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"Joeopathy" versus David Kempson aka "brisbanehomeopath"

This post is in response to 2 such posts which David Kempson aka 'brisbanehomeopath' has made on the ABC attacking the therapy I have prescribed to my patients. I presume that he feels the need to criticize me in this manner as he has in the past also attacked me on the basis that it is only he who is the arbiter of what constitutes 'classical homeopathy' which he reckons is the only therapy that can cure the ailment a patient presents for help on this Forum. I have often pointed out to him that some of his attacks have been made on the thread where the patient has confirmed that s/he had already been cured. I have also informed him on many occasions that I am not the only Homeopath who prescribes on the 'This for That' basis where I prescribe the obvious remedy that has cured previous cases of a similar nature to that presented by the patient, and which I am certain is the obvious remedy to cure the present case. According to him the patient must be subjected to about 100 questions many of which are not pertinent to the case as otherwise, according to him, the patient runs the risk of being afflicted by some other more dangerous disease which of course is a figment of his own imagination as this have never occurred in the past 40 years of my involvement in Homeopathy which I practice on a limited non professional basis purely for the satisfaction that it gives me to help suffering humanity.

I shall copy below a few threads where he has attacked me for purposes of record to enable anyone who may have the patience to read this long thread to realize what exactly is the reason for David's belligerent attitude against me.

I have a record of the responses that I have made to David on my computer and feel that they would make a Best Seller if published. The problem however is that his are often so inane that the public who may happen to read them may give up in utter disgust.

It is just that hoity toity attitude that he adopts in dealing with a case that annoys me as he seems to have taken upon himself the ownership of this precious Science of Homeopathy which according to him must only be used within the parameters set by the classical school who prefer to maintain that mystery about this science as it suits their ends financially where the patient is expected to return to the homeopath on a weekly basis at considerable cost.

I must mention here that I am not the only homeopath who prescribed in the 'this for that' manner as in the Indian subcontinent, the majority of homeopath do so as it will take too much of their time otherwise as each case will take over an hour and the average homeopath prescribes to at least 50 patients on a daily basis.

I would also like to record that Dr Prasanta Banerji the founder of the

also uses my therapy which he has clearly specified in his website above.

I shall now copy a post that I made in 2005 on the ABC which refers to the origins of the Wet dose and how this term first saw the light of day. It is now listed on Google with 1600 hits each of which is a case that I have treated.

Dr Luc de Schepper changes my outlook on Homeopathy
From Joe De Liveraon 2005-03-19
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Dr Luc de Schepper has completely changed my outlook on Homeopathy especially the method that I have used for the last 30 years to dispense and use remedies to cure ailments. He arrived here in Sri Lanka early this month as a member of Homeopaths Without Borders and I took him to the areas south of Colombo which were affected by the Tsunami that had been under the care of the 2 previous teams of 3 homeopaths in each group who serve for 3 weeks and are replaced by another team. I was unable to observe him treating his patients in the area around the train disaster which is now reckoned to have taken the greatest toll of human lives in the world. On his return to Colombo en route to the US yesterday I had the opportunity of witnessing at first hand the methods he used in consultation with his patients. I was able to invite many of my friends whom I had been treating for their various ailments and was able to observe at first hand his technique which as I said before, has completely changed my outlook on Homeopathy.

He uses the technique of succussing the remedy in water, which was first recorded by Hahnemann in his fourth edition. Dr Luc uses this method exclusively and he assured me that he discovered many years ago that this technique which is hardly used by homeopaths today, is far superior to the technique used by me and almost all other homeopaths of dispensing the remedies which are usually given in small lactose sugar balls activated with the remedy which are usually taken twice or thrice daily. I use neutral No 30 lactose balls which are 3mm ¯ and put in a few drops of the remedy onto these balls in a small glass container with a plastic cap.

Dr Luc's method is to use just 2 granules of No 10 lactose balls which are just 1mm ¯ which he has in a remedy kit of 100 remedies in little glass vials which he informed me is available in India. He uses a 500ml plastic bottle of water of which he decants about 200 ml keeping about 20ml in a paper cup. He then puts just 2 little balls of the remedy into the bottle with 300ml water which he succusses by banging it twice on the palm of his hand. He emphasized that this succussing was the secret of his method whereby the molecules of the 2 balls of the remedy potentizes the water in the bottle which I observed bubbles from the bottom to the top with each bang on the palm. He then took a teaspoonful of the potentized water which he stirred into half a cup of the water which he had decanted previously into it. A teaspoonful of the water from the cup is the remedy which is taken every other day for chronic ailments or daily for acute ailments. He explained in detail that this succussion which must be done daily before this procedure is repeated is the secret of the viability of the cure with the remedy as this tends to lift the potency of the already potentized remedy in the bottle to a slightly degree upwards thereby making it more effective in its effect on the body. This procedure may seem complicated but when it is observed, it is really not difficult.

Dr Luc exclusively uses the 6th potency for chronic cases which are taken every other day and the higher potencies up to 1M for acute cases both of which are succussed twice and taken if necessary every 2-3 hours.

Quite frankly I was very sceptical of the possibility of success in curing any ailment but I had living proof that this method works in the case of my wife and her sister who had been suffering for many years from Osteo Arthritis which is familial. I had been treating them with Bryonia 6c, Kali Phos 6x and Ferr Phos 6x taken 3 times daily for about 6 months after both sisters decided that their use of drugs including the Diclofenac group and other analgesics were only making a bad situation worse by also affecting their digestive systems and perhaps the liver. The discomfort of the arthritis was reduced with the Bry 6 in a few weeks but this was replaced by Sciatica for which I had given Hypericum. This remedy helped the Sciatica but could not eradicate it. On the first day Dr Luc arrived here I took the opportunity of consulting him on behalf of the two sisters who were present for the arthritis and sciatica and he prescribed Mendorrhinum 6c which he successed according to his method. It was the almost initial response of both sisters to this remedy that really converted me to Dr Luc's method as after the second dose which both sisters took about 2 weeks ago, they both felt considerable relief from their sciatica although the arthritic pain continued as he had instructed both to stop my treatment. He prescribed Sepia 6 just yesterday for their arthritis and assured us that this problem would also disappear in time with this remedy. He also confirmed his identification of this remedy by using Radar software which he uses whenever he wants to have double confirmation of his remedy.

I have mentioned Dr Luc's method of prescribing and using Homeopathic remedies in detail as I would like others who are interested and read this short article to also use it and post their comments on this Forum. As I stated in my first paragraph, I have changed my concept of the use of Homeopathic remedies to Dr Luc's method as I am convinced that this is an advance in the use of Homeopathy which Dr Luc and all his thousands of students use and practice in the US today which was first used and recorded by Hahnemann in his Fourth edition which we have all studied but have not used as he originally recommended.

I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity of studying the methods used by Dr Luc yesterday at my residence in the treatment of patients whom I have been treating free of charge as I always have done for the last 25 years.

Joe De Livera

Sri Lanka

I shall copy some posts made in the recent past to which I have responded above.


Re: help me pleaseFrom brisbanehomoeopath on 2011-03-20Homoeopathy does not work according to the accepted principles of chemistry and pharmacology. When we create our medicines through a special process of Succussion and Dilution, the healing potential of a substance is released into the water. The water then carries the signature of this substance, which causes the body to react as if it had come in contact with it, but without any risk of toxic effects.

Wet dose is simply the administration of our medicines using water, rather than taking them straight into the mouth as 'dry' pills. The wet dose or water dose, is more effective for long term management and treatment of disease.

The Wet Dose was invented by Samuel Hahnemann over 150 years ago, the same man who invented Homoeopathy. It is not Joe's wet dose therapy whatever he implies, it is part of our traditional dosage methods.

You can go to this site to learn a bit more about it.



To David KempsonFrom Joe De Livera on 2011-03-20To David

Did you notice that the patient has not responded to your post ?

It is possible that you have frightened her away with your statement:
'Shyveronster it is possible that you are experiencing an aggravation on the homoeopathic remedy. IF it is going to help you, this may be the first sign of that. With any aggravation you MUST stop the homoeopathic medication right away and wait a little while for it to die down. An aggravation is not to your advantage if it goes on too long. If the aggravation is because the remedy is suitable for your condition, once it stops you may see improvement.

An aggravation should not be treated with a second remedy - allow it to stop and then observe if there is any positive change.'

I consider your statement as utter rubbish.

FYI you may like to know that I have never had any reports of any aggravation after using my default remedy Arg Met 6c. I have had patients who have reported a reduction of their chronic arthritic pain after just 2 doses.

Suggest you prescribe Arg Met 6c in the Wet dose to your own patients and report their response.

Re: Suffering from ArthritisFrom brisbanehomoeopath on 2011-03-20Oh please Joe. Frightened her away - really. Stop being so dramatic.

Your delusion that you cannot aggravate your patients using our medicines is dangerous. Your lack of training and education, again, acts to the detriment of the people who come for help here.

Own up to what you do instead of dumping the responsibility. Homoeopathic medicines and their effects are clearly documented over hundreds of years of use.

Not really in the mood for your baiting me into arguments today. The patient can do whatever she feels is right for her - I have given my professional advice which I am sure you will continue to critize and make fun of, as is your usual strategy for dealing with those who know more than you do.

I have often beed advised by many Homeopaths and members of the ABC to leave David well alone and to ignore his inanities but I have always been a person who fights for what I consider is right even at my advanced age of 82 years of age. I believe that I have in doing so, contributed to this precious science of Homeopathy and many of my posts where I have detailed the therapy I have used successfully are recorded in my website.


I believe that I have also debunked the fallacy that David and his classical colleagues have sought to perpetrate that the cure of any ailment can only be achieved by classical homeopathy.
  Joe De Livera on 2011-03-22
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
May God The Almighty bless you both angels?

As it hurts the whole ABC forum community, I would like to kindly request both respected members to be fair and respectful to each other.

nawazkhan last decade

Can you please inform me if I have been otherwise ?

Joe De Livera last decade
I have no idea what you hope to achieve with threads like this, but it's probably fair to say that the best you can hope for is to agree to disagree. Please aim for that.

moderator last decade
I also wonder what you hope to achieve. Bad enough that we constantly disagree in posts over actual issues, but now you want to start posts that are purely designed to cause an argument.

Argue away Joe, you can do it on your own I am not interested.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
To Simon

As you are aware, I have been the target of attacks many of them unfair and uncalled for, from David in the recent past and I did liken his allergy to me to the proverbial red rag shown to a bull. I decided that enough was enough today and gave him food for thought which I note he has read and has digested my warning of the manner that I shall treat his future attacks on my posts if he dares to attack me in the manner that he has done in the past.

I decided to attack him today giving full chapter and verse of his attitude against me when I found that he was frightening off patients with his pontifications that a cure was only possible by using the classical homeopathic approach that I felt it was time to retaliate in a like manner to show up his 'holier than thou' classical attitude which he feels is the only path towards a cure. There are many cases on your Forum where he insists on attacking me even when the patient has already confirmed that he was helped and in some cases cured by my Joepathy. A clear case is that of the patient with the pain in her breast whom I was able to help in a few days which she stated was 98% of normal. David has some snide comments to make about her mental state which to my mind is largely irrelevant as the patient did not wish to be cured of her fear of her breast pain as all she wished was for her acute pain to cease which it did in just 12 days.

It was the response from David which I considered absolutely uncalled for that finally made me retaliate in the manner that I have done on this thread. He now states:
'I also wonder what you hope to achieve. Bad enough that we constantly disagree in posts over actual issues, but now you want to start posts that are purely designed to cause an argument.

Argue away Joe, you can do it on your own I am not interested.'

It is not the argument that I look forward to as all this intrudes on my own time which I consider precious at my age of 82. What I look forward to is to be left in peace without any interference from anyone, David in particular.

What I abhor from David or for that matter from anyone on your ABC or any of the other 3 Homeopathic Forums I visit is that I resent unfair criticism which in this case has lead to a no holds barred exchange of views that I am compelled to waste my time on this thread at the expense of my own official duties in my organization and also in terms of the time I expend on helping patients.

David considers that he has the royal right to criticize me merely because I do not possess that piece of paper that he is bestowed with after his studies in some Homeopathic college. I too have studied this science through a course of self study, as you are already aware and all that I demand from David it that he desists from attacking me or otherwise butting in on my posts as he only serves to frighten the patient off homeopathy as has occurred in many cases on the ABC. If an impartial study is made of the numerous posts that I have made on your ABC which I joined shortly after you first established it in the early days of this century, you will see that I have made 8053 posts up to today to over at least 5000 patients the large majority of whom will testify to having been cured. All I look for is the satisfaction that it give me as the consultant when the patient testifies that s/he was helped and eventually cured.

I shall copy what Sadia the patient stated in her post on March 13

'Re: brest painFrom sadia72 on 2011-03-13

Dearest joe
breast pain strated last year june, i went for cheackup, and MD did not find any notice able thing. i went back agin with complain in september,she said my age was not for memo, but go for ultrasound, i got last november, all was fine , only two lymphnodes with little size but all normal.
I called her again in february, she said in my reports there is nothing to be worried but in april i can go again for scan.
but i felt very sad as pain comes and goes with periods but now it was staying longer.
i went to local homepathy mean while i told my symptoms and reports they gave me cardus Mar 6x and phytolacca 6X i took almost two months but i did not get any benefit., for depression they gave me five flower essence but i really felt depress, later they asked me to stop flower essence and take sepia, indeed sepia helped me for depression. right now i am taking only two remedies you have told me for breast pain.
with breast pain i get scared of deadly disease though i know they said ''its all clear'' and get depress.( mom had it and i am at risk).
i must say your remedies have helped me. breast pain is really better only i feel pinching pain while working etc, last year, i did lot of gardening, digging planting, i changed my car, new car really have heavy stearing, i donot know if these factors have added in breast pain or not, Doctors (MD) said take advil when its sever, that is it.
i decided to get help from homepathy as medicaly i was ok....
i serached on net and got ur web side and asked you to help me. many thanks

I am always open to any suggestion by any member to use a different approach to my Joepathy if there is some reason like if my Joepathy does not work, but the fact is that it invariably heals the patient in a manner that David's classical homeopathy, which incidentally he only prescribes very sparingly, does not.

I do not attack him on his threads when he prescribes to his patients and all I DEMAND of him is that he reciprocates by not attacking me on my posts especially when the patient confirms that s/he is already helped up to 98% in a matter of just 12 days.

Joe De Livera last decade

I wasn't aware you'd been attacked. If a post steps over the line, please report it to me. Otherwise, please accept contradiction as a characteristic of any forum.

Would you like me to tpull this thread?

Thank you,
moderator last decade
Not interested....

mani_jee last decade
To Simon,

I do not want you to delete this thread as I would like it to be there on your Forum to serve as a landmark and hopefully a turning point in the attitude of members who undertake the case of a suffering patient, to realize and hopefully appreciate the difference in the individual therapeutic attitude that we the consultants on this Forum use in our approach to Homeopathic healing.

To me it is a service of love that I am privileged to extend to suffering humanity. I have always maintained that I am not qualified in this Science of Homeopathy which I have studied in my own free time from about 40 years ago up to date and which I later used to help anyone whom I feel that I can do so. The records of my therapy are there for all to read on your ABC and the other 3 Homeopathic Forums that I visit and at the request of many fans I have established my own website where I have collated some of my cases which anyone who is interested can refer to, as and when needed.

I am not in Homeopathy for any financial gain nor to show off my knowledge of this Science as it has always been my sincere endeavour in every case that I advice on, to help the patient towards a cure in the shortest time. The fact that I have succeeded in the majority of cases that I have taken bears witness to my therapy aka 'Joepathy'. It is the satisfaction that I get from the successful conclusion of a case that keeps me motivated at my advanced age of 82 years in spite of the multitude of problems and harsh criticism that have been my lot from the time that I first joined your ABC shortly after you established it in the early years of this Century.

All I request of members of this Forum is that they do not resort to criticizing and sometimes attacking my therapy purely because it does not conform to their classical learning which they have been brainwashed into believing is the only path towards a cure. I have proved otherwise and have always maintained that I am not alone in using the 'this for that' attitude in prescribing a remedy to a patient as the large majority of practicing homeopaths many of them qualified in the Indian Subcontinent use my direct prescriptive attitude as it is obvious that otherwise they would not be able to prescribe to the hundreds of patients who consult them on a daily basis.

I do not bear any malice towards anyone on this Forum or in fact in this whole world, as at my advanced age it has always been my endeavour to spread the message of Love and Understanding that comprises the essence of Life.

Joe De Livera last decade

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