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PMS, pigmentation, acne and dandruff

I am a 33years old female who suffer from chronic PMS, acne, dandruff and respiratory problems.
As a child i got sick constantly until my 4th or 5th year, then better. But even after that used to sneeze continuously every morning at least a minimum of 15 to 20 sneezes. And even when the sneezing came on at other times of the day it had never been a single or couple of sneezes. Itchy eyes and chin, runny nose most of the time with clear liquid also accompanied the sneezing. At that time red chilly flakes and dust even in unnoticeable quantity triggered my rigorous sneezing.
And whenever i ate the vegetable drumstick and its products like leaves, flowers i felt some tightness in the throat and uncontrollable itching on the chin. So i didn't eat this for a while but by mistake when i happened to eat this in my teenage i noticed it went away completely.
I suffer from chronic nose congestion which starts with clear liquid and becomes yellow mucus then to greenish thick mucus.
And mentally i used to be very shy, at home very sensitive, felt neglected and tried to hide away my feeling, but in contrast i moved closely with school friends and my maternal grandparents whom i grew up with until i was 8 years old.
Had long and thick hair compared to kids at my age.
Until my puberty the above where the symptoms and i used to be a very thin and slightly taller than average person. But after puberty my first period got delay for three months and during this time i gained lot of weight, pimples started to show up on my face and didn’t grow much after puberty and ended up being a normal height person .
I noticed dandruff and lots of hair falling which started to thin my hair in general.
Mentally i continued to be the same at home and moved closely with friends even when their teasing internally hurt me. But i believed my friends and my mother's side people more than my parents and tried to be close with them.
I craved a lot for sweets after puberty but in general from my childhood i craved for snacks than healthy foods. Still had sneezing and other problems and also started to notice mood swings which was more obvious before period, but completely gone once the periods started. Before period i mainly contradict with my close friends and fought with them for no reason. I stayed in hostel during this period so i could only think of the behavior with friends. And i remember when i stayed in hot places my symptoms were less where as in cool place the symptoms increased and also noticed some swelling mainly in the face and abdomen.
Even before puberty i started noticing leucorrhoea and after puberty it increased a lot and mostly happen around the mid-month of my monthly cycle.
Every morning noticed something sticking in the throat later was diagnosed as food particles because of acid reflux.
Once in my early 20s I had a cauliflower like growth on my hand near the elbow which was diagnosed as some kind of yeast infection, but after a while after this happened I moved to a cool place and then to US, during this time my sneezing subsided instead I started having eczema in the middle fingers of my right hand whenever I touched something like garlic , house cleaning products etc or ate chicken or goat meat.
Once had ear infection because of fluid accumulation in the ears, the doctors told my ears are built the way liquid from throat/nose can easily get in to the ears, since then whenever I catch cold I felt stuffiness in my ears which eventually went away but still feel some kind of sound when I try to swallow in empty mouth.
After my marriage I notice the PMS became prominent and played a huge role before every period. The symptoms are mood swing, constipation, fullness over all and very lethargic and sometimes very tearful. In general I am a very tearful person who cries while watching serious movie or when somebody else cries.
Taking about constipation I always felt my bowel movement was not satisfactory except for a few times a month. But had bowel movement almost every morning regularly sometimes have more than once. Suffer gastric problems.
Urine will either be absent or more frequent. I remember mostly hot days no urine at all and on cold days very frequent like hourly.
I started noticing pigmentation on my nose and cheeks after a delay of period for a week. When the period got delay I went to the doctor to check the urine test did show anything but my blood showed I was pregnant, but got my period even before the blood results came. The pigmentation gets darker before period and becomes litter after period.
In my mid twenties once was on a 10 days course of antibiotics for ear, nose and throat congestion. Few months after that started to have vaginal yeast infection before almost every period and had severe yeast infection during pregnancy.
Starting from my early twenties got cold sores which look like cauliflower (lots of blisters clustered together) mostly on the ends of my lips sometimes on the corner tip of my lower lip. This started with in few months after the first eczema on my fingers. Didn’t get this blister for almost a year or two now.
During my pregnancy I had swelling all over the body which made me to look thrice the size of my regular size, suffered from constipation (had unsatisfied bowel movement everyday more than once), frequent urination (I get up minimum of 5 times throughout the night), yeast infection, mild blood pressure at the end of the pregnancy. Didn’t get natural labor had to be induced and didn’t have enough contraction till the end and had to undergo c-section. Had a tooth pain because of a decayed tooth and had to have root canal done around 6th month of my pregnancy. In the last trimester suffer very bad itching in the abdomen, which is called as Pruritus.
I have sunken eyes since the days I remember.
Now face swelling happens few times a month now rather than just before period.
Starting from my early twenties I suffer pain in my forearms whenever I did little more work than usual which I did not have before even when I did lot of weight lifting.
Mentally I felt changes in my early twenties, I started to move closely with my parents and after marriage I like to share everything with my husband except when the PMS hit me.
Most of the time my cough started with a tingling sensation in the throat and cough at least couple of times a day.
Almost every morning no matter how much sleep I get I feel like my vision is blurred when I tried to read or look at the computer and feel like a layer mentally which wouldn’t let me to think clearly. But feel better around mid day or after lunch.
Before menses I cannot think anything clearly which I feel like I am not productive enough at work.
Most of the times after food I felt a load in my stomach, but craves for sweet and rich foods.
Though I tried to maintain moderate weight for my height I easily gain weight but have to starve to lose weight and always felt like I eat very less compared to my age people and still gain weight. Always think my metabolism is very slow.

Please somebody help me to identify my constitutional remedy.
  Blue123 on 2011-01-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Couple more, my tongue feel like having a layer of thin sticky saliva altered with dryness.
Notice freckles before periods.
Every morning i have to expectorate and have lots of mucus especially until late morning.
Blue123 last decade
I can analyze this.
sameervermani last decade
Thank you Sameer. You are helping me out with my son's health issues. I appreciate your help very much.
Blue123 last decade
Sameer, haven't heard back from you, if you are still analyzing take your time. Thought, could just remind you if you have forgotten about this.

Thank you very much.
Blue123 last decade
Sameer, please reply.
Blue123 last decade
Yeah, I am traveling, will reply whenever I get some time.

sameervermani last decade
Thank you Sameer. Take your time.
Blue123 last decade
Hi Blue123,

Although the entire life history is important, but for a good prescription we have to look at the current state of symptoms, and what triggered the last instance of big change in them ?

Please list the current concerns, and when did the current problems begin ?

We will peal this like an onion. The outermost layer first.

sameervermani last decade
Thank you Sameer. I currently suffer from PMS, acne, Pigmentation, freckles, edema, dandruff, leucorrhoea, backache, lethargy and mucus. And i have also lately started noticing vision blurring and growing into long-sightedness.

Actually after my puberty i didn't have my monthly periods for three months. After this i started getting pimples, dandruff, PMS, lethargy and edema. Acne developed later.
Vision blurring used to be there a day or two just before periods but now the number of days are increasing and currently it is 7 to 10 days before periods.
Leucorrhoea was there before puberty but intensified after.
Backache, Pigmentation and freckles are more noticeable during pregnancy and after delivery.
Mucus in the morning is chronic and have it currently.
My skin on the right hand fingers especially near the nails are very dry with wrinkles, not sure if it is hangnails.

Please let me know if you need any more information.
Blue123 last decade
And PMS, acne, Pigmentation, freckles, edema, dandruff, leucorrhoea, backache and lethargy intensifies before my monthly and are less once my period shows up.
To put it differently few days after my monthly i feel very healthy, but as the days go by all the above problems slowly intensify until the period arrives and this repeats every month. Even my pigmentation gets lighter once the period shows up. My family members can easily tell where i am at my monthly cycle.
Blue123 last decade
Define your PMS. What do you feel during that time ? What makes each complaint in PMS better or worse ?

Describe this vision blurring in detail.

When does the back pain happen ?

What are your fears and anxieties if any ?

What are the things that stress you ?
sameervermani last decade
PMS - get irritated even for silly things, annoyed with the people around including family members for silly reasons or when somebody contradicts me, some times weepy for no/silly reason or dwelling on the past. Too exhausted and feel sleepy from afternoon. Feel bloated all over the body especially face and abdomen seem to be enlarged almost double the size few days before my period. Mind wouldn't work at all. cannot think anything clearly. Feel like some thing blocks the mind and prevents it from thinking.
Once the period arrive feel like all the problem are gone. When the bleeding stops feel rejuvenated.
when reading, the letters look blurry until i keep the book to certain distance away from me. looking at the computer fell like tears blocking the vision without tears in my eyes.
Back pain comes few days before my period and is mainly in the lumbar area.
In general after my delivery if i stoop i cannot stand straight immediately, i have to bring my body slowly straight.
Fear of dark and robbers. Anxious of what others think about me.
Stress when things wouldn't happen as expected and when family members don't understand me or when they don't co-operate with me.
Blue123 last decade
Urgent HELP needed!! Sameer, since most of my symptoms matched very closely to Sepia and also i was nearing my monthly cycle, so i thought i will just give it a try before the PMS hits me. I took two doses of Sepia 200c, one in the morning and one in the evening on a same day a week before. As a good sign my PMS was mild compared to the previous ones. But on the second day morning of my period i felt my throat was little sore on the left side, since then soreness gradually spread onto both the sides, ears, nose, tongue and now mouth as well. My full head feels heavy and throat, ears, nose, tongue and wall of mouth feels sore. And also produced lot of clear/egg white like mucus and now greenish mucus is slowing showing up. Ears are feeling congested and nose is either runny are blocked. I am almost sure i am having all these because of Acid reflux/GERD, since earlier i was diagnosed with this for sore throat. My symptoms are very bad after food and in the evening, night. Don't think i am proving sepia, if i am wrong should i antidote this. Please reply ASAP.
Blue123 last decade
And also had neck pain on the first two days of my period and now the neck and between the shoulders feel sore as well.
Blue123 last decade
Hi blue123,

The symptoms should calm down in a few days. Come back after 5 days, I have a remedy in mind for you.

sameervermani last decade
Thank you Sameer. Actually it has been 10days now since i took Sepia. The sore throat started 7 days after the remedy. Is that sore throat consequence of the remedy?
And if you have a remedy in mind i would like to order it, since it will talk 3/4 days to arrive.
Thank you.
Blue123 last decade
Please procure Natrum Mur 30c.
sameervermani last decade
Thank you.
Blue123 last decade
Sameer I have Nat Mur 30c. Please let me know how and when i should take it. Tomorrow it will be two weeks since i took Sepia.

Thank you.
Blue123 last decade
Dissolve 2 pellets in 250 ml spring water, and take a teaspoon from there 3 times at 1 hour gap.

No more doses after this.

Report in 1 week please.
sameervermani last decade
I have liquid dilution. So i assume i should use two drops. If i mix once can i use the same mixture for all the three doses or should i mix every time. Thanks.
Blue123 last decade
2 drops is good. Can use same mixture.
sameervermani last decade
Sameer, after Nat mur, i felt like the head congestion was relieving, within couple of hours the subsiding feeling went away and the congestion remained the same. Had sever coughing and head congestion which didn't seem to go away. I was fed up having both myself and my son sick with cough and congestion, so i took few cups of coffee, after that the cough started to go away. Now i am back to the self prior to Sepia.
Since sepia had severe reaction on me i am confused now if it is the right remedy for me. Can you please analyse all over again and guide me, this time i have decided not to try anything until you come up with the right remedy.
The vision blurring has been increasing a lot, actually is little better after period and as the days go by and the days to next period get closer the blurring seems to increase a lot. And when i have to focus on certain thing continuously for few minutes the vision seems to get more blurred and feel some kind of pressure (or pain couldn't differentiate) on the eye. And the blurring is worse in the morning.
Thank you.
Blue123 last decade
Sameer, couple more symptoms i had completely forgotten to mention in my earlier posts. I get breast tenderness almost two weeks before periods, at the beginning it will be less and gradually intensifies and will be painful to touch and even little swollen just couple of days before the period.
Few times a month i get eye twitching.
And i get cramps in back part of the leg between knee and ankle, this i notice only after going to bed, will be severe on the days with more walking/standing, some times the days before period.
Thank you.
Blue123 last decade
Any changes in your mental state since the Nat-m dose ?
sameervermani last decade

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