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histadelia? food intolerance. insomnia

After years of anxiety, depression, tension..and lots of attempts...I am now at place where I think I have histadelia..high histamine..characterized by mood swings, insomnia, obsessive compulsive, long fingers. I have no traditional hay fever etc...and only real diagnosis I have is gastritis. I have taken 4 doses of histiminum 30c for 2 days and feel head clearer.suffer brain fog, inablity to finish projects. brooding. I have been on candida diet for a month and improved blood sugar level. stopped cafiene, trying to rotate/stay off of wheat, dairy. Am lacto vegetarian. Discovered this after ordered the amino acid l histamine to feed my brain and descended. Had another attack after racked yard of leaves (again no classic pollen allergy signs) sometimes I feel my brain has inflamation and feel heaviness in sides of head. Have reactions to all kinds of food but find this is improving. I am thinking of taking Sulfur...and Nat Mur as these 2 also seem to fit my symptoms. I would like blood tests recc. for histadelia but cannot find doc who is not crazy into candida and expensive. It is not clear to me that I have candida, tho i have a thick greasy tougue coat..does not look like thrush to me and i have no vaginal problems. I have very dry skin and a thickening of the skin on my LI meridian of my arms. I think it is histamine. I have found a lot of relief from B12 which i have recently learned breaks down histamine. I also had bad spell when I took a B12 high in Folic Acid. I learned high folic acid is part of histadelia. I think the histaminum is helping but do not know how to dose myself properly or how long to take (it is interesting I have sneezed some today...but my mood is good and thinking clear) thin clear mucous from nose. I generally cough up small clear batches of phlegm when clear throat and this is less today. I think that is from histamine reaction to foods i can't tolerate. I am a redhead female post menopause. I think have very narrow range of digestive enzymes..i think this histadelia is present in my father and brother...who commited suicide. I am afraid for my mental health. I feel quite sane today, but am weary of the merry go round and am wanting very much to get and stay stable.
Thanks to anyone who knows anything about this and can give some pointers.
  ckc on 2004-04-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
A pointer would begin by listing your symptoms into readable form. Separate the symptoms and break down the page into readable paragraphs.

Use regular speech, not medical. It is just too difficult to decipher when written in one paragraph.

Also, stick to the symptoms and at the end talk about what you think it may be. In this case you are speaking in medical terms, are you a doctor, nurse or health worker? Use sentences like: "It feels like...or I feel like..." Sabra
sabra last decade
What kind of rude reply is that?

Maybe you are a ver well educated person who knows how to write and communicate properly, but this is about helping human beings who are suffering a lot, not about giving lessons on communication.

I perfectly understand that one-paragraph long text, maybe you are the one who needs some sort of help about aceptance and less perfectionism.

For the rest, you don't seem to mention anything of value or interest to this person asking for advice.

Sorry, ckc, I can't give you any help either, but I send you my best wishes, not my critricism.

DanielB last decade
hi ckc,

It is possible that you are histadelic, I am histadelic and have had to come to this conclusion after years of personnel research into my condition having had little help from the medical profession, the psychiatric care at least hear in the UK is backward, there policy is either to overmedicate with tranquilisers to keep you quite and they basically just play russian roulette as to finding a tablet that works or doesn't as is usually the case with horrendous side effects, I have found that hear in UK they basically frown at any alternative
treatment heaven forbid you might get well and the psychiatrist will have to find someone else to write irrelevant notes about while you continue to feel ill on there course of treatment. I feel very strongly about this as there is almost a conspiracy of silence in the medical profession about histadelia, suicidal depression is a common factor among histadelics and I for one didn't want to end up another death by misadventure swept under the medical carpet.

Personnally my life was hell for over 10 years, with depression, side effects, and like you many attempts, the final straw was when I was prescribed Seroquell,
a tablet that reduces serotonin levels, which are low to start with
for histadelics, I plumated and ended up in intensive care following another attempt brought on by this medication.
I decided to take my health in my own hands and persue alternative treatments studying nutritional, herbal and other treatment methods, I read many books, and also taught myself acupuncture. The response I got from the medics was almost mocking.

Anyway I'll cut the beef if you are histadelic here are some pointers that I can pass onto you through my own research.
Firstly discuss my findings with a
sympathetic doctor or nuritionalist and dont stop any prescribed medication without consultation,

Nutritional supplements that are most beneficial are SAMe start with a dose of 400-600mg for two weeks then reduce to 200mg a day, Methionine 500mg morning and evening, SAMe increases serotonin and is benificial for the liver that is under methiolating , Methionine is also important although in my own experience I have found SAMe is most effective as a natural antidepressant while Methionine is usefull for lowering histamine levels, DONT take folic acid, lecethin, and eliminate histamine foods such as tomatoes from your diet, eat a diet low in red meat and reduce consumption of spicy foods, you may also have allergies such as dairy and wheat, other supplents are really complemtary such as vitamin c, zinc with copper,manganese, calcium,magnesium its a good idea to see a nutritionalist and have a test to see if you are low in copper and to establish your histamine levels, I have also found glucosamine and msm to be beneficial they are known to be beneficial for allergys. Herbs that I have found beneficial are calamus root, simmer 1oz of herb in 3 cups of water for half an hour and drink the tea and take for 3 weeks, skullcap and lobelia are also said to be benificial but I haven't tried these. Acupuncture is very effective, I tough myself because I couldn't afford the treatment costs so after having a few treatments and observing what was involved I bought sveral good books that enabled me to practice self acupuncture with huge success and a big cost saving.

Histadelics should NOT use cannabis, heroin or methodone or take the medication Seroquel as these are highly likely to trigger suicidal depression, histadelics tend to respond well to ssri antidepresonts but due to our sensativity they usually come with a host of negative side effects.

Allow yourself 4weeks to six months of nutritional treatment to see an improvement and continue with the treatment.
Start by taking one supplement at
a time to see if you notice an improvement, if you notice an imrovement continue with it like I say in my case SAMe and callamus root had the most noticeable effects however everone is unique and you may find for example that methionine has a bigger effect.

People who have low histamine(histapenia) should not take SAMe and Methionine also people with manic depression should not take SAMe as it increases the mania cycle.

Any way I hope you are hanging
in their and that this information is of help to you if you or anyone you know is histalic or requires any further help or advice on supplements I've logged my email address with this forum and I will get back to you time permitting.

As for me I have been on my new
treatments for over 12months , since then I have come of antidepressants and am on a negligable dose of sulperide without any of the side effects that heve plagued me for over 10years, my mood now is up and I no longer have any depression or mood swings, :-)) happy but flat broke:-)

A note for any of the medical profession who might be reading this, You should test patients for histamine and histadelia and under no secumstances prescribe Seroquell to patients showing symptoms of histadelia
and employ nutritionalist healers in your practices to complement
your arcane treatments and end the conspiracy of silence regarding histadelia, suicidal depression and your own incompetance!!!!!!
shamanic_healer last decade
Hello ckc;

I have recently had a consultation with a man with hystadelia. I found the June 2004 response by Shamanic Healer of interest. We are seeing some improvement

We began with a vitamin C dosage in ascorbate form. I now always avoid ascorbic acid.

And quercetin because it has a unique focus as an antihistaminic.

For 11 weeks we have been using 3 grams of ascorbate and 650 mg quercetin. The troublesome list of sequelae is reducing. More anon. Vr
Vere RNCP last decade
I read up on histadelia - interesting as I had not come across it before! thanks for the info.
have you considered trying the homeopathic remedy histaminum?
erika last decade
HI shamanic healer, I just read your post and found it very helpful. I am currently taking 500 mg of methionine in the am and pm and am going to start on the SAMe soon. I was wondering how long to continue this treatment and also who I should see for professional help thanks
murf6814 last decade
Dear CKC, some very good advice from Shamanic healer above. Histadelia is a very real and very debilitating medical condition, which as stated the medical profession is pretty backward in diagnosing. Methionine first thing on an empty stomach, with a large dose of Vitamin C (500mg-1g), will often help to control the condition, as will the occassional application of Histamine in potency, but I would advise caution in applying this too often. Also avoid Calcium, and supplements containing this as Histamine is stored with this mineral in the body when given in excess. The anti-histamine 'Trimeprazine' also seems to have a very profound effect pn this condition when taken at night, with very few side effects, if any.

Patrick Holford, the founder of the Institute of Optimum Nutrition, has done some excellent work in this field, and I would highly recomend any of his books on the subject.

It should be born in mind however, that none of these things will actually cure this condition, only relieve the symptoms, but cure IS possible with proper case taking and the application of deep acting 'constitutional remedies specifically aimed at the miasmatic predispostition responsible, and I have sucessfully treated many cases of this condition myself.

I hope this helps.

JCS2006 last decade
and hmm, I just noticed he dates of these posts, haha.

Oh well, the above information is there for anyone else who is suffering from the condition!

JCS2006 last decade
Hi Jacob, I was wondering what you know about SAMe and if it is a good idea to take it with methione. Also how much should you take of the methionine and/or SAMe. I am just getting started with the treatment and was wondering what to do and if I should take anything else besides methionine or SAMe
murf6814 last decade
Some people say that calcium is good for histadelia because it releases stored histamine. Is this not so?
TreeFrog last decade

Sorry for 'bumping' this old thread, but I really need to ask shamanic_healer an important question: - How do you know that Seroquel lowers serotonin?

I take seroquel and ambien for sleep because my liver and metabolism have been badly damaged from 4 1/2 years on SSRI drugs. These are the only 2 drugs that I can tolerate at this point, all other drugs and VITAMINS make me too sick.

I am very depressed, and I think I may also have Histadelia. So please just tell me where you learned that Seroquel lowers serotonin?

Thank you so much!
Pakman462378 last decade
Hi everyone,

I suspect I might be histadelic myself. In the research I've done so far, as well as taking methionine and SAMe, some other supplements that could be helpful if not already mentioned are choline, inositol, GABA, 5-htp, calciummagnesiumzinc, vitamin C, B6, Coenzyme-q10, Chamomile, skull cap.

Avoid fermented foods (eg, cheeses, wine, beer, vinegar, yogurt, soy sauce). Aged or preserved meats are high in histadine which is converted to histamine in the body.

Also, avoid foods high in beta-carotene such as pumkin, carrots, oranges, mangos, ect. Since vitamin A can delay histamine clearance.
basketcase last decade
I have had histadelia all my life. It appears to be hereditary. For anyone with the symptoms, may I suggest you try 50mg vit B6 and 1 B complex daily. Without these, I would have probably spent my life in and out of mental homes.... It was magic for me...
histo last decade
My experience:

#1. I personally believe in Histamine 30 to clear Histamine Load.

#2. Methionine works as anti Histamine. Fast degradation of Methionine can raise Histamine. It is essentially loss of Sulfer based proteins. B12, Folic Acid, TMG, SAME, Methionine might raise it. B6 will degrade it faster to Cysteine and so on.

#3 Avoiding Histidine rich food might be helpful in keeping Histamine low.
dhundhun last decade
hi, y'all from shamanic_healer, sorry I haven't updated any posts I just stumbled on this page as I've been busy studying acupuncture, herbs etc, firstly I recommend SAMe be taken for a max of 3 years after that take methionine & tryptophan which are gentler, SAMe as well as correcting undermethiolation it helps to restore the liver so you may over methiolate if taken
long term also only take Nutralife SAMe as it is the only time proven, patients with bi-polarand add, histapenics shouldn't
take SAMe, Seroquel lowers serotonin as it is mostly used to treat histapenics that is patients with auditory hallucinations, it is also used to treat the mania stage of bipolar patients, advice to Pakman to find out if you have histadelia you can try a controlled folic acid test under medical supervision if your symptoms worsten you are probably histadelic also patients who are histadelic usually react badly to pychiatric meds a lower dose of sulpiride may be better unfortunately it is not currently available in the US.
Since my last post attitudes are starting to change amongst
the med community most health works I come across now are very interested in the use of complimentary treatments in mental health although up against the lobbyists in the pharma industry the indifferent success of psychiatric drugs & harmful side effects now many health coordinaters are open to new methodologies that can reduce & clear symptoms, reduce side effects and improve the quality of life for patients!
shamanic_healer last decade
wow, did I write all that back in 2004! seriously flat broke now but still happy & chilled!
shamanic_healer last decade
quercetin is good for reducing histamine take with bromelian to enhance effacy also bromelian is an excellent anti-inflamatory, histadelics should take calcium not for histamine but for calcium deficiancy, take with potassium & magnesium, vit D,
for those who suffer psychological reactions to allergies the chinese herbal formula Wen Dan Tang is very beneficial, its effects are similiar to lorazapam, it's also useful for anxiety & panic attacks, on chinese herbs, don't buy the cheap tea pills usually sold online & used by some practitioners, source chinese herb pills from a supplier such as Sun Ten based in Taiwan the quality is much higher, only herbal pills
made in Taiwan are licenced for health systems in the EU &
Japan.Most of the research into histadelia & histapenia was pioneered by Dr Carl Pfieffer his orthomolecular approach used in combination with eastern methodologies such as acupuncture & tcm are highly effective combination therapies that can significantly improve the health & lives of people suffering from a broad range of mental disorders from acute
to chronic, these treatments can effectively treat the causation along with the emotional & physical effects of a condition reducing the need for overmedication & unpleasant side effects!
shamanic_healer last decade
Is anyone interested in continuing this discussion on histamine imbalances?

My family member, 'Bob,' developed elevated histamines, 'histadelia.' He became seriously depressed, then eventually psychotic. All the allopathic psychiatrists told me he would be mentally ill for life. What a load of nonsense. He's fine now because he was treated with Dr. Pfeiffer's regimen which he described in his book on nutrition.
Histadelia can, at least in many cases, be normalized with his regimen of nutritional medicine. But the problem remains: what is causing one's histamines to go out of range? I think the answer to that is just what Jacob said earlier: it has a deep, miasmatic cause. Syphilis or Gonorrhea perhaps? I'm trying to find out.
Honora 9 years ago

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