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Pregnant and new to Homeopathy need help


I'm so glad to come across this website. I'm in big need for help. I'm relatively new to Homeopathy and don't have a Homeopathic doctor. Not any available were I live (Central Texas).

I am married, a mother of a 5 yr old boy, and am currently 3 months pregnant. I have experienced several discomforts during this pregnancy which I've never had in my first one. This pregnancy started with:

Nausea, heart-burn, indigestion, restless sleep, fatique and sleepiness, forgetfullness, and un- ability to concentrate as long as I used to.

Nausea is the only thing that is getting better, but the rest I still experience.

I've been doing some reading and I found out that my character seems to fit "Sepia" very well. But since I'm pregnant, I did not want to risk taking it without any professional advice.

Another thing, I've had allergy/minor cold but I could not take anything for it because the homeopathic medicine I have is specifically indicating not to use if pregnant without a doctor's advice.

One more problem, which I think is the biggest problem I'm facing right now. I'm always craving carbs and ice cream. When I eat vegetables I don't feel full (satisfied). For snack, I would have fruit and some carbs (toast, crackers, peanuts, ...etc). I'm afraid I'm not getting the right nutrition but I'm constantly feeling hungry. A lot of times I don't even have the appetite for fruits because they are sweet!! I know ice cream is sweet as well but its different and cold, I'm craving cold stuff and I find comfort in eating ice cream (vanilla, or chocolate).

Please help, I need to control my cravings and eat healthier. And I need to know if Sepia is the solution to a lot of my problems and if so, how do I take it (how much and how often). Or is there something else better for me?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

  Jas.Leo. on 2004-04-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi there,
Best of luck with the pregnancy. All of the things you describe are natural in pregnancy and I wouldn't think you need to be 'cured'. Most women have these symptoms when pregnant. The tiredness gets better as the pregnancy progresses and the nausea passes. The heartburn will probably get worse towards the end. Someone will probably suggest a remedy for the cold, I'm new to homeopathy so I'd rather not. I know in the states they don't advise against peanuts but in many other parts of the world they link the mother eating peanuts with nut alergy in kids so I'd ease off if I was you. If your symptoms are different to the last pregnancy I'd bet your having a girl!
spiral8 last decade
Peanuts Are too fattening and have too little protein to counteract the fat intake.

Craving sugar and carbs indicates a REAL need for protein. Are you a vegetarian? Sugar increases the indigestion. Sometimes it is the actual cause.

Beware Fructose in products. It causes one to crave more. Do not drink diet sodas, they contain Aspartame. It causes symptoms of MS and Lupus (and more). Do not drink more than one soda per day. If you can, eliminate that soda. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. The very worst thing you could drink is Beer. So high in sugars of more than one kind, you may develop Candida. (yeast infection) Very hard to heal, except with homeopathy or Chinese herbs.

Increase your intake of Folic Acid. This makes healthy babies and mothers. This should be taken before pregnancy, but never too late. Find some good calcium in the health food store. Bite vitamins before swallowing. Do not chew, just break it. This helps it digest. Magnesium is good for the stomach flora and will be calming. You will notice that many times Calcium comes with magnesium.

Sugar can cause your baby’s teeth to be black when they come in. Sugar can cause pregnancy diabetes. It can cause pre-eclampsia, which may kill both mother and baby.

There is a soy supplement by Nature’s Life, called Super-Green Pro-96. Mixed in blender with half water and half juice (one glass) is a good drink to cause one to feel fed. One glass before bed will help you sleep better. It is not to replace actual food. The package says high sodium and when I called the company they said it was naturally occurring, and not added. I have checked other products with the same result. If you are not a vegetarian, add Salmon to diet. It has higher protein and highest available proper fats for the body. The highest protein seed is “Chia.” Soak for 24 hours and drain in fine sieve. If not fine enough use a piece of light cloth or a man’s handkerchief in the sieve to drain. Eat like a salad munchy. Do not cook. If you wish, place in capsules you buy at health store. Take 2 or 3 each morning.

Cook Salmon in a little water (poach), turn and drain on paper towel. Break up in dish with a little salt, lemon, and butter. Do not eat red meat or pork. One slice of bread per day. Eat lots of green veggies. Broccoli, Kale, Raw spinach in salad. Squash cooked in olive oil. Keep dressings to Olive oil and lemon juice. If you like tofu, mash a portion of the square like you might mash potatoes, and add lemon juice for a fake cottage cheese. Real cottage cheese is not bad if you are not lactose intolerant. Add lemon juice to everything in place of salt. If you MUST have salt, use sea salt from health store. Eat many fruits fresh, except bananas. They are ¾ carbs. Eat nothing WHITE except soy products.

Once a week choose a treat for yourself to reward your efforts. Make it a little celebration of your diligence. This will make you strong for the next week, looking for your reward.

Homeopathy does not harm pregnancy and the baby. ALL manufactured medical products have the “consult your doctor” statement for libel reasons. People have been known to sue because the remedy “did NOT” do anything. Why did you inquire about Sepia?? We need some symptoms that led to this inquiry. You see, there are no magic pills, one must put forth a mature effort to help oneself. Then, if there is actually a problem that needs addressing, THEN one looks for medical help. There is no pill to change your craving for sugar except protein and eating properly for yourself and your developing baby.

There is one harmful remedy I know about that shouldn’t be taken by a pregnant woman. If you must know what it is, write to: a1remedy
yahoo.com. This is not a commonly used remedy and may not come up on the forum inquiries. Sabra

sabra last decade
Symptoms of morning sickness include nausea, occasional vomiting and tiredness. Many women experience these symptoms during the first three months of pregnancy, usually in the morning when the stomach is empty, although it can occur at any time of the day and some women may feel sick the whole day. The traditional cure of eating a dry biscuit before getting out of bed is worth trying. Avoid rich, fatty foods and try eating little and often if your nausea is worse when you are hungry.yhese are small tips that can help you;• Deep breathing may help, as well as relaxation exercises
• A protein snack before bed will help low blood sugar in the morning
• Get up slowly out of bed .
• Take a walk everyday .
• Sea bands on both wrists for acupressure points .
• Anise, dried peach tree leaves, fennel seed, red raspberry or ginger teas .
• A teaspoon of cider vinegar in a cup of warm water .
• Infusion of ginger root.
• Smelling ground ginger.
• Increase iron rich foods in your diet .
• Ipecacuana 6X three times daily for 5 days.
• Nux Vomica 6X
• Slippery Elm tablets, two before each meal.
• Aromatherapy: lavender, rose, or chamomile for a massage oil .
hope you willl feel better .wafaa
wafaa haddad last decade
Hi again,
The other guys were really helpful in there advice. I just wanted to make sure you use it with caution. I have a good book called Healthy Lifestyle Better Pregnancy by Francesca Naish and Janette Roberts. In it they specify Lavender cotton and lavendula stoechas essential oils should be avoided (there are other types which you could check out). Rose can't be used in the first trimester but you are near the end of that. It also says that herbs such as Peach tree should be used with caution (-cyanogenic constituents (amygdalin)) and it says that Ginger is a blood thinner so don't overdo it but if used with caution it is excellent for morning sickness. Having it as a tea is supposed to be safe - I guess just don't keep drinking it all day long! HTH.
spiral8 last decade
sepia ist one of the best proven remedies, therefore it has much more symptoms listed than i.e. adonis , also it is a mostly-women remedy. that's why nearly everu women ses herself more or less in sepia.
i actually think, ANY patient can't really judge himself. especially not a newcomer to homeopathy. that's why most homeopaths get a treatment from another one. it's really hard to say, weather you're moody ( example) or not. because patients very often are not aware of their mindsymptoms.
also , when you really try to analyse yourself, you have to cut out all the mind symptoms that are "normal" for you. like i.e. sepia is not very thoughtfull about her family - this means, sepia COULD be the right thing to take, if you are experiencing the same. now that you are sick and need a treatment. or in your case: now that you are pregnant. if you have been like this, all your life, this doen't indicate sepia. what you have to take in consideration is the NEW symptoms. the symptoms that make out you sick feeling or your desease. right now.

then: cravings in prgnancy are normal. don't eat too much of what you crave. don't eat more than twice as much as you normally would eat or you might get fat. but in general, your body tells you exactly what you need , and it craves it then. if this is peanuts or icecream... well, then have it. you need it. it's a great feature of nature: insticts... unwillingly actions or rections that are supposed to maintain or help your health. or your life. unlikely you won't get the right nutriton if you eat what you want and when you want. and not likely you will get fat. just listen to your body. sleep when you're tired, eat when you're hungry. the body will be thankful!
itsme last decade
Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions, you've enlightened me about things I didn't know about. Now I have to get busy working on some of these suggestions.

To answer Sabra's question about Sepia, the reason I was asking about it is not just for pregnancy issues I'm having, its about several other things I've experience for a long time. Things such as: intoxicated liver (I think is the cause of the skin sensitivity to the sun's UV I have had for over 6 years, which skin physicians didn't know what's the cause but from some reading found out that it could be caused by intoxication of the liver), irrigular period, moode swings, difficulty to concentrate on books I read.

Anyway, I just thought that it would be a good idea to use Sepia and see if I see any improvements.

Another point, I found a list of homeopathic doctors/practitioners, which one should I consider? how do I choose the best for me and my family?

Any input is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again.

jas.leo. last decade
Sepia will not hurt anything. It is basically for women or the person that weeps while telling symptoms and is self involved and isolates from family.

What the world is an "intoxicated" Liver??? this is a negative discriptive word. As your body is like a child, it feels obligated to oblige one in things one carelessly says over and over. "I just know I am going to have a bad day," is a sure way to have one. There are many homeopathic liver remedies. When the liver is healthy, the depression or anxiety will lesson by 80 per cent.

No one can advise you on a practitioner or a homeopathic dr. If the doctor is an MD that picked up homeopathy, I have noticed are not like true homeopaths due to their "thinking" patterns that are hard to get through and change to understand homeopathy in it's abstract form that is it's secret to diagnosis. Only you can pick one after a visit to see how you like them...Sabra
sabra last decade
hello jas leo i read your complaint and i was wondering how did you know that you have this intoxicated liver ?did you do any liver tests ?or its just a feeling that you have?i mean is there any symptoms you have that could be related to the liver? pls let me know.wafaa
wafaa haddad last decade
I'm not saying I have intoxicated liver just as a feeling or a guess, nor did I have a sample tested by a physician. But I was told this by a Homeopatic Doctor I visited in Italy last time I was there and from the symptoms I have told her she suspected it and thats why that now I'm here in the US, I'd like to seek a second openion and see another doctor (or doctors) as needed. This Italian Doc. diagnosis was based on the skin reaction to the UV mainly.

Thank you all for your help. I'll start calling and visiting Doctors and see whome I'd feel comforable with.

jas.leo. last decade
Dear Jas Leo,

Probably a very late reply on my part however, your questions and response has gathered my interest.

In regards to the Homeopathic Doctor in Italy saying your liver is intoxicated; the reason for this is that your skin is able to 'soak' the sun light and help metabolize vitamin D through your liver... because you are getting a reaction it can be a sign of something related to the liver. A lab test run by your MD (they would check your AST, ALT, albumin etc) probably would show up normal but a majority of tests run do not detect initial warning symptoms/signs those can only be determine by how you feel and what your body does in certain situation (in medicine historically the most important test was knowing how the person feels through what they say and how they react to their environment).

In regards to selecting a homeopathic doctor vs. practitioner; the difference is that one is medically trained and knows medicine and homeopathy as a whole subject (homeopathy is actually a medical system which can treat a lot of conditions). There is a homeopathic doctor in Canada called Dr. Leelamma Nielsen; I have been helped by here and she has an amazing knowledge base where you feel comfortable. If you would like her email address please email me for it.

As for homeopathic medicines and there safety... they are safe to use yes, however, please do keep in mind what can help 'cure' can cause 'damage' at the same time if used in appropriately. Homeopathy is too often seen as a mental medicine only it is a complication of mind, body and spirit. While everyone one of us has emotions that differ we also have different family backgrounds and sickness we have gone through. This can impact your treatment. Simply put the mind is not absent of the body nor is the body absent of the mind.

The final point that may get people to disagree with me is that Soya milk is actually contraindicated especially for pregnancies and children. In Europe (Netherlands) they have had studies done showing that:
a) Soya milk decreases the growth of the thyroid gland by 2 times; resulting in a decrease of immune system.
b) Soya products in baby formulas have been found to have a high content of mercury in them.

If there is anything else I'd be more then happy to answer. Hope this helps :-)
commen sense last decade
look what I found:


and the famous Dr.Lockie's site who will give many ideas about everything: http://www.drlockie.com/

you just have to open the Diseases(little bottle) and look for the chapter Fertility&Pregnancy

good luck!
gabituca last decade

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