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13 year old daughter on Thuja for acne develops breathing problems

My 12 year old daughter has been on Thuja for 3 months and her acne has responded really well. Now has developed a severe viral cough with choking and inability to breathe. Thinks she will die very scared. Doctor prescribed antibiotics for cough and no response. Worse! Now she has been put on a weeks course of steroids. Can this attack be related to the Thuja. Very upset by how weak and pale she is
  fionnuala on 2005-05-11
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Stay AWAY from antibiotics and steroids are REALLY bad news .

No one should be on ANY remedy for three months.

My opinion --- stop ALL medication , including thuja . Put her to bed get her to drink a lot of water [spring water ,not tap] . Feed her well and wait a couple of weeks .

Report if there is any problem .
passkey last decade
Take her to some good doctors, have them monitor her cough and check her blood, and tell them about the Thuja - finally the real name of it. If it's a tree I'm thinking of, find out if it's western Thuja or Chinese Thuja. Sounds like an allergic reaction.

If it's a viral cough, did they find out what virus it is? Is it TB? Else it could be poison - seeing as she's pale and weak.
dadoody last decade
Good Lord...dadoody, Nothing like causing a bit of hysteria in an already worried mother and child. TB, poison....maybe radioactive??? Why stop there? "The sky is falling!!" screams chicken little while running amok in fear.

Of course get her looked at, but don't tell the MD--about giving a harmless remedy....BECAUSE without REALLY looking at the child, he will blame homeopathy and may MISS the REAL problem!

Mother, why didn't you ask us about the thuja and let us guide you?

MDs know just enough about homeopathy to be mostly wrong, and are apt to stop treating one if one is using alternative medicine.

Learn to think for yourself and compare the situation with common sense.

She sounds like she has swelling in the throat area, a MD can tell you this.

SHE can tell you if she is grabbing her throat with her hands. Trust yourself in evaluating a situation using your inate knowledge of a mother.

Get some APIS M. 30X and give one dose and see how she does. If she improves, give another as this is what she needs. She could be allergic to some unknown thing.

In 40 years, I have never had a negative response of this degree to any homeopathic remedy.

Please let us know?

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thank you all for your kindness in replying. Waiting for result of x ray and let you know. Will try apis. Thank you. Her 2 year old baby brother has the same cough but it doesn't take a bit out of him! He's fine. she brings up clear mucous after a fit and then feels free in her breath again
fionnuala last decade
Nice one Sabra
passkey last decade
It is possible that the use of Thuja (you do not indicate how much or how often or in what potentcies) has treated your daughter's acne by supressing it rather than curing it. Suppression of skin problems can sometimes lead to symptoms of allergy and/or asthma. The other possibility is that she may be proving Thuja (a potential with Thuja is dry, hacking cough, stitches in chest, and asthma-like symptoms).

The characteristic APIS throat will be swollen at the back so that the soft pallette is distended, and the uvula (that little "punching bag" hanging in your throat) may be so far distended it is resting on the tongue even when the mouth is wide open. If her throat does not appear this way, I would hesitate to give APIS.

Self-prescribing can be a tricky business, and over-use or mis-use of remedies can lead to provings, some of which may be rather violent if use of the medication is continued as symptoms appear. Constantine Hering, a prover who studied the work of Hahnemann, permanently damaged himself while proving the remedy Lachesis.

I absolutely agree that the use of a steroid medication is bad news and if it can be avoided, you may want to consider avoiding it. Same with the anitbiotics. If she has developed a chest condition (visible in an X-ray, like pneumonia), be very careful about the use of homeopathic remedies through self-prescribing, as the wrong one may lead to serious problems.

The key to the safe and effective use of remedies, whether you are self-treating or under the care of a classical practitioner, is to learn as much as you can, and to apply the principles of homeopathy with the "picture" of the remedy.

Keep in mind you are not treating acne...you are treating the person who has acne - this is what is meant by taking the "totality of symptoms."
Chicahua last decade
I hate people who warn against self treatment !.

We all need to explore the power of homeopathy AND to realise that --[ as long as you do not follow the allopathic practice of giving tablets ad lib for indefinite periods]-- then no harm will come.
passkey last decade
How can you see precisely which bit of the throat is swollen when it is so swollen, particularly in a child ??? - allergic reaction, swollen throat = apis......??!!!
if throat is very swollen I cannot see what harm apis will do as long as given as sabra describes!!!!!
erika last decade
I think 40+ years is enough experience to give decent suggestions and direction.

Why must there always be nay-sayers and hysteria givers? Because we are all stupid in different ways. AND we are all smart in different ways.

Homeopathy IS NOT dangerous. How can any informed person be "afraid" of APIS?

The remedies are proven with low mother tincture or even more base substances, on WELL people who have volunteered to do this. The provings are the lists in the MATERIA MEDICAS. THEN the remedies are diluted to whatever potency is desired for use.

IF aftr giving remedies the symptoms increase, IT IS NOT A PROVING! It is a releasing of any suppression, OR going back in time to the ultimate beginning of the condition to finish the healing. Yes, back in time to the beginning of the condition. The first symptoms are seen as last to recover.

When one can SEE the process of the "repeat" of symptoms when a correct remedy is given, one KNOWS this is the good signs of healing. This is called experience. It is learned, this is why I tell parents to take control and be responsible to their children before handing over their babies as if they cannot know anything. Or too lazy to learn.

Who will care for you and yours if something eventually happens to our "safe" little poisoned world. YOU??? or will you run about in hysteria calling for someone to help you??

At the same time, a correct remedy MAY NOT give any noticable response and yet also heal. We are all individuals. We all respond as individuals.

We cannot know beforehand. No one can say 1,2,3, it will go this way, but MDieties give you this assurance and you buy it even though it does not proceed as said, but a confusion occurs more times than not....AND then another antibiotic is given for the "new" symptoms....??? THINK! Use all your senses.

AND with the chemical world getting worse and worse and parents having no idea that allopathic meds suppress any condition DOWN INTO the body to turn into something else as it tries to GET OUT, because this is the original activity of the body. The organs collect and eliminate illness from the body to CLEANSE it. FREE of illness. This is the natural function of our bodies.

The adverage person today has no idea of this action because we have turned ourselves and our children and especially our babies over to the MDieties to pump our little children's bodies full of chemicals and mercury. AND mothers ACCEPT the fevers and crying of the child as "natural" after the shots...???

Antibiotics are man-made chemical "copies" of natural antibiotics. The pharmaceutical CORPORATIONS are making $$$$ in the billions over the "always sort of sick" bodies of our children who can never get really well on allopathic antibiotics.


NOW, I WILL admit that there may be a time for an extreme call for antibiotics.

Will you know when? How will you know? Because you take the time to learn the difference. You take the time to know when to treat with alternative safe remedies and herbals, AND WHEN to use antibiotics as few and far between as YEARS between. AND after, taking steps to correct this with anternative to make sure it is not suppressed beyond care.

OH, this is a small portion of what I have seen since I was 25 years old and homeopathy saved my asthmatic son after MDieties had given up on what to treat him with.

He looked like he was from a concentration camp. He was nearly dead.


I HAD TO LEARN what he was allergic to. I had to learn what his body was doing at any given moment. I had to learn to do it myself!! I couldn't trust anyone but myself. Today he is a very healthy, gentle, smart and well respected man of 43 now. No asthma. Very healthy. I didn't know anything about the vaccines as I allowed drs to stick my children full of mercury...I know now, and I will continue to warn all parents and pray they hear and decide to take care of their own families instead of "handing them over" to let someone else care for them.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Sabra have to agree!

But that was quite a tirade.
passkey last decade
Yeah, I sure do get on a tear sometimes trying to talk parents and humans in general to take responsibility for their own persons and families without handing them over.

I refrained from including all I know about MDieties and how many they kill or maim and get away with it, to move to another location and set up "house" again without no one knowing their past.

I was in the hospital once to stay with my husband after surgery. A nurse (?) came in to give him a shot. I asked her what it was for. She told me for his vomiting. I informed her he WAS NOT vomiting, and after checking names and beds, the shot was for the other man in the room. This is just a harmless story as the shot wouldn't have hurt him, BUT..........!!

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Kind of sad that any offer for advice is met with such a reception. I was under the impression this was a free forum.

Sounds much like there is more interest in promoting your own agenda than in helping others safely choose remedies.

I am not against self-prescribing - but I am against the suggestion to the public that homeopathic remedies are "totally" harmless - as they are not necessarily.

And...is a stretch to suggest that because someone has a different view, they are a nay-sayer.

Mother of the 13 year old - I wish the best of health and well-being to you and your daughter.
Chicahua last decade
[message edited by girl2010 on Fri, 25 Jan 2013 07:11:07 GMT]
girl2010 last decade
Suppression usually only affects one set of symptoms or one location ie. gut symptoms, diarrhea, skin rashes etc. After the symptoms are suppressed something worse appears, usually in a different location. Or, the symptoms may disappear for awhile then come back worse than before. Suppression always damages the health of the person, often generally, definitely in regards to specific diseases and symptoms.

When suppression takes place, there is NO general and mental improvement. These aspects often remain the same, or may even be worse too as the outlet for the disease (the specific symptoms) are blocked.

Cure on the other hand is as different as night is to day. Cure takes place across all levels, mental physical general as well as in the various local problems. It will usually affect the higher levels first (mental, emotional) while the local symptoms aggravate. Cure has a particular Direction, the exact opposite of Suppression. It moves from the centre to the periphery, from more important levels to less important ones. Cure results in a long lasting improvement in health. Even when suppression eliminates symptoms that may have been quite annoying to the patient (and so they might initially be grateful) they often become sicker, so that gratitude fades.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade

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