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13 Month Old boy - Ear Infections and Congestion

My son is 13 months old, has been going to daycare since 3 months, and is just getting over his 6th ear infection. This one lasted for about four weeks and we've been back and forth to the doctor 2-3 times a week for his pain, fever, etc.

His ear infection symptoms start with a runny nose, he then starts to cough at night, and then a week in, he goes to the doctor and they diagnose an ear infection. He will typically get a 102-104 fever, he will be lethargic, pull at his hear, hit his head (with his hands), very congested, no appetite, but he will drink. He has fluid stuck behind his ear drums, and we've been going to a chiropractor for a week now to try and help with draining.

This last infection lasted through two rounds of antibiotics AND a round of shots. I am just so fed up with doctors and antibiotics, so I am reaching out for help.

After reading the positng questions - while he is sick, if you stand up or rock him (motion) helps soothe him and he calms down if you take him outside.

My chiropractor recommended Pulsatilla 200c, so I've given him 3 pills 3 times a day.

He always has cold/sweaty feet.

When he is not sick, he goes to bed (awake) at 8 PM and sleeps through the night until 7:30 am. He is 'all over the place' sleeping, tossing, turning. He wakes up very happy and will typicall play in his crib for 10 minutes or so before we go to get him out.

When he's sick, he will be up every few hours and screams.

He is a very good eater. He loves peas and carrots, rice, bananas, apples, eggs, toast and he drinks a lot of water. We have him on a toddler formula (Gentlease) that is milk based and I am thinking of switching him to a rice, almond or coconut milk to see if the dairy allergy is adding to his problems.

Please HELP!
  NathansMom on 2010-12-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
ALSO - the doctor has referred us to an ENT and they want/insist he needs tubes...
NathansMom last decade
Stop the Pulsatilla - this is an overdosing of a remedy, and will likely cause side effects. Most chiropracters, while good at what they know, are terrible homoeopathic prescribers as they have no training in or understanding of homoeopathy.

To make a succesful homoeopathic prescription we must have more details.

Firstly it is probably helpful to go here to get a bit of an idea of how we take cases and what information we need.


Then you need to go through each symptom that your child has had or is having, and give the maximum amount of details on them. Include at the very least the following information:

When does it happen?
What makes it worse?
What makes it better?
What triggers it?
What exactly happens? (give your observations in detail)
What happens at the same time? (symptoms that cluster together or follow each other closely)
When did it start? (what was happening at this time)

For infants and toddlers, a discussion about the birth, and the pregnancy is important. Any symptoms or feelings or problems that were occuring during pregnancy can be relevent, especially those that only appeared during this time and disappeared on having your baby.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
When does it happen?
The congestion and clear runny nose started four weeks ago. It lasted for about five days before the fever started. Once the fever began, we took him to the doctor and he got a Rx for Augmentin. He took the Rx for 10 days, and we thought he was ok. Still had the runny nose though. Five days after the Rx ended, he started a fever again, went back to the doctor, they said he had fluid in both ears and gave a Rx for another ear infection. This Rx was Cefprozil and he took that for 4 days. During the four days, he ran a consistant 102-103 fever. The fever was the highest/worst at around 2:30 PM, and midnight. His entire body gets hot, his cheeks flush, and while he has a fever/is sick he just wants to be held and cuddled. The only thing besides that is going outside, it's almost like a distraction (so we go for a lot of walks when he's sick).

What makes it worse?
Congestion seems to get worse as the day goes on and in the middle of the night.

Fever gets worse if he's upset and crying, or in a lot of layers of clothing.

What makes it better?
We steam in the bathroom, saline spray and suction. That's about the only relief of congestion.

Fever gets better with a luke warm bath, ice pad on the head, eating jello and/or cool foods. I've also used tylenol/motrin to break the high fevers.

What triggers it?
I have no idea, he seems to wake up and be congested, and then it always turns into/leads to an ear infection.

What exactly happens? (give your observations in detail)
He will wake up one morning and have clear/runny nose. The runny nose will last a few days (3-4) and then the fever starts. Then he gets the ear infection diagnosis.

What happens at the same time? (symptoms that cluster together or follow each other closely)
*Fever anywhere from 101-104
*Sometimes with the runny nose he has a dry/hacking like cough. It's never wet or productive. The cough is typically only at night, and it will wake him up all night long.
*Teething is usually going on with every ear infection (this time he's working on ALL four molars).
*He loses his balance and seems very clumsy. This usually frustrates him and he will get very mad.
*He also loses his appetite. He'll only want to have a sippy cup of water, crackers and fruit (usually watermelon).

When did it start? (what was happening at this time)
The ear infections started when he was about four and a half months old (he's started daycare at 3 months). He gets an ear infection every month and a half to two months.
The most recent event started four weeks ago. It was approximately one week after he had his one-year old dr. appointment with shots.

For infants and toddlers, a discussion about the birth, and the pregnancy is important. Any symptoms or feelings or problems that were occuring during pregnancy can be relevent, especially those that only appeared during this time and disappeared on having your baby.

*My pregnancy was actually pretty wonderful. I was tired in the beginning, but felt great (no nausea, vomiting, etc.).
While in utero, he was a very active baby. On any given day he would be head down, turn to breach, transverse, then back. It was amazing the way he moved. At 38 weeks, he was transverse and did not go head down, so I went to the chiropractor for the Webster Technique, and within two adjustments he was head down and engaged. I had a very strong aversion to raw/grilled chicken, sausage, and asparagus while I was pregnant.

He measured big the entire pregnancy, and was one week late. I was supposed to be induced due to high blood pressure (the high BP started at 39 weeks), I'd gained about 60 lbs. Long story short, but the delivery floor was to crowded to induce me, so my midwife made me walk the halls, this helped contractions become more regular. They broke my water (this was the only medical intervention), I walked for about two more hours, labored in a jacuzzi tub for 45 minutes, and he was out with only 4 pushes. The labor and delivery were both very smooth. After his birth, he was laid directly on me and breastfed within 10 minutes, the cord was cut about 15 mintues after birth (when it was done pulsing). He was adjusted by a chiropractor at 24 hours old, she just checked his atlas and she said it was in perfect condition (not 'out' at all). He was only breastfed until 6 months, and then supplemented with one bottle of formula and soft foods during the day, and breastfed all other feedings until 12 months.

Ok - I think I answered the questions, I have stopped the Pulsatilla until/unless you advise otherwise. I'm sure you will have more questions, but in advance, I truly appreciate your help for my baby boy!
NathansMom last decade
Do you have access to homoeopathic remedies? Looking over the symptoms, and the clear aggravation from vaccination, with the ear infections and coryza, I would suggest Silicea as the first remedy.

Silicea covers:

Aggravated by vaccination
Dry hacking cough at night
Cough waking at night
Dentition aggravates
Being outside improves

What potency of Silicea do you have access to? 30c or 200c would be most suitable.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I have not purchased Silicea yet, as the health food store I purcahase from was closed for the Holiday. I can head out today if this is still the best remedy.

*A change - is that the baby was great (healthy, happy, no symptoms) until Saturday. He started with a clear runny nose, then the cough, and yesterday his nose was a thicker white discharge, the corners of his mouth cracked, he has a bad diaper rash and is generally grumpy/cranky. I did notice that within the last two days his upper molars have broken through his gums. His bottom gums are very red and swollen too. He does not have a fever, but he has started to pull at his ears again.

So, I'm wondering if there is a different remedy for the congestion, discomfort, crankyness and cough due to teething?

He is generally a very happy, smiling and fun baby, but when he's sick he's miserable, clingy and just wants to be held.

Please advise, and I will head out to the store to see what they have available within their homeopathic section. Otherwise I will buy online via this website.

NathansMom last decade
yes Silicea is one of those remedies. It is a chronic reoccurring state for him.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I just purchased the Silicea 30c. It's 6 PM here. What is the dosage and how often?
NathansMom last decade
What form have you purchased the remedy in? Pillules, pellets, liquid?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
They're tiny little balls...
NathansMom last decade
They need to be dissolved into water. Find a small bottle with a lid. Dissolve 1 pillule into water in that bottle, then hit it firmly against the palm of the hand twice only. If you have a dropper, one drop is placed in a 1/4 cup of water, and 1 teaspoon given to your soon.

Place one drop from that bottle, remembering to hit the bottle firmly again twice only, into a new 1/4 cup of water and give 1 more teaspooneach day for 2 more days.

After any dose, if your son appears to worsen slightly, stop and give no more doses until you speak to one of us here.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
They do not dissolve in water. I read the small vial and in the directions it calls them pellets...does that change dosage?
NathansMom last decade

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