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Pilonidal Cyst (Question to Dr/Philosopher. Pankaj Verma)

First of all i would like to appreciate your assistance and philanthropic efforts for peoples out there who really need help. may God reward your for sincere virtue. I'm suffering pilonidal cyst problem since 2 years almost, during most of times its been under control but it become painful & infectious alopathic answer was only antibiotics to overcome the infection & surgery for the removal but i choose not to go for surgery (because lot of reasons along re-occurrence), I've been reading to your post (dr.pankaj verma) and i liked your protocol of remedies and decided to give it try. I've started with Myristica 200c done which doesn't cause any burst according to your post i repeated it after 5 days which on second day leave a very tiny opening with light few drops of discharge. i find it as opportunity from very next day i started silicea 6x (because i didn't find silicea 6c) continued silicea 6x thrice a day dose for one week almost, during the week there was bleeding every morning and night but discharge was thick and gummy and odorless now the cyst outer appearance is lot small sized and shrinked but i suspect there might still some puss remained because hump is still there besides after completing the 1 week course of silicea i took 1 dose of silicea 200c for next day (it was yesterday), now i want your recommendation after listening to my case what do you recommend me should i carry with hepar sulp 200c for next and exchange these both medicines on every next day. (as per your posts) kindly guide me ... Hammad
  hammadk on 2011-01-22
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Welcome to the Homeopathy Forum!

Please fill out the homeopathic intake form for new patients. The more information you can give us, the more accurate our homeopathic recommendations can be. Hopefully someone here will help you begin real homeopathic treatment to resolve your issues.

Homeopathy International 1 last decade
sorry i forget, kindly find my information as follows:

1. Race
2. Age
3. Sex
4. Single/Married
5. weight
6. Height ….
(5 feet 10')
7. country
(Saudi Arabia)
8. climate
(Dry/ Hot mostly - Now a days cold & humid)
9. List of your complaints
(Pilonidal cyst, sometimes acnes on face (i'd suffered acnes most of my life from the age of 15 to 32 it calm after marriage now breakouts sometime, acne type kleoids & cystic acne)
10. Since how long are you suffering from each complaint
(pilonidal cyst since 2 years)
11. Diabetic or non-Diabetic
12. Desire sweets/sour/salt
no of above
13. Thirst
14. Tongue and Taste
no taste of mouth but sometimes dry
15. Current BP (without medicine and with medicine)

16. What exactly is happening?
pilonidal cyst causes pain and sometime get infection during two years of occurrence it gets infection twice which was treated by antibiotics.
17. How do you feel?
during long sitting it feel painful and partially numb like bloodflow was stopped to that area particularly pilonidal cyst around area
18. How does this affect you?

19. How does it feel like?

20. What comes to your mind?

21. One situation that had a
big effect on you?

22. How did that feel like?
23. What sensation do you experience in that situation?

24. What are you showing by that gesture of your hand (Habits or Actions)?

25. Current medicines you are taking?
as explained in above post

26. Family Background
high blood pressure , Heart diseases
27. Educational
Qualifications of the patient
BS Computer Science
28. Nature of work, what do you do for living?
Software Engineer
29. Desires, likes and dislikes for food
Actually i prefer to eat healthy over delicious, no particular likes dislikes i like spicy food blend with indian spices and herbs
30. Name of foods which increase your problem
no particular food i felt increase this problem (pilonidal cyst)
31. Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry, impatient…and so on.. How are you different from other persons, public speaking or not , you can describe all of the details about your behavior, love and affections.
Try to be calm most of the time, but the biggest change i'm feeling in my self i've become bit sensitive and irritable (sometimes) i go in depth in topic and sometime develops doubt and fears on my own. behavior is friendly like to be among family and friends.
32. Aggravation (increases-time, season,)& Amelioration (Decreases)
yes i think in hot weather problem increase a lot because of perspiration.
33. Attached here your photographs of the affected area. (if required/optional)

34. Location of the disease
35. Side of the problem (Right or Left), (Upper or Lower part of body)
cyst or sinus between the buttocks
36. Color of the secretions/discharges e.g urine, stool, sputum, Saliva etc.
stools light brown and normal urine is normal sometime when drank less water urine is bit dark color
hammadk last decade
Dear Hammad,

How are you doing today.

One must never self-prescribe unless one is 100% sure about the actions and results. One has the required skills and knowledge of Homoeopathy for self-treatment.

I regret to inform you that you have already spoiled your case. Therefore, you must be careful about taking the next remedies as the Homoeopathic remedies are very powerful with side effects.

Are the homoeopathic remedies easily available in KSA? What city are you living?

So, let's wait for Punkaj Jee to take your case. I hope and pray he is OK as he is not answering any post for a while now?

Many many prayers for your good health.

nawazkhan last decade
To Dr Nawaz Khan,
Thanks for your reply, whatever i used i took it from the posts of dr. pankaj verma as i've seen he was repeating same remedies for several patients and some new question he was giving the reference of same old post. i wasn't sure that it could be that dangerous since i see other peoples have posted their experiences with same protocol. but doc you made me afraid and worried same time. what should i do now? beside my condition (pilonidal cyst) is far better now with the grace of God. would you please elaborate on the topic what bases you analyzed that my case is spoiled?can you please explain that was wrong in my case?I'm going to stop any further medicine.
Thanks again. kindly reply ASAP. (homeopathic is not available in ksa,riyadh)
hammadk last decade
Dear Hammad,

Well, you said, 'but i suspect there might still some puss remained'

In the above situation, one does not take Silicea 200C.

But, you said, ''i took 1 dose of silicea 200c for next day (it was yesterday)'.

First, all of the pus has to be expelled out by the lower potency of Silicea 6C or others, then, the Silicea 200c or other like Calc Sulph 200c or Merc. Sol. 200c is used to dry and heal.

Please list all remedies you have at home.

My dear Punkaj Varma is still not coming on the forum yet, I hope he is well.

I've lived in Riyadh, but, right now I am in Atlanta. So, where are you going to get timely needed remedies?

Please try to understand, Homoeopathy is an art, very complex with prerequisites and post requisites. One must never self-prescibe unless one exactly knows, what is he doing?

Please do not take any remedy as Silicea 200c is a deep acting remedy.

You must post your current symptoms such as pus color, how many drops? Any blood, it's color and quantity? Do you have any pain? How is your constipation?

Also, please describe your state of mind and energy level?

Finally, you must tell me the exact location of the cyst and how was it identified as Pilonidal Cyst?

A bundle of more prayers for your good health.

nawazkhan last decade
First of all thanks for your reply, yes i do suspect the remained pus because the cyst has shrinked to 60% but 40% is still remained, secondly while the time i get your reply (caution) about the remedies i already had took the hapar sulfuris 200c next day and another dose of silicea 200c next to that. so after completing the one week course of low dose silicea 6x i've took high potency doses as follows:

1 dose of silicea 200c on 21/1/2011
1 dose of hepar sulfuris 200c on 22/1/2011
1 dose of silicea 200c on 23/1/2011

now sir as you asked i've following homeopathic medicines available which i hardly manage to bought from Pakistan:

1- Myristica 30 (tab form)
2- Myristica Seb 200c (tincture form)
3- Belladona 30 (tincture form)
4- Calendula (tincture form)
5- Silicea 6x (tab form)

as per self medication, i did read several post regarding pilonidal cyst and during my vacation i visited Pakistan where i consulted one of very experienced hemeopathy doctor regarding my situation and he consulted me silicea, i asked his advise on myristica and he agreed quickly and said that also good and told me use belladona for pain while treatment and calendula to keep it infection free. so this protocol of remedies i took revised by him.
As for now since i discussed with you i've stopped all medication, kindly find my current symptoms as follows:

1- opening of cyst is closed now now since yesterday there is no bleeding.
2- bleed before was very thick and gummy (it always get clogged very quickly) and the like clogged blood on any wound.
3- sometimes the minor discharge is light pink color which may represents that there is transparent pus mix with blood so its becoming pink (you better analyze) its odorless and amount of discharge is very low even before treatment begin it was very rear discharge.
4- only when i took silicea 6x there was daily discharge otherwise it never happens daily.
5- there is no specific pain unless i sit directly putting my load on area otherwise no pain.
6- i do care about fiber intake Alhamdullilah there is no constipation at all, bowel movements are normal.
7- state of mind is quiet normal just i get afraid by your reply yesterday :) well, I'm Alhamdullilah happy, optimistic, have desire to live well, struggle and hardwork and believe in Allah (Most Important)
8- its location is on lower back bone down where the buttocks starts, and its been examined by two surgeons (one of them is very experienced here in riyadh)

bundle of prayer for you dr.nawaz and i really appreciate your help. may Allah bless your kind reward for that.
Thanks and best regards,
hammadk last decade
Dear Hammad,

How are you doing today? You are more than Welcome. Please don't worry and no need to fear.

Thanks for your kind words and prayers. May Allah SWT keep on showering his blessings and mercies on you?

Let's hope and pray that all of the pus was expelled by Silicea 6X.

No harm done, as you took the remedy Silicea 200C on 21/1/2011 that got antidoted by Hepar Sulph on 22/1/2011.

Then, you took Silicea 200c again on 23/1/2011, this remedy antidoted Hepar Sulph. So, you are back to square one.

Therefore, let's wait and see as Silicea is a deep acting remedy. One must never over dose. You must communicate on daily basis to move forward.

How have you been using Calendula? Is it Q or in some potency?

You may take Belladonna for pain as required?

You are kindly requested not to take any remedy without consultation.

How much Silicea 200c do you have with you right now? Is it also in the liquid form?

Would you be able to get additional remedies from Pakistan or Riyadh (You may ask around), if required?

Please inform ASAP if there is a change in current symptoms?

Good Luck, we will keep on praying for your good health and happiness.

nawazkhan last decade
Thanks doc for quick reply and your kind attention,
1- calendula i used as topical no intake at all,
2- regarding silicea 200c i've in liquid form its almost full bottle of medicine,
3- i think it would not be easily possible to get the medicines from pakistan besides i think i can easily order online easily, which may take 5 days or so, but in riyadh its impossible.
4- no particular change in symptoms but i've checked there was very little discharge of same light pinkish color which can be seen on tissue paper but its very minor.

Thanks again for your interest and kind attention. Allah SWT Jazak Khair al dunya wa akhera't (aameen)
hammadk last decade
So, the Calendula is Q, the mother tincture, how do you use externally?

Please explain the minor pus mixed with blood. What is the color of pus, yellow, light yellow or white/watery? Also, how thick was the pus?

Are you saying, if you order online, you will get in 5 days in Riyadh?

A bundle of more prayers for you.

nawazkhan last decade
1- yes Calendula is Q, and i was using it in liquid form by pouring a drop or drops on cyst and rubbing softly until it dissolve over the cyst. lately i come to know that it should be use around the cyst but not to use on the opening of the cysts so now a days and also in the days of continues discharging (days when i was taking silicea 6x) i used it around the cyst.
2- pus when it start it is white/watery/transparent but soon after it becomes light red and when there is more pus discharge i examine the thick clogged dark red color (it clogged same way the blood clogged on wounds) now a days almost no or very little discharge
3- as per the medicine delivery yes i mean probably if i order online with international package it may reach in 5 business days in riyadh.

I can't thank you enough !
May Allah bless you and your family !
hammadk last decade
Please don't mention at all. You are more than welcome. Please stay blessed.

I was really wondering about the Calendula use. Yes, you must not put this remedy on the mouth of your cyst. In order to correctly use, please take less than half glass of mineral warm water and pour 7 drops of the remedy and use around the cyst with cotton etc.

I am happy to know about your discharges as this is an indication of being cured soon! But, we need the correct remedy for this stage.

With more prayers, Regards, Nawaz
nawazkhan last decade
Thanks a lot for your kind reply, I'll start using the calendula according to your directions, kindly let me know how many times a day i should use calendula, secondly I've already stopped taking all of the medicines (accroding to your kind suggestion) , what would you recommend me on this stage any medicine or should i use only calendula only externally? your kind reply will be highly appreciated. Jazak Allah Khair !
hammadk last decade
Let's wait before you take anything. You may just use Calendula after each BM, also wash the anal area too.

Please keep Silicea 200c at the safe place as this is the only remedy you have at hand at this stage (miasm) of your disease.

You may order Merc. Sol. 200C, Berberis Vulgaris 1X, Natrum Sulh 6X, Aloe Soc. 30C and Hypericum 200C, all in the pellet form.

Let's see you are 8 hours ahead of me, then, please post your condition by the end of the day tomorrow. We will decide about the next dose.

Many many prayers for you.

nawazkhan last decade
Assalamoalekum Doctor,
I hope you that you would be doing great, as per my symptoms update:
1- last night when i use Calendula Q first time according to your instructions i really feel comfort but bit itchy but it was not permanent, in early morning i feel big difference in size the cyst was shrinked, but as the day passed it start swollen until it reached the situation where it can be visibly seen as ripped, but as it reach that maximum level it get burst whole span of this process was as follows:

8am when i got wakeup it was fully dried and shrinked

almost 9am i start feeling slight pain while sitting and it was continuously swelling

4 it burst at the stage where it burst.

discharge was same thick and gummy and started with light color and reached red when it get clogged, while each BM i keep washing with fresh water and then dried with tissue paper, and used calendula Q

i would like to elaborate on the location of this cyst its not near to rectum opening its quiet far and exists on the lower back bone exactly at the starting point of buttocks (between buttocks) right on the line of spinal cord. i think shouldn't be confused with anal fistula (you better examine)

as for now today i catch cold since it was really cold today and i was not wearing warm cloth so catch cold and get fever. so most of time throughout the day i feel tiredness, fever sickness, now i think i can't resist more am going to take alloepathic medicine for fever, i tried to cope with inflammation and pain with my favorite curcum tea(haldi + little black pepper) and green tea in the evening but it works temporarily.

regarding the given prescription doctor do you want me to now ? or its for future? beside i try to find it online homeopathic pharmacies i didn't find all from any source if you think i should order all these now kindly recommend me any good affordable pharmacy.

thanks a lot and sorry for long message :)
if you like i would like to know about your self, you been working here in riyadh?

Jazak Allah Alaf Khair
hammadk last decade
Dear Hammad,

Please go ahead and take a dose of Silicea 200C ASAP. I hope you are not in bed right now.

If you see this post in the morning, then, please take the Silicea 200C dose after 45 minutes of breakfast.

No need to worry, it is really good that all of the pus drained before drying and closing that's what exactly Silicea does.

The right remdey at this stage is Merc Sol. 200C or Calc Sulph 200C, but, don't have it. So, we have to live with Silicea 200C and its usual performance.

There was no confusion about the location of your cyst! It is just your feeling.

Yes, I lived in Riyadh in Aulaya area and inside the KFSH&RC. Where do you live in Riyadh?

Well, you better take the remedy as it is already late. Please don't worry about fever as it is normal after this burst, one feels feverish.

Many more prayers for you.

nawazkhan last decade
So, how are you doing?
nawazkhan last decade
Dear Doctor Nawaz,
hope this finds you well, as per your kind instruction i took the single dose of silicea 200c after breakfast, as per the symptoms:

1- there was little discharge as well today
2- Alhamdullilah cyst is more shrinked and reaching a level where it started from (long back)
3- size reduction is about 30% to 35% of cyst (in gernal)

Doctor my question on this stage are:

1- should i continue next dose of silicea 200c tomorrow
2- what is the best way to take dose of silicea 200c (or any particular liquad form dosage)

Bundle of thanks and many many prayers for you !
hammadk last decade
Hi Hammad, AOA!

'there was little discharge as well today

Well, I would like to know the exact color of the discharge?

You should take the next dose of Silicea 200C day after tomorrow.

The best way to take your dose will be to pour 4 drops into half of small mineral water bottle. Shake it very well and hit the bottom of the bottle about 11 times on your left hand palm. Then, just take a spoon full out of that. Throw the rest in sink.

Take it easy, may Allah SWT bless you with good health soon.

nawazkhan last decade
Dr. Varma, sadly, passed away suddenly in December. I happened to write to his personal email as I was new to the forum and clicked on it by accident instead of posting reply. His son answered after several weeks and told me the news.
ignatia last decade
Thanks Ignatia for informing. I was really worried about him.

It is indeed a sad news for all of us as he was really a contributor to humanity.

nawazkhan last decade
AOA Doc Nawaz,

hope you would be doing fine, First of all I'm really sorry to hear about Dr.Pankaj's death, he was sincere and dedicated contributor to the society, i really appreciate your efforts as well because i see several new posts is taken care by you, we wish you'll cover the gap left behind after him.
as per my symptoms for today:

1- early morning when i wake up Alhamdullilah i see big difference in the size of cyst its decreased more.
2- cyst was not only shrinked it also get dried and it doesn't seem that it ever had an opening
3- throughout the day i didn't feel much discomfort of sitting
4- now the size of cyst is like acne boil Alhamdullilah and it seem it will be cured completely Insha'Allah with dose or two of silicea 200c (doc you better know and suggest)

as per your yesterday's question regarding color of the secretions, when it begins it like transparent but bit gummy but if more it become pink or red when it get dried or clogged its color is dark red.

as per your kind instruction i'll take next dose of Silicea 200c tomorrow morning after breakfast. and post you tomorrow's updates

Bundle of thanks and jazak Allah Khair wa Afea't
hammadk last decade
WAA, Hammad, your kind words are greatly appreciated. Yes, indeed, Dr. Varma was a great guy, therefore, a heavy loss to this forum and to humanity.

I am really happy to read your Cyst report.

May Allah SWT bless you?

nawazkhan last decade
Doc Nawaz, hope you would be doing great. i was not able to take today's dose of silicea 200c i was suffering high fever and chills since last night & throughout the day i tried max to cope with that without using antibiotic but due high fever (due throat infection) & aches i had to see alleopathic doc & he prescribed me antibiotic & pain killer. now I'm feeling lot better. but most important to share that previous dose of silicea is still working because I'm still seeing improvement in cyst condition. now by yesterday its more shrinked and only 20% left.
now doctor at this situation kindly help me with following questions:

1- can i use silicea 200c dose while using several alleopathic medicine (ofcourse with gap of hours)
2- since i already skipped today morning's dose then what should i do?
3- does my condition fever and chills condition is related to silicea 200c side effect? because i was shivering whole night even having two blankets over me.

kindly guide me here what should be next steps because I'm feeling like i lost the way reaching near to destination.

may Allah SWT bless you
hammadk last decade
Dear Hammad,

I am sorry to know about your fever, pain and chills.

I would like to advise you not to take any homoeopathic remedy for one week. Let's see how your current condition behaves in a couple of days? Then, we will decide on our future course of action.

How did you get this cold? Is it pretty cold right now in Riydh? Were you out in the cold wind or rain? Let's not jump in concluding that Silicea may be the cause as I don't have enough data in front of me.

Well, this remedy as other homoeopathic remedies has side effects and provings. I already in my previous posts indicated that homoeopathic remedies are very powerful. Now you took Silicea 200C, then, Hepar Sulph 200C, then, again, Silicea 200C in 2 days time????

Do you have Camphor 30C with you?

How are you feeling now? Please tell me about your pains, fever, constipation, indigestion, chills and other conditions at the moment?

A bundle of prayers for your good health.

nawazkhan last decade
Dear Dr. Nawaz,

I hope you would be doing great, first of sorry for late reply which is due sickness and problem with internet connection. Now I’m feeling well. i would like to share my symptoms during week which are as follows:

1- Fever and inflammation was due throat infection which was very acute and severe.
2- I took allopathic medicine (antibiotic) for 5 consecutive days
3- When I started the antibiotic cyst was already on medium size which was about acne boil
4- During the span of antibiotic usage it get dried and smaller
5- Opening (although it was very small but it was there) was totally closed within two days of allopathic medicine
6- On fifth day cyst was maximum dried and shrink a bit
7- I examine on the last days of allopathic medicine cyst become like small sized acne boil but on pressing a bit there was sharp pain
8- two (2) Day after I completed the antibiotic course I feel pain while sitting and after examining I know that cyst is getting ripped, throughout the day it keep getting ripped and enlarged well.
9- This process started from the beginning of the day and until night there was lot discomfort and pain in the area. In night I see there was large bleed and all of the puss accumulated was drained (burst) out of the cyst, I kept clean the area and started calendula (according to your teachings)
10- Now I’m keeping it clean/ wash with calendula water. And the burst day was day before yesterday.
11- Now this is the first time that cyst burst that way there I can surely say there won’t be any remaining puss or liquid even if there will be it would be dried in the drying process. There is easily seen hole (opening) now.
12- I didn’t took any allopathic or homeopathic medicine because I wanted to have your guidance and consultant

kindly consult me what is good step in this situation.

Jazak Allah Khair

hammadk last decade

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