut out all gluten grains - especially wheat. The better grains are rice, potato, spelt, sweet potato, anything gluten free.

No sugar but can have 100 percent fruit drinks and in moderation. No candy, cakes, etc.

1 to 2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil daily. This is antiinflamatory and helps and many different levels.

Quercitin tablets, another antiinflamatory. Takes about 3 weeks to see difference.

Lots of water. If you can try juicing with organic produce. Lots of greens. Salads daily. This builds the body and moves the bowels so no mucus builds up.

When we stick with this diet, we do well, but it's not a cure. We too are seeking permanent cure.

I too hate giving steriod, but don't risk you child's life. The oral steriods are not as bad as the internal ones if you have to give it.

Dust mite covers on bed and no pets, unfortunately.
maryo last decade

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