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RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) in 4 month old!

My daughter was diagnosed with RSV after having a cold for 3 weeks initialy. Towards the latter part of the 3rd week, she developed wheezing and belabored breathing, which sent us to the ER. I have searched for quite a bit of information regarding this virus in my homeopathic books however, cannot find much info on how to treat it. It is considered a lower respiratory virus that often is severe to moderate in children under 2 years old. It is classified like other viruses such as the flu, cold virus, adenovirus, etc. which you can catch by human contact or airbourne contraction. Her symtoms were sneezing, wheezing, coughing with a rattling of phlegm in the chest, low grade fever (at first), unable to expell phlegm due to deep seated position in the chest, clear, runny nose discharge, phlegm is clear but extremely sticky. Nose congestion which sometimes interfered with breast or bottle feeding. Her disposition has remained happy for the most part and she is only irritable when suctioning or wiping nose. Please help! We are home from the hospital and I would like to fortify her to prevent a relapse and to build her immunity back up from the brief hospital stay. One note: when my daughter was first born at 37 weeks, the hospital prescribed her 3 days of antibiotics for what they thought was a possible respiratory infection however, all of the cultures turned out negative. She received those antibiotics on her first 3 days of life for NOTHING, but to rob her system of antibodies that had been built up during the pregnancy! Also, she has been immunized with her 2 month shot series however, I have not immunized her any further at this point. Any assitance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  erika1 on 2005-05-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
PLEASE STOP all baby vaccinations NOW. The dr does not have to give these by law. It has become a "habit." You can refuse legally. These "baby shots" are full of mercury and other heavy metals.

This unbalances the body and interferes with the immune system. Mother's milk contains all that is needed for a young infant.

If you are breast feeding, please continue. If the man-made formula contains iron, stop that also. Chemists do not know as much as they think about babies' and are interfering with the growth of our babies. Nearly every post here with baby eczema is caused by the "baby shots."

Will be right back after I check a few things.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
If you are low on milk, get some MEDUSA 1M and take only one dose. Drink 10 cups of bottled water a day. NO cafeine at all.

FERRUM MET 30X for the baby. You can take it, or give it. Melt one dose, one ball, (or several grains if little.) in a glass of water, stir well. One half teaspoon is one dose. Keep in rif. The same directions for you.

4 doses first day, (x 2 hours)in a clean mouth. 2 doses on the second day and one dose each day for the next 2 days. This equals 4 days.

If you are reading up on this remedy and you see that it is made from iron, Please do not panic. (If you cannot find, I have it.)

Remember...ANY H. REMEDY is completely safe. Arsnic, belladonna, any. Probably this remedy will eliminate any heavy metals in your baby's body.

I raised 3 sons on Homeopathy. My youngest began taking homeopathic ARSNIC before age one and took for several years for asthma attacks until well. Yes, cured. He was almost dead before I found homeopathy.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thank you,

I initially gave her ipecac (dissolved in water as you suggested) on the night that we went to the ER because of the intense wheezing and belabored breathing. I had also purchased antimonium tartarticum to give her alternately with the ipecac as part of her treatment however, I was not well versed on this illness. I felt some hesitancy and then next thing you know we are in the hospital for 3 days. I am totally in agreement with you about the vaccines. I have been struggling with this issue since before she was born. My husband and I are not completely of the same opinion however, I believe that I may be able to sway him to hold off on the vaccines at least until she is 2 years old.

I do however, want to treat this illness now because it can be fatal for young children. Do you have any information on treating RSV or the symptoms that I named above? I also read that Hepar sulph c or pusatilla may be helpful for this virus; can you check into your sources regarding these remedies? I'd like some additional opinions since I am not as familiar with this illness. I hear you on the breastfeeding and I may need to contact you for the ferrum and possibly the medusa. Also, I am a believer in Homeopathy because I cured my asthma by doing the same thing you mentioned for your child, 5 years ago. Thank you kindly.
erika1 last decade
I suggested a remedy for you. If you choose to not try it, it is your choice.

The time for research is AFTER the child is well. One learns all the ins and outs then.

Your "male" husband is acting just like most others, be patient. He will live to regret forcing your child into murcury poisoning because he was raised to believe all MDs know everything. It is very hard to change a "belief. Did you know the word means "a lie?" Look it up.

Everything a child needs for immunization is available in homeopathy.

Have you read my post on "WHY vaccines are harmful?"

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thank you Sabra,

I think that I mistook your recommendation for Ferrum to go along with the breastfeeding. I did not understand that you were recommending that for the RSV. No need to feel that I am doubting your recommendation - please don't take offense. But from your own words in the, "why allopathic vaccines are harmful," I am "doing my own research." I want to know what I'm putting in my childrens' bodies whether homeo or allopathic. And I would be foolish not to check into what ANYBODY says to me, regardless.

Like I said, I have read your post on why vaccines are harmful as well and many other sources of info on how harmful vaccines are. My husband and I spoke many times before my daughter was born about this subject and we have continued to have dialogue. I have shared much of this information with him. I agree with you - many "males" are doubtful when it comes to changing "habit" and 2 of his brother's are doctors. But, I at least have him on the fence. For my daughter's sake, I will continue to work on him.
This scare has been a perfect opportunity to further substantiate why she does not need any more toxins placed in her body. If you have any other information to share with me on this illness, other childhood diseases, etc. please feel free. I am VERY interested if you have a list of the homeopathic vaccines or routine remedies that children should have from 0-2 instead of allopathic vaccinations. This will help my arsenal. Thank you kindly.
erika1 last decade
OK, here is the present problem. You are "thinking" allopathic and I am thinking homeopathic.

Homeopathy does not "name" things. We study the whole person, and symptoms to choose a remedy.

Of course, I would expect you to study a remedy, this is why I made an explaination of it.

You are caught in the need to find out about RSV and Homeopathy thinking could care less. We do not give it a thought. We still can choose a remedy.

This "condition" the child is suffering with is a REVISIT from all the antibiotics she was given at birth instead of watching to see what was really going on.

Antibiotics SUPPRESS the immune system and APPEAR to have helped. Add the vaccine that also suppresses, the child's natural body functions are trying to balance themselves. The suppression cannot last for good.

"Sneezing, wheezing, coughing and rattling of phlegm" in THIS case has been caused by antibiotics interfering with your breast milk that is giving her all she needs in the way of protection and antibodies. This is why we encourage breast feeding.

Homeopathy does not act anything like an antibiotic. The chemical allopathic approach to healing is suppression. It is chemical. Nothing is natural. NOTHING.

Homeopathy is from any substance and manufactured by dilution and pounding (succus) until there is no harmful particals left to cause harm. There are no chemicals.

Homeopathy is energetic.... Energy. Many call it the "memory" of the water after the remedy is made.

Homeopathy heals by touching the body in a way that the body can balance itself. The body does the work for itself. This is a good thing like antibodies. When the body is balanced again, it does make its own strengths and balances for the future.

I have been doing this for 40+ years, raised 3 sons on it, and was trained by 2 MDs who only used homeopathy.

I KNOW how you and your husband feel about going to alternative remedies. We did it too. It was frightening and nerve wracking while one waits to see if it "really works."

In my son's case, my husband was in danger if he got in my way. I was so determined that my son live, I would have tried anything.

I do not take offence when I reply to you. There are no other words to use. I have to make myself clear, just as you are making yourself clear. I DO understand.

I do not have time to "teach" you homeopathy here. When one asks for direction, one either takes it or not.

I cannot "teach" you about RSV as I am not an allopathic doctor. I don't "speak" allopathic.

I have retired and work mainly with children.

You are suffering from the "fears" that allopathic medicine causes in young people because they feel they have no one else to turn to.

There are MANY ways to treat your child. When mine was so sick, I never heard of anything but herbs, and I just couldn't wrap my mind around them. I needed something RIGHT NOW!

Allopathic doctors have wonderful training and are invaluable...it is the medicine that is harmful!

I took my kids to the dr to get diagnosed, and never filled the prescription. I then consulted the homeopath and got the remedy that was called for. Later, with more experience, I stopped taking them to a doctor, and used the symptoms to treat with homeopathic remedies.

The major problem in men's minds is that NO ONE has ever been able to PROVE HOW homeopathy works! No chemist using any means can name a remedy by examination.

Scientists want to prove things. If it cannot be proven, they cannot accept it. This is hundreds of years of belief. I cannot fault them, but as they say, the proof is in the pudding.

After 40 years and a son that was actually dying, I KNOW it works. I have seen things like magic over the years. It is incredible.

There are many Ferrum';s. It is Ferrum Met. As you continue to learn, use the name correctly or you will find yourself with the wrong remedy and it will not work.

As I thought you understood, I was giving you the choice to take the remedy for your baby Yourself, and through nursing to the baby, or give it directly.

Go back a 3 forums and read things posted by inhoops. She and I have had a long conversation over time.

As a remedy is given, one watches for any changes of ANY sort. Report and we will help you understand the progress.

She MAY increase in some symptoms, but this is a good sign the suppression is being released and brought to the surface to be gone for good. It doesn't happen so often in infants as they are not so full or allopathic chemicals.

Another remedy may be called for, but we will not know for awhile.

You say you read my vaccine post, did you "hear" the part about corporations not caring if their products cause harm at all? Pharmaceutical CORPORATIONS are the people that make the allopathic antibiotics. MDs are not inclined to use anything else as they have been taught not to. They have been taught that they are the only ones that know what to do or give.

It is like negative hypnosis. One just doesn't "get it."

Please continue to post and ask me anything you wish.

I need to collect myself and find my list of childhood remedies and I will post later.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade

You are too much! I love your conviction and no-nonsense approach. Please know that I appreciate your honesty, straight forward answers and your concern. If you didn't care, you would not take the time to bother with these posts as you have done. So please, don't feel that I doubt or am underminding any of your advice. When I say "research," I mean it in the whole sense and not necessarily the literal sense. I need to have understanding, absorb the data and feel confident in my actions. If that involves re-programming, using different language or mindset, then I am all for that too! What you need to know about me is that, I am a believer in homeopathic remedies and have been using them for 10 years. I no longer have severe asthma or allergies due to homeopathy. You don't have to "convince" me that they work, so to speak. Now that I am married and have young children, I have to take another step of confidence, further my learning and have to work on my spouse, who is not as familiar with homeopathy. That is my biggest challenge and I am still learning everyday - I am definitely no expert and don't claim to be one. That is why I am on this post and other sources to seek answers...

Really, on the day-to-day care and dispensing of remedies and so forth, he does not offer any resistance. On the vaccinations however, we do not see eye-to-eye. He is simply not comfortable. I need "tangibles" for him, as you said. My biggest obstacle is the unwillingness to learn much about it, yet the fear driven responses as it relates to certain topics of discussion. He claims that he is willing to read, listen and "research," however, I don't believe that it will go very far. In the meantime, he wants us to get the next set of vaccines for our daughter because they are "overdue" and then we can hash the rest out... At this point, I have not done that.

What I need is information. If you can help with any information regarding the homeopathic vaccines, how you get them and remedies that should be taken in the first 3 years of life, that would be helpful. I definitely need to optimize my arsenal because I want my daughter to have the best start in life possible.

Also, if you can confirm from the previous email, you are recommending ferrum metallica - correct? You mentioned that there are several ferrums and that I need to be specific when speaking of it. Thanks again.

erika1 last decade
FERRUM MET 30X for the baby. You can take it, or give it. Melt one dose, one ball, (or several grains if little.) in a glass of water, stir well. One half teaspoon is one dose. Keep in rif. The same directions for you.

4 doses first day, (x 2 hours)in a clean mouth. 2 doses on the second day and one dose each day for the next 2 days. This equals 4 days.

Yes, Ferrum Met.

I went on and on for your husband. He needs answers that are logical as possible.

I am going to check out more research I have found and will get back to you.

The only immunization your child needs homeopathically now is Pertussis 1M and only one dose (when well) and a month later one more dose.

Men hate being wrong. Remind him if his child gets asthma and severe eczema after some more vaccines, he will be responsible, and that makes him wrong.

I will get back asap.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
By the way, for my trouble, HE needs to read this post himself, and all the stuff about vaccines, baby shots.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
ABOUT MERCURY by Molly Ivins

Can’t get mad about mercury? Read on. This is one of those stories that I’d really like to start with a loud scream to give people some idea of how terrible it is. As a newspaper story, it has no soundtrack and comes without pictures. It appears to involve some technical aspects of an environmental regulation and that can be counted on to bore the shoes and socks off people.

But there is a picture, quite a famous one, that you should search out so you will know what is at stake. The picture, by the great photojournalist W. Eugene Smith, is known as “The Madonna of Minamata” and is of a Japanese woman in a hot bath with an expression of terrible sorrow and tenderness on her face as she holds the hopelessly deformed body of her daughter.

Smith’s classic book, “Minamata: Words and Photographs,” is about the site of a horrific 1970's case of widespread mercury poisoning. No one who sees Smith’s photos can ever forget them. There was a years-long struggle between the townspeople of Minamata and the corporation responsible for the mercury poisoning, which did not want to admit fault.

During that struggle corporate guards beat Smith so badly he lost his eyesight.

So that’s what this is about. Not that anyone has blinded a great photojournalist lately, but mercury in the environment is mercury in the environment, and mercury hotspots are mindbogglingly dangerous.

Mercury is a neurotoxin that is particularly dangerous to developing fetuses and infants. Even in minute quantities, it produces brain damage ranging from retardation to loss of IQ to attention deficit disorder.

As you might know, one in six American women of child-bearing age already has enough mercury in her blood to put a developing fetus at risk. That’s why pregnant women are urged not to eat many ocean and freshwater fish. Mercury also causes heart attacks among adults.

If the “Clean Air Act,” already in place, were simply implemented as it is supposed to be by the Environmental Protection Agency, we would be rid of over 90 percent of mercury emissions in this country by 2008. But, of course, that would cost the power industry a lot of money and the power industry gives lots of money to politicians. So the EPA came up with a “cap and trade” system, under which power plants can avoid meaningful regulation until after 2025.

Then, the EPA, whose name is rapidly becoming a morbid joke, had the gall to put out a press release claiming its new rule will cut mercury by 70 percent in 2018, according to Natural Resources Defense Council.

The worse news is that “cap and trade” allows individual power plants to trade emissions credits, so while some states will have less mercury emission, other states will have enormous increases. God help you if you live near one of these future hotspots. NRDC estimates an 841 percent increase for California, 176 percent in Colorado, 241 in New Hampshire and 56 percent in New Jersey.

“It is unconscionable EPA is allowing power companies to trade (on paper) in a powerful neurotoxin; it is unprecedented and illegal,” said William Becker, director of the bipartisan State and Territorial Air Pollution Program Administrators.

Now here’s another charming note. As it is becoming monotonously repetitious with the Bush administration, it turns out the EPA simply ignored scientific opinion on this subject. “The Washington Post” reports the EPA based its new system of “regulation” on a cost-benefit analysis–cost to industry versus public health payoff. “What they did not reveal is that a Harvard University study paid for by the EPA, co-authored by an EPA scientist and peer-reviewed by two other EPA scientists had reached the opposite conclusion.

“That analysis estimated health benefits 100 times as great as the EPA did, but top agency officials ordered the finding stripped from public documents, said a staff member who helped develop the rule.”

One hundred times as much? Gee, maybe the Harvard study is too alarming. OK, try the EPA’s definition of cost-benefit analysis. According to its numbers, 600,000 babies of the approximately 4 million born a year are potentially exposed to mercury emission. The EPA estimates the health benefits at $50 million, which works out to $83.33 per brain-damaged child. That’s some cost-benefit ratio there.

I often think I have exhausted my capacity for outrage with this administration. Sheesh, why let what it does ruin a beautiful spring day in Texas? But I know kids with ADD and low IQs and brain damage and I’ve seen the pictures from Minamata. If you can’t reach outrage over this one, you might be eating too much mercury-tainted fish.

All “baby shots” or vaccinations, have mercury in them.......................

Some have Aluminum and some Formaldehyde...some have all three.
sabra last decade

Washington. Lower IQ levels linked to mercury exposure in the womb costs the USA $8.7 billion a year in lost-earnings potential, according to a study released Monday by researchers at a New York hospital.

The Mount Sinai Center for Children’s Health and the Environment combined a number of previous studies to determine hundreds of thousands of babies are born every year with lower IQ, researchers determined that even a 1.6-point drop in IQ could cost a person $31,8000 in lifetime earnings because of missed educational opportunities or jobs.

Peter McCaffery, a scientist at the University of Massachusetts Medical School who studies the brain, said the Mount Sinai researchers did a reasonable job of piecing together a wide range of possible reactions to mercury exposure.

“Some people are not going to be affected by mercury and some people are, just based on their genetic disposition,” McCaffery said.

The journal Environmental Health Perspectives published the Mount Sinai study. The findings are derived in part from statistics from the Centers for Disease Control, which studied the frequency of high mercury levels in women of childbearing age.

The Food and Drug Administration has warned that high levels of mercury in albacore tuna and some other fish can pose a hazard for pregnant women. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that about 8 percent of American women of childbearing age have enough mercury in their blood to put their own fetus at risk.

Mount Sinai pediatrician and lead researcher Leonardo Trasande estimated between 316,588 and 637,233 children are born each year with umbilical-cord blood mercury levels linked to IQ loss.

The research found the IQ losses linked to mercury range from one-fifth of an IQ point to as much as 24 points.

As an example, Trasande said about 4 percent of babies, or about 180,000, are born each year with blood mercury levels between 7.13 and 15 micrograms per liter. That level of mercury, the group concluded causes a loss of 1.6 IQ points.

Mercury level, Trasande said, are probably lower generally than they were in years before limits wer placed on emissions from medical waste and municipal incinerators.

“We’ve made great progress in reducing mercury emissions over the past decade, and this is likely to have reduced the number of affected children and to have reduced costs by a similar amount,” Trasande said.

Mount Sinai released its findings in hopes of influencing the debate over legislation before Congress, known as Clear Skies, that would change how the government regulates emissions from power plants and other sources.

Sure sound good on the surface, yes? I must say, I have never read such a bunch of double speak in awhile! First they tell one all about what is being studied. Causes and possible changes. The words are empty, nothing more. “They” want you to feel safe. It is an insidious type of lie, a lie of omission.

They do not tell you that when mercury is in the environment, IT STAYS THERE. It is much like radiation, it doesn’t go away. Inhaling emissions from the dump is more mercury than we can live with as a human race.

ALL “baby shots” or vaccinations, have mercury in them.............!

Some have Aluminum and some Formaldehyde...some have all three.

This why your babies have ezema, asthma, autism, low IQ?..........?


We used to be able, as adult americans, to go to “need to know” books and sites, to find out anything we wished to know about AMA and so on. Our Constitution’s first amendment insured freedom of speech through which our right to know has in the past been upheld. We cannot do this now.

The doors have been closed to us by corporations, because of “proprietary patent information.” This means they do not have to tell us anything! This began after the civil war in 1886 when someone added corporations on a supreme court ruling about citizenship rights for freed slaves. This set a precedent from that time that all corporations were natural persons with equal protection rights under the law. We are at the mercy of our government, the AMA and the pharmaceutical companies (all corporations) to bring us completely under their control. It is all about money and power. THEY DO NOT CARE if their products kill or disable, they just want the money.

Many years ago people died all the time from diseases that haven’t been seen in years. Even though they are seldom seen, due to careful immunizations of the past, immunizations were not always given to tiny infants. The doctors have been trained so diligently as to be obsessed and blinded to the very real dangers of the baby shots and the “possible” benefits vs more probable life-long side effects.

Babies have not stopped developing at birth and way into the second year. Vaccinations interfere with this physical and brain development.

Homeopathy has all the immunizations you need for your children. Now you need to know there is a condition concerning this. To go to school, the law says the children must be immunized. So, if you have had homeopathy for your children, unless you have a MD to back you up, you must sign a paper saying it is against your religion to give allopathic immunizations to your children.

Now, here is the paradox...we cannot PRAY in school, by law, BUT religion is the only authority to make it legal to NOT give allopathic immunizations to your children!!!

If you are reading this, you are interested in alternative remedies for your families. If you do not understand homeopathy, read: “Homeopathy, Medicine for the 21st Century” by Dana Ullman. And “The Science of Homeopathy” by George Vithouldas. These can be found on the net, cheaper for second-hand.


Mothers, unite with this knowledge, and forbid the dr or nurse to just walk in with the shot in hand and DAMAGE your tiny infant. Do not be passive, they are not allowed to do this without your permission. You have been trained to follow dr’s orders, this is not truth, it is a lie to control the masses.

Let your child grow and take the homeopathic immunizations to prevent what may come early and sleep peacefully at night, knowing you have done as much as humanly possible to protect your precious child.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade

Childhood vaccinations are given as a general “custom” without permission from the parents before two years of age. Please, for the sake of the health of your young children, do not get immunization shots the doctor gives, sometimes even without your permission. The shots mess up the immune system of the little bodies, big time, sometimes forever.

Vaccination shots are full of heavy metals. There is an ongoing study that “baby shots” may cause Autism. Look it up on the net. The study is many years long. Although there is no proof as yet, but, what if your child is one of those?

Surely you understand that metals, including mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde in a tiny baby’s body is not good??

You do NOT have to do everything your MDietie (allopathic doctor) says. You are paying them to help you in ways you want, not ways THEY want. Take responsibility for your own children; do not “hand” them over to another as if you have no intelligence and no say in the matter. Do not be intimidated or passive.

We used to be able, as adult americans, to go to “need to know” books and sites, to find out anything we wished to know about AMA and so on. Our Constitution’s first amendment insured freedom of speech through which our right to know has in the past been upheld. We cannot do this now.

The doors have been closed to us by corporations, because of “proprietary patent information.” This means they do not have to tell us anything! This began after the civil war in 1886 when someone added corporations on a supreme court ruling about citizenship rights for freed slaves. This set a precedent from that time that all corporations were natural persons with equal protection rights under the law. We are at the mercy of our government, the AMA and the pharmaceutical companies (all corporations) to bring us completely under their control. It is all about money and power. THEY DO NOT CARE if their products kill or disable, they just want the money.

Many years ago people died all the time from diseases that haven’t been seen in years. Even though they are seldom seen, due to the careful immunizations of the past, they were not always given to tiny infants. The doctors have been trained so diligently as to be obsessed and blinded to the very real dangers of the baby shots and the “possible” benefits vs more probable life-long side effects.

Babies have not stopped developing at birth and way into the second year. Vaccinations interfere with this physical development. The colostrum of nursing mothers give protection to their infants.

Homeopathy has all the immunizations you need for your children. Now you need to know there is a condition concerning this. To go to school, the law says the children must be immunized. So, if you have had homeopathy for your children, unless you have a MD to back you up, you must sign a paper saying it is against your religion to give allopathic immunizations to your children. I think we agree their health is worth it.

Now, here is the paradox...we cannot PRAY in school, by law, BUT religion is the only authority to make it legal to NOT give allopathic immunizations to your children!!!

If you are reading this, you are interested in alternative remedies for your families. If you do not understand homeopathy, read: “Homeopathy, Medicine for the 21st Century” by Dana Ullman. And “The Science of Homeopathy” by George Vithouldas. These can be found on the net, cheaper second-hand.

Chicken Pox vaccine was tested in a third world, poor, country. The US government promised health benefits. This "testing" killed many of their children while gov adjusted the formula!

Now, gov is giving it to our children. Mothers of these children are developing SHINGLES from their child's shot. Shingles is an adult outbreak from having had chicken pox as a child. No, it doesn't ALWAYS happen. The CP virus stays in the spinal cord and may pop out unexpectedly.

Shingles is a nerve endings outbreak that is extremely painfull, itching, bumps, rash, and raw sores. I had it, couldn't believe the pain. Takes weeks to heal, leaves small scars.

Chicken Pox is not a life-threatening children’s illness. It is itchy, feverish and if cared for well, the children recover with very little scaring. Measles are more severe. Watch fever more closely, give liquids and keep room dim because eyes are at risk. Several homeopathic remedies get children through it without much trouble. One difficulty of measles is that children need to have it (before school) so that later pregnant women are not exposed to it. Measles may cause miscarriage or deformity of fetus.

Continue to learn and investigate. Too many antibiotics finally cause the body to become immune to them and no help is found for the infections, etc. There are people everywhere that have had various infections since infancy and as adults are afraid to go out into the world for fear of infection, knowing no antibiotics will work for them.

Antibiotics suppress the illness/infection, not really healing, but suppression. This means the infection shows it’s head again and again. Each time an antibiotic is given, there are some side effects. THEN one tries to treat the side effect, thinking it is another problem of the body, and so on. It is like a dog chasing it’s own tail.

(Quotes) My child has so many colds. My child has a cough that comes and goes and I can’t find out what to do about it. My doctor says my child’s cough is really asthma. There are numerous respiratory problems that children develop from time to time. This does not necessarily mean it is asthma! Doctors have been trained to “name” everything. They bring fear and uncertainty to young mothers who then learn to depend on them.

Homeopaths see It as a set of conditions in the body. Then we go to our books and compare remedies in this group of symptoms and choose one that most matches the set of conditions of that body. Even if we think we already know the remedy, we more than likely will still check the book.

Fever is the body’s effort to self-cure. The fever is burning out the infection. Do not give “over the counter” stuff to lower the fever. That’s all it does, no healing takes place. With homeopathy, the chosen remedy lowers the fever AS IT HEALS. Homeopathy does not interfere with the body’s natural processes.

“My child keeps having earaches,” but it is more than likely the SAME ONE, because the antibiotics suppressed it until it released again. What released it, who knows, but it is not as important as the fact that it had not healed in the first place.

Do not believe everything you see on TV. The government has a hand in everything the media says about news in the world. TV is negative hypnosis to the average person and especially the children!! Why do you think they demand so much more from the parents? Corporations set up marketing to hypnotize your children to “crave” this. One recent ad I saw was a young woman searching her closet for something to wear. The punch line was: “If it is not new, it is not in style!” The punch line is punching us out unless we can “think” through it and take it seriously.

Children have been controlled by the commercials to a fine pitch of desire for that product!! They have no concept of the limits of money. They MUST have it, no matter what!! TV has ruined the ethics of our children and confused their purpose in life and their natural understanding how things work that they were born with. They have become like addicts.

Wake up! Take responsibility for yourself and your family. Don’t hand yourself or your family over to another person without any say so in the treatment. Ask questions. Do not foolishly demand a magic pill for everything. Do your OWN research! STOP being passive.

Actually, we are the blame for the activities of the AMA, the doctors and etc. We foolishly demand doctors hold our hands and promise our immediate recovery as if by magic. Years ago beginning around the 20s, we began to demand more and more as if we were not responsible for ourselves, but the doctors. So if things did not go well, it is the fault of the doctor.

When the first antibiotics were developed, the swing to the magic pills became in so demand by the childish public, the pharmaceutical ((corporations) saw this as a gold mine and got to work producing more and more for the demand. This is not to say that in the beginning it was wonderful to see children get well and childhood disease eradicated. But, by the 50s it became big business. Now there was research for every little thing. Natural healing solutions were then copied into chemical replacements. The companies took the natural and made up a chemical that was “similar” in action.

Fluoride is a natural substance that helps strengthen teeth against cavities. It is no longer used. Scientists found that the by-product of manufacturing aluminum was “similar” to this natural substance and decided to use this aluminum by-product to paint your children’s teeth. Aluminum gets in the brain and decreases the abilities of the brain and has been known to cause a staggering gait in many affected.

What about the TV ad about what to take if one has to pee too often? Do you listen to the side effects? One is “do not take if you have a urinary infection” Well, DUH!! The probable reason for the problem in the first place!! TV is negative hypnosis to separate you from your money.

Have you ever read that long small text letter that now comes with your prescription? This is written by lawyers to protect the company that makes the pill, and the pharmacy that sells it to you, AND the doctor that prescribed it to you.

And, who is protecting your child, your family? YOU!

Vaccine under scrutiny after deaths.
Steven Morris 28.8.2000.
The safety of the meningitis immunization program came under scrutiny yesterday when it emerged that 11 people have died following injections
Health officials insisted the deaths were not connected to the injection and maintained the program was completely safe but the handling of the issue was criticized.

Since the immunization program began last year, more than 16,000 "adverse reactions" to the vaccine have been reported to the medicines control agency.
A Department of Health spokeswoman said two of the 11 had heart conditions, two died of group B meningitis - for which there is no vaccine - and one of a convulsion 10 days after the injection. The six others died of cot death. (There is a Nova video about Meningitis you can buy for $25 at Boston video 1-800-255-9424. )

She added that the number of adverse reactions - which can range from a minor headache to death - was not unusual for the scale of the Program, the first in Europe. Officials from the Meningitis Research Foundation and was Meningitis Trust said they were certain that immunization was saving lives.

The shadow health secretary, Liam Fox, said he was angry that no minister had come forward to quell public anxiety. "If the public suspects that the government is withholding information, there is a danger they will lose confidence in the program. The only way to dispel this is for a minister to say there is no basis for it.” They have the right to withhold as the suppliers are corporations.

Instead they are hiding behind civil servants. That is stupid and cowardly. Ministers are paid to take responsibility." John Fletcher, of the vaccination campaign group, Justice Awareness Basic Support said- "They always say there is no problem. Parents need to have all the information so they can make a balanced so they can make a balanced judgement. We are no longer allowed the information. Corporations have more rights than the human.

We have had many calls from parents whose children have suffered adverse reactions and believe the program was introduced too quickly. In effect, ordinary people are the guinea pigs.

Re: Allopathic immunizations and antibiotics

IN A NORTHEAST Atlanta warehouse, more that, 40 million doses of swine influenza vaccine, in cold storage since 1976, await a government decision for disposal.
The vials of vaccine, reminders of America's big' swine flu scare a decade ago, have not been checked for potency in the last two years and their eventual fate is unknown, said officials of the National Center for Disease Control.

Ten years ago, Federal Health Authorities launched an unprecedented national Campaign to vaccinate millions of Americans against an expected onslaught of a potent influenza strain they believed would strike 50 to 60 million US citizens.

Virologists said the virus. was the same, or closely related to, the flu agent that in 1918 killed 548,452 Americans and 21 million world wide in the greatest plague of modern times.
On October 1, 1976 after many delays, the $135 million federally funded inoculation program got under way at public clinics across the country.
The funds were sufficient to pay for 200 million doses of Vaccine in history's first national effort to immunize an entire population against a major disease.

Ten weeks later on December 16, 1976 the CDC suspended the program after it received reports that some vaccine recipients contracted a type of paralysis known as Guillian-Barre syndrome . It was indefinitely called off as evidence mounted that the paralysis and the vaccine might be linked.
A total of 43 million Americans received inoculations but the expected swine flu epidemic never occurred. After initial cases among army recruits at Fort Dix, New Jersey, in February 1976, one of them fatal, only a handful of similar. infections were reported to the CDC’s nationwide surveillance .system, proving once again the unpredictable nature of the flu virus.

The government, which had insured the vaccine manufacturers against damage suits, was 'faced :with millions of dollars in claims by individuals who said they became paralyzed after being immunized with the vaccine. . So popular we were such lawsuits that a legal 'specialty ' developed around filing Guillian Barre claims aims against the US Govt. A Federal Judge awarded a Scranton Pennsylvanian , woman $3.9 million .

The CDC's heretofore spotless reputation as the world's premier health organization the agency playing a leading role at that time in eradicating smallpox from the world was blemished. Federal immunization programs, especially its flu vaccination efforts, were called into question. There were other repercussions. Dr David J. Spencer, Assistant Surgeon General and CDC director, who came under heavy fire for recommending the national immunization program to then President Gerald Ford, resigned his post.

Spencer's colleagues, 10 years later, said the CDC director made the correct decision based on information available to him at the time. The fact that he got canned for it is political history, not scientific history,,, said Dr Donald Millar, who was coordinator of CDC's swine flu task force and is currently director of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.
Spencer after leaving CDC for worked for a drug firm until he became Commissioner of Public Health for New York city He now is with a private company,. Management Science for Health, in Boston.

Dr Alan' Hinman director of the a CDC's Immunization Division, also said Spencer's decision for a national ,immunization program was correct

Millar said there are several scientific mysteries posed by the nation's swine flu. experience:' What happened to the virus after its first appearance at Fort Dix, New Jersey? How did .the army . recruit who died, *Private David Lewis, contracted the virus?. And we never figured out what it was in that vaccine jug that made people get Guillain Barre., he said. UPI ............Passkey.

I know what was in the “jug.” Another “secret” 14 page government document about a bacteria/virus was put together with the United States, England and Canada in 1942. A pathogen was developed to control humanity. First tested with diseased mosquitos in Punta Gorda, Florida in 1950. (like West Nile today?) This was the first sign of Guillain Barre, Fibromyalgia, MS, Lupus, and other obscure illnesses that there was no medicine for. And still none. This is the extent of our governments’ desire to rule the world.....Sabra
sabra last decade

Remember when your mother tucked a thermometer under your tongue when you felt feverish?” That scene conjures up care and comfort.

But inside those old-fashioned glass thermometers lurks enough silvery-white mercury to contaminate a 20-acre lake to the degree all the fish would be unsafe to eat, according to “Health Care Without Harm” in Washington, D.C. Pregnant women and children are at the highest risk.

If a thermometer breaks and the liquid spills on the carpet, inhaling the vapors over time can pose significant health threats, such as damage to the brain and the central nervous system. And cleanup can be quite expensive.

Though this city has not banned the sale of mercury thermometers, the local hospital has replaced all thermometers with non-mercury alternatives over the past three years. It is part of the hospital’s multimillion-dollar effort to reduce mercury use and accumulating waste.

Thermometers are just one of the numerous sources of mercury in health care. Nationally, hospitals contribute about 5 % of the mercury found in wastewater and contribute about 10% of mercury air emissions, according to government statistics.

In 2002, 1,400 hospitals across the country took a pledge to stop using mercury-containing products. The program, called H2E, involves the American Hospital Association, the American Nurses Association, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Health Care Without Harm.

Replacements with mercury-free alternatives in hospitals are: thermometers, blood-pressure monitors, laboratory chemicals, cleaning solutions with caustic soda or chlorine that were contaminated with mercury during the production process, batteries, fluorescent lamps and high-intensity discharge lamps.

Hospitals have also a disposal plan in place for dental amalgam used in fillings for lack of a better alternative at this time, the hospital has reduced the use of esophageal dilators, various tubes used to clear intestinal obstructions, feeding tubes, thermostats, pressure gauges and some electrical switches–all of which contain the toxic metal.

“By eliminating mercury, the hospitals are playing an important roll in protection vulnerable populations like infants, pregnant mothers and young children from the effects of mercury pollution.” the director of the hospital said.

The voluntary organization aims to help health-care facilities improve safety, reduce waste and waste-disposal costs, and become better environmental stewards.

In 2000, the mercury from fever thermometers accounted for 17 tons, or 10% of mercury in the nation’s municipal solid waste.

In 2000, the mercury from batteries accounted for 98 tons, or 57%, of mercury in the nation’s municipal solid waste.

Do not throw old mercury thermometers or batteries in the garbage. Bring them to a household hazardous-waste collection facility.

In 2001, the FDA advised pregnant women not to eat shark, swordfish, king mackerel or tile fish because the contain enough mercury to damage the fetus nervous system. Young children, nursing mothers and women who wish to become pregnant were included in the warning.

But, YOUR BABIES GET VACCINATIONS CONTAINING MERCURY BY 2 MONTHS OF AGE!! Many side effects even at age 5, but the body has at least had a chance to physically mature by then. One can claim against religion to get vaccines. Yes....

Since the first of the year, this homeopath has treated 10 children from 2 mo of age to 10 years old for severe eczema and respiratory conditions and I am positive it is due to vaccinations containing heavy metals given to infants without their parents consent. One is not compelled by law to get “baby shots” before school age and then there is an alternative...HOMEOPATHIC IMMUNIZATIONS.
sabra last decade

In 1886 the U.S. Supreme Court declared that under the law corporations were “persons” and gave them the same rights as human beings. But a corporation exists only on paper. It is simply a legal creation that allows a group of people to engage in activities as a single entity. What happened, who benefits?

What is “corporate personhood?”
In order to make it easy for a corporation to do business, the law says that it is an “artificial person.” Lawyers have argued in court that artificial persons should have the same rights as human beings and judges have agreed. As a result, corporations have the same rights as people to free speech, due process, equal protection–and more!

But a corporation is not like a human being. Unlike people, it can live forever. It does not need to clean air to breathe or safe water to drink. It cannot feel pain or joy. It can be many places at once. If it commits a crime, it cannot go to prison. Because of these and many other advantages, corporations have been able to accumulate enormous wealth and power, which is used to influence elected officials to support corporate interests.

Judge-made law is not democracy
Our elected officials write the laws, and if enough people don’t like the way they do it, they can vote them out of office. But non-elected judges can also make law because they have the power to interpret legislation in ways other than lawmakers intended.

This happened in 1886, when the Supreme Court heard a case called Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad Company. The judges decided that the Fourteenth Amendment, which was ratified in 1868 to ensure the citizenship rights of the newly freed slaves, should also apply to corporations. They gave no explanation of how an amendment about former slaves had converted corporate entities into the legal equivalent of human beings. Nonetheless, corporations have been protected under law as “persons” ever since.

In the following years, through other Supreme Court cases, corporations gained most Bill of Rights protections, including the right to due process, freedom from unwarranted search and seizure and freedom of the press and speech. Armed with legal personhood status, plus unlimited life spans and limited liability, corporations have become like superhumans with the advantages–but not the limitations–of mere mortals. In fact, corporations have more rights under the law than human beings.

Power to the few
In a democracy, every citizen is supposed to have an equal voice in decision-making. But because of corporate personhood, a few corporations have a much bigger voice than all of the people combined. Here are just a few of the ways in which “corporate persons” have advantages over people.

*FREE SPEECH: You have the right to free speech, which means you can go to any public place and say what you think. But giant corporations own most TV networks, radio stations, newspapers, billboards, bookstores, and magazines, so when they exercise their right to free speech many more people will hear and be influenced by them than by what any one person could say. What’s more, workers do not have the right to free speech while they are on corporate property.

*EQUAL RIGHTS: Because of equal rights laws, people cannot prevent others of different ethnicity, skin color, or religion from buying property or moving into a neighborhood. “Corporate persons” get the same protection, so if a big box chain store wants to move into a community, threatening the existence of small, local retailers, the citizens will have great difficulty preventing it.

*SEARCH & SEIZURE: The government cannot search people or seize their property without a warrant. For corporations, this means that regulatory agencies cannot make random inspections to determine if they are polluting a river or abusing their workers.

The first US corporations were to serve the public good. But today current law allows corporations to consider stockholder profit as their only goal, even when their practices are harmful to the environment and to the majority of families, workers, and communities.

We the People
People in the United States embrace the idea of living in a democracy, but how can We the People be in charge when the most wealthy, powerful players in our political system are legal fiction, acting as people? Ever since corporate personhood became the law of the land, it has steadily eroded our democratic aspirations. We cannot realize the bold vision of equality in the Declaration of Independence while people of wealth hide behind their corporate shields, wielding the rule of law and governing the nation.

There should be no such things as a “corporate citizen” or a “socially responsible corporation.” Only living, breathing human beings can be socially responsible citizens and only human beings should have right. Corporate personhood is an insult to the millions of people who struggled for the right to vote and for equal treatment under the law. Isn’t this why we separated from England in the first place?

Throughout US history people acquired rights primarily through amendments to the Constitution–a long and difficult, but democratic process. By contrast, corporations acquired rights through undemocratic judicial decisions.

Abolish corporate personhood!
Democracy means that We the People rule. But with the help of the undemocratic ruling of corporate personhood, corporations are ruling us! This is not democracy.

Corporate personhood is neither logical nor legitimate. It was invented by corporate lawyers to obtain big advantages for a few people over the rest of us. As a result, giant corporations are able to act with little concern for the future of life. They are doing enormous damage to working people, small businesses, communities, the environment, and democratic processes.

Corporations damage our children. Corporate personhood kill and maim children every day. Pharmaceutical companies are corporations. This means if some drug or vaccination damages your child or family, they do not have to tell you how it is made or what is in it so you might get better healing care. The corporations are protected by a “proprietary patent information.” This means they do not have to tell us anything about what they do or how they do it!

Have you ever read that long small text letter that now comes with your prescription? This is written by lawyers to protect the company that makes the pill, and the pharmacy that sells it to you, AND the doctor that prescribed it to you.

And, who is protecting your child, your family? YOU! There is no one standing behind you to help you. The corporations have all the rights to privacy and you have no recourse whatsoever! No lawyer will help you because of the “proprietary patent information” law that cannot be passed or entered into, no matter the situation.

Corporations own and operate all the chemical producing factories that cause environmental illness. Congress has now recognized “EI” as a disease! 98% of the chemical junk on the shelves that clean this and that are ALL unnecessary and harmful to the human body and brain. There are a few items that suffice to clean whatever needs cleaning. 98% over the counter drugs are harmful when taken over a period of time. Many are harmful after only a short time. The other 2% of cleaning and over the counter items are all any country would need to do everything that needs done. The rest is marketing and sales to separate you from your money. Not better cleaning, not a healthier life, but greed and money.

Corporate personhood have the same rights as the human person, but they kill and maim humans every day while they make a pile of money, more than anyone can ever spend, and they DO NOT CARE if the products kill or disable, it is all about MONEY and power.

We all want to live in a world that is safe for ourselves, our families, and all living species. By working together we can find sensible, affordable, sustainable ways to provide essential goods and services for everyone without destroying our planet. Corporate personhood is a barrier to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Corporate personhood must be abolished, NOW

From: The Woman’s International League For Peace and Freedom (WILPF) with a little more thrown in from me....Sabra
sabra last decade
Hi Erika, I just reread your post and realize I failed to answer your immunization questions.

Pertussis 1M would be the first one to get. One dose and 4 weeks later one more. In 6 months, one more. Drosra is good too and vaccinium. It seems this is the first childhood illness that shows.

You will find that most of these need prescriptions from a kind MD or a Physicians assistant could write them.

Parotidinum...Mumps, also Trifolium repens as prophylactic against. But sometimes kids need mumps, especially boys. All kids need measles because in an adult it could harm a fetus. Easy to treat. Chicken pox is even easier.

Diphtherinum...Diptheria, also Apis M.
Scarlet fever...Belladonna, Eucalyptus.

Small Pox...Variola, variolinum. Hydrastis, Malandrinum.

Rabies...Hyoscyamus. Belladonna, Cantharis.

Polio...Lathyrus Salivus and vipera.

There is a tetanus toxin remedy, but Hypericum and Ledum do the job.

Go to www.lyghtforce.com/HomeopathyOnline/texttgolden_t1.htm

This is a full list and suggestions. Dr Isaac Golden.

A story about how some doctors view things:

Before there was a vaccine, a little girl was really sick with diptheria. This forms a grey growth in the throat. The problem is that there is vessels in it and it cannot be removed or bleed. One finally suffocates.

The dr visited and said she probably wouldn't live through it.

Two or three days later he came by and the child had improved, asked parents what happened. They replied that they heard that lemon juice would help and had been using it, letting it run down her throat. Oh, said the dr. I have heard of that.

Asked why he didn't tell them to use it? He replied, Oh, that wouldn't have been professional.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
What about Lyssin(hydrophobinum) for rabies?
Minsa last decade
Good, Minsa, forgot that one. But I think it is more for treatment of after a bite?

Thanks, Sabra
sabra last decade

Sabra, I can't thank you enough for all of your information. Sorry, I have not been posting lately, now I am sick with whatever my family has been passing around for the last month and I haven't been on the computer much. Unfortunately, I JUST received my remedies from the online store (quite slow), and my daughter who was doing much better last week, is now experiencing some mild congestion; probaby due to my illness coming forth. I started the ferrum met and medusa today; is there anything else that I should be giving my daughter to prevent a relapse during my stint with illness? I am still breastfeeding through all of this, her appetite is good and she is in good spirits. Her symptoms at this time are very mild (mild runny nose and nasal congestion) however, I do not want to become blindsighted by anything that may become exacerbated quickly. Thanks.
erika1 last decade

Upon ordering the Medusa, after I placed the order for 1M they indicated that they only had it in 30c. How would you suggest I take the dosage of Medusa using 30c as the potency? Thanks
erika1 last decade
30C is fine. Only One dose and wait a few days before another. It is possible you would not need another. It works even on women whose children are several years old.

The child will get your remedy through the breast milk so no need to give her anything at this time. Medusa will not harm her.

Please watch and report. We will watch.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thank you kindly - I will post back in a few days. Thanks
erika1 last decade
Need some help?
My little girl is 16 months old she was hospitalized when she was 10 days old with RSV since then she seems to always be sick with different cold and flue symptoms in and out of doctor but they cant tell me anything??? Today she is sick once again cough runny nose sneezing and i hear a rumble in the chest area when she breaths, its very hard for her and i need information, another thing is i have taken her to get all her needles
emmasmama04 last decade

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