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Reflux acidity

4 years back i had reflux acidity and i was advised Domstal-O for 30 days followed by Omeprazole20 for 3 months. I got relieved. But the problem has re-occurred after 4 years. Can i repeat the medication again.

Does lemon water help reduce acidity?
  rashmi4jan on 2005-04-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Nat Phos 6x is your remedy.

Stop taking all drugs and antiacids that you used in the past and take 2 tablets of Nat Phos 6x after lunch and dinner. This remedy works by promoting peristalysis in the stomach and prevents the formation of acidity.

Do not eat any heavy meals for a few days to help your stomach to recover and report results in 3 days.

Nat Phos 6x will also reduce weight if taken regularly in the same dose.

One question -- Do you get hunger pains before meals ? These are a sign of the stomach acid and enzymes eroding the mucus lining of the stomach and we may have to treat this condition separately.
Joe De Livera last decade
thanx Joe for the speedy reply. I do not have hunger pains before meals. Its just that acid propels from stomach to mouth and causes discomfort in throat(irritation) and vomitting sensation.

Please tell the duration for which nat phos 6x is to be taken.

One important query- I am already underweight. Is Nat Phos 6x going to reduce weight further?
rashmi4jan last decade
thanx Joe for the speedy reply. I do not have hunger pains before meals. Its just that acid propels from stomach to mouth and causes discomfort in throat(irritation) and vomitting sensation. I also face extreme gas formation which come out off mouth.

Please tell the duration for which nat phos 6x is to be taken.

One important query- I am already underweight. Is Nat Phos 6x going to reduce weight further?
rashmi4jan last decade
You can take Nat Phos 6x for as long as you feel the need. It promotes peristalysis and thereby prevents the acid reflux that you are now suffering from. You will notice the relief almost immediately after a meal when you take it. It is quite safe to be used even daily.

It will not reduce your already low weight which I think is due to your hyperacidity. It will only reduce weight if you are overweight. What is your weight and height ?

Eat small meals but more often if you feel hungry. Stay away from fatty food which is difficult to digest and causes acidity.

Regular exercise is essential to condition your body to increase the demand for food. Jogging is recommended depending on how old you are.

Go to bed 2 hours after eating a small dinner to prevent acid reflux.
Joe De Livera last decade
i am 5'5"(165 cms) and 49 kg weight. i go for a walk of about half an hour daily and do 7.5 pound dumbbells for 100 times.
rashmi4jan last decade
Dear Joe De Livera
thanx a lot for the solution. i have taken net phos 6x for 15 days and i am completely releived. Do i need to continue the medicine further.
rashmi4jan last decade
I have replied your email copied below:

I am glad to learn that your acid reflux problem has been solved with Nat Phos 6x.

You do not have to take it daily but I would like you to keep a stock with you, at home, in office and even in your car to be used whenever you feel uncomfortable after a meal. You may use it quite safely as it is Sodium Phosphate which is used in the formulation of drugs used in allopathic medicine with the exception that the concentration at 6x is just 1/ Million Millionth of the salt.

If you are overweight you may like to know that this same remedy can reduce your weight at the rate of about 2-4 kg per month. The dose to be used for weight reduction is 2 tablets taken after lunch and dinner. Feel free to recommend it to your friends who may be overweight.
Joe De Livera last decade
Na Phos is a new one to me for reducing weight . I believe in India obese people are prescribed Phytolacca B. 6x . I gave it once to 2 patients but both stopped taking it because they got diarrhoea!!!
Rochelle last decade
It is a coincidence that you mentioned that two patients had reported diarrhoea after taking Phytolacca 6x.

It was only yesterday that a patient who had been using Nat Phos 6x for a few weeks to reduce weight reported that he had reduced his weight by about 3kg but that he was having soft stools. When I questioned him, he told me that he did not object to this new routine as he was usually constipated. It was the success of this remedy to reduce his weight that he was most interested in and he insisted that he continued with it. I suggested however that he should take a lower dose of just 1 tablet after meals and he will report on how it helped him in due course.

I believe that I now have more reason to believe that NP works by accelerating the passage of food through the small intestines thereby reducing the absorption of the fatty components of the food into the inner linings of the gut. It is possible that Phytolacca also works on this same principle.

There is no doubt in my mind that NP is the ultimate choice to reduce weight and I hope that it will help the obese of this world who are now counted at 65% in the developed countries, to reduce weight safely.

I do hope that more and more publicity will be made in the world media that there is still hope for the obese to lose weight safely and what is also relevant, very cheaply, if they use just 2 tablets Nat Phos 6x after lunch and dinner.
Joe De Livera last decade
Please note it is Phytolacca Berry not the normal Phyto D. that we use.
Rochelle last decade
I visited this site recently for my acidity problem. Heartburn and acidity were severe. I’m 28 yrs old , 5’9’’ height and 85kgs(187lbs) weight. I was given rabeloc 20mg from allopathic doctor for 15days. All was fine only during the time of taking medicine. As soon as I stopped it re appeared.

Just I read Joe’s answer for taking Nat Phous 6x. I’m taking it for last 4 days. (After lunch and dinner -2 pills) Actually by God’s grace the problem is not appearing. I don’t have acidity now. I will post my response after 15 days.

Thanks a lot Joe. Really Thanks.
needhelp123 last decade
I am so glad to learn that Nat Phos 6x has helped you.

It has helped many hundreds, perhaps even thousands of others to whom I prescribed it both here in Sri Lanka and throughout the world on this and other Forums and by email.

I am happy that you took the time to share news of your relief from your severe acidity problem with me and others who contribute to this forum.

You do not have to take it as a matter of routine after every meal as your stomach will soon adapt itself to the lack of irritation that you have suffered from with the hyperacidity and you should soon be able to stop the remedy completely. You can try reducing the dose gradually and take it only when you need it which is when you feel full after a meal.

This is the bonus in using Homeopathic remedies to treat any ailment as they promote the curing of the ailment from within the body instead of supressing it as is usually done by most allopathic drugs which should only be used on a SOS basis if all other remedies fail.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe De Livera,

This thread intrigues me. I recently gave my husband remedy for allergy symptoms caused or irritated by acid reflux. His cough was relieved. His watery eyes and runny nose, too. He complains of sore knees and feet. Possibly arthritis? Could this be caused by acid condition in his body? Would Nat Phox 6x be the remedy to help this pain?

Regards, Joy
joy50 last decade
This is a new one on me and is all part of the learning process to record the many uses to which Nat Phos 6x can be used for.

I have not up to now discovered that it can help with allergy symptoms which you state were caused by acid reflux. However this is not impossible as the allergies that your husband experienced may have been due to the acidity which when dealt with by the Nat Phos, helps with his allergies. It would be useful if you can please give more details of his allergies and what your observations are after using this remedy.

Feel free to use it as long as you can see any positive results but do not increase the dose above 2 tablets twice daily after meals.

It has helped with insomnia and many who were unable to sleep deeply were helped to do so with just 2 tablets after dinner. This I believe is due to the remedy helping with accelerating the digestion of the food in the gut which may have been the cause of the lack of sleep caused by the acidity.

You can observe if it helps with your husband's Arthritis, but I doubt very much that it can help. If it does, please let us all know on this forum.

Nat Phos 6x is the equivalent of 1/1 millionth of the salt Sodium Phosphate and as far as I know, it is very safe to be used for as long as it is doing some good to the patient. It works by accelerating peristalysis in the digestive system and I believe that it reduces weight by propelling the food quickly through the small intestine thereby cutting down the time for absorption which in turn helps to reduce weight.

This is only my theory and I would welcome the thoughts of others who may be using this amazing remedy and can shed some light on this fascinating subject.
Joe De Livera last decade
Wow! I went out to and bought this after reading this post. I will try anything for acid reflux. Losing a little weight would be a plustoo. I do have a question though, do you take the Nat Phos 6x immediately after a meal or wait 15-30 minutes? I usually take remedies 15-30 minutes before/after foods.
Kiranna last decade
If you are suffering from Acid Reflux, Nat Phos 6x is your remedy. Please note that it is not necessary that you take it on a regular twice daily basis unless you wish to reduce weight.

For Gastric problems, you can take it either with food or after and you will notice almost immediately the beneficial effect of the remedy in action. Nat Phos will condition your stomach in a few days as it helps to break the bind your stomach may now be in with the excess adicity attacking the mucous in the stomach which is usually the cause of Acid Reflux conditions in the stomach where with even one episode of hyperacidity, the balance is lost and every subsequent meal tends to increase the discomfort in the stomach leading to a chronic condition.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe's advice regarding Nat.Phos 6X is a proved method to reduce acidity in 90% of the cases.

It does wonders, compared to the Rantacs, omeprozoles, and Gelusils etc. If you got benefitted, by any of these antacidents, you can be sure that Nat.Phos 6X is the remedy for you.

bandarbabu2000 last decade

Thank you for your recommending Nat Phos 6x for Gastric conditions.

I am only sorry that it was not also able to help you with the reduction of your weight. In my recent experience, it has helped in over 90% of the cases who have used it but there is just that 10% that do not react for some reason unknown to me.

My hope is to promote the use of this amazing remedy worldwide to ensure that those who are obese will be able to reduce their weight at a minimal expense and what is more important very safely.

I have contacted many news media in the UK and the US in the hope that they will also carry the news of this singular discovery but they did not even have the courtesy of replying, at least to state that they were not interested in my discovery.

It is interesting however to see the headlines that resulted when the drug Rimonabant which also reduces weight was released a few months ago. This drug is being sold at $5.00 per tablet and is now the in thing with health farms and others interested in weight reduction. It is only in a few years that the after effects of the use of this drug will be known and I am sure that they may be in for a big surprise as they are already aware that it a carcinogenous agent.

If you are interested you can read all about it on:



Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe

I appreciate your concern. I am able to come down to 110 kg. (lost 4kg) with controlled diet and Asanas.

I am sure Nat.Phos will work in majority of cases who are overweight. It just happens that a few people like me may not respond to it. It doesn't in any way reduce the greatness of your discovery.

I really like the way you are trying to help the humanity. Don't get disheartened by the lack of response of the news agencies. Hann. has to fight much harder.Haha.


bandarbabu2000 last decade
I am having acidity problem for last 2 years. Now for last 3 weeks I started getting acid refluz. When I lay down after taking food or water , it comes up & some portion goes to my winpipe & causes lot of problem could not sleep properly for last 2 weeks. Had been ocaasiona;;y taking famotidine and soda to releive thr proble but not very good results. I also suffer from esttential hypertension and so soda may noit be good for me. Now Iam trying Nat phos 6 X after seeing this forum, Started yesterday and it appears that it may have a positive impact. I will poist the results after a week.
rajansv last decade
You are one of the few persons who have read the posts that I and others have made on this forum and have used the remedies indicated with positive results.

It is usually the case that new members register their names and request advice to overcome their ailment when I or the others have to repeat the advice that we have given so many times before.

In your case I would suggest that you do not lie down after a meal as this will only promote the regurgitation of the acid mixed with the food which actually burns into the esophagus and can cause serious problems if it is not treated in time.

As you have already noticed the Nat Phos 6x has helped you and it will be necessary that you do not eat large meals to enable your esophagal sphincter muscle and valve to recover from the ravages of the acid that would have eroded it. You should plan to eat dinner about 2 hours before sleep when the meal will leave the stomach and thereby prevent any discomfort in your esophagus and throat which is known as GERD (Gastro Esophagal Reflux Syndrome).

The drugs used in alopathic medicine are invariably antacids which comprise Aluminium Hydroxide derivatives all of which are known to promote Alzheimer's disease. Modern medicine refuses to accept Nat Phos 6x as the obvious choice which should be used for GERD instead of their exotic cocktail of drugs.

You should use 2 tablets immediately after lunch and dinner and you may like to know that you can also reduce your weight by about 1 pound per week if you are overweight with regular use of Nat Phos 6x.
Joe De Livera last decade
There is only one remedy which can be give without any details and that is nat phos 3x or 6x does not matter but i would say in any potency.It is confirmed.Every body can use it for hyper acidity.The cause what ever may be it is reliable.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Thanks for various others precautions and food habit changes mentioned by you. I will follow to the extent possible.Thanks also for the prompt response.

Yes Iam 43 years & Iam over weight.

However I donot get any foul taste in the mouth when there is a reflux . The reflux had started coming even though I choose a slightly higher pillow. so I beleive it is acid reflux.

I have not been a big believer in Homeopathy earlier. However over last few years I hv seen medicines like aconite 30 works many times for initial colds.
I will keep the forum updated on reflux problem & about effect on weight.
can you throw more light on how Nat. Phos works other than what has already been written in this forum.
If this medicine is successful, i would like to try homeopathy along with allopathy for better control on hypertension.
rajansv last decade
Iam again explaining the problems faced by me :

major problem " When I lay down in bed at night, the liquid could seems to travel upwards ( say water which I took half an hour back) and it goes into my wind pipe and causes me lot of trouble, coughing and due to thismay times due to coughing the food/water taken an hour ack is expelled out in form ofvomiting. This happens 2-3 times and After this iam able to sleep properly. Mostly what is expelled is normal mucus, water or food I loose 1-2 hours sleep every day.

Normally I doont have any problem in swallowing or eating food. Though with dry vegtabbles I feel comfortable dringing water after or in between meals.

I am having acidity for say last 2 years but it is not very much evident except for discharge form gases sometimes. I used to earlier have heart burn on few occassions but this is not there now.

from last one year I would suddenly feel the gases coming up my pipe and discomfort, which gets soothed out if I took some water.

sometimes i feel discomfort in stomach but this is not very few occassions, though there are signs of acididty.

I have not resorted to antacids as Iam hypertensive, 43 years age on amlodopine and betagard for last 7 years. Not tried omerprazole or famotidine etc on a regular basis till date. Drinking soda gives me confort but I avoid it for fear of hypertension. MY weigt is out 80 kg and height is 5' 6". I doonot smoke or drink. Earlier I used to ghave reflex proble once in a month or 2 months.

Stool is normal & normally is feel hungry. I general i donot have any pain or difficulty in eating though I can feel signs of acidity. I used to take cold milk regularly but stopped for few days

Based on the posts on this forum I hv tried the following for about 10 Days now :

1. Nat Phos 6 X after meals ( 2 tabs each)
2. Cena 200 (single dose)

When I took first Nat Phos dose there appeared to be some improvement. Also in between one day I ate outside but surprising it was ok and iam not able to figure the reaosn for this.

May please advise me any further remedy that can be attempted for my condition.

Rajan SV
rajansv last decade
I believe that your problem stems from the drugs that you are using for your Hypertension which you state you have used for 7 years.

This is usually the case with these drugs which are usually Beta blockers and your gastric problems stem from the effect that they have on your system.

You cannot expect Nat Phos 6x which as your probably know is only 1/1millionth of the original salt Sodium Phosphate to help you although you stated that you did experience some relief from it after you first started using it. If it provides relief you may continue to use it but reading what you have stated as the response after dinner you may have to alter the time of your dinner and the time you get into bed in order to avoid the reflux you are experiencing of the food which you regurgitate in belches which bring up the acid/enzyme combination in the stomach which will eventually erode the sphincter valve at the top of the stomach. I hope you are aware that the burning you experience is the result of the digestive juice also digesting your esophagus and this can lead to major problems in the near future.

I note that you have mentioned CENA 200. Do you mean CHENA A which is Chenopodium Anthelminticum ? For which ailment do you use it ?
Joe De Livera last decade

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