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Chronic sufferer of yeast infections

Hello all,

I' ve been suffering from yeast infections since I am 16. I was treated with antibiotics and I seemed it was gone. Then, I got diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I started a treatment with levotiroxin. For a while things were pretty good, but it's been 8 months I have a yeast infection almost once a month. I am sick and tired of getting treated again and again to end up falling ill. I am even afraid of having sex with my husband! This is ruining my sex life, not to mention my well being and my mental state. What can I do?
  Myrka on 2005-05-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Call around in health stores or oriental drs with herbals.

Get some CHIEN CHIN. This is an orential herb that is great for yeast/candida/thrush. Take 5 little balls 3 times a day until bottle is gone. You may need another...cheap. You can find it online too.

Use vegie acidolphylis (sp) instead of the regular one. There ARE different kinds.

Besides the antibiotics, you may be eating and "feeding" the yeast. NO sugars, carbs, no caffeine, no sodas of any type. Beer is the worst.

Drink only bottled water, no flavor. 10 cups a day is 4, 20 oz bottles, not too much to think about this way.

Protein and vegies. Eat as much raw as possible. Or cook less. After you are better, you can add a few things like spelt bread and brown rice. But this will take awhile even though you seem to be better.

Even a glass of fruit juice can begin the whole thing again.

After a couple of weeks add core fruit to intake. Study about acid and alkline in the body. We must be alkline to be healthy.

Keep us posted.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Hi there.
I'm relaying what i have written in another thread as it is absolutely relevant for you Myrka. Please know that you can and will overcome this provided you are very meticulous with your diet and vits/herbs and you stick at it. Much of below is an extention of Sabra's post.

Guidelines for Candida Albicans treatment.

Essentially you need to STARVE the yeast and prevent further OVERGROWTH , which means absolutely no sugars , and that includes ALL FRUIT - DRIED & RAW. Not even "good" sugars like honey, or lactose in milk products (with exception of live yoghourt) You see, yeast feeds off sugar. No yeasty foods such as bread, mushrooms, canned products, pickles, vinegars, cheese, marmite.. Not at all. This is the FOUNDATION of the anti-candida diet, the exclusion of the above.

Traditional Chinese Medicine sees yeast overgrowth as a DAMP condition and would recommend 'drying' the damp so introduce some warmth in the form of some homemade soups and broth, porridge made from whole oats or millet, some steamed fish/poultry, LOTS of steamed fresh veg, lots more WHOLEGRAIN like brown rice, quinoa, spelt , rye. More pulses/beans - chickpeas, mung beans, aduki beans, lentils. All available in health stores. More herbal teas. NO MORE FRUIT for a while. Easy on COLD SALADS for a while. NO MORE DAIRY (except live yoghourt) Nuts also unless lightly toasted can have a yeasty coating on them. It's best to eat a varied diet. Eat little & often. Increase your PROTEIN intake. Nourish the body so you build up your strength and immunity.

Get fresh air. Go for walks. Find nature. Breathe deeply.

Supplement wise - a MUST to kill the Candida Albicans the best is CAPRYLIC ACID. Biocare do a high strengh caprylic called Mycropryl 680 which is wonderfully effective.

A good ACIDOPHILUS/BIDIFUS supplement to replenish good bacteria and counter yeast growth is A MUST for at least next 6 months. Morning and night. Do not take with hot drink. These are a must as you have had Antibiotics. Antibiotics have made your condition WORSE. They cause a proliferation in yeast overgrowth long term.

BIOTIN - one of the lesser known B vitamins is also very helpful.

The herbs GOLDENSEAL, ECHINACEA and GRAPFRUIT SEED EXTRACT are all extremely beneficial anti-candida herbs.

A good quality MULTIVITAMIN & MINERAL SUPPLEMENT is necessary as well as 3-5g or VITAMIN C.

Essential Fatty Acids - soak some linseeds in water and take a couple of spoonfuls a day. V. helpful to keep the bowel moving also.

If you can find a good KINESIOLOGIST you can explain your candida and be muscle tested for the supplements that will work for your body best.

I suggest you run some internet searches on Candida Albicans to really understand how it manifests, as it has effects on ALL levels - physical, emotional, mental - which is why you are experiencing such crisis.

I speak from experience Myrka - you CAN overcome this with the above advice. You will feel SO much better and QUICK but you must be strict with the regime.

If i can help more, just post. All the best, you'll be fine...
carlotta last decade
Thank you both for your wonderful pieces of advice. I'll try what you have recommended and I am hopeful I'll get better. Thanks for taking the time for writing to me- I really appreciate it.
Gob bless.

Myrka last decade
Thanks Carlotta, I appreciate the fine details. I am not as versed in this as I would like, and you have filled in a lot of gaps. So important for everyone.

MOST humans now days suffer with candida/yeast/thrust as there is sugar in literally every prepared thing we eat. One must avoid temptation and cook one's own food.

Do not accept or use any type of prepared foods like luncheon meats and other prepared stuff. All have sugar and wheat in them. Don't buy the prepared foods one only has to heat up...the worst.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade

I am nor following the diet and I just got a herbal supplement called CandiGone. But now I am a little confused: how long do I keep on the diet? Do I have to follow it forever? Thanks in advance for your replies!!
Myrka last decade
What is in the supplement exactly? At this stage it is important that you are taking the right supplements at the right dosages so let me know. You must "attack from all sides" if you like, which is why the caprylic acid, the acidophilus, the herbs and the vits are ALL necessary. I'm sorry if this is a bit expensive, but it'll be worth it. You need good quality vit brands, no budget internet cheapies ! We can assess how long you need to be taking them as the weeks go on.

The answer to your question is no, you are not on this regime for life, but just as it has taken years for you to feel this bad due to the phases of yeast overgrowth, you need to see this through the long term, and by that I mean the strict yeast/sugar exclusion certainly the next 6 months, although you will get to feel what you can manage and what you can't, so when you introduce some raw fruit, for example, if you feel fine after eating it - no gas etc , great - you can take a litte fruit now and then, but this is really one to play by ear cos we all heal at different rates.

The body is now in a state of heightened sensitivity and the likelihood is that you'll be reacting to lots of foods/chemicals - so the aim is really to bring the body back in the balance, bring the blood sugar down, starve the candida, re-build gut health and your general immune system.

Once you are strong, you'll find that bread, cheese, wine, sugar - these won't be a problem now and again - but you must be aware that you have a yeasty tendency so keep it in check .. tune in with your body .. listen to what your system is telling you.

Keep posting all the questions you like, I'll check most days.

Take care.
carlotta last decade
I, too, get the yeasie beasties. The only thing that works to stop the itch and rapidly end the infection is...Go to a medical supply store, get 2 disposable douch bags (I know...haha). I'd call around to herbal health food stores, or check with a naturopath, to find a product called Flora Source--which is sup'd up acidophilus--there are other comparable products. I then get a plain, live cultured yogurt from the health food store--like 16 oz. Then, mix 2 capsules of the Flora Source, 8 oz of yogurt, and 1/4 or so cup of purified, distilled water and put it in the douche bag. Mix it around in the bag--it will look curdled. Then, hop in the shower and use is as an enema. I know--yuck-- but it works!! I use the same formula in the other bag the next day...and voila'--my yeast infection is GONE! I also do the other recommendations of starving the yeast and controlling my diet...but when you're already in the middle of the itching H--l...you gotta get rid of it quick. hth someone
mrs.princess last decade
Hi Carlotta and thanks a lot.

The ingredients of the product are: Uva ursi, garlic bulb, caprylic acid, grapefruit seed and rind, Pau D' Arco root bark, undecylenic acid, barberry root, neem leaf, olive leaf, berberine sulphate, oregano leaf, orange peel, oregon grape root, cinnamon bark, clove bud and peppermint leaf.

The product is called CandiGone and if you want to find more about it, you can go to the website of the company, called renewlife.

I've been taking 2 pills and 40 drops every day for the last 3 days and I have to say that the milky flux I had has dramatically reduced!! I am also taking flax seeds oil and planty of live yogurt and I am feeling better. I hope I can rebuild my system so I can get rid of this forever.
Myrka last decade
Excellent news ! Seems like a pretty comprehensive supplement - i only know of a few of the ingredients and their efficiacy with candida but i'm sure it's all been well researched - and most importantly it's working for you , so stick with it

mrs.princess - your douche is a triumph! Just goes to show how effective the acidophilus is , even applied topically.

I would STRONGLY recommend you both take the acidophilus internally also. It works the same way for you internally - so lots of live yoghourt and a supplement also.

Also Myrka, what you will experience now is called the yeast 'die-off' so in case you start feeling worse before feeling better (a possibility only), don't worry it's still working for you.

Keep posting!
carlotta last decade

I too have suffered from continual yeast infections over the years. 3 of my children were born vaginally and all had thrush (yeast) within the first 2 weeks of birth. It's just something I've learned to live with.

The first thing I must say that helped was, believe it or not, treating my husband. We determined that HE had yeast (asymptomatic) so we treated both of us. It worked! I couldn't believe it.

Now I find that wearing cotton (goodbye pretty panties!) and making sure to keep my husband's yeast in check (his job - not mine!) I'm okay with only getting a couple a year. It's much more manageable.

I have tried the acidophilus in the past with success. But be careful - it can cause diarrhea in some when taken internally. This was the reason I had to stop.

Good luck and I hope that you have continued success!

knadn_eh last decade
Great point about treating your dh...what exactly do you treat him with and what are the signs he shows of having too much yeast?
mrs.princess last decade
Hi Knadn_eh,

Unlike you, my husband was treated also -twice- but even thought he got much better, I'd end up getting another yeast infection. I was even mad at him because I thought he was having an affair! After succesive antibiotic treatments (and continue failures) I decided to try alternative medicine and I' ve been feeling a lot better. This kind of medicine takes longer - but it works. I' ve been on the diet and supplement for almost a week and I feel a lot better. What I suggest is after both have been treated, you can both start a detox diet to starve candida and putting yourselves in the path of healing.

Best wishes and keep posting!
Myrka last decade
So good to read you are feeling better Myrka !! Well done and keep it up.

It is true that localised infection can go back an forth via sexual intercourse , so always a good idea to get partner treated. Acidophilus often does the trick alone.

All the best.
carlotta last decade
Hi-I started out with chronic yeast which eventually I was diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis.Hopefully you do not have this evil disease.Anyway Roxy90 posted how beta glucan got rid of her lichen sclerosis. I been taking it for a month now and feel great. No more itching,no more yeast infections, and my vulva skin is beginning to look normal again. LS can cause disfigurement of the vulva skin(lips) and shrinking of the vaginal opening-making sex difficult.I know beta glucan is not considered homeopathic-but believe me-I tried everything and nothing worked.There are many noncommercial websites on beta glucan and how it makes your immune systom recognize foreign invaders and respond like it's suppose to.
cyndi last decade
Have you tried taking probiotics to help keep the infections at bay? Natren makes a good 3 step probiotic system...you may want to give that a try...good luck to you
heather30_72 last decade
I was reading on another site about "Changing Candida" that overuse of OTC creams,anti-biotics,and Diflucan can cause the yeast to change to a Non-Albican Candida Glabrata. Making it very difficult to kill because it is a resisant strain. Has anyone heard of this?
cyndi last decade
Hi I just got this yucky thing myself, and I say that Mykra has some good sounding information. I found Chien Chin Chih tai wan on the internet. Is that the same thing as Chien Chin that you were talking about?? Thanks!
LizzieLou last decade
I was wondering what kind of treatment you can use to rid your husband of yeast infections? I want to stop the transmission of the yeast back and forth between us. another homeopathic product i've used is yeastaway. it contains borax.
kittea last decade
All, you should try Arsenum Album 30.
kuldeep last decade
I have battled chronic yeast infections for years. Along with making me miserable, it is also hindering my ability to get pregnant. I tried Diflucan which only worked for a few weeks. Then I tried Monistat and had a chemical reaction. After recovering from the internal chemical burns, I figured I would never have a normal life again. But, I have found an amazing line of supplements and wanted to pass the info along to anyone who may need it. Shaklee supplement line has two products I use. 1)Optiflora Pre-Biotic Complex: Powdered pre-biotic with FOS and Inulin. (This can be taken internally or used to douche with. Douching with this product provides IMMEDIATE and LASTING relief.)
2) Optiflora Pro-Biotic Complex: A pill to be swallowed that delivers over 20 billion live-active cultures of Acidophilus and Bifidus.
With these two products, I have had the first month of feminine normalcy in over 3 years.
If anyone would like to speak to a Shaklee represtentative they can call 1.800.SHAKLEE or email them at thier website.
I just felt the need to share my experience with others.
Thank you for your time.
anyajoughin last decade
i don't know if you have solved your problem, but if you are interested in natural methods of curing yeast infections there is a great free book for download:


and good luck!
marthagbrown last decade

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