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Help: Taking 1M potency twice daily


Is taking 1M potency 2 pills in morning and 2 in the evening an overdose for a 4.5 year old boy?

The medication is 'Tarentula hispanica'.

  spkcaccounts on 2011-05-22
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Yes it is.

Any homeopathic remedy continued for long periods in the same potency will result in something called a 'proving' where the person taking it will start developing symptoms which are a part of the remedy picture and were not a part of his natural disease state.
sameervermani 9 years ago
Ouch! I took my son to a homeopathic doctor and she prescribed this dosage. Now I am even suspecting if Tarentula hispanica is the correct med for the following condition. Please let me know so that I can stop the medication immediately if it is wrong:

Please help my son (4.5 years old). He suffers from serious behavior problems:

He is defiant. If we tell him not to do something he wants to do it (sometimes he does this, at other times he is very obedient and a very sweet boy).

He is hyperactive and always seem to have a lot of energy (for example, when new people see in for 10 mins they say your son has a lot of energy).

When visitors are at our place he wants to constantly talk to them, show them his toys or something or the other. He just wants to get their attention.

If he doesn't get their attention he does things that makes him look like a buffoon (for example, jumping up and down, rolling on the floor). It appears that he doesn't understand the social boundaries quite well.

He always compares himself to his friends (or us) and keeps claiming -- 'he is bigger', or 'taller' or 'stronger' than his friends (or us).

When he doesn't get what he wants he starts hitting other people (his parents, friends, teachers, etc). Sometimes he gets into extreme rage.

He often talks out of turn. For example, if we are asking his friends something, he will jump with something interrupting the discussion. Even if his friend is describing his new toy, he interrupts him by telling about something else. At times my son is very talkative.

Having said all this he is sometimes a very sweet boy, obedient, intelligent and caring. He has an amazing memory and can recall things from almost 1.5 - 2 years ago. He also enjoys doing his homework or coloring etc.

He also suffers from serious GERD (acid reflux issues and he taking Prevacid (a PPI drug)). He have this, what appears to be, epileptic attacks at night (though the neurologist is unsure if they are seizures). He is not taking any anti-seizure drugs. His attacks are usually of the form where he suddenly wakes up from sleep with a loud cry and then his whole body starts to shiver and shake. Specially he kicks his legs. The episode lasts less a minute and he spits a lot of mucus from his mouth during this time. He then goes back to sleep very tiered.
spkcaccounts 9 years ago
How long has he been taking it?

What have been the results to far?

The real test of a remedy is the effect it has - that is the most important piece of information.
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
He has been taking Tarentula hispanica since 5 days now (2 pills twice daily, 1M potency).

Since taking it the old positive change has been is that he is less impulsive now.

But he is still hyperactive and very defiant. He still hits when he gets angry.
spkcaccounts 9 years ago
There are a couple of problems with that dosage.

One is that the pillules are being give directly as repeat doses. They should always be given in liquid form (dissolved into a bottle of water and alcohol) and the bottle firmly hit against the palm of the hand. Pillules (dry doses) tend to be more aggravating, and are less effective when repeated.

The next problem is that is alot of doses to be given without testing for your son's reactions and sensitivies. 10 doses of 1M does seem excessive, especially if that prescriber does not know how your son typically reacts to remedies and potencies.

If the remedy is correct, a single dose will have enough positive effect to determine that. Then you can judge by the reactions how often to give the dose.
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
If it is not Tarentula hispanica, then what other med would fit by sons symptoms?

BTW my son loves music a lot. But his symptoms don't worsen or improve with music.

Please help my son we are desperate.
spkcaccounts 9 years ago
There is no way to tell from the small amount of information you have given. He could be any of a hundred remedies.

It is important if you make a choice of homoeopath to see it through - you just need to challenge them on the dosage. Have you reported back the reaction?
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
Well the problem is that the Homeopathic doctor has asked us to give him this dose for 10 days and then report the results.

But dosing seems too excessive. So am unable to understand how to go about this now. Please advice.
spkcaccounts 9 years ago
I would stop. 20 doses of 1M is too much without first assessing the reactions. It is irresponsible.

See what the homoeopath's reaction is to asking him to explain such aggressive dosing. That will tell you alot about whether you can trust him.
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
My husband is nat mur personality.
just one dose of 1M is sufficient.how do we cum to know ?
when does he need to repeat ?he has high bp
And hyper acidity.
pinky mehta 5 years ago
My mom is 55 yr old.she has severe acidity.heartburn.
She doesnt have anything spicy.what ever she eats,she feels acidity.she had many doses of Nat phos 200c .still it happens.she feel pain in upper obdomen also sometimes due to gas
pinky mehta 5 years ago
Dear Pinky-

do not get stuck on "personality"

Homeopathy is about MATCHING.

It is based on the ancient healing law-- "like cures

If an acute illness meaning sudden and will eventually
resolve on its own- the remedy is matched to the
Illness symptoms.

If a chronic Illness the remedy is matched to the physical
symptoms, the emotional symptoms, the mental states,
the what makes it better and worse states for that
person, what are food likes and dislikes etc and
the homeopath should be looking for what is strange
and peculiar coming up in all this.

For example, a long narrow stool is a strange and
peculiar symptom that goes with the remedy phosphorus.
Wanting to eat one thing at a time everyday for every meal is
a strange and peculiar symptom of Aloe Socotrina.

The basic thing you are looking at here is CHRONIC
disease prescribing ( not personality or constitutional

You have to give a case-then the remedy is matched
and you see if the Cure is following Herings Law of Cure.

You probably do not have the right remedy - needed or
matched up to either person.
[message edited by simone717 on Sat, 21 Feb 2015 19:42:31 GMT]
simone717 5 years ago
Thanks simone for replying.i understood what u said.
I thought personality type remedy will cure all the problems in a person. So i am more intrested to find the remedy.
Anyways then can u take my husbands case?
Frequent acidity and mood swings.borderline diabetes and cholestrol he has.
pinky mehta 5 years ago
No, it won't cure all the problems, depending on what
the problems are and why they came about.

Can your husband answer the questions himself, if
it is thru you that is ok, but it has to be HIS words.

Is your husband willing to change his diet? bc that has
to happen or nothing will work.
simone717 5 years ago
Personality is not a disease, so you don't attempt to treat or cure it.

However, the chronic disease within a person can certainly come out through the personality, distorting it in some way. The important thing is to determine what the SYMPTOMS are within the personality that stem from this internal disease (fears, anxieties, obsessions etc.).

The idea that personalities, especially positive healthy traits, are related to a remedy is an unfortunate misconception that has developed over the years, especially in the last few decades.

Having said that, many times the emotional and mental state of the patient will be of primary importance in choosing the remedy, be it acute or chronic. However, this is only going to be true if those areas are being significantly affected by the internal disease OR the symptoms are peculiar and point to specific remedies.
Evocationer 5 years ago
Dear simon,

Yes my husband is willing to change his diet he said.and will follow u correctly.can u
Take his case?

I have already read a lot about him.he matches to
nat mur i feel.

Anyways plz let me know what has to be done.

Thanks in advance
pinky mehta 5 years ago
Hi PInky,

Please have him answer the questions on this link- and be
detailed ( no yes or no answers)

And have him list All his complaints. And everything he has taken
or is taking, whether it is homeopathic, herbs, allopathic, supplements,

After this, Please list what he eats on a normal day and include height
and weight.

Thank you.

simone717 5 years ago
How often should you take a !M potency?
thegatesofzion last year
Potency strength and amount of doses depends
On the reaction to the remedy. There are no “set” rules. Each person will have their own reaction and that reaction determines A. Is the remedy the best match, a partial match or no results?
B. Is it the right strength ? In general, if you are self prescribing for an
Acute(not chronic ) problem, you would try a dose of 30c and then wait
For a day and observe results. If you felt better then
No more doses until you feel worse again.

Remedies are meant to cure the problem- if you have results but have to keep repeating the remedy, then the remedy
Is palliating the symptoms and not curing them.

It is best to put your specifics on here or see a real homeopath
To get advice on this- 1m can be active for at least 2 to 4 weeks- I would never start with that if you are self prescribing.
simone717 last year
Thank you for replying to my question.

I asked this question because I knew that you can take potencies of 30C and below more often, but I was wondering if taking a 1M remedy required a longer waiting time between doses than lower potencies (generaly speaking).

If you are taking a 1M potency and the symptoms return, can you take the remedy again as soon as it returns, no matter what the time is between pain episodes?
thegatesofzion last year
No. When you have the right remedy often old symptoms show up and then they release- remedies when they are a good match work because
The body will not tolerate a similar match to the disease. The body thinks this is a second similar- it responds by
Raising life force to push out the remedy and then it is targeting the real problem match.

You have to observe whether old things are appearing and leaving-
Otherwise you will be overloading the life force reaction by dosing too soon . Example : child was given drosera for cough and cough was
Improving after one 30c. Then, parents thought
They should follow the “bottle direction”( take 3 tabs every 4 hours)
Cough came back and they then waited for 8 hours for overdose to wear off and improvement.
simone717 last year
So what you saying is to take one dose, wait to see if there is an improvement. If there is no improvement, seek another remedy.

But what happens if there was an improvement, but the symptom comes back over and over again. Do you continue taking the correct remedy but increase the potency?

Then wait for a reaction. Positive reaction with no further return of the symptoms, stop taking the remedy.

If thee the symptoms return then what?
thegatesofzion last year
You need someone to guide you -
There is a big difference between acute and chronic ailments.
Things that have gone on a long time and may have been suppressed
By other meds, or even wrong homeopathic meds that palliate.

You need someone to take your case and follow
Your reactions and guide.
[Edited by simone717 on 2018-10-29 18:36:44]
simone717 last year

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