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Urgent, please help this great dog

I am from India and this post is going to be very long because I'll try to convey the maximum possible information for finding a remedy.
Buro is an Indian male dog, approximately 7-8 years old. He used to live on the street with other dogs. He has been vaccinated against rabies and is also neutered. I feel he is a very strong willed dog (like most free dogs), friendly but cautious of unknown human beings.

1. Buro met with an accident in September 2010. He was hit by some car and witnesses said he only managed to move somehow to the side of the road. After that, he could no longer get up and didn't have much pain either. He had shrieked out loud only once when I had tried to get him out of my friend's car that night (I feel it had dislocated his spine further.)

2. On the day of the accident he had been given Arnica 200c 1drop and Hypericum 30c 1 drop at interval of 5min, together with a Meloxicam injection. X-rays revealed the next day that his thoracic vertebral column was broken in two and the lower spine was displaced sideways and upwards (the spinal cord would form an S).

3. With no vet homoeopath in Kolkata, I took the advice of an amateur self-taught ‘homeopath’. Buro was started on Arnica 200c, Hypericum 30c,Symphytum 200c, Bellis P30c, Hamamelis 6c, Ruta 30c. A drop of each medicine was given dissolved in a little water at 5minutes interval, twice daily. Buro was passing blood and blood clots in his urine. He could lie only on his left side and had breathing problem if made to lie on the other side. An allopathic vet put him on prednisolone and antibiotics for 5 days.

4. Allopathic vet said he had a little sensation in one of his hind limbs. Apparently, it seemed he had lost all nervous control and sensation thorax downwards. He only raised his neck and drank a little soup but it was extremely difficult for him to hold his neck like that for long. So, he was fed with a syringe. He was on liquid diet and a little cooked fish.

5. Buro didn’t have bladder control and it needed to be manually emptied. At that time I didn’t know the right technique. I now realise that there must have been some urine retention and a proper frequency of emptying the bladder wasn’t also maintained. A catheter was also used on 4-5 instances about 7-10 days after the accident. During this time dark red/brown/black dust like particles were discovered in the urine.

6. Post accident, his rectal temperature remained subnormal, lying usually between 98-100 F. Chelidonium Q was given to boost his circulation and a few days later Chelidonium 30 was started instead of Chelidonium Q. But it suddenly raised his temperature to almost 105F and increased his heart rate. His head felt alarmingly hot. He was in distressed and the temperature and heart beat rate was reduced by sponging him with cold water. So, Chelidonium was discontinued.

7. China Q and Crategous ox 3X were added (twice daily) to the earlier medicines (which were being continued) a few days later. When I reported to the amateur homoeopath that Buro’s tummy felt tight sometimes, Nux vom 30 was introduced in place of China Q. This didn’t alter his condition. Nux vom 30 was withdrawn and China Q resumed.

8. Hamamalis wasn’t used after the blood clots in his urine disappeared.

9. Finally, he was on China Q, Arnica 200 (stopped after some more days), Symphytum 200, Hypericum 30, Bellis P 30 (stopped sometime later). (These medicines continued and below I’ll only mention names of newere medicines which were added.)

10. A reduced flow of urine was noticed. He was given Saba l Serrulata Q which eased his urine flow. Sabal was stopped.

11. Buro’s condition was improving very slowly. After about a month, buro first sat up straight. From then on, he tried to move about dragging his rear portion.

12. During this period, he once again experienced a reduced flow of urine and more pressure was required to be applied on his bladder for emptying. However, when Sabal Serrulata Q was given this time, he started having blood and pus discharge from his penis. Sabal was discontinued. There was also a rumbling noise in his tummy. He refused food, developed a fever and loose stool. The amateur homoeopath was confused, so I took him to a vet. The conventional vet started him on antibiotics (ofloxacin) and Pantoprazole tablets. His appetite returned and his urine became normal too (His bladder still needed to be expressed manually.) China Q was given for sometime. I don’t remember whether Ruta 30 was given at that time.

13. The last mentioned incident was in October 2010. Since then Buro has been staying with my parents. Inspite of being used to leading a free life for all his life, he has adapted very weel to staying in a flat and seeing no Sun and feeling the hard floor below his feet. He is wary of strange noises (washing machine, exhaust fan, mixer grinder) and tries to flee as far away as possible (inside the apartment) and I have sometimes discovered him sitting by himself in the balcony, looking out or chewing at the guard rails. He stops chewing as soon as he becomes aware of anyone looking at him. However, he is fond of a few people though his way of expressing his love is very gentle.

14. There is an improved sensation in his hind legs and tail now. Though he still moves about in the sitting position dragging his rear end and hind limbs, he sometimes tries to raise his back and fold the left hind leg to its normal position (shall I post a picture?).

15. During October, he has been on Hypericum 30C and Symphytum 200C only. Hypericum was stopped mid-December on the recommendation of the amateur homoeopath. Since mid-December, Symphytum wasn’t given regularly either though I have been asked to continue Symphytum 30 twice a day.

16. During the last week of December, a little blood stain was discovered on the tissue paper while wiping his penis post urination. This problem aggravated and we found drops of fresh red blood in his urine and on the tissue paper. There was also a reduced urine flow and more pressure needed to be applied on his bladder. After a couple of weeks he was given Alkasol and Arnica 30C for 7 days but to no avail. About ½ days after Arnica was stopped there was even more bleeding (bright red blood) before/after/during urination and also while he wasn’t urinating (say he was lying down and I discovered drop of blood on his bedding). The blood collected at the tip of his penis. However, the blood appeared mostly during urination. His appetite was normal. However, he became a little constipated, may be due to Alkasol. Some red patches appeared on the skin of his lower abdomen and armpits together with some eruptions on both sides of his neck.

17. Buro was taken to the allopathic vet who prescribed him antibiotics (ofloxacin), alkasol, digestive enzymes and haemocoagulase inj. (Vet said this might be due to urine retention.)This improved his urine flow and the bleeding was also reduced but didn’t stop completely. This course of medicines concluded around the 14th of January.

18. Since, drops of fresh blood still appeared sometimes on the tissue paper after urination, the above mentioned homoeopathic advisor asked me to try Belladonna 30C. However, after the first dose in the morning Buro seemed to be suddenly excited. Still I repeated Belladonna 30C in the evening. The next morning I discovered a significantly increased amount of blood in his urine and the bladder had become very tight too. It was quite difficult to empty his bladder.

19. All this while, Buro had been given Symphytum 30C about once a day, but not regularly. Without consulting anyone, I stopped Belladonna and Symphytum so that Buro was on no medication (January 17). Within a couple of days the bleeding stopped and his bladder had the usual tension.

20. Sometime around February 5, there was once again spots of blood on the tissue after urination and sometimes at the beginning of urination (just like when the previous episode of bleeding had started.) Gradully, a little more pressure was also being required to express his bladder and I think there was some urine retention too. Appreciably greater time (had to wait for about a minute and press his bladder, some urine would come out after which had to wait again for a min or two and try)and pressure was being required. He was also suffering from some constipation, the amount of stool had reduced.

21. Usually, we feel his rectum from outside and can guess whether he’ll go to potty. If it seems like he will, we press on the rectum from outside and he passes his stool. We make him lie on his sides during this exercise for our convenience. He can also pass his stool by himself but he then makes a mess by dragging his tail or hind limbs over the stool because, as I have said, he can’t stand up, and moves about in an upright sitting position.

22. I was advised to give him Ferrum Phos. 3X, 4 pellets thrice daily. It was started from February 7, and was given twice or thrice a day for about 4 days. This temporarily reduced and almost stopped the bleeding.

23. On the night of 9th February, red patches were discovered on Buro’s belly, the inner thighs and armpits. The Ferrum Phos was stopped. At that time, I was away from home. I returned on the 12th of Feb and was told that these patches sometimes become bright red and at other times grow pale during the day. The patches covered the entire ventral surface.

24. While trying to express his bladder in the afternoon (the same day) I had a feeling that the layer of skin over his abdomen had become thicker and was thus under tension because I found it difficult to feel his bladder and press it, the skin behaved somewhat like a thick stretched membrane (It wasn’t visually evident.)

25. He usually has a healthy appetite but that day he refused a last tiny part of his meal.

26. His face had shrank and he also looked to be uncomfortable. He laid down quietly by himself in a room.

27. Since about a week, it has been warmer in our city and Buro has refused his bedding. When I saw him on the 12th, he seemed to prefer lying on the floor with the front part on a cushion and the rear on the floor, with his belly on the comparatively colder floor.

28. Earlier he used to snore while sleeping and there was also a sound in his breathing when his head was lower that his chest (like when we took him in our lap). However, vet had said his lungs were alright. Now, it sometimes seems his snoring is deeper.

29. Early morning the next day, 13th of February, Sunday, we discovered that his hind legs have swollen a bit (very little though) probably from below the ankle up to the paws (this area had a rounded appearance). There was also the feeling that his skin over the abdomen had become thicker and difficulty urinating (as mentioned in pt. 24).

30. The red patches on the skin was still there and their colour fluctuated. On close examination, it was discovered that on the inner thighs, with the patches there were some slight bumps also like when bitten by an insect. But these bumps were smooth.

31. The skin on the sides of his anus had also become thicker and we couldn’t feel the rectum.

32. Vet said the patches can be some kind of allergy and gave anti-allergic alaspan with deworming medication. After his evening meal he went off to lie down straight away. He looked sick. We gave the anti-allergic (Loritidine). Even after 2 hours, theree was no improvement, the skin was bright red and there was visible swelling on the abdominal skin, mainly of the skin around the base of the penis. One could also feel the greater thickness of the skin if it was pinched. Some Betadine was applied on the skin .

33. My homoeopathic advisor asked me to try Ruta 30, 1 drop in 5 ml water from which 10 drops were given (for quite sometime I felt that this amateur homeopath was not being able to understand Buro’s condition though he tried to help as best as he could). After few hours, the swelling and redness reduced somewhat.

34. Early morning the next day, Monday February 14th, I gave him another dose of Ruta 30 in a similar fashion. During the morning, skin swelling and redness had still not returned. DEWORMING medicine was given as vet had said.

35. After his morning meal, he went off to lie and after about 20 -30 min we discovered that his abdomen had swelled excessively with wind. He had trouble breathing, took deep breaths with effort. The swelling due to wind started from the upper part of the abdomen and the abdomen had bulged on both sides, apparently it was flatulence. Since the last day he had not passed any stool. After pressing on the sides of his rectum, he was made to pass stool. Fortunately, the stool had right consistency, brown in colour and the amount was also good. After a couple of hours, the flatulence decreased a bit. He had burped a few times earlier.

36. another dose of Ruta 30 was given in the afternoon. In the afternoon Buro seemed to be happier than the last couple of days, moved about a lot and also wanted to eat.

37. However, after his evening meal, once again severe flatulence occured. Obviously he was uncomfortable but less than that in the morning though the wind accumulation seemed to be greater. He passed a little stool.

38. The flatulence decreased a little bit after about 2 hours. Then he was given China 6 (in proper MEDICINAL SOLUTION, as described in this forum). After that his stomach flattened, and he passed a lot of urine. Ruta 30 was stopped.

39. Next day, Tuesday, 15th February, the flatulence post meal was lesser than the previous day. China 6 was repeated. He passed good quantity of stool and also had a bath. China 6 was repeated in the evening also and he had again passed good amount of stool. However, his face again had a sad look and I felt that he wasn’t feeling completely well.

40. There was again blood before/after/during urination since the previous couple of days. The patches had appeared in the evening but faded away after applying Betadine

41.From the next day, Wednesday, February 16th China 6 has also been stopped. This was yesterday. Since yesterday he is on no medicine. He is passing stool, sometimes in very small amount and sometimes in good quantity. Swelling and redness of skin have not reappeared, the excessive flatulence is not there.

42. However, he is not completely healthy--blood in urine is present, bladder needs to be pressed more than when he was healthy. An observation: for about past few weeks the colour of his urine had become quite darker, which improved on giving Ruta. He doesn’t look healthy and comfortable also.

I request you to please analyse his case and suggest a remedy to cure him. I shall give you any other information you require. He has been a great fighter since his accident. After reading articles on internet I understand that the above mentioned amateur homeopath had given him too many remedies simultaneously. he also has failed to understand his condition properly.
  bhondor on 2011-02-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I forgot to mention that for the past few days, buro's body has felt warmer than usual. I had measured his temperature once, it was 101F, which is normal for dogs, but since his accident his temperature has been around 100F when he is well. I am sincerely thankful to my homeopathic advisor for helping Buro in times of need but he too has his limitations. So we look forward to your valuable suggestions.
bhondor last decade
Respected doctors,
Please take some time out to help this dog. He badly needs to be analysed properly. I am at an utter loss because conventional vets are not able to understand his condition.
bhondor last decade
Was the x-ray work redone? What's the current status of thoracic fracture?

what are the priority complaints as of today?

why didn't you take a homeopathic vet.'s help?
maheeru last decade
Dear Maheeru,
The X-ray wasn't repeated, the vet didn't ask for one. Externally, it seems that the vertebrae at the fracture site have fused in some manner. However, due to the lateral displacement of the lower broken part of the vertebral column, Buro's rib cage is not symmetric about the vertical axis of his body. If one looks at him when he is sitting straight, it will be evident that his rib cage is displaced to one side. However, the vet checked his chest and said there was no trouble in breathing [please refer to pt. 28].

Complaints as of today:
Fresh red blood from penis, OBSERVABLE just at the start or end of urination. On the previous instance of this problem [pt. 16], after few days there were drops of blood from his penis even when he wasn't urinating.
More pressure is required (to be applied externally) to empty his bladder than when he was better. There is some retention of urine too. Ideally, when pressure is applied, the entire bladder should be emptied. (He is made to urinate while lying on his sides.)
There is no further improvement in his nerve control over his hind limbs, tail,bladder etc. He had improved since his accident--he can wag the tip of his tail a little bit, can feel it when his toes are pinched, can TRY to fold back his left hind limb to normal sitting position (he drags his hind limbs, if you need I can post a picture). But there is no further improvement for over a month and all improvement in this regard has been very slow too. He had no bones broken other than the vertebral column, so won't he be able to use his hind limbs and regain bladder control?

It would also be great if you could explain why he was having the problems mentioned [pts. 20-41].

I didn't get him seen by a homoeopathic vet because there are none, good or bad, in our city.
[message edited by bhondor on Fri, 18 Feb 2011 23:22:25 CST]
bhondor last decade
Only further x rays can give clues about the current state of fusion. Talk to your vet about this. What is his prognosis? Have you taken another vet opinion?

It's a big injury hence all these problems.

Give a dose of Arnica 1M. 2 pills or drops dissolved in little quantity of water.
maheeru last decade
Initially other vets had seen the patient, but I respect and trust the vet who is now treating him a lot. However, as you all know better than me, there are limitations to the allopathic mode of treatment. I am desperately looking for a homoeopathic cure for the patient.
A request: Can you suggest some homoeopath in Kolkata who'll be able to help him?
bhondor last decade
Dear Maheeru,
A urine test has been done and there are RBC in the urine apart from a heavy growth of Staphylococcus aureus. So, the vet has started antibiotics from today which is supposed to be continued for 6 days.
Should I try the Arnica after these 6 days?
You have rightly observed that all his problems are due to the injury.
Another query: My amateur homoeopath acquaintance suggested using Aralia hispida 30. What are your opinions?
bhondor last decade

You're right that allopathic mode has limitations. But a huge injury and fracture sometimes requires mechanical means not excluding surgical intervention so as to start the fusion of bones in a right way.

Aralia doesn't seem to have a place in the scheme of things as of now.

Sorry I have no recommendations in kolkata.

Can you get a remedy called Staphylococcinum in 200c? if yes then give a dose now.

Yes after a week, you can give arnica 1M.
maheeru last decade
Dear maheeru,
After the accident, I had enquired about the possibility of surgery. But, the best veterinary surgeons in Kolkata said that the kind of surgery required is not performed on animals anywhere in India. I don't know if there aren't exceptions but I am sure that there is no infrastructure and skilled people to perform veterinary neurosurgery in Kolkata.

I have not been able to get Staphylococcinum. Do you know if I can order from somewhere in India over the net?

I was reading about Staphylococcus aureus infection on the net and learnt that it is sometimes not cured by antibiotics.
bhondor last decade
I recently called up a store that has Staphylococcinum. I'll buy it by tomorrow. But should it be given along with antibiotic (amoxicillin+ clavulanate), dompan, digestive enzymes, vit
-K tablets and polyantibiotic resistant bacillus spores?

Also, will it be possible for you to list some other medicines that I might need for him. It won't be a problem if some medicines are extra because it is difficult for me to get medicines from this store in times of emergency, owing to its distance.

If you don't mind, I would like to know whether you are a veterinary homeopath or are you interested in homeopathy just out of appreciation of its abilities.
bhondor last decade
Do not give the homeopathic remedy along with the modern medicines. Give a gap of one and half hours between homeopathic med. and conventional meds.

Some other meds that might be required: Hypericum 1M, Sulphur 30c, 200c, pulsatilla 30c, 200c, Calc. carb. 30c, 200c. BTW do you have symphytum, calc. phos., silicea in 6x or 6c? Not all meds. can be foreseen though.

Not a Vet. homeopath.
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maheeru last decade

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