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Stramonium 2

Following HI1 advice I have filled the patient form as follows.

1)My main problem now is pronenes to catch a cold, a head virus or a tummy virus. I live in a turistic town by the sea in south of Italy, constantly visited by turists from all over the world and there seems to be more viruses going around here all the time. Almost every week, sometime even twice per week I catch a cold with flu like symptoms. I feel cold, aches, head cold or/and ear ache, slight temperature sometime, or if it is a gastric flu, bad tummy and flu like symptoms. When this happens, I always find out that somebody else has got it. But I get it every time. I am very sensitive to drafts and wet wheather. I have suffered from chronic sinusitis for more than twenty years, of allergic nature(mould). Until 5 months ago, I suffered of another problem, for me more invalidating because almost constant, which also started more or less twenty years ago. A proneness to edema with a sudden listlessness. Complete lack of energy, worst in windy days when more allergens move around. In some days or moment of the day when the wind would start, I felt deprived of all energy and suddenly got bloated everywhere. Then in August, I took a remedy for water ritention: natrum sulfuricum 7ch. After ten days or so I felt my energy coming back, I did not feel tired anymore and I had lost weight, the edema had gone. I stopped the remedy, because i feared making things worse. I could not believe it, for years I have been battling against this tiredness which in summer with the hot humid wheather became chronically unbearable: to move around was so tiring that I hardly went anywhere. Suddenly I felt a normal person again, not complaining all the time about my exahustion. The problem left now is this vulnerability to viruses or whatever. Still, my quality of life has improved so much after the natrum sulf, that I could bear to live with this illness if I have to. Another help I have received from homeopathy, has been the mezereum for infected sinuses. For years I have had a recurrent infection with discharge of yellow-green stringy mucus.Also this was almost constant and worst on windy days, accompanied by a sleight temperature. After the use of mezereum 15ch for few dys and repeated for one day after a month because the symptom returned, also this has disappeared. Now the problem I am left with is this recurring flulike symptoms and a very impatient nature.
2)I don't seem to have any other symptoms. As a child I have had pleuritis, age ten, inflamed spleen from seafoods, and after an episode of kidney stone, I discovered that i was born with a narrow ureter because an artery was pressing on it. So I had an operation to correct this problem. I have also suffered from chronic malaria when I lived in Africa from 1998 to 2000, and this was caused by the bad flow of urine because of my ureter. However I felt no discomfort in that area and it was discovered only accidentally because of the kidney stone. I have had since the age of 23 a problem with water ritention.
3)I don't have mental sufferings except for feeling impatient and intolerant sometime. Worst when I am physically unwel, of course.
4)From a physsical point of view I feel like I have a flu. It can start with aches and a blocked nose or head, or tummy problems like nausea or diarrhea. Or it can start with an unusual tiredness and then cold symptoms come. From a mental point of view, my problem is impatience. I can't wait for people to do things. Especially impatient with my children who are understndably slow in doing thigs for they are 5 and six. I feel this impatience when I eat, because unless I am really enjoying th company, I feel uneasy and want to finish quickly. I never sit at the table if I am on my own and I don;t even cook for myself alone, just pick.
5)My physical problems started at age 23. I think they were caused by both this crushed ureter and by the fact that since a very early age I have been sleeping next to a damp and mouldy wall. This determined the onset of allergic chronic sinusitis.
6) I am at my worst in the morning. And the worst morning are those when there are more mould in the air. They can be very dry windy days or very wet days, it depends.
7)I am at my worst in humid wheather. I feel very intolerant when I am cold. I am amelirated by warmth and by rubbing my skin hard. In fact to feel better in the motning I take a hot bath and rub my skin
8)I am generally better in cities where there is no much pollen and mould. So dry cities, but not too polluted by exahust fumes. This latter might have been the trigger of my edema, because it appeared when I was living in central London after a stressful event.
9)I feel better in hot dry weather
10)I am sensitive, I like company but I also need to be alone because I am a philosopher, so I write and read a lot, I don't like to talk with my children much, nor play with them, but I am very warm as a mother, always kissing and hugging them, though. I always require an explanation for what is done or thought by people. Very analitic and also able to compromise when the other is also ready to give in. But I can be very stubborn.
Before the natrum sulf, I was very bad before a thunderstorm, felt extremely tired and also depressed. Now I am affected much less. I love a thunderstorm, it makes me feel happy, energysed and calm.
I like consolation, tough I am not the person who talks about her problems to people. i only like consolation from my partner.
I am very sensitive to light, to noses and smell, I don't like too much of them.
I don't think I have unusual habits'
I am very protective mother, I worry a lot. I am affectionate in general as a person, but also very selective. I don't have many friends but inly few people I am truly fond and close to.
11) I have a phobia of mice and in times of stress I have dreamt about them. I used to dream of taking the lift to the wrong floor and be very scared, or that I was on a shaky stairflight, or that I was lost in a place. When I took Stramonium I had beautiful dreams about homes where I would like to live.
12)I love chocolate, I often crave cooca in general. I don't like nor dislike particular food, some food like milk, fish and some vegetables are not good for my tummy. But I don't dislike them. I don't like very cold drinks because they disagree with me.
13) I would say my thirst is normal
14)My hunger is normal
15)I don't think so.
16)My swet is normal. Mybe under the arm and the pubi area
17)If I am Physically well my stool is normal, but when I am not well or there is a lot of mould, it is soft and can be watery.
18) I sleep all through the night, but I could not sleep without earplugs. The slightest noise even the crackling in the furniture or the soft breathing keeps me awake
19)I don't think I have sexual desires
20)I like pressure on my body, what would make most people feel pain, it gives me pleasure. One peculiarity about me is that when I see people cleanig or arranging things, I feel as if they were touching me and feel a wave of sleepiness. Very nice. When in a dark room I feel I am in danger so I have to reach for the light immediately. As a child I would wake up at night if the electricity went off.
21)I have seen many doctors for my edema and allergy. I have been prescribed cortisons and antibiotics, quite a lot, for my sinus problems and they have not helped. I have taken some vaccine enzime for the allergy, but no good result. I have taken some remedies: Natrum sulph 7ch. Stramonium 200. I have described the reaction to them. From this forum I was prescribed for the impatience and tried nux vomica, arsenicum album, sulphuric acid, but my situation is stable.
22)In my mother's family there is diabetes (old age type) and cardiovascular diseas. On my father's side there is cancer and a bit of xsenile dementia.
23) I am medium height, dark hair, pale skin, I have always been the same weight, except for fluctuations due to water ritention. My weight is normal for my height.
24)I am 48 and my period has parctically gone, with no discomfort so far.
25) I have already answered this question
  albapapa on 2010-12-28
This is an internet forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I would like to add that when I wait for some member of the family to come back I become very anxious and I start anticipating bad news. I can easily get a nervous tummy problem
albapapa 8 years ago

for me, like the natrum sul, or the mezereum, it has been quite dramatic and stable. I was surprised about the stramonium because at first the reaction was so strong, the beautiful dreams, a sense of calm and not feeling impatient anymore, almost a sense of maturity, as if I was free of my faher's influence, whatever that means, is what I felt. I can't say why. One of the reason I thought that stramonium was my remedy is the fact that the noise of pouring liquid at the table can make me feel very uneasy, embarassed, if it is a formal situation. Even that has to do somehow with my father, I feel he is in the picture, but I don't know why. However, the effect of stramonium 200 did not last and when I repeated it, did not work.
albapapa 8 years ago

How long did you use Mezerium, and what were the effects?

You describe ameloration by rubbing your skin. Where on your body? How is the quality of your hair and scalp? What are your hands like? Do you have any warts on your body? If so, where and please describe.

I think that Stramonium is wrong in this case.
Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

The exact kind of irritation that you describe with your kids is very much Mezerium. I was surprised, because I advised the same remedy to your husband.

The patient that needs Mez. gets irritated and angry over irrelevant things, especially by their subordinates, and then regrets it soon after. The Mez. patient also has amelioration by rubbing.

I would recommend that you get Mezerium 30c. Put 10 drops in 8oz of water, and drink 2 tablespoons. Please tell us how you feel after about 24 hours.

'amelirated by warmth and by rubbing my skin hard. In fact to feel better in the motning I take a hot bath and rub my skin'
'sometimes I lose my temper over very small things with my children.'
'I cannot have the necessary patience that you need for children who by necessity are slow.'
'when I wait for some member of the family to come back I become very anxious and I start anticipating bad news.'
'nervous tummy problem'
'impatient and intolerant sometime.'
'impatient with my children'

On Mezerium Kent says:
'Sensation of goneness, fear, apprehension, faintness in the stomach, as if something would happen; every shock, pain and hearing bad news, cause this apprehensive, hungry, faint, weak, all-gone feeling in the pit of the stomach. It comes on when the door-bell rings, if the patient is expecting the postman, while waiting at the depot for the arrival of a friend or the departure of the cars; on being introduced to sonic one, he experiences a thrill beginning in the stomach is 'frightened in the stomach.'
Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

The other two key symptoms of Mezerium that I see in this case are anticipation of bad news, and the 'nervous tummy problem'.

Kent says...
'if the patient is expecting the postman, while waiting at the depot for the arrival of a friend or the departure of the cars; on being introduced to sonic one, he experiences a thrill beginning in the stomach is 'frightened in the stomach.'


PS. I really don't use Kent that much. I just can't paste from my software to the web. And I usually just remember where Kent said different things about different medicines. Someone here described me as a Kentian, but I'm really not that much.
Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

Mez. is also a very anti-miasmatic remedy. I consider it to cover all of the miasms except TB.
Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

Will mezereum improve my proneness to get a flu, or whatever it is that makes me feel ill every two three days with aches, head cold etc.It is felt especially behind the neck and shoulders. It can also bring a severe head ache that will not go with any kind of antiinflammatory drug, no matter how strong. It will have to pass by itself and it can take many hours. However this headache is always accompanied by a painful neck, shoulder and back. We live in a very humid area and actually also my husband has the same problem of frequent colds, not as frequent as mine, but more frequent than others. I also don't understand why.
albapapa 8 years ago

I think that it's impossible to separate the different symptoms. I think that the cold symptoms and the anger/impatience/nervous tummy problem have the same cause. I think that Mezerium is the remedy that will cure them, and I think that Mez. is definitely worth a try in your case also.
Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

Can you discuss these things for us also?

How long did you use Mezerium, and what were the effects?

You describe amelioration by rubbing your skin. Where on your body? How is the quality of your hair and scalp? What are your hands like? Do you have any warts on your body? If so, where and please describe.
Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

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