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I think I'm a bit of a complicated case!

Could anyone please be so kind as to help me with my symptoms? I know a bit about homeopathy just from what I have read out of my own interest, though I am not able to diagnose myself, I wondered if any of you could help me? I will desribe what I can to you, as much as possible and maybe you can ask me for any further information I may have missed. I have gone a lot into my emotional state and inner feelings - I don't know if this is the right approach, but I have been as open and honest as I can as I heard homeopaths take all aspects into consdieration when diagnosing a case, so here goes...

My main problems are emotional rather than physical...I just cannot seem to get myself out of the rut I am stuck in. I procrastinate a lot - but even when I work hard I seem unable to progress very far or very quickly.

Also, for example...I know how to sensibly loose weight, but whenever I get to a certain weight, I seem to make a purposefull effort to put it back on...it's like I am unable to move beyond a certain goal or point...like i am holding myself back for some reason and unable to move forward (this applies not not just with the weight - but to all areas of my life I feel unable to move on and
I feel quite stuck.)

I also have feelings of regret. Regret at the choices I have made in the past. I feel I got it all wrong - but am unable to forgive myself or move on from this.

Another big thing, is, I cannot seem to settle on one career path...I know what I am good at and what I should do, but I feel like I keep avoiding this by dabbling in other areas, which I must even admit, are probably not right for me. You could say i have flights of idle fancies an issue with avoidance.

I have a lot of ideas - anyone which would be good if I could commit to it, but I seem unwilling to bring them to fruitation and i almost feel like I have this 'mental block' - even though i know i am capable of going far if i could just overcome it.

I would say i am probably an 'all or nothing' person and when i am in the 'all' mode - i can be a real perfectionist. I am quite strict with myself and hold myself back from enjoyment unless I can complete my work (which of course is never done).

I get frustrated with the fact that other people do not see the world from my point of view - i.e do not care about what I care for...but i equally get frustrated with myself for not feeling able to do something about it. I see what is wrong in the world, and it frustrates/upsets me, as I am an idealist at heart...but feel I am unable to make it better or make other people better and even though i realise I am FAR from a perfect person myself...i am disappointed that other people do not have the same idealistic standards. So I guess you could say I also have feelings of being let down by the world and other people and myself. But no one can reach my own standards - I can't meet them even!

I prefer my own company and hate to be the centre of attention, yet at the same time i want to have attention and am a bit demanding/needy. I am creative, imaginative, a dreamy type - probably a bit immature....but i am intelligent and my mind is very active. Possibly i think too much. I lack confidence in my own ability - though i know i am capable if i give myself the chance so i guess i am a bit of a contradiction too.

I have a constant feeling of doubt/ uncomfortable feeling of something looming, or of just something not quite right - it's hard to explain but i feel - its a sort of bad feeling always there - a bit like a sublte kind of feeling of dread of some kind at the back of my mind - something waiting to happen. I seem to talk about death quite a lot (though ofcourse, i do not want to die! ) it just fascinates me that there maybe something other than this existence.

i know i sometimes trail off my sentences when i speak...occasionally, i might stutter, but its probably just a lack of confidence.

Anxiety and fear of people and of letting them down, is a bigger problem. I am a bit of a people pleaser...though i try not to care what others think of me, i still do. Though, sometimes i revel in being different - again, a contradiction within myself?

I find it hard to accept love - I long for love, but at the same time I am a bit closed to it - I want to be touched, but I don't like to be touched!

As for physical symptoms...I get lower back ache occassionally, i think i mentioned blushing (anxiety related)...and i also sometimes experience skipped heart beats...which i feel on my left side, usually in the evening when i am sat down, or when i lie down on my left side. I also have irregular periods.

Also, I crave sweet food over savoury!

Mmm..hehe - well, I think I have given you a lot to go on there! Not sure what else I can add, but please, if anyone could help to give me some direction...I would most appreciate your time and trouble. If you have any further questions, I am very happy to answer them. Thank you so much for your interest!

  roses on 2005-05-19
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Hello Rose,
Thank you for taking the time to describe your symptoms in detail.
One dose of Thuja 200C is what I suggest.
CHELLE last decade
Hi Rose,
I would recommend you check out the flower essences, in particular the Australian Bush Flower Remedies, which can be v. powerful instigators of change on all levels.

There is one in particular called 'Five Corners' which in my book (Bush Flower Healing by Ian White) is described as being "for the person who sabotages their own goals. They know what they want to do and how to do it but almost unconsciously they allow things to happen in their lives which prevent them from achieving their dreams, because at the bottom level they believe that either they are not good enough or they don't deserve it."

Also check out Little Flannel Flower, Bush Fuchsia, Mint Bush, Bottlebrush www.ausflowers.com.au

You can buy the single essences on local internet or many health food shops stock them or will order for you the one you want.

Remember Rose... that life for creative people is all about play, not achieving a state of 'perfectionism'. Perfectionism is what we think we want when we fear how to get it. It just doesn't have anything to do with creativity. Creativity is a messy thing, full of process and 'mistakes' and 'imperfections' ... this is where the true beauty of life lives..

Have courage to make mistakes. We learn the most important lessons from our mistakes. What do we really learn from our achievements other than what in our hearts we knew we could do already?

Where there is love there is no fear. That is why perfectionism is a bogus construct of the mind and not a manifestation of the heart.

Rose, I'd advise you to make as much mess and as many mistakes as possible in the process of finding what and how you feel happiest doing and being. Let go of those old regrets and absolve yourself completely. Don't keep on punishing yourself .

Let love into your heart. Find a healer whose u like and think about receiving some spiritual healing perhaps, to help clear those energy blocks. If in UK i can recommend.

Lastly, THE book for all blocked creatives which I can't recommend highly enough :

"The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron.

Take care & move on through.. xx
carlotta last decade
Thanks so much for your replies Chelle and Charlotta...it's really interesting to get other people's opinion.

I will give Thuja a go and let you know how that goes Chelle...but I do have one concern - I have never seen a dose of 200C in the shops - will a chemists stock it? I really am not sure where to go to get it.

Carlotta - I admit I do have a bit of a pefectionism problem! But can spiritual healing really help me? I am willing to try anything... I do live in the uk, so if you can recommend someone I would really appreciate it. Thanks for your detailed advice BTW - it really touched me.

love Rose. x
roses last decade
Helios pharmacy is in UK, also try Ainsworths, I think they are the ones that supply the royal family.
saltOftheEarth last decade
Rose, leave me yr email address here and i'll give u details of healing. Carlotta x
carlotta last decade
My email is:

p_o_e_m at


Thanks again.
roses last decade
Also, I wonder if any one could tell me if there is a suitable homeopathic remedy for panic attacks?

I often suffer from these especially before social encouters - even though logically, I know I'll be okay when I get there, I still panic and I really need something to help me to control the onset of these awful panic attacks.

Again, I'm happy to answer any more questions anyone may have about my case.

(Maybe I should put this in a new thread?)

Thanks, Rose.
roses last decade
Sorry I had to bunk this thread up to the top again/ I just want to see if anyone can help me understand if thuja is at all possibly responsible for a bad reaction the other day... or if it is just a return of my depression.

I'm confused as to what happens when you take homeopathic remedies, can it take few days to show itself as in a return of symptoms you thought you had overcome or do an reactions usually happen immediately after taking it? I also wonder if I made the mistake of taking too much...here's my post from the recent thread I made (thuja):
redgirl last decade
For some reason I seem unable to copy and paste it, however if anyone thinks they may be able to help it is under the thread started called "thuja". Thanks again. Roses (redgirl)
redgirl last decade

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