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SOS::11 mnth baby vomiting for last 5 mnths..HELP!!

My baby girl is 11mnth old nw. Birth weight - 2.85 kg. Weight at 5 mnths - 5.9 kgs. Current Weight (11 mnths)- 6.9 kg.

Problem - Vomiting since Jan 7th i.e. 5 mnths, Is Underweight & very thin.

Initially aft every feed. Then, slowly decreased to once or twice every day. I tried aethusa 30 for a week. Then Justicea for few days. Then Belladonna, coz she was having cold. She feeds very little since then. Her vomiting is now repeated every three days. That entire day, she hardly feeds and vomits everything, even water. Vomit is yellowish & very smelly. Her motions are regular.

Had tested stool in 9th mnth, found severe infection. was given antibiotic Amikacin injections for 5 days.

Her activities are crawling, holding & standing, now tryin to stand wout support. My peds ve been giving ondem & domistal. Latest is 1 mnth continous use of JUNIOR LANZOL. found ur forum while searching side effects. Ve started Nat Phos aft every feed. Past three days, she was eating fine, no vomiting. But since last night her vomiting has started again.

Not she has just cut one tooth, passes green stool. current routine & current test show no infection. her vomiting is still going on every 2 or 3 days. Activity becomes zero that day. she just clings to me the whole day. wants to be held.

She breastfeeds more at night than in the day. I feed her cerelac, formula, Boiled homemade rice and dal with salt. Ve not yet started regular fruit pulp or veg due to her throwing up

Please guide what i should do..Am really worried about her looking so thin.

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  praveena on 2011-06-06
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
She likes to be fed whatever we eat or are holding like biscuits, bread, etc more wilfully. Please HELP me out. I am tired of allopathy treatments. They want me to go for a MILK scan now.
praveena last decade
Firstly, stop all other homoeopathic remedies, including the nat-phos.

This kind of presentation probably suits a remedy like Arsenicum.Can you get hold of 200c ?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
did anything happen around the 5mths? was she given vaccination? or was their any family stress? i agree with brisbane stop taking all homeopathic remedies as taking lots will mix up the picture. Ars is well worth trying for her but i would also suggest puls as this would match her physicals of vomiting yellow and mentals of being clingy. let us know what you do
anna_jenkins last decade
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Joe De Livera last decade
Firstly, Thanks a lot for the prompt replies..Consoles me a lot.

i stopped everything 3 months ago..started nat phos 3 days ago only..

yes, she got severe cold and cough after a 3 day outdoor trip in last week of her 5th mnth. We were going thru a very tough time financially and mentally too. I was always under extreme stress. For about a mnth aft that, life was like hell.

I will give her both arsenicum 200 & puls..Kindly tell me about the dosage (for puls) & when to give it to her (aft food or before food??) Should i make any dietary changes?
praveena last decade
'i stopped everything 3 months ago..started nat phos 3 days ago only..'

Did the Nat Phos help her?

Do not give her both remedies prescribed by David and Anna at the same time. This is not the way to use Homeopathic remedies. Use ONE remedy at a time for at least a week in the Wet dose made in the manner described below:

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

Order the remedy in the Liquid pack in Alcohol, also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard at least 6 times before you sip a capfull of the bottle or a large teaspoonful which is the dose.
Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this enhances the effect of the remedy on the user.
Joe De Livera last decade
Did she get a cold after getting wet? is there anymore info you can tell us? what makes her worse, better? is she thirsty or not? does she like fresh air, warmth?
anna_jenkins last decade
- The Nat Phos seemed to increase her appetite. She agreed to eat by opening her mouth which is a rarity..
- I started giving her smaller feeds frequently. almost evry 2 hours.
- My girl refused the bottle since 4 mnths.
- She drinks very less water and almost always seems to choke on it, whether i use a sippy cup or a spoon, whether she is in lying position or sitting upright.

--- Should i give her a teaspoonful (appropriate for baby??). How many times a day? and when ?

--- Is Arsenicum same as Arsenic Album?
praveena last decade
- She didnt get wet. It was a big function. Lot of people handled her (which she was not used to). The weather was cold. She was on exclusive breastfeeding then.
- She likes fresh air. happy when she is out.
- She is averse to heat, does not like when i get irritated. I cant carry her for long due to a back injury. She clings to me & sleeps while breastfeeding multiple times in night.So, i get up cramped in the morning.
- Me n my Husband went through lot of emotional trauma since past 1 year.
- The latest observation was she started crying badly when i was kicking away a chair in frustration. The stress of handling home, my pain due to injury, office work (i work from home) gets to me.
- As a breastfeeding mother, my diet is not at all good. sometimes hours without food due to work pressure. Some say, she is reacting to that.
praveena last decade
May I suggest that you stay with the Nat Phos 6x for the moment as according to your report it has in fact helped her. I presume that she has not vomited her food.

You can give her half a tablet dissolved in water after every feed and do not follow her around to open her mouth for that next bite. This is often a mistake that parents make when feeding their baby as it is her prerogative to eat when she feels that she is hungry. You must increase the number of feeds like you are doing now.

You must persuade her to drink water as this is essential for her general condition and growth

Do not consider Arsenicu Album in any potency as this is Arsenic in another form and I would not give it to a baby unless it is essential and no other remedy will help.
Joe De Livera last decade
There is no need to put fear on giving ars it would not harm a child. Us homeopaths are bound to have different opinions on remedies but homeopathy is not a medicine to be fearful of and it is dissapointing to hear you say that.
anna_jenkins last decade
hi praveena
do you know much about homeopathy?
After reading what you have explained to be i feel the child has picked up on your stress. children at this age tend to mirror the mothers remedy picture. I know its hard but try to not show these feelings to the child and kick chairs as these things can frighten them and cause the child to react.

Does she seem frightened?
how long has she been clingy?
since the teething or vomiting?
what colour are her stools?
Does she get irritable?
did she get better after the antibiotics? if not what changed

If you could answer these questions i will look at her case for you and let you know what i think.
anna_jenkins last decade
yeah, I agree. I shudnt show my stress around her. I ve been using homeopathy since a kid. It has solved many odd probs like bad odour sweat, on & off fever attacks before exams, breathlessness attack during tension & yellow teeth.

- She doesnt seem frightened. Ever since the first attack of vomiting bouts which lasted for 2 days, she has been clingy. However, when she is better, she does not likr being held & likes to explore around.

- Her stool is still greenish, very smelly and solid. Occurs twice a day. She strains a little now. Coz earlier they were slimy, smelly and contained mucus sometimes.

- Her appetite increased agt antibiotics but vomiting continued every two or three days.

-She vomits when i try to give her some food or water and contains food as well as yellowish liquid. What is the reason for this yellowish liquid??

- She keeps twisting and turning when held on the day of vomiting as though she is in pain. Does not agree if i sit. ve to hold her and roam around. Sleeps only when patted speedily on the back while holding her.
praveena last decade
It occurs to me that the problem may be due to the formula that you are feeding her.

It is OK to give a baby regular milk at 12+ months of age and it may be worth asking your pediatrician if it would be OK to give milk to her at 11 months considering her circumstances.

If this is OK start by giving her a 50:50 mix and if she responds positively, you may continue.
Joe De Livera last decade
She may be reacting to formula, is there any signs that you can see?
just a few more questions if you can answer

when she is unwell is she angry, irritable, throws things?
does she cry?
Is her face pale or red on one cheek when ill?
if she vomits every three days, is anything changing on the third day?
Are you eating anything different?
Are you giving her too much salt?
if she wants to eat your food give it to her, and try her with veg but not fruit as fruit may upset the stomach if delicate.
anna_jenkins last decade
The remedy I suggested was Arsenicum album.

If someone else wishes to take over the case and will accept responsibility for it, that is fine.

All of these subsequent posts appeared while I was asleep. I am in Australia.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Why don't the homeopaths on here work together. i was not taking over i actually supported you when joe was saying not to take ars. i don't understand this forum i thought it was for people to write comments and the reader to take the responsibility on taking the remedies! Not for the homeopaths to argue on who is taking the case and what to give?
anna_jenkins last decade
Anna one person needs to take responsibility, form a contract, with the patient, to avoid confusion and conflicting advice and prescriptions. I don't mind if you want to do it - this was not a criticism. There is no argument here, I really have no attachment to who takes on this case. I did not intend for you to be offended by my words.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I'll let you take the case then brisbane as you started the contact with the patient, i hope it goes well. no offence taken!
anna_jenkins last decade
Hi Anna & Brisbane & Joe,

Thanks a lot for your advice. A discussion of this kind helped me clear my views on homeopathy inspite of my using it since past 28 yrs. I thought its side effects free, so was using it rashly. now i will be careful. You guys are really doing a great job!!

I contacted a homeopath here for a check up of the symptoms of my daughter today. She took in all symptoms.
Thanks Anna for asking all those details. It helped me recollect & narrate the same to the doc today. i wud recount for you -
-- She is angry and folds up her knees when being held during the vomiting days. Sleeps also in the prayer position. (on her stomach with knees folded)
--i ve not tried to change anything to maintain a pattern in the hope it might stop her. So no changes.
--i eat home made food mostly..my diet has not undergone any drastic changes.kept a tab but didnt find any pattern.
--i recently started salt, with only a few granules added coz i read in the 'What to Expect' series that blanded introductory foods give better food habits. And started salt on doc's insistence.
--Yeah, ve started giving her our food. her nutritionist suggested that as an additional food and asked me to continue her regular diet i.e. rice cereleac, boiled rice and legumes like a porridge, veg stock, fruit pulp of apple, banana or chickoo & asked to add honey and ragi to her diet too.
--i ve not started fruit yet due to ur stated reason.
--Joe, i cant give her regular milk as milk comes adulterated here. Even the packaged ones cant be trusted. so, the ped had asked me to breatfeed till she is 2 yrs (dont know if i will, my nipples are sore all the time) or to give her Naan from Nestle brand
--had she been allergic to formula,y react every three days, shud be everyday right??.
--one reason for three day reaction given by the gastroenterologist is that the reflux keeps building in her but only comes out the third day coz its excess by then. What do u guys think??
--Today's med given by homeopath is R52 - 8 drops every two hours and globules bottle but no name is written on the med. Will check with her and tell you.
praveena last decade
*sigh* so someone gave you a combination remedy. Lazy prescribing by someone who isn't trained properly - perhaps they are not even a homoeopath. That is a shame.

If you are lucky, the right remedy might be in that mix. Arsenicum is not in it however, and the potencies are all very low so I am not sure that they will even be strong enough for the intensity of your child's complaints. Generally I find children respond quite well to 200c.

If this doesn't work come back to us and we can try to work out a solution the correct way.
[message edited by brisbanehomoeopath on Tue, 07 Jun 2011 23:23:51 BST]
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I will express my anger from the rude msg you have recieved from brisbane. i am glad my questioning helped you with your homeopath. how is she doing? has there been any changes or improvement yet?
anna_jenkins last decade
Oh I see this is the post you formed your opinion from Anna.

Well yes I suppose this sounds harsh. I won't back down from this opinion though. As I said in that other post, this comes out of decades of watching the harm combinations do, and the harm the prescribers who rely on them do. For people who have no idea of what goes on, I can see how I sound like a twat. Something for me to address.

There are many reasons why I oppose combination prescribing.

1. Firstly it breaks the single remedy principle - of course many people question if this principle is valid, so on its own this is hardly a reason to do or not do anything. I am not a fan of dogma, I prefer to know why, and have good reasons for, something is to be followed.

2. Homoeopathic medicines have side effects - if the remedy is wrong, if the potency is wrong, if the dosage is wrong. The risk with combinations is higher than single remedies for this problem.

3. Management becomes difficult - it is not known which remedy acted beneficially, and so increasing or decreasing potency, repetition of dose, alteration of dose, prescribing of complementaries, presribing of miasmatic remedies like nosodes, prescribing of acute-chronic remedies - all these become more or less impossible. There is a lot more to treatment than one prescription.

4. This point is more in relation to chronic cases. Nothing about the case is understood by the practitioner using combinations. For the most part combinations are prescribed on simple pathology or situation names. Detailed cases are not taken, or the details are superficial. Apart from the lack of information available for making second prescriptions, there is no real therapeutic relationship created, and that is often necessary to solving the deep problems of the client. This relationship in itself is often very healing, and like counselling it takes time and genuine interest in the suffering of the client to develop it. Even outside of this, establishing Direction of Cure is quite difficult without a well-taken history.

5. Combinations usually are given because of the common symptoms for the condition. Aiming medicines at the common symptoms typically suppresses the disease, and suppression creates great harm for patients. Suppression causes new more serious symptoms to appear, or causes those symptoms unaffected by the prescription to worsen. Combinations rarely pay attention to the Rare, Strange and Peculiar symptoms that are vital for prescribing the Simillimum, and as superficially similar remedies they can hide vaulable symptoms for further treatment, or block necessary outlets for the underlying disease without curing that disease. Hahnemann was very clear about the danger of treating locally rather than generally.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hi Anna & Brisbane,

Thanks again for your time & concern regarding my baby's case.

Anna, i did feel some fear about going ahead with the treatment by my homeopath reading brisbane's post but decided to give it a try.

I could not access the internet and was out of touch till now. In the meantime, the medicines worked well.
- She stopped vomiting in a week.
- Her appetite & thirst increased.
- Her cramps were gone.
- Her weight increased by almost 900 gms in a mnth.

My doc does nt give me the medicine's name. God knows why...but i heard her asking her asst to give schwabe 3 & 25 biochemic..dont know what the globules contain..I am currently also giving SBL Denton, SBL Gro Up drops and Schwabe Alfa Alfa as per her instructions..
praveena last decade
I forgot to mention...she asked me to eliminate wheat from her diet for sometime. Post this change in diet, her vomiting reduced..
praveena last decade

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