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which is better arnica 30c.6c or 1m for sex.diabetis.wetlose.eczima.asthma BP

every scientist homeopath has given arnicas name miracle it has many benefit realy it is true only 3drop arnica 30c has reduce my Mothers Bp and body pain now only asthma and eczima problem realy she had a lot of physicaly problem now she publish its benefit to all now she is fun to arnica .she believe her asthma will reduce by arnica her pilpitation more sleeping time bad sound nasal breathing time . From eczime water come out.
  nurnabi on 2010-12-22
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
How about your try using real homeopathy?

Please use the new homeopathy patient intake form and give us information about your case, and hopefully someone will help you begin correct homeoapthic treatment.

Homeopathy International 1 last decade
To Nurnabi

I was interested to learn that you have given Arnica in varied potencies to your mother and that her BP, Body pain, Asthma and Eczema have been helped.

I doubt very much that her Asthma and BP have been helped by Arnica but her Eczema and Body pain would have been helped.

I have found that Arnica 6c in the Wet dose that I recommend taken twice daily will help Eczema.
She can apply the remedy water directly on the oozing area of the skin and this should normally dry up in 3 days.

Arnica 6c will help with general body pain by increasing the flow of blood throughout the body, thereby reducing the body pain.

Please visit the link below for further information on Arnica the Miracle Remedy.


There are other more effective remedies for Asthma and BP and I shall indicate them if you would like me to do so after you complete the questionnaire referred to above.
Joe De Livera last decade
What is better? Real Homeopathy!

Please use the new homeopathy patient intake form and give us information about your case, and hopefully someone will help you begin correct homeoapthic treatment.

Homeopathy International 1 last decade
To H I

I note your reference to 'Real' Homeopathy and would like to reassure you that 'Joepathy' (UnReal Homeopathy???) has also helped to cure many thousands of patients on the ABC and other Homeopathic Forums as can be confirmed by following the cases that I have treated so far.

In the case of Numbai's mother she has already confirmed that she had been experimenting with Arnica in varied potencies and that this remedy has helped her. She was only sharing the joy of her present status with us. Numbai stated 'she had a lot of physicaly problem now she publish its benefit to all now she is fun to arnica'

I do not see any reason for your implying that the Arnica therapy is UNREAL when the patient herself conveys her relief from pain and other problems.

I do really wonder what your reason is for deriding the therapy I have promoted, which in this case I did not prescribe. Numbai had obviously read about my affinity to Arnica and had given it to her mother who had used it and was happy to share her relief from 4 ailments 2 of which I was not aware, could be helped by Arnica.

As you are perhaps aware I do not practice Homeopathy for any financial gain as I use it to help anyone in distress using remedies many of which are not listed for the ailment but which I have pioneered in using with outstanding results.

I refer especially to Arnica 6c for Diabetes, Nat Phos 6x for Obesity and Nat Mur 6x for Hypertension.

I might also place on record here that to me it is not the methodology used to help a patient that is relevant. To me it is the cure that matters especially when it is done by the most direct method by using remedies that I have used previously for similar ailments and which have responded positively.

I do not subscribe to treating 'The totality of the symptoms presented by the patient' with that elusive single remedy which invariably never works.
Joe De Livera last decade
HI - this is not an argument you can win. Joe is not a rational person and this will only degnerate into name-calling. Much as I agree with you there is no point in discussing this here.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I'm not trying to win an argument. I'm trying to get patients with miasms to use real homeopathic treatment.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
To BH & H I

I do object vehemently to David's insulting reference to me 'Joe is not a rational person'. As both of you are aware, I am all of 82 years of age perhaps sufficiently old enough to be your grandfather, and it is customary in Sri Lankan culture that we respect age as this is morally the correct thing to do. It is a indeed a matter of regret that you both persist in criticizing me and as I have often reminded David he persisted in doing so even after the patient has confirmed that s/he was cured after using my Joepathy. All I seek to do is to help a patient without the standard classical formulas of inane questions which do not have any bearing on the case which eventually lead to the patient being prescribed a remedy NOT for his ailment but for the 'totality of his symptoms' !

I may not have the paper qualification that both of you profess to possess but you must understand that during the past 40+ years that I have been involved in Homeopathy I have never had a case where my Joepathy has injured my patient.

I object to be classified as being 'irrational' merely because I do not subscribe to your 'classical' Homeopathic therapy but the fact remains that I am dedicated to Homeopathy in a manner that is obviously not understood by you both. It is the net result that matters which the patients themselves can vote for: whether it is your classical remedy that you very rarely prescribe that works or in the alternative whether my Joepathy does.

I do not instigate any argument with you both. It is either or now both of you 'classical' types who invariably waste my time in forcing me to respond to your inane questions and criticism which I have spotlighted above and which I abhor, as the response from me takes too much of my time and forces me to deal with you both in a manner that is not in my character as it forces me to be more virulent in my attacks which I occasionally have been compelled to use to defend myself.

You are at liberty to fault me if the Joepathy I prescribe is in any way incorrect or you feel is dangerous for the patient but I would appreciate if you both will desist on harping back on the same theme and instigate the attack which unfortunately wastes my time which I can put to better use.

I do not criticize you both however inane I feel your therapy may be and I expect you to reciprocate.

Joe De Livera
Joe De Livera last decade
I would like to copy a post I have made on


I am doing so as I feel that it will add to my stand on classical homeopathy and to you H I and B I


You are advised to read the text of my posts in their entirety prior to criticizing them before you make comments like:

'Arnica can't do anything to cure a cyst. Arnica is basically only a first aid remedy, at least according to homeopathy. '

You may like to know that I prescribed the Bellis Perennis 30c in the Wet dose to reduce the Chocolate Cyst.

I am aware that Arnica cannot possibly reduce a Cyst andI prescribed Arnica 30c in the Wet dose to help with her Back pain and her Menstrual problems which I presume that your classical training will prohibit you from prescribing, as they are not listed in the MM's and Repertories under Arnica that you studied in your Homeopathic college.

If you wish to investigate the many cases of Chocolate Cysts and Endometriosis which is usually accompanied by heavy bleeding that I have helped, you can do so by doing a search for Endometriosis on the ABC.

I would also like to record my surprise at the questions listed below which you listed in your questionnaire, which in my opinion do not have the slightest bearing on Chocolate Cysts, Back pain or Menstrual problems:

'10. Describe your general mental set up? Are you Moody, Arrogant, Mild, Agreeable Changeable, Nervous, Suspicious, Easily offended, Quiet, Arguing, Irritating, Lazy etc. I am a worrier and feel insecure by nature and because of fatigue related to this, I tend to not have as much energy to do things, feel dull at times.

- How do you feel before or during a thunderstorm? If I am inside the house or safe place, I do not have particular feelings but if outside in open, I am concerned about getting to safe place.

- Do you like being consoled during your tough times? I feel better if supported emotionally by someone in tough times.

- Are you sensitive to external stimuli like smell, noise, light etc? Yes, to very bright light and very loud noise.

- Do you have any typical habit or gesture like nail biting, causeless
weeping, talking to one self etc? I do have a habit of nail biting but I do that only when I am stressed at work but not as much as now than when I was a kid.

- How do you feel about your friends, family, your children and especially your husband / wife? I have feelings I am suppose to have for them(friends, family, your children) but at times I do think about the fact that our bodies will perish one day and only true relationship is with the supreme soul.

11. What are your fears and do you dream of any situation repeatedly? I have fear about what future holds. I have suffered emotionally in past. I do not dream about any particular situation repeatedly.

12. What do you crave for in food items and what are your aversions? I do not crave for any food items in particular but I prefer medium spicy, salty foods over sweet foods. I do not like to eat foods with fishy smell.

13. How is your thirst: Less, Normal or Excessive? Normal

14. How if your hunger: Less, Normal or Excessive? Normal

15. Is there any kind of food which your body can’t stand? I cannot eat any foods with meats I do not eat such as beef, pork etc.

16. Is your sweat normal or less or more? Where does it sweat more: Head, Trunk or Limbs? Normal. Head, trunk

17. How is your bowel movement and stool type? Normal, at times have constipation. Stool type-Normal, at times more thinner.

18. How well do you sleep? Do you have a particular posture of sleeping? Normal, at times if not very tired, may take time to sleep. Used to lie straight facing up but since in my 30’s, sleep more on sides.

19. Do you think you are able to satisfy your sexual desires in general? I am single parent, not involed with anyone currently.

20. How do you think you are different from others, if at all? Not sure if that being different from other but my way of thinking about life is that I believe in only one true relationship i.e with God but I do all I have to when it comes to earthly relationships. '

I cannot understand the reason for all these questions which I consider are totally irrelevant as they seem standard and are posed by classical homeopaths on unsuspecting patients presumably to pull the proverbial wool over their eyes as this gives the homeopath the excuse to prescribe that elusive 'single remedy to treat the totality of the symptoms that the patient presents' , which invariably never works !

The difference in my case is that I am NOT a classically trained homeopath but I do have many years of experience in treating patients which I do on a purely altruistic basis without any fee involved and you have only to read the many cases that I have treated to realize that the word 'Joepathy' was perhaps justified when it was first coined to derisively describe my therapy as it has now been proved to work in a manner more positively that the classical remedies. This term Joepathy is now firmly established in the WWW where there is a listing of 1100 cases under that term that I have helped with my therapy, the majority of which have helped the patients treated. You may also like to know that under my name 'Joe De Livera' there is today a listing of 9410 cases that I have helped.

I am mentioning this fact to keep you advised that my Joepathy has also worked sometimes in wondrous ways to help suffering humanity.
Joe De Livera last decade
To H I & B H

I am copying below the record of another Miracle Cure which my Joepathy has succeeded in ensuring for a couple of patients in just 3 days and who were suffering from Chikungunya (CKG) for a few months.

Re: Single Dose Cure for ChikunGunya


From vgaxyz on 2010-12-23Dear Joe,

My wife has shown good progress and today is the third day since she started Polyporus Pinicola 200. While most of the swelling has gone from the left leg,and both hands, the swelling on the right leg, especially the foot keeps reappearing. The swolen part is sensitive to touch and has a burning sensation. Also the rash and boil like eruptions on the right leg is more than the other parts. The pain has reduced considerably all over though.

The single dose given to the maid also helped her a lot in reducing the left over pain.

For the kids, should Gelsemium 30 given in a single does in the night( ie only one dose for only one day?)

Warm regards VandanReport post to moderator Re: Single Dose Cure for ChikunGunyaFrom Joe De Livera on 2010-12-23This form of 'Miracle cure' of CKG by Poly P is quite normal and I have CURED many who were even unable to stand sometimes in 24 hours.

You wife and the maid must continue to take this remedy which is quite safe in use for as long as they have any left over pains or aches from the CKG.

You can give your children the Gelsemiun 30 in the Wet Dose nightly to ensure that they do not also get infected for a week or so till the infection in your area is past.

As a matter of interest I would like to know which remedy you both would have prescribed to the patients after posing the standard questionnaire to them.
Joe De Livera last decade
my mother & grand mother had taken arnica 30c 3drop with 400ml normal wbater only and obser their blood pressor that has reduce problem my question how powerfull this 3drop that man can save a lot of money.life .time how power this miracle
nurnabi last decade
Joe that patient has not been cured. 3 days is not long enough to tell the difference between palliation, suppression or cure.

Cure must be complete - all important sufferings must vanish and remain so for a long period of time. At the very least no case should be reported cured until several months have gone by without any reoccurance of the original symptoms or new ones appearing.

In this case there is general improvement in the pain, but the swelling keeps reoccurring, and the rash and boils are worse. This cannot yet be counted as cure, unless you feel cure means the patient still has their disease continuing.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
To David

This is another case of how you tend to jump the gun.

I am in complete agreement with you that the patient(s?) has/have not been CURED. This is only too obvious and I do wonder what makes you think so and I can only presume that you persist in jumping the gun as you 'Cannot bear to see anything new. Cannot read what he writes.' (Boericke on Lyc).

I would suggest you take the 30c in the Wet dose bd and observe how it will help you to overcome your present mental aberration and allergy to my therapy. I am convinced today more than I was some weeks ago when I first prescribed it to you, that it must help you to overcome your antipathy to my Joepathy. It seems so very strange that you even fault my patients when they confirm that they were helped by Arnica which in this case I had not even prescribed to both the mother and the grandmother and have already expressed my disbelief at Numabi's statement.

If you read the first post by Numabi of December 12 you will see that she is referring to her mother's condition which included Hypertension, Palpitation, Body pain, Asthma and Eczema all of which according to her, improved after she had taken Arnica 30c in the Wet dose, presumably for some time previously.

My response to her was that I did not believe her seeming 'miracle' cure as both Asthma and BP should not have responded to the Arnica although the Eczema and Body pain could have improved.

Numabi stated yesterday 23/12, that both her mother and grandmother are also taking Arnica 30c in the Wet dose 'and obser their blood pressor that has reduce'. She feels incredulous that
'my question how powerfull this 3drop that man can save a lot of money.life .time how power this miracle'

Quite frankly, I too cannot believe how just 3 drops of any remedy in water can possibly help to alleviate any ailment or disease, but after using this form of therapy since 2005 all I can state is that there is some mysterious power that any remedy if chosen correctly, imparts to the water which helps to cure the patient of his ailment.

As you are aware, I owe my conversion to the Wet dose method which I use exclusively today, to Luc with whom I was closely associated when he was here for a few weeks to help the survivors of our Tsunami in 2005 as up to that time I was dispensing remedies in the standard pellets to treat patients. Luc informed me that he did not invent this Wet dose method as Hahnemann had already done so and recorded his research in the Sixth Edition which Luc identified for me in my text book as I was not even aware of this Wet dose method, which incidentally is a term that I coined when I noticed that he (Luc) was referring to the 'Split' dose by which he meant taking a teaspoonful of the remedy in the Wet dose and mixing it into a cup of water which the patient sipped just once. I used the Split dose but discovered that it was not sufficiently powerful to treat patients and after some discussion with Luc we agreed that the remedy taken straight from the bottle be termed Wet dose to differentiate it from the Dry pellets.

It is interesting to note that this term 'Wet Dose' is now accepted by the Homeopathic fraternity both classical and non classical internationally and if you Google 'Wet Dose' you will discover:
'About 7,980,000 results (0.15 seconds)'
Not all these hits pertain to the Wet dose as they also include hits for the words Wet and Dose listed separately but suffice it to state that I was the author of that term which I notice even you use in your posts on the ABC !

I would l like to place on record that I do not seek to 'blow my own trumpet' in mentioning the facts above which are only for the purpose of record. I am happy to also record that as a result of my promoting this Wet dose method among homeopaths in Sri Lanka, the large majority of them use this Wet dose method as it is by far more effective than the standard dry pellets which are used by homeopaths across the world. I do hope that Homeopaths will convert to this Wet dose method as there is absolutely no doubt that it is far more effective than the pellets.

You state:
'Joe that patient has not been cured. 3 days is not long enough to tell the difference between palliation, suppression or cure.

Cure must be complete - all important sufferings must vanish and remain so for a long period of time. At the very least no case should be reported cured until several months have gone by without any reoccurance of the original symptoms or new ones appearing.

In this case there is general improvement in the pain, but the swelling keeps reoccurring, and the rash and boils are worse. This cannot yet be counted as cure, unless you feel cure means the patient still has their disease continuing.'

I agree with you completely in your surmise of this case and it is strange to note that I do not for once challenge your statement as I have not indicated that the patient was CURED.

You must however accept that I did not for a moment state that the PATIENT WAS CURED. It is Numabi herself who stated so and you will have to take up cudgels with her if you still wish to pursue your analysis further. Please remember that she is not very proficient in the English language and you may have to couch your arguments in simple English.

All I can observe at this stage is that the Grandmother, the Mother and Numbai herself seem to be enjoying some degree of positive relief from their respective ailments by using the Arnica as recorded in her posts to me on this thread.

I shall conclude by urging you once again to take Lyc 30 in the Wet dose bd as prescribed by me ASAP in the interest of your own sense of mental well being.
Joe De Livera last decade
Respected Dr. Joe / Dear All

It is really unbecoming of all of you to indulge in this mutual mud-slinging.

Arnica is a drug extremely rich in Phatogenesis and it is no wonder it has been used to good effect by Joe in many cases. t is known to have a marked effect on blood and skin and hence I am not surprised if the drug, in ;low potencies, will help the patient in controlling problems like Eczema, Dermatitis, Erysipelas and High Blood Sugar. There would be cases, especially with sensitive patients, where the patient would start proving the remedy. If we come across any such case, it is our duty to stop the patent, as I have myself done on one occasion.

What Joe claim is not all hogwash and I have personally seen a few who had been benefited a lot by his therapy. You may say it is palliative, but what harm it will do if it palliates a bit and helps a patient get off his diabetic drugs?

I believe the energies of fine practitioners that all of you are should be directed towards helping the patients rather than squabbling over pity matters. I myself made this mistake some time back on the forum and realized that it was nothing more than unnecessary heartburn.

Niel Madhavan last decade
There is a difference between palliation and a patient getting the correct anti-miasmatic treatment that they need to cure the disease that creates any individual symptoms.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Oh yeah!
Niel Madhavan last decade
Thanks for teaching me the difference b/w palliation and cure. I wonder sometimes if you even take care to read all that is written, and if you do, do you understand the import of the same?
Niel Madhavan last decade
To Niel

Thank you for your comments and it is good to note that there are yet some members on the ABC who appreciate the advice that I have given to patients since the time this Forum was founded. I am aware that many abhor the therapy I have prescribed and one member coined one word to derisively describe it many years ago and this word 'Joepathy' has stuck in the WWW and lists over 1200 of my more interesting cases which I have helped with my own brand of 'this for that' Homeopathy. He has since desisted from criticizing me but continues to monitor the ABC and I am concerned that 2 members have taken over where he left and are contining to attack me on the ABC. They do not seem to get the message that I am not interested in following their orders that I submit to their own classical agenda in helping patients using the strict dictum of the classical school to 'treat the totality of the symptoms the patient presents with ONE remedy'. I have often reported that I have at the beginning of my studies tried to follow this classical protocol but soon discovered that it is not as effective as my Joepathy which incidentally I am not alone in using to help patients which as you are aware, I do as a service to suffering humanity completely free of charge and in Sri Lanka where I live, I also give the patients whom I treat, their remedies free of charge. I was gratified to note that The Banerji Homeopathic Foundation has clearly stated that they use Homeopathic remedies in the 'this for that' manner and you may have read my reference to:

I do not treat patients professionally and it is simply the satisfaction that I get from helping anyone in distress that motivates me to be involved in Homeopathy in spite of the barbed attacks that these 2 classical detractors display here to show off their superiority in this Science for reasons best known to them alone.

You have correctly noted in your last post,
'I wonder sometimes if you even take care to read all that is written, and if you do, do you understand the import of the same?'

I have often likened classical homeopathy to the blinkers that were used in the past on working horses and this attitude seems to continue even today as this formula seems to give the classical homeopath the right to pull the wool over the eyes of their patients to ensure their return on a weekly basis for consultations which result in an unending source of revenue to the prescriber to whom Homeopathy is a goldmine, a bottomless pit into which the poor suffering patient, when once netted cannot escape unless s/he Googles 'Homeopathy' and discovers the first listing is the ABC forum and decides to post the case here.

I presume that you have read some of my longs articles in response to the attacks of these 2 trolls and it is unfortunate that they rarely if ever even try to help a patient with a remedy which they are convinced must work that their classically addled minds have discovered and must cure the ailment. One of them shadows my every post and has sometimes even willed the patient to report that my therapy caused some aggravation which unfortunately does not occur. There are instances when he continues to criticize even after the patient has confirmed that my therapy cured the ailment.

They seem to get some vicarious satisfaction in criticizing me and I am then compelled to respond in kind although I am not a belligerent type by nature but quite capable of retaliating in kind even at my advanced age of 82 years. All this detracts from my own official functions as the CEO of my business organization and takes up my time which I can otherwise use to help patients.

Thank you Niel for your comments and I hope that you will continue to support me in ridding the ABC of these pests.
Joe De Livera last decade
Sorry Joe! I am neither supporting you nor do I approve of the words used by you to describe the two gentlemen. I was just trying to make sense of what you do and the successes you achieve.

I have the highest regards for the two gentlemen you derogatorily refer to as 'pests' and this smacks of real bad manners, worse than what anyone might have done to denounce your therapy.

May peace prevail!
Niel Madhavan last decade
To Niel

Please accept my apologies for labeling these 2 classical homeopaths as Pests as I did so out of the sheer frustration that they have caused me over a long period and the time that they have compelled to waste which I could have otherwise have used to better purpose.

It is my hope that they will cease to pester me in constantly attacking me as they then succeed in rousing me to a level that is totally out of my character.

My apologies again.
Joe De Livera last decade

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