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two years baby not eating solid- loosing weight

two years baby girl not eating any solid food for last more than one year-
loosing weight.............. request help
my grand daughter is under going some serious problem, which is still undiagnosed by the allopaths as well as a couple of homeopaths over here. she is only two years old and was absolutely fine and healthy at the time of birth and even there after till she was about 8 months. in the process of teething she started discarding eating solid food and since then she is loosing weight day by day because she is not eating at all any solid food for the last more than one year. she is being fed on milk mixed with some grain-cereals and that too only when she is in deep sleep. her brief history is detailed here under :-

1.she is a test tube baby girl because her mother could not conceive in a natural way for about 10 years;

2.she was delivered by c-section , because her mother could not deliver her in a natural way too;
3. she was just normal at time of birth - weighing almost 7lbs;
4.she was taking normal breast feed as well as formula milk thereafter, just as a normal baby;
5.till the age of about 7-8 months, she was quite healthy and taking every food - may it be some solid food, fruits
and cereals, eggs and juices etc; and she started cutting teeth at appropriate time;
6. during this period she started avoiding some food stuff and we thought it might be due to her teething prob.; but she gradually started avoiding even milk
7. also she is extremely scarry of hard sounds - like sudden dropping of some thing,
whistel of cooker, any unseen noise, scenes of voilence, loud voices, fights shadows, movements of any thing in darkness etc as if she is afraid of all this. she will throw away every thing which she does not like to eat or does not like to play like with some of the toys etc. and rather would spoil/ throw away all such things;a very much destructive action;
i, just want to bring to your notice some additional facts too-
> she has lost 3lbs of her weight during last one year; instead of gaining weight during this period.
> she has occasional complaint of acute constipation too- stool like hard small balls; but after initial few balls and thereafter followed by her stool coming out like normal
> she moans / groans a lot while asleep, as if she is in great pain some where in her body - may be legs ortummy etc; and lastly, during day time she rubs her buttucks (bottoms) on silky or blanket surfaces - whenever she finds time and
also bites blankets etc.
> otherwise, she is quite energetic and is of very good temperament. it looks like that she is some what hyper type - too much active and fast in activities but talks only a couple of words(which could be understood properly) and rest of her talking is just vague - being not under-standable; though she is fast & too talkative;however she understands every instruction given to her; but she will ask for only with hand signs;
> during whole of the day she can be fed just couple of times with milk plus cereal(2spoons) plus gerber's fruit jelly (2 -3 spoons) and that too only when she is asleep and thus
she remains under-fed throughout the day;though during night time we do feed her three times with milk plus cereal etc;
> she likes to eat green peas,beans, cucumber, apple, bannana etc but just couple of bites;
> she likes ice cream, drinks cold water a lot of times but only a couple of sips each time;
> otherwise, in general she is of a very cheerful nature, always busy in playing;
> her lips are generally dry but feet and hands cold, she never tolerates cover during sleep - whether in winter or summer
8. by the grace of god, she was blessed with a younger brother- almost eleven months after her birth; but she never showed any sign of hatred or madness towards him; because of extra affections shown towards her instead of her younger brother; she never trieid to hurt him any time; still we feel that she might have some madness on this aspect too(just our imagination)because her eating behavior started well before his birth.
9. this caused worries for the family and we consulted doctors; initially allopath- her peditrician and there after specialists too but all said there is no problem and we should try to make her eat; but with no results, and she started loosing weight and within this one
year period, instead of gaining weight- she has lost about 3lbs of her weight.
10. as far homeopathy is concerned,as usual, she was administered calc. phos 6x for teething problem but when this problem started she was given chamom.6x for three weeks, thereafter a single dose of chamom. 200c. but all with no significant results except that she did stop crying in the middle of nights but as far eating concerns,there's no improvement- no considerable results. she was also given americana lutea 6x for about 3 weeks; in addition to cina 200 for a week -thereafter, followed by ant. crud 200 in the morning ;
and cheldonium 200 in evg for a week;
11. thereafter some one suggested us to see a homeopath in canada ; who stopped her all medications and instead based his treatment on her mental symptoms (the fear-phsychosis)
which he thinks of most important factor as the past of her parents was not that happy one and their inter-behavior etc might have depressed her and consequentially landed her in this problem; and thus prescribed his own homeo prescription- (name unknown to us) and we are continuing the same for the last about three months; but the child's eating problem still same; and she is still not improving in her health-
although we feel that further deterioration in her health is stopped.

(worth to point out that during last one year,she had a very disturbed sleep during the
night and she used to toss up violently here & there in the bed through out the night
particularly in the first half of night; and started crying in the middle of the night around 2-3 am very aggressively,squeezing her stomach and thrusting her legs as if she is feeling some aching either in her stomach or legs; and it is very hard for an hour or so to console her and make her sleep; but thereafter say 5 am onwards, she goes in deep
sleep and gets up around 10 am or so; but now this problem is almost over);

so my earnest rquest is that if some of hon'ble homeopaths on this forum could come forward to help this little angel so that she starts eating regular food and live a healthy life.
i am ready to furnish any other information in this respect at any time;
  limitissky39 on 2011-03-25
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I am sorry to hear about your grand daughter. If you plan to vaccinate any time soon, please 'don't', since it easily excites the constituional problems worse.

Give a dose of Thuja 200 for one day only. Dont give any medicine for 3 days, then start the following medicine and give for 3 weeks and write back.

- 3 times in a day, give Mag Mur 6, in wet dose. I suggest to buy liquid (tincture) of Mag Mur 6 and drop 5 drops in 500 ml of water. Give a tea spoon of this water, 3 times a day. Give few hard shake each time before you give a dose (Please read my profile for more details)

- every night before going to sleep give her 1 to 2 drops of Kali Bromatum 6 in 10 ml of water. Make her draink all this 10 ml,

You should start observing some difference in the food habits in 3 weeks and improvement in sleep starting from 1st week.

Reva V
Reva V last decade

Thank you very much for taking up case of my Grand Daughter. I am really very much excited to see your response,.

In fact after posting my SECOND thread, my computer crashed due to some very dangerous VIRUS in some of my email and my family had a very hard time to fix it after repeated hit and trial method for about a week. Anyway, I hope now it is finally fixed.
Anyway, coming to the point, this is my first posting after a week; I got
THUJA 200 locally and it is in liquid form. So, I will give her FIRST DOSE TWO DAYS later, as I have read some where on this Forum “ No medicine TWO DAYS before and after this medicine – I don’t know whether I m rt or wrong”
In the mean time, I shall buy the other Two medicines Mag. Mur and Kali Brom and shall start after THREE DAYS as per your advice; and let you know the results / reactions etc;

Doctor , may I ask, if this prescription covers her Extreme FEAR and her difficulty in speaking proper language etc in addition to her food eating & sleep problems.

Please excuse me for this, as I am really very much disturbed from her plight.
limitissky39 last decade
Please note that Thuja to be taken only once.

Give the other two medicines as directed for 3 weeks and write back. Yes, improvements are expected in most area. Follow up medicines will be needed based on the improvement

Reva V
Reva V last decade
Hi Dr. Reva; My regards to you. I m starting THUJA 200 tonight and other two AFTER 3 DAYS , AS DIRECTED BY YOU. God willing she may recover with your helping hand prescription. May HE BLESS YOU.
limitissky39 last decade
Hi; It is more than 2 weeks, I started your prescribed medications, but see absolutely little results :-
1. As regards sleep, she remains awake untill 11-12 night and hardly goes to sleep, but once goes to sleep then she wakes up for a brief after almost Two Hours and finally wakes up around 10 morning.Yes her groaning has a little bit reduced.
ii. As regards her appetite, absolutely no postive change; does not eat except just one or two bites of cookies or french toast etc; nothing else. We are feeding her on Al Grains Cereal mixed milk and some yougart.
iii- She is becoming more and more CLINGGY,wants always to be carried - avoiding walk herself; KEEPS CRYING for nothing known reasons - may be some of internal un-easiness etc;
iv- She is becoming more voilent- like crying more forcefully, some times hitting her brother in case he tries to play with her TOY etc, but otherwise she loves him and shares Yougart etc while eating;
v - In the evening her Soles and Hands are felt COLD, but not any other part;
vi- Her Stool is usually normal, except some times GOAT LIKE BALLS - but only occasionally say once every alternate day etc, but very offenssive on that day;
vii- Her tongue is white coated and very often gives some foul smell from her mouth
viii- I feel , now she feels SCARED in the darkness too as well as from big size RELIGIOUS PICTURES in addition to any loud / sudden noise/ hissing etc
ix- Previously she enjoyed going to Supermarkets and seeing People, lights etc over there and draging Cart etc herself; BUT NOW SHE DOES NOT LIKE OTHER PERSONS, some what feeling shy/ scared going towards them or giving smile etc; She will not get down on floor, she will not walk in supermarket- least to speak of draging the carts etc- absolutely changed from previous.
x - So every day is becoming more and more complex; donot know why ....? and what is happening to her.So please review her profile once again in light of above.
Yes, now she starts speaking a couple of words like - Mamma, Pappa, Bird, AAJA(come), bye etc.--a GOOD SIGN, but does not ask for milk or water except signalling for it.
limitissky39 last decade
I am still waiting your response to my last thresd. Please take some time out for me, and give me your valued opinion, please..
limitissky39 last decade

Just thought could help your grand daughter to become alright. Read the earlier posts. Dont want to comment on that.Give her coffea cruda 200 potency, 6 pills at night say about half an hour before food, also give her abrotanum200 and chelidonium 200, 6 pills thrice a day with a gap of 5 mins between each dose for one week and then let me know.
Dr.Munawar.Shaikh last decade
Hi Dr Munawar Sheikh; I really appreciate your GESTURE to help me for my little angel. Thank you so much. May I seek your attention that Extreme FEAR and lack of EATING SOLID FOOD is our problem along with now aggressively Crying without any reason and not going to sleep till 12 night etc are the others. Please go through whole of her HISTORY as already stated in my threads (perticularly from Sr No. 7 to end) and suggest ,if I should go on with these prescriptions. As already described she was given CHELID. 200 for a week previously too - refer my above description.
limitissky39 last decade
Thank u so much for ur blessings. I went thru her case and now there are some symptoms you have highlighted.Firstly, Children need time, they keep changing, they probably are trying to understand, adapt to the situations, people and their problems. Do not worry. She is definitely disturbed,not comfortable, maybe not her usual self, but it maybe a passing phase. So pls relax. Secondly, give her Argentum nitricum 200, 3-4 pills twice a day for a week along with Coffea 200, 4-5 pills at night for a week.
Dr.Munawar.Shaikh last decade

She is poorly digesting food and that led to her other complaints.

Please give her Aethusa 30, 2 pellets, twice or even thrice a day for a few weeks. She may need follow up medicines that include Medhorinum 200, once a week (fear of dark); Nux Vomica 30 and Pulsatilla 30 alternately for a week (indigestion and fear of dark); Ars Alb 30

Coffea can bring her sleep and calm her but would suggest afterwards if needed

With Sincere Prayers,
Reva V
Reva V last decade

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