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Eczema/Psoriasis help!

Like many people, I am sure, I am getting desperate with my skin complaints.
I have eczema, psoriasis and herpes and am 31(M).
Eczema - started as a toddler following suppression of Asthma. Internal and external steroids used. It has mainly been around my eyes, forehead, elbow and knee joints and inner, upper thighs. My skin is dry but not excessively. The eczema appears inflamed, slightly raised blotches which, if allowed to spread join together. Intense itching, worse for warmth but relieved briefly by taking V. hot baths.
In my 20 I developed depression which was treated with antidepressants.
I then began to develop patches of psoriasis on my scalp (only in hairy parts). One patch on left side of head above ear. Second (worst) patch just behind hairline above right eye.Two tiny (original) patches where the top of my ears jons my head. Begins with red inflammation which, if untreated with Calcipotriol becomes raised and crusty - weeps when picked.
Came off antidepressants after about 6 years and eczema began to get worse again and depression gradually returning. At this time I changed my diet and became very keen on gym/exercise, lost weight and increased general fitness. Visited homeopath for eczema (specifically), took one dose of Sepia LM1 - aggravation immense within 1 or 2 hours. Waited for it to subside - 2 months, becoming more and more depressed. Hom. prescribed Sepia in much lower potency, aggravation less severe but depression increasing. Depression becoming suicidal always fantasising about shooting myself. In the midst of this I just abandoned the homeopathy. Doctor prescribed original AD (prozac), insisting on increasing the dose even though my symptoms were becoming worse.
Eventually admitted to psych ward for a few days which coincided with my partner of 7ish years leaving. There, Prozac stopped and Dothiepine Hydrochloride started.
Over 8 week period, gradual improvement of mood. My ability to get to sleep and stay asleep seems to be a very good indicator of my general mental health.
Now, just over two years on, I have contracted Herpes. I have used Nat-M and Rhus, when appropriate. They generall clear my lips but then the eczema flares up.
As soon as I supress one of these skin diseases, another rears up and it is driving me mad - I am still taking the antidepressants.
I am also in therapy and have two guiding mental symptoms which strike me.
Firstly, my depression and strange behaviour associated with it seems to have its roots in supressed anger.
Also, I become obsessed with sex, engaging in risky encounters and masterbating frequently.
I know this is a complicated case, but I cannot afford to see a homeopath any more and I am getting desperate.
Some other things:
Sleep - I get very worried about my sleep and often calculate to ensure I get sufficient (which I think of as 8). I sleep well (no doubt due, in part, to the antidepressants). When I have insufficient sleep my physical and emotional symptoms are always aggravated. I can raely remember dreams.
Heat aggravates me. My favoutite weather would be a cool, crisp day in spring with the sun shining. I become anxious and depressed and my physical symtoms deteriorate before thunder storms. When they eventually break I get enormous relief. My skin is aggravated when I am by the sea.
I like alcohol and drink mostly wine (3-4 glasses per day).
Food - I really enjoy my food and eat a fairly healthy and well-balanced diet. I hate anchovies and capers. Love cheese, butter, bread and fruit. I sometimes wonder whether eating alot of sugar (which I do very rarely) makes my eczema worse.
I am gay and a practising (out) Christian.
1 grandfather had many strokes and Alzheimers and his Son (my Father) has high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.
The other grandfather had Parkinsons.
I had all the usual vacs and childhood diseases. However, I had severe chicken pox at 18 with scarring still persisting.
At the moment, having just got rid of genital herpes the eczema on my forehaed and elbow joints is hot, red, itching, pricking and tingling. Scratching relieves briefly, but sensation returns as burning or pricking.
Trying to look at myself objectively I wondered whether I might try Staph. I really do want to stop using steroids, calipotriol and antiviral stuff. Not sure about the antidepressants, tho'.
I have a horror of discovering that that level of drugs I have used would render me as incurable because I cannot go on balanacing all these things for the rest of my life.
I guess this is just a classic case of endless suppression- but can I get out of it?
  kairos on 2005-05-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Forgot to add 2 things:
1) I think this site is absolutely brilliant and
2) I love coffee and drink 3 or 4 espressos each morning.
kairos last decade
OK...this is the last addition.
I have just remembered a couple more symptoms - all of which are fairly prominent
1 - when in a conversation with somebody with whom I want to express my anger (which I never do) i find myself trembling afterwards.
2 - I cannot bear anyone close to me, who knows me well paying me a compliment. i have to change the subject really quickly or end up bursting into tears.
3 - I have to keep myself occupied all of the time. If I don't have anything I have to do I will find something to study. If I find I have time on my hands I usually go out cruising, looking for casual sex. My skin symptoms are always worse afterwards.
4 - I have psoriasis on the nail beds of one finger on each hand. the nearest joint is swollen, red, hot and painful.
I really do think that is it.
I feel a bit guilty taking up so much space on the board, but I hope somebody might have some ideas.
Thanks for reading this far...if you have!
kairos last decade
Dont worry - plenty of space.

You seem to have been collecting orhodox treatment , as if you were trying to get a full set.

All of these things have roused into full bloom the Psoric miasm.

Alcohol [any] will aggravate the problems -- as will coffee. And probably sex!.

Not much left is there?.

Check out Lycopodium , Sulphur and Psorinum. See if they ring any bells.
passkey last decade
Thanks - I really appreciate you looking at this.
Interesting that you should identify the 3 things which I (half)jokingly think of as holding my life together and making it bearable - alcohol, coffee and sex.
I think Lyc is straight out since I am never chilly, I can happily walk about in tshirt and shorts during a snow storm.
Psor & Sulph are harder to differentiate tho'. When the eczema is bad, the itch is unbearable and angry red and I do look dirty (even straight after a bath). I definitely feel better when my skin is uncovered and in contact with cool air.
Is Psor chilly too? If so that only leaves Sulph.
I have always been a bit scared of sulph because of the risk of aggravation.
I have been becoming increasingly forgetful of late (noticed also by friends and occaisionally getting me into awkward circumstances). However, I have considered this as a side-effedt of ADs and not included it a s a symptom.
Looking through Boericke, I find it hard to plump for either Sulph or Psor.
Any guidance?
kairos last decade
Psorinum would like to wear a fur cap in summer.!!

bandarbabu2000 last decade
In which case...that leaves Sulphur.
What potency would be good to avoid an unbearable agravation?
On LM1 (Sepia) one dose set off an aggravation that lasted for about 3 months, with no improvement, until it became infected and I could not bear it any longer and flew right back to the steroids and antibiotics.
Also, I am in the middle of a flare up right now.
kairos last decade
Do NOT - repeat NOT - use water to clean the body.

Eczena HATES water. Use cleansing lotion, unmedicated.

Afraid of aggravation . OK lets take it gradually,

Get 30c, 150c and 500c.

Take ONE only of each potency at 24 hour inervals , on three sucessive nights , on going to bed . at least 15 min after brushing teeth with non medicated toothpaste.

We'll see where we are by 2 weeks after the above .

may be OK ,but may need to go higher.
passkey last decade
Sorry didnt specify Sulphur!.
passkey last decade
This is brilliant, thanks for your time.
I have 30c, and the pharmacies I normally use (Helios/Ainsworths) do not do 150 or 500.
Not sure what to do...
kairos last decade
I normally get these potencies from

Galen Homeopathics
Lewell mill .
West Stafford .
Dorset DT2 8AN.
Phone outside UK – 0044 1305 265759 or 263996

in uk drop the 0044 and put a zero before 1305
passkey last decade
My remedies arrive tomorrow. I just wanted to make sure I understand your directions.
I am to take 1 dose of all three potencies at the same time on 3 consecutive nights.
Is that right?
Thanks again for your help.
kairos last decade
Hi I've heard that Moducare is good for many things. I use beta glucan for my lichen sclerosis and now I'm hearing about moducare. I haven't tried it because the beta glucan works for me. I've heard that both of these products cure many skin problems including yours. I've heard they will cure,cancer,HIV,herpes,arthirtis,skin problems and more.
Roxy90 last decade
Thanks for that. I am glad to hear you have found something so helpful.
I am really trying to stick with homeopathy for my treatment but I will certainly bear this in mind.
kairos last decade
Could anyone answer my question 3 above? I think Passkey has gone away and I don't want to get it wrong now I have the remedies.
Thanks guys.
kairos last decade
Hi Kairos! Go to the vitamin store or search the web for the beta glucan1/3,1/6(made frome the walls of bakers yeast)it cures so many things. I had lichen sclerosis-an evil skin condition of the vagina/vulva in which my doctors either couldn't diagnose or miss-diagnosed at first as psoriasis. Steroid creams is the worst thing you can put on your skin. It only suppresses it-it doesn't cure it. Beta glucan got rid of my lichen sclerosis and can get rid of the psoriasis.It kills bacterial,fungal and viral infections. It's also said to cure: HERPES,cancer,allergies,HIV,auto-immune dis-orders,skin problems,bacterial vaginosis,bladder infections,and helps get rid of wrinlkes. It promotes healthy skin and joint growth. I've also been hearing alot of good things about Moducare-I've heard it cures many things too including herpes and psoriosis-but I've never tried it. Any way beta glucan worked for me-and I tried so many things!Go do some research on it like I did!
Roxy90 last decade
Hi - I understand from reading passkeys note to you that you should take:
1 dose only of 30c on first night, then 24 hours later (2nd night) take 1 dose only of 150c, then 24 hours later (3rd night) take 1 dose only of 500c.
erika last decade
Thank you, Erika, I really appreciate that. Wish me luck!
kairos last decade
of course! good luck and let us know how you get on!? :)
erika last decade
I am back now -- Erika is right , and do let us know,,,, cheers
passkey last decade
Thanks Erika and Passkey.
Have followed instructions and observing results. Aggravation fairly mild i am pleased to say.
kairos last decade
I have the familiar tingling in my upper lip telling me there is a cold sore on the way. Normally I take Nat-M which stops it in its tracks. I am guessing that it is probably best to let it come out, but thought I better check with you. I have had a really busy 3 days without much sleep, so it is no surprise.
kairos last decade
In any case the Sulphur would act to 'throw out' an internal problem . So if possible do not take any further medication.
passkey last decade
1 Week Update:
Eczema already existing on forehead nearly clear.
Psoriasis on head, initial aggravation then moderate improvement (Remarkable in that I have stopped the allopathic medication).
Tingling lip came to nothing.
Moderate to severe aggravation in and around armpits - pink to red, slightly raised patches all beginning to join up. Generally humid rather than dry, but with slight dry white 'fur' on top, worse in bed and in heat. Raw and stinging when I sweat (eg after exercise).
Moderate aggravation (as above) on upper inner thigh area, scrotum and penis. Very itchy.
Moderate aggravationon elbow and knee creases. Very itchy.
Woken at 5.30am for 3 mornings running with severe itching, cannot go back to sleep. Feeling mildly depressed and anxious on getting up.
I think this is a key time for me. When I tried hom. before the aggravation around my armpits and groin became so troublesome I was getting up at 3am to have a boiling hot bath (the heat stopped the itching just for half an hour).
Eventually the armpit area became infected and weeping. I lost so much sleep that I became increasingly depressed and had to go to the doctor. Treatment - steroid and antibiotic cream, of course!
Hoping and praying that it won't get quite that bad.
kairos last decade
If it gets too much to bear come back and we'll change the remedy.

nb . I go on vacation 10th to 27th June
passkey last decade

Psoriasis on head continues to improve gradually.

New patches of inflammation on chest and neck.

Armpit aggravation very uncomfortable, slightly more raised than previously. When I get hot it becomes very red with tiny spots under the skin, as if the blood as come right to the surface. (Same on upper inner thigh area, whic has got slightly worse).

New eruption on lower back/buttocks, as above.

Penis shiny, red skin, looks completely different from other eczema (herpes?) Gradually it becomes dry and leathery. Also, strange thumb-print sized, blue/black mark near base of penis. Looks like a bruise but doesn't feel like it.

Little change in elbow and knee creases.

Itching very intense late afternoon/early evening.

When I wake in the morning there are big scratch marks that have drawn blood where I must have scratched while half asleep. Otherwise trying very hard not to scartch, but sometimes unavoidable.

Energy and mood are a bit down. It feels as if the eczema is taking over my body and my life!

Better for uncovering and cool, fresh air.

Two worries:

1) Can the aggravation ever calm down while I am still taking antidepressants? Will the Sulphur just continue 'throwing it out'? I really don't feel confident to stop them as well as the steroids at this time.

2) If things continue as present I reckon I can only manage another couple of days. I wonder if you could suggest something to 'move me on'? I will leave it as long as I can before using it. I am just a bit worried about not knowing what to do while you are away. I know there are others to help but I suspect that the continuity with one person must be the better option...?

Many thanks.
kairos last decade

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