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No I have not taken Silicea ever before.

Also I want to tell you that I have my final examinations starting in a week and these days I am busy preparing for them and I am doing twice the hardwork I used to do before. Although I am prepared well this time but still the anxiety of 'what if my efforts fail or what if I forget things' has started. I do not want to go into depression again if somehow my expectations don't fulfill.

So please start me with remedy as soon as possible.

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askss last decade
Ok hit the bottle twice against the palm of your hand. Place 1 drop in a full cup of water (250ml) and stir thoroughly. Take 1 teaspoon into the mouth.

This is one dose. Do only this dose and let me know how things go.

There should be an aggravation within the first 3 days. This should die down by the 7th day and improvement will start to show itself then.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Dr David

It has been 8 days since I have taken Silicea 200 single dose as you advised.

I am reporting you the response till date.

1. On the day I took the remedy, after about 1-2 hrs of taking the remedy I noticed an abrupt increase in flatulence which continued for about 4-5hrs an went away. Slight aggravations in intensity of acid reflux was also felt.
2. From the next day of taking the remedy, I was having absolutely no urge to pass stool in the morning. Even great straining was not helping. The urge used to come after afternoon. This continued for about 3 days.
3. Then from the 5th day, I noticed improvement in nature of stools. The urge was there in the morning and stools were not loose or watery, although, unfinished feeling was there. The same improvement was noticed on 6th day also.
4. From 7th day there was no improvement and the nature of stools went back to what it was previously- loose,watery,narrow,constipated. The same is today i.e on 8th day. But since two days I have noticed considerable improvement in my other symptoms - post nasal drip/catarrh of pharynx, acid reflux.

About mental state, I felt as if the effect lasted for only 2-3 days. Since I took the remedy I noticed considerable decrease in my mental fatigue level that used to occur while studying. I was able to exert myself more mentally and was able to study for long hours. Confidence level was also increased. But as the exams approached I again felt decrease in confidence levels and again started to feel mentally fatigued. So I felt the effect of remedy dying. May be the effect of tension of exams counteracted the positive effects the remedy produced. But my first exam went really good and as per my expectations and efforts. Today was my second exam and that went bad.

My overall anxiety levels are reduced from before. I have not noticed the abdominal cramps (that I used to get from anxiety) till now. The anxiety on walking is also somewhat reduced but is still there.

My sleep is also good since I took the remedy. I am feeling better than before in morning on waking.

Please advice if I should repeat the dose or wait for how many more days.
askss last decade
I am awaiting your reply Dr David. Please reply.
I am feeling as if overall improvement is now stopped. Should I repeat the dose?
askss last decade
I am sorry it can be hard for me to get online for very long on the weekends as I can be away.

This is a good reaction to a first dose. Strong aggravation followed by improvment of many symptoms.

At this stage I would be happy to have you repeat the dose exactly as before.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Dr David

It has been 3 days since I have repeated the dose of silicea 200 as you advised.

Till now I haven't noticed any effect of remedy physically or mentally. There is no further improvement of symptoms. Infact it is like my old state is returning back.

Mentally also I am very low right now. I have my exam tomorrow and I am feeling extreme lack of confidence and mentally fatigued. I am getting negative feelings that tomorrow also my efforts would go waste. My last two exams went bad. Inspite of studying hard I had trouble memorizing during the exam and the anxiety further made my mind confused. If tomorrow also it happens the same then it would be an end for me. I am feeling as if tomorrow also my efforts are going to be worthless. It feels as if I am worthless.

Physically also none of my symptoms have shown improvement.

Should I wait for few more days?
askss last decade
Dr David

It seems that u didn't noticed my previous post. Please reply.
askss last decade
Dr David

Since your were not replying to my previous few posts, so I myself took another dose of Silicea 200 3 days back.

On the next day, I noticed an aggravation in my catarrhal condition of throat. There was intense pain on the next morning with much of mucus lining in pharynx. After that I developed runny and blocked nose. This is going on for 3 days and I am not experiencing the pain in throat due to catarrh. I think it is the healing process for catarrh but please rule out that it is not a proving of silicea.

No changes/improvements are noted in symptoms of stool and acid reflux even now.

Please read my previous 2-3 post so you will get to know how the repeated dose of silicea you advised affected me.

Please reply and advice further.
askss last decade
Ok so we have had improvement, but that improvement appears to be failing? Have you returned completely to your old state (prior to the Silicea)?

I am wondering if that repeat dose was too soon. Repeating the dose too soon can appear to recreate the old symptoms. That is probably my major concern - Silicea is a long acting remedy, we may have interupted the changes.

It may also be that Silicea was not close enough to the remedy you actually need.

We need to work through this methodically.

Since you have already repeated the dose 3 times and appear to not be experiencing relief, I would first progress to Silicea 1M, one dose only. IF Silicea is correct that will help, if it is not it will do nothing.

However do not take the 1M until we talk about what is happening that time.

The next step would be to reassess and prescribe a new remedy. I will continue looking over the case to see what else occurs to me.
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brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Yes, I returned almost to my previous state(prior to silicea) in symptoms of my loose stools. Other symptoms stopped improving. The mental state also returned to what it was previously.

Ok, so what I have understood is that I have to take Silicea 1M single dose. But since I have taken Silicea 200 one dose just 3 days back, so should I wait for few more days before taking Silicea 1M?

About selection of a new remedy, please consider whether Natrum Muriaticum will be useful in my case or not. Actually, of all the remedies I have read about, I have found my personality closest to Natrum Mur. The next remedy is Silicea. So, I was wondering if Natrum Mur could be of any help. However my knowledge is limited to what I read on internet and is nothing before your experience. So please advice me what you feel is appropriate to me.
askss last decade
Just let me know when you have the 1M, we will reassess what is happening before you take it.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Dr David

I have got Silicea 1M in liquid dilution.

The current status of my symptoms are -

No urge to pass stools in morning. Urge comes after much straining or after afternoon. Stools are either constipated or loose with an unfinished feeling. The runny nose I was having after taking third dose of silicea 200 stopped day before yesterday and since yesterday I am again feeling the catarrhal symptoms in throat. Acid reflux is also present with no positive or negative change. There is dryness in tongue and mouth.

Anxiety was reduced after first dose of Silicea 200 and the subsequent doses produced no further improvement.

Mentally, there is a great feeling of fatigue, tiredness weakness. I am not able to do any sort of mental work like studying with proper concentration. I am frequently getting those 'tension headaches' that originate from back of head and extend to forehead along sides. None of the doses of silicea 200 I took were effective in reducing or controlling them. These headaches occur after driving, studying or working on laptop. So basically due to mental tiredness and these headaches I cant study at all or do some work involving mental activity. Physically also I feel tiredness and lethargic.
askss last decade
Please reply Dr David
askss last decade
I am awaiting your reply Dr David
askss last decade
Dr David

Since I was not getting any response from you for my previous posts, I kept on waiting to notice response of Silicea 200. It has been 13 days since I have taken the last dose of Silicea 200. The status of my symptoms is more or less same as depicted in my previous post. Please advice me what to do further.

Also I feel that you are not able to notice my post as it is not directly addressed to you. If you permit then I will start another post directly addressed to you and will copy down whole of the conversation from here to that post.
askss last decade

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