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doudenal pain and history of ulcer

Hi, I'm a 56 year old woman. About 15 years ago I started burping and hiccuping, and after a few weeks suffering from acute heartburn. This ended up hurting in my left mid abdomen, and when I had coffee ground stools a couple times I had a scope, showing a duodenal ulder and helico pylori.

Since then I've used Nexium a pharmaceeutical, on and off, as I've been reluctant to use the high strength antibiotic/anti-inflammatory treatement recommended by my doctor. I have months with no pain and no medication, but then it will flare up. It's worse from eating late at night, eating mixed meals, pain occurs after midnight, usually around 2-3pm but can vary, is burning, is termporarily relieved by eating and drinking, but comes back within an hour or so. When pain is occurring frequently I have small burps and hiccups during the day, and my abdomen is bloated. I don't pass much wind down below - just a bit. I can have diarrhea in the morning. Since this has happened i've put wieght on mostly just on my abdomen. I have 1-2 glasses of wine most nights - I like a drink but don't over-indulge, i think. I like rich foods, cheese, salt, spicy foods. I believe that with a combination of homeopathy and perhaps herbs, this can be treated and permanently erradicated. I believe that Helica Pylori is a naturally-occuring bacteria in the gut, but I have an excess, and perhaps too little good bacteria. I don't think killing it with antibiotics is a real cure. I can be a restless sleeper, waking anyway around that time. I feel the cold. It can make my breathing/chest feel tight and restricted. I have abused my system in the past with too much hard work (up to 4 months of 20 hour days without a break), stress, too much coffee. I'm a sedentary type, intellectual, tall, blond. I hope someone can help me.
  Lovelee on 2011-01-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please use the homeopathic patient intake form and give us the appropriate information about your case. Hopefully someone here will help you begin real homeoapthic treatment.

Homeopathy International 1 last decade
When you r in distress how is your condition then?
How do you manage the discomfort?

Dr. Yogesh
yogeshrajurkar last decade
Intake Form:

Age: 56
Body Type: Tall, long bones, blond, slightly over-weight
Height: 5' 10'
Weight: About 11 stone
General Appearance: OK - darb cicles under eyes, colour ok, Dutch descent so tan well and quickly, some swollen joints (< left, ball l foot, middle joints fingers and thumb < Left)
Yes, used homeopathy extensively over many years. Recently completed long-term Thuja 200C and Carcinocin 200C for Anal tumour. Depression >>> Nat Mur 200C.

1. My main suffering at the moment is abdominal pain and duodenal ulcer, waking me up after midnight and usually between 1am - 3am. Little burps through day and sometimes hiccups.

2. I sometimes have morning diarrhoea, I have Hep C but liver readings ok, I get some sharp little pains in liver area, I get a few sweats - not sure if menopausal or liver, I have some urinary incontinence, I can feel very anxious and overwhelmed, and I can wake through night often and find it difficult to get back to sleep.

3. I suspect my ulcer pain is worse with stress. As i said above I often feel overwhelmed, and get anxious and a curly feeling in my stomach thinking about what i have to do. Meetings, appointments, are worst. I have many draining issues with my children. I've worked way too hard in my life, running major services and businesses, and now I'm trying to slow down and find inner peace but I can easily get very unmotivated and depressed. I tire easily. My patterning is to work incredibly hard, or not work at all and stay in bed with chronic fatigue, depression and I get very cold when at my worst, and can only get warm in a hot bath.

5. Ulcer/heartburn/abdominal pain started when working too hard, drinking lots of milk coffee, partying too hard. Insomnia < from irregular sleep patterns from events work, sometimes waking 3am to work into the day, other times staying up to 3am working. Crazy lifestyle.

6. Abdominal pain worse from midnight-3pm. Generally my depression and sadness worst in the morning, although when I'm well I'm best in morning.

7. i think my stomach worse with a big meal too late in the evening. Also too much meat, maybe. If I drink a warm herbal tea, a glass of milk, or some dry crackers or bread it will be better for a short time only. I don't like tight clothing when it's happening. I tend to rub but it doesn't relieve. Nothing relieves except ant-acids and Nexium.

8. Not that i've noticed
9. I'm not so good with humid weather. I think my arthritic joints and breathing is constricted in this weather.

10. I go between extremes. I can be the life of the party or depressed and withdrawn. I can be a recluse, and isolate myself from people when down - don't answer the door or phone, don't go out, don't shower, dress properly, etc. I'm intellectual, argumentative, a philosopher, easily offended, out-spoken and confrontational, drawn to spiritual and philosophical matters. I can work incredibly hard and long, or not at all. Find it very hard to find a balance.

Thunderstorms excite me. I love them.

No, I resist people and consolation, although if someone I'm close to like my daughter does push her way close and hug me and care I love it.

I'm very involved with my 4 children and 4 grandchildren. I worry about them - they are my main worry now I've given up my business. I'm not obsessed, I can leave them to their own devices. I'm not in a relationship. I'd like to be, but not so easy at my age and I'm a strong, proud, outspoken woman - not so easy for someone to handle!

I dream of busy things, organising things or people. my fears are for my children that I've not been a good mum, that they're not ok, for myself that I'm too strange, that people won't like me.

12. I like spicy, salty, sweet, cooked foods, like dairy, love cheese, love beer, love wine, no real aversions.
13. I'm not thirsty.
14. My hunger is pretty normal - not hungry in morning, more hungry evening.
15. No
16. Sweat usually normal. In last 10 years can easily get overheated working outside when hot - get very red in face, don't cool down quickly, profuse sweat on head especially. At night occaisional night sweats, < chest I think. No smell or colour or staining.
17. Bowel movement is regularly, but can have to go few times for complete emptying. Had anal tumour with chemo and radiation 3 years ago. Poor anal muscles, can get diarrhea very easily and then incontinent. Otherwise soft and formed. Can have occais. spluttering, urgent stool
18. Sleep varies, often wake through night, can wake many times, read for awhile, try to sleep. < if worried about kids, responsibiities, etc. Sleep on side or back. Recently much more on back.
19. Very little sex drive. Don't masturbate, don't have a partner.
20. I'm strong, proud, outspoken, confrontational, very capable, very respected...or withdrawn, depressed, in bed, over-whelmed, can't make decisions. If I drink a cold drink too quickly my throat can spasm and i can't swallow and feel like I can't breathe. Very scary.
21. Nexium, chemo 3 years ago, Lomotil occaisionally for diarrhea as incontinent so must manage it well.
22. Maternal grandmother bowel cancer, mother bowel cancer, father stroke and heart attack, paternal grand-parents alcoholics.
23. I'm fairly attractive, dark blonde but now mostly silver, easily tanned skin (not that I've tanned extensively), tall, long legs, fat on my stomach, quite a bit of cellulite on thighs and stomach, good skin, although about 5 years developed small brownish, scaley dry spots on chest, arms, legs, size of pea or smaller. I have very poor short term memory. I had varicose veins in both legs from young age, operated on, now small hard inflammed area about size of palm of hand in left calf. I get cold feet and hands. I pick my lips and cuticle till they bleed sometimes.
25. Major diseases:

14-20 years: Suicidal, rebellious, problems with parents.

22-35: Sciatica and major lower back problems.
40 years: Diagnosed with Hep C. Had contaminated blood transfusion when I lost a child in 1980.

47 years or so: duodenal ulcer and pain, heartburn, burping etc

45-50 years: polyps in nose and chronic sinus, thick, green, yellow, lumpy mucous, choking on mucous which needed to be hawked up when talking to clients in my work.
53 years: small tumour in rectum, from warts virus. Tore rectal/vaginal wall with 1st child birth, had 3 surgical repairs which were unsuccessful. Chemo and Radiation - responded well,drs say not likely to re-occur after 2 years now.


Many thanks,
Lovelee last decade
You go between extremes
You can be life of a party or even can be noone in the party.
what makes you oscillate so much?
Is there a triggering factor?
What Makes ur mood so down & isolated?
Can you pls clarify this?

Dr. Yogesh
yogeshrajurkar last decade
Hi Dr Yogesh,
I go between these extremes because I take on big challenges, and work way to hard, martyring myself for to help others or create a good thing - money is not important to me - success and creating something good is. I often joke that as a Capricorn goat, if I see a bump in the road, I'll turn it into a mountain and then have to climb it! Then, between these huge challenges, and in the past 12 years these have been mostly working on major events, for 50,000 people or more, I crash. I stay in bed all day, don't shower, feel so tired I can hardly drag myself up stairs, feel depressed but don't cry, just don't want to talk to anyone, and at the worst, get terribly cold, so cold that I can only get warm in a hot bath.

I have also had my confidence shaken with my girlfriends. About 10 years ago I fell out with my 3 closest friends, over silly things, mostly I think because I was sick of our partying lifestyle and had decided to move on, and yes, was a bit annoying and preaching about it - maybe I pushed their buttons too hard. But this shook me to the core, and I struggle now with my social confidence and wonder if I'm not too strange and passionate and outspoken for most people. I seem to have an aura of authority and presence, and some people are scared or intimidated by me. But I also feel like I lack social savvy and comfortableness and often feel uncomfortable with people.

i hope this helps.
Lovelee last decade
Dr Yogesh, on thinking about your questions, I wanted to explain that I've always worked very hard. I was a deserted mother with 4 young children who I supported and raised myself, while starting and managing a health food shop and clinic. Then I started taking natural therapies, first aid and youth support services to major events, recruiting and coordinating up to 1500 volunteers at a time. Always hard, hard work. When I go down, I feel overwhelmed and can do nothing. I respond to a challenge, and am a bit lost with day to day tasks.
Lovelee last decade
When I'm not well, fatigued and depressed, 'over-whelm' is my main feeling.
Lovelee last decade
Sepia 30 C Single dose.
SINGLE DOSE: 4-5 drops of Sepia 30C dilution in 15-20 ml of water to be taken in the morning on empty stomach.
Just a single dose DONT REPEAT .
Report in 3-4 days.
Dr. Yogesh
yogeshrajurkar last decade
Thank you Dr Rogesh. I've just had an ultrasound on a red hot lump and area on a vein in my left calf. It's a thrombosis but not in an important vein. I had varicose veins removed from that area about 20 years ago. I'm wondering if I should deal with that first, or still take the Sepia? The thrombosis is not painful, but it is a bit red, and I can feel hard swelling and heat.
Lovelee last decade
If my remedy is perfect & if the required potency is achived then even the thrombosis will start to resolve
Take Sepia first

Dr. Yogesh
yogeshrajurkar last decade

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