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ms and dizziness

I was diagnosed with ms almost 6 years ago and my biggest problem is with dizziness and an off balance feeling. I also have positional vertigo (I cannot lie on my back on on my right side so I have to sleep at an angle at night). It first started with double vision and I was diagnosed with an mri scan. I wondered if there was anything to help with this.
  shona on 2005-05-11
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I have a friend with MS...... I understand your fears. I want you to know that your body can heal itself and you can rid yourself of this disease. Put your trust in homeopathy and you will get better. Wait to hear from Sabra, passkey, and others. They are very knowledgeable!

I do know that mercury toxicity has a lot to do with the onset of MS. Do you have a lot of mercury amalgams in your mouth (ie. silver fillings)?

Best Wishes,

jentoun last decade
Hello Shona,
Are you taking any medicines now? Vitamins? EFA?
Anything happened in your life before the diagnosis?

We do not want to know only what bothers you most-we want to now EVERYTHING - it will help us find the remedy best for you now.

We want to know all your symptoms, and what makes them better or worse.

We want to know what kind of person you are, what season, time of the day/weather you like best/worst.

We want to know what foods/drinks you like or hate and what foods do you crave but not eat because...
What is your thirst/ hunger?

What angers you most?

do you like music?
Astra2012 last decade
Need some extra info .
Do feel as if you will fall?.
If so which way
side rt/left
forward / bacwards.
There is normally some hereditary link so what did your family -- for the last 4/5 generations die of?.

Salt -- do like/dislike , are you better at the seaside or on a ship.

Do you have any moles, warts ,eczema -- suntan easily?.

What medication did you take during the 2 years before the problem arose?. [ and what for]
passkey last decade
Hello, thank you all very much for replying to me. This is a bit of an epic story. Prepare yourselves for a long read. I am not taking any medicine. The doctor told me to go away and forget all about it. I take multivitamins daily, also minerals Potassium Phosphate, Sodium Phosphate, Iron Phosphate. I go to a therapist (lovely woman)who does vegatesting therefore knows what I am deficient in. The dizziness and vertigo (or almost vertigo sometimes) off balance feeling when walking (going over to the left). I am quite a worrier always have been. Also always worry about what people will think of me. Hate to upset anyone. If I think I have I go over and over it in my mind. Sometimes have quite an inferiorty complex. To answer another question I like summer best and no specific time of day. I like things with sauces I don't particularly like dry food. Cheese sauces and dairy although I try to avoid those and do not eat foods with gluten. I drink mostly water but drink coffee in the morning first thing and also 2 cups of tea per day. Yes I like music. Various types. My family (mum and dad) both passed from cancer as did my maternal grandmother. Paternal grandmother was really old age 86 but she was diabetic due to her age we were told. Mum was oesophageal cancer and dad was lung cancer (mum smoked heavily dad hadn't smoked in 20 years. When all this started my dad had been diagnosed with terminal cancer During that time I had a couple of dizzy spells. Doctor put it down to stress and I had also had a baby who was 1 year old when dad passed. In 1991 I had my second child. In 1994 I had the double vision. CT scan was clear. I was ok after 2 weeks. No other symptoms. Mum was diagnosed with cancer and passed away after 1 year very stressful in 1998. A friend suggested about 1 month after I go for a massage to ease stress. It was a deep massage almost immediately I had vertigo for 4 days(sick everytime I moved) and had to keep my eyes closed. Doctor gave me a steriod injection and put me on tablets for 1 month. From there it led to an MRI scan and diagnosis I also get blurry vision sometimes when reading or writing. Doing this at the moment I have it. I hope I haven't put you all to sleep. Many thanks to you.
shona last decade
Hello Jentoun, Thank you for that. I forgot to say in my story that yes I do have a lot of fillings and I have heard that also.
shona last decade
The more you write the better!

We will do our best but there is no substitute for experienced profesional seen in person--and online suggestions can serve as second (or third) opinion.
Andre Saine of Montreal, Canada specializes in ms--look him up on the Internet.

Also look up dr. Johanna Budwig: if you can eat dairy you should eat every day:
organic lowfat yogurt or cottage cheese mixed well with cold pressed flaxseed oil (Barlean high lignans is preferred). I read different proportions like 1/4 cup to 4 tbsp but it is very oily--some people just use 1 cup to 1 tbsp only. That's the best oil you can eat-- and I read that in ms you need good oils above all.

About your double vision: does it come and go or stays?
What makes it come and what makes it go?do you have insufficiency of some eye muscle-which one?
both eyes?
Astra2012 last decade
Could you tell me what you need to know.

I am 47 had measles when young also chickenpox.

I only had the double vision in 1994 which lasted for 2 weeks.

Sometimes vision can be a bit blurry. I don't eat much dairy because read it was not good for people with ms. I have not heard of this oil.

I also get a sore neck and back but it could be due to the fact that I have to sleep in a awkward position.

Have read Erin Elsters paper on subluxation in chiropractic and how she helped ms patients recover by correcting misalingments in their spine.

I would love to think there is something out there that would help.
shona last decade
Of course there is. There are no incurable diseases after all!

Are you drinking diet sodas or take aspartame in any way: I was reading dr.Mercola site and copied a piece you might be interested in.]

(are you saying that your symptoms now are occasional blurred vision when eyes are tired, and vertigo?)

A piece from Mercola:
A Personal Journey Uncovers the Medical Horrors of Aspartame

Part documentary, part detective story, Sweet Misery starts with filmmaker and narrator Cori Brackett's poignant story about how she discovered aspartame's ill effect on her health. Brackett had a strange cause-and effect experience with the diet cokes she was drinking and quickly found herself disabled and diagnosed with MS.

Her condition quickly progressed to the point that she had double vision, slurred speech, and weak limbs forcing her to use a wheelchair. When she read an article about aspartame being connected to many health problems, Cori immediately quit using products that contain aspartame -- like diet soda.

As if by magic, many of her symptoms disappeared. Through dietary changes and a host of therapies, Cori's condition improved and continues to do so to this day. After spending a decade in a mental fog, unable to do anything -- today she is medication and symptom free.

Cori Brackett's journey takes us across the United States to learn more about the devastating effects of aspartame from an impressive list of medical experts -- including renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock. Dr. Blaylock explains how aspartame is a slow neurotoxin that's particularly harmful for diabetics.

Brackett also consults two respected MDs and a psychologist to describe what aspartame does to the body and the brain. All agreed -- aspartame is poison.
Astra2012 last decade
Thank you for that. Yes I have occasional blurred vision eg when on the computer for a long time, close work (reading and writing).

The vertigo is mostly positional which I have had from the start. I cannot lie flat at all or on my right side. I have to sleep an elevated angle which makes my chin touch the top of my chest sometimes.

It is mostly dizziness in varying degrees and an off balance feeling when walking. Sometimes I feel as if vertigo is not far away which is quite scary.

I do not drink diet soda but sometimes eat sugar free gum but only really in recent times. I read Dr Mercolas site also.

Many thanks. Shona.
shona last decade
Hello, I am enjoying reading on this forum. I am very new to all of this (only posted for the first time yesterday).

Astra and Passkey you asked me to try and write all I can remember.

I had a Bell';s palsy before I was diagnosed (I can't remember how long before). Doctor said it was stress.

Also, I have had a few falls (fell backwards from a swing when a child and bumped my head). Slipped on a grape in a supermarket and fell flat on my back at around age 22.

Slipped on a wet surface and fell on my knees (not hard) when pregnant with my first child. I don't know if this can cause misalignments in the spine but have heard it is possible (chiropractic website).

Many thanks for all your replies so far. It gives me hope.
shona last decade
The tendency to fall leftwards --- does this happen only in the open air or indoors as well?.

Do you have any skin reation to metals such as gold or silver.?.

How are you about salt -- like or dislike ?.

Do you feel better or worse near the seaside , or on a boat?.

Do you like or dislike sympathy--- if you trip and people come towards you offering help , do you lap it up or hurry off?.

I think we will use Carcinosin. On a hereditary basis.
passkey last decade
Agreed 100% with carcinosin to open that case!!! I also thought about it: i'd use just a single dose, high potency, 1-10M. What do you thnk?

meanwhile Shona please fill this questionnaire (that dizziness: when you close your eyes is it gone or you are just less overwhelmed?
When you walk and move your eyes or turn your head does it come or not neccessarily?):

First Name:


1. What is your chief complaint (CC)? Tell as much about it as you can, including what is the worst part of it and why it's the worst: the sensations, the kind of pain, the location, how your energy has been affected (for example, has the complaint made you restless, weak, nervous, anxious, irritable, hypersensitive, effected your thirst and appetite, your body temperature, and so on).

2. When did this problem begin? What happened in
your life around that time? What do you think
caused it?
3. What aggravates the CC and what brings it on?(for example, certain types of food or weather, movement, light, noise, company, talking,
heat/cold, or anything else that you can think
of; please be specific) and what makes the CC better (for example hot or cold, massage, eating, lying still, music, company...)? What does it make you do to try to feel better?
4. At what time of the day or night is the CC the
worst? Specify an hour if you can.
5. What symptoms can you identify that accompany
the CC (whether directly related or not; for example, headache with nausea; or menstrual cramps with diarrhea; a cold with irritability and anger)?

6. Environment: With regard to the seasons, weather, outdoor temperature, indoor temperature, drafts, air quality, airconditioning, ocean air, mountain air, humidity, the sun/rain/thunderstorms/clouds/fog, etc.: what environmental factors give you comfort and relief, and which ones cause discomfort and distress? Try to give examples.

7. What position is most uncomfortable for you?

8. a)Do you tend to be chilly or warm? Are there parts of your body that are colder or warmer than the rest of you? Is there a special time of day or night when they are colder or warmer? b) Do you perspire a great deal? If so, when? And where on the body? (feet, head, hair, chest, armpits, etc) Does it leave a stain of a particular color? Is there a particular odor?
9. Describe what your tongue looks like.

10. What do you worry about? How do you deal with
11. How do you keep your house/your desk/your room/your study/your bathroom?
12. How easily do you cry? In what situations?
13. When you are upset, what do you do to help yourself feel better?
14. What makes you angry? What do you do when you're angry?
15. Do you have an emotion that predominates; such as anger, depression, irritability, anxiety, jealousy, joy...or possibly two emotions that tend to alternate predictably?
16. What fears do you have?
17. What have been the most difficult circumstances in your life? How did you cope?
18. What are the greatest joys you have had in
your life?
19. What was your childhood like?
20. What bothers you most in other people? How,
if at all, do you express it?
21. What causes the most problems in your relationships?
22. Do you have any recurring dreams? What are they about?
23. What would you need to feel happy?
24. What do you do for work? Ideally, what would
you like to do?
25. If you were made President for a day, what would you change?
26. When people have criticized you, what were they complaining about? Similarly, when people have praised you, what did you receive praise for?
27. What would you like to change most about

28. How do you feel before, during and after
meals? How do you feel if you go without a
29. What would you most like to eat (if you did
not have to consider calories, fat, anything
you've read about the right way to eat)?
30. What foods do you dislike and refuse to eat?
What foods do you react badly to, and in what
31. How much do you drink in a day? Include
sodas, juice, coffee, tea, milk, and
alcoholic beverages as well as water. How
thirsty do you tend to get? What temperature would you like your drinks to be?

32. How is your sleep?
33. Do you do anything during sleep? (speak,
laugh, shriek, toss about, grind your teeth, drool, snore, walk, talk, etc.)
34. Do you have trouble falling asleep? What keeps you awake? Do you wake always at a certain time? What causes you to wake up? What position do you sleep in?

35. Number of pregnancies, number of children,
number of miscarriages, number of abortions
36. At what age did your menses begin? If you
have gone through menopause, at what age?
37. How frequently do they (or did they) come?
38. What about their duration, abundance, colour,
time of day when flow is greatest; any odour
or clots?
39. How do you (did you) feel before, during and
after menses?

40. What medications are you taking at present?
41. How frequently do you get colds and flus?
42. Have you had any childhood illnesses twice,
or in a very severe form, or after puberty?
43. Have you had any vaccinations since the
standard childhood ones? Have you ever had an
adverse or unusual reaction to a vaccination?
44. Have you had any surgery? What and when?
45. Have you had at any time (mention year):
warts, cysts, Polyps, or tumors? Where were they located? How were they treated?

46. Do you tend to have any discharges (nasal,
vaginal, etc.)? What is the color, consistency?

47. a) Do you tend to need a smaller dose of
medications than most other people?
b) Do you need less anaesthesia than others,
or have a hard time coming out of it?
c) Do you tend to react to vitamins and herbs
and/or need hypoallergenic vitamins?
d) Are you sensitive to paint fumes, exhuast,
dry cleaning fluid, fragrances etc.?

48. Family history: Mention diseases, causes
and ages of deaths of father, mother,
sisters, brothers and grandparents on both

49. Construct a time line: Mention from birth
on to the present day, all IMPORTANT events
(emotional and physical traumas,
heartbreaks, divorces, work-related events,
diseases or traumas your mother had while
being pregnant with you, family stress,
death in the family or of friends,
disappointment, etc.) Mention the symptoms
experienced at those moments or which you
can date to those traumas.
50. When you stand in line at the bank or supermarket, how do you feel?
51. When your family member was last sick, what did you do?
52. How is your sexual energy?
53. How do you react to consolation
54. What part of your life do you have the most difficulty coping with.
55. What are your hobbies?
Astra2012 last decade
of course answer passkey's questions first.
Astra2012 last decade
Mostly when out in shopping centre the other day but sometimes at home. Also, yes out in the open although sometimes I feel better in the fresh air.

Only skin reaction is to cheap earrings (after a few hours my ears break out) itchy and red.

I quite like salt but nothing too salty.

I feel better at the seaside but terrible on boats. When on a ferry from dover to calais I had to walk around all the time.

Don't particularly like sympathy. Not many people know about ms, only close friends. My children are not aware it, just never has been the right time to tell them and I live in hope to get rid of it. If I tripped I would probably be a bit embarrassed and just pass it off.

Thank you passkey.

Astra it will probably take me some time to answer the rest of the questions. I will get to it as soon as possible. Thank you all so much for taking the time for all of this. I am most grateful.

Best wishes to you.

shona last decade
Well get and use the Carcinosin 10m
and I now think that we should -- after the effects of that end , we should move on to Natrum Mur 10m.
passkey last decade
I was also (in addition to nat-m!) thinking about conium (ms with vertigo after grief)-Shona may try it later.

mur-ac has vertigo while lying on back and on the right side,but, unlike nat-m and conium, it was never used in ms before. This of course does not exclude it.
Astra2012 last decade

Lost the reply I was doing to the questionnaire. Perhaps my husband will be able tofind it again in the computer somewhere.

Meanwhile I awoke this morning with everyting spinning but was aware of i coming on in my sleep had to sit bolt upright and close me eyes till it went away around 30 secs but seemed like ages. The as about to doze off again it happened again when my eyes were closed.

My stomach is quite upset now this morning and I don't feel particularly well.

I am just drinking water at the moment.
shona last decade
Also, forgot to say my therapist has me on injury remedy at the moment (I think that contains arnica amongst other things) she asked if I had had a fall when she checked my hair (I hadn't) so I am on that for 30 days although I have been taking it for around 10 days so far).
shona last decade
Could you tell me what carcinosin is please? It doesn't seem to come up anywhere don't know where to get it.

Thank you.
shona last decade
Carcinosin is a nosode and some suppliers do not stock them .

I get mine from--

Galen Homeopathics
Lewell mill .
West Stafford .
Dorset DT2 8AN.
Phone outside UK – 0044 1305 265759 or 263996
passkey last decade
Thanks for that.

I am a novice and don't know what a nosode is. Could you please tell me what effect it could have?

Are you a homeopath passkey? You and astra are very knowledgeable.
shona last decade
As a remedy only "kick starts" the bodys ability to heal itself , it is not possible to predict how an individual body will go about that job.

The body is its own best Doctor.

Yes I have been a homeopath for some 35 years -- now semi retired.
passkey last decade
I think it is wonderful that you are taking the time for all of this.

Many thanks.
shona last decade
fao Passkey,

Hi, I have just read a piece by Don Webley regarding Carcinosin and thought I would let you know that my maternal aunt had TB as a young woman (he mentions it in his paper). Also, my parents also always commented on how when I was born my back was quite hairy down my spine. Also, I was quite a sicky baby (for the first 5 days of life they were quite worried because I could not keep anything down).

A lot of things seem to tie up with this remedy.
shona last decade
Sounds good to me -- in othre circs might try tuberculinum , but carcinosin covers the tubercular miasm.

Get the Carcinosin and take either one tablet at night and wait

Give it about 2/3 weeks and write in -- if any problems call in.
passkey last decade

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