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Erection and Low Sex Drive

Dear Doctors.

First of all I would like to thank you for offering this free web based service. Wish you health and happy life as well.

I have started having erection problem as well as low sex drive. My age is 28 and Im married from 2 years.

I never remember having hard and longer erection in my life. Even while sexually arouse (when I did not had low libido problem) I cant get enough erection to start intercourse, I always have to stimulate penis to get enough erection to start intercourse and once intercourse is started I can maintain good erection but again penis get all flaccid in 6 to 10 seconds if stimulation is stopped.

At present Im having low sex drive and problems in erection and sometimes suddenly loses erection in between intercourse.

I made some research earlier and started taking Argentum Nitricum 30 (3 drops for 4 times a day) from last 3 weeks and have noticed alot of difference in overall well being like having more confidence in social and personal life, having relaxed and deep sleep and feels happy. Also feeling clam before any sexual activity.

I believe my lifestyle is really healthy as I have been working out from last 5 years just for fitness, no heavy exercise. Im 6ft, 80KG and have v small fat around my waist. Dont smokes, eats healthy food, drinks alot of water, takes light multi vitamin/minrals regularly, eat fruits and Im extremely allergic to dust.

Past deceases include: Constipation and stehoria for almost 6 years ending with Fistula/Fissure in Ano and got operated almost 1.5 years ago. Constipation and Stehoria problem is also resolved now.

Please do ask me if you need more information regarding my symptoms.

and please recommend me the remedy and also tell me should I keep taking AN 30 or stop it now?

Regards and thanks in advance.
  sshussain82 on 2010-12-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
If your response to arg-n has been completley good, then you may have found the correct remedy.

You should not use any more, and let what is in your system work.

What day did you use it?
How much did you use?
Homeopathy International 1 9 years ago
I have been taking AG 30 from last 3 weeks. 3 drops eachtime for 4 times a day. As I mentioned Im feeling good in overall well being after taking AG 30 but still actual problem in not resolved that I mentioned in my main post. (Soft or no erection, losing erection too quickly and low sex drive)
sshussain82 9 years ago
Once you are angry, what do you do?

Do you have any digestive issues? How is your constipation now?

How is your energy level?

You must stop the remedy you are taking now, I believe, you have already taken a lot more than required.
nawazkhan 9 years ago
Whenever I gets angry I scream very loudly on others.

I have been taking hot milk daily at night which have resolved the problem of constipation.

My energy level has never been good as it should be because I have been going to gym from last 5 years. If I stop exercising then I loose all mass muscles very quickly. Even while having a strong body in looks my sitting posture is dull, shoulders fall front and back curved. Cant sit straight for long.
sshussain82 9 years ago
Please take

1. Selenium 200C, 4 drops in 2 sips of water, one daily dose in the morning, For 3 days.

2. Colocynthis 200C, 4 drops in 2 sips of water, one daily dose in the evening, For 3 days.

Please report progress after 3 days.
nawazkhan 9 years ago
Dear Dr. Nawaz....

Thanks for providing the remedy. I will start taking it and will report you in 3 days.

Just to add, Im taking a Multivitamin/mineral that have Selenium 25mcg in it. I takes 1 tab a day after breakfast. I thought to let you know about it prior to starting the remedy.
sshussain82 9 years ago
Hi There,

Oh, No, Mr. Hussain, you must stop all other remedies including vitamins, mixtures and allopathic.

These 2 remedies are very powerful, you must not take anything else to interfere with these.

Do you put a spoonful of sugar in your warm milk at night?

Please also do the following.

1. Take your remedy dose at least 1 hour before OR 1 hour after your meal.

2. Avoid coffee and other sources of caffeine.

3. Avoid raw onions, wine and liquor.

4. Avoid spicy foods.

5. Avoid strong perfumes.

6. Never touch remedy pills with your hands.
Tip 4 pills into the cap of the container they came in
And place the pills under your tongue unless otherwise directed.

7. If the remedy is in liquid form, then, pour 4 drops of the remedy into 2 sips of
water using a small cup unless otherwise directed?

8. Avoid herbal supplements unless recommended by your Doctor.

Many many sincere prayers for your excellent health.

nawazkhan 9 years ago
Dear Doctor

I dont take raw sugar at all in anything like in tea or coffee. And Im not taking coffee from quite sometime already.

Im taking multivitamin from years because of my gym routine.

Nutritional Info is
Vit A-800mcg, Vit D-5mcg, Vit E-10mg, Vit C-60mg, Vit B1-1.4mg, Vit B2-1.6mg, Niacin 18mg, Vit B6-2mg, Folic Acid 200mg, Vit B12-1mcg, Biotin 0.15mg, Pantothenic Acid 6mg, Calcium 80mg, Iron 14mg, Magnesium 50mg, Zinc 7.5mg, iodine 150mcg, chromium 25mcg, Selenium 25mcg

Which Im going to stop from today.

As Im prescribed a combination of 2 remedies please clarify me should I take them together or should I take each with some hourly gaps?

Thanks for all your help...
sshussain82 9 years ago
Also would like to add I stopped taking sugar when I was at age 16 when I realized that I have inherited diabetics running in my family. But Im not suffering from Diabetics, got blood test 1 year ago and it was normal.
sshussain82 9 years ago
As I said before, please take one dose in the morning and one in the evening for days only, then, report.

1. Selenium 200C, 4 drops in 2 sips of water, one daily dose in the morning, For 3 days.

2. Colocynthis 200C, 4 drops in 2 sips of water, one daily dose in the evening, For 3 days.

You may use 1 spoon full of sugar in your warm glass of milk at night to reduce constipation.

You must stop all vitamins immediately and let your vital force perform normally ASAP. Eat good food (your meals), be happy and enjoy life.
nawazkhan 9 years ago
Dear Doctor Nawaz

Is it important to buy whole new bottles of these two medicines or will it be also ok if I just buy 3 doses each of these two medicines in those sugar balls from Homeo Medical store?

Nearby Homeo Medical stores here also sale medicines in lose in the quantity required.
sshussain82 9 years ago
It is really up to you. I would like to see your response in 3 days.
nawazkhan 9 years ago
Dear Dr. Nawaz...

Sorry for the late reply, actually I was unable to find these two medicines in 200c potency, they were only available in 30c so I had to order and wait till they reached me.

I started taking these medicines on 22nd as direct and following are current symptoms...

1. Noticed slight improvement in erection but again gets flaccid quickly.
2. Slight improvement in Sex Desire.

Were any of these two medicines related to gastronomical issues? because I feel quick bowel movement and slight pain in intestines or may be it is just my thinking but nothing very much noticeable...

Today is going to be 4th day and will be waiting for your advise to proceed further with these medicines or whatever you will recommend.

Thanks and Regards,
sshussain82 9 years ago
Please stop remedies as these were only for 3 days.

Give them a little more time to work. Don't worry about the timely small problems while the remedies are performing their function.

How is your state of mind and energy level?

Are there any other problems in the body such as discharges like pus etc.?

Please report progress in 3 days.
nawazkhan 9 years ago
Dear Doctor

There is no pussy discharges in the body that I know of. 4 Months back I had a small abscess in ano that automatically disappeared. I dont prominently feel it anymore.

Level of body energy is good and I do feel strong.

I will report again in 3 days and other than this I want to ask few other questions.

1. Should I always avoid raw onions? Couple of onion rings and 2 pieces of raw garlic are part of my daily salad in lunch including seasonal cucumber and carrots.

2. Can we also take remedy drops by directly pouring the drops in the mouth and drink little water afterward? Because its just what I think that if we put drops in a glass then some part of medicine will always be left in glass.....

3. Where are you located? Can we also visit you, call you or email you?

Thanks for all the help...
sshussain82 9 years ago
Hi there,

How are you doing today?

'4 Months back I had a small abscess in ano that automatically disappeared. I dont prominently feel it anymore.'

Was there any pain or pus there 4 months ago? Did you take any medicine at that time? What was it?

'Should I always avoid raw onions? Couple of onion rings and 2 pieces of raw garlic are part of my daily salad in lunch including seasonal cucumber and carrots.

It is OK, but, please don't over do?

'Can we also take remedy drops by directly pouring the drops in the mouth and drink little water afterward? Because its just what I think that if we put drops in a glass then some part of medicine will always be left in glass.....
OH, NO, you are completely ignorant of the power of homoeopathic remedies. You are absolutely thinking wrong. Homoeopathic remedies are not like allopathic drugs. Please take as suggested or the best way will be to take a half glass of water, pour only 2 drops of the remedy into the glass, stir it nicely with a spoon, then, take only one spoon full out of the glass and drink it. Throw the rest of the glass liquid in sink. This is one strong and proper dose.

'Where are you located? Can we also visit you, call you or email you?

I am in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Please visit me on this ABC forum!

Many many prayers for your good health and happy life.

nawazkhan 9 years ago
Thanks Doctor for the reply.

Yes there was some puss but no discharged. I took some anti biotics recommended by the surgeon. They were Cipro 500 and then Moxifloxacin 400. They both didnt worked but it was gone automatically after a month and yes there was some pain in it.

And these were just general questions to understand Homeopathy better. I followed your instructions just like they were instructed.
sshussain82 9 years ago
Dear Dr. Nawaz

This is 7th day and current symptoms and improvements are as follows.

1. Slight improvement in sex desire.

2. Improvement in erection but again no erection without stimulation and sudden loss of erection between intercourse, its like I suddenly lose interest/feelings in sex!

3. This is new, lower abdominal pain in intestines. Pain is more in morning before the desire to pass stool but good thing is that now I only have to pass stool once a day where as earlier I always had to goto bathroom twice a day with gap of 2 or 3 hours.

I have noticed two things that I would like to add to the case.

1. When I ejaculate, semens comes out normally. I mean I ejaculate with very low pressure.

2. In comparison to other guys of my age group, my testicles size is comparatively small. Can this be possible that Im suffering from hypogonadism? (Penis size is normal)

Thanks in advance for all the help.
sshussain82 9 years ago
Please wait for 3 more days.
nawazkhan 9 years ago
Ok Dr. Nawaz, I will report again in 3 days....

sshussain82 9 years ago
Dear Doctor

As with time I have been reading more and more about homeopathy I learned that giving more information to homeopath will help you prescribe best remedy to me.

I would like to add these two more things to your knowledge.

1. I always liked winters because I was born in a cold weather city but from last 2 years Im shifted to Karachi, Pakistan and winter here is nothing in comparison to where I belongs from but still this winter I feel cold alot than last year. In simple words Im becoming intolerance to cold.

2. From childhood, my hands always shiver if I half raised. It is really minor but increases after holding any weight. Each shiver happens with every heart beat constantly.

3. Due to any excitement my heartbeat suddenly increases and heart pump is really hard like just before arrival of guests, going on stage, or right when my turns come if Im waiting in a queue for something. I also feel face faintness at same time.

4. In overall Im strong, my decisions are never based/inspired by emotions but any emotional movie scene in which someone is dying can bring tears in my eyes.

5. 90% of the time I always have pain in penis shaft after ejaculation. (either sex or masturbation) and I feels week after that, always wish to sleep and if by any chance I have morning sex then whole day is spent with lousiness.....

I hope this information will help you even more.

Regards with bundle of thanks
sshussain82 9 years ago
Please take a dose of Lycopodium Clavatum 200C, 4 drops in a full spoon of mineral water.

Thanks for the additional information, but, please tell me more about the discharges, if any?

Please don't eat too many vegetables where you are living now.

Many prayers for your good health.

nawazkhan 9 years ago
Dear Doctor,

You are a magician, I have been reading about Lycopodium Clavatum since you posted your reply and I fit in the symptoms exactly explain over here. Specially how mind is explained here.
lyc.htm " rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://www.homeoint.org/books/boericmm/l/lyc.htm


Please tell me is Lycopodium Clavatum and Lycopodium are same remedies? After taking the dose as prescribed when should I report again?

From the age of puberty Im still having pimples and they never stopped till this day. Thats the only discharge I can tell you about. Sometimes I had jelly like discharge after passing stole but that only happened when I had constipation problem, not any more.

My right eye is slightly smaller than left one and I have a small red jelly like red tissue under upper lid, dont know from where and when I got it but eye specialist says its nothing to worry about.

I have a very strong memory in remembering events, even I can remember sentences exchanged between two ppl but short term memory is weak. I can never forget faces but I always forget names and can never remember phone numbers.
sshussain82 9 years ago
Another update about my personality.

I never work timely and its the last moment that encourages me best. My performance is always best at last moments and rest of all the time I dont feel like working.

I have almost no eager for money and Im a freelancer graphics designer and I only work when I need money or going to be out of money, rest of the time I likes to stay free and stay discouraged to work but again at the last moment I can work so hard that I can perform better than anyone, beats anyone that have already been working regularly and earn enough to spend easily for couple of months and again sits back.....
sshussain82 9 years ago
Great! Indeed, you are a beautiful, blessed and caring human being! This is all due to the mercies of Allah Subhana Wa Taa'ala.

Please keep up the good work and always help others!

Again, thanks for the addl. info., that really helps.

'Lycopodium Clavatum and Lycopodium '

Yes, please go ahead and take a dose as suggested.

Please do not self-prescribe at the moment.

With more prayers.

nawazkhan 9 years ago

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