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geographic tongue no fun for son

since age 5, now 11 yrs old
worsening 1 yr+, sore patches over most of tongue
rarely clears 3 dys+ reasonable sleep at least 9hrs+ -- eats most things - hates tomatoes; he is distressed re this - future girl friends etc - recently sat exams & app highschool +tively
hale/hearty kid - dust/hayfever poss just begun - father has this & grandmother has geo tongue/// no prev homeopathic treatment
geo tongue worse with colds/poss bring cold type symptoms stuffiness
please any help for distressing condition????
  searchingmum on 2005-05-28
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Is he very tidy and fussy about his appearance?
Does he sip or take small mouthfulls of a drink.
Does he like his body warm with the window open to keep his head cool?.

Does he not like sympathy -- falls over and when people hurry over to help and sympathise , walks off muttering 'I'm OK'
Does he like/dislike salt, Is he better oe worse at the seaside?.

Is he worse lying down-- has he any skin problems.
passkey last decade
I read your response to searching mum with regards to geographic tongue about a year ago and have been searching the internet since then to find this forum again as I never took note of it. I have a 3 yr old dayghter who first showed symptoms of geographic tongue at around 13 months, up until this point she was a happy healthy and contented little girl and easy in all respects a real pleasure. It took several months to actually have a diagnosis as she would not open her mouth to show the doctor every time we went to visit for other reasons and I was never really concerned at that point as it did not seem to affect her, but as she has got older I have noticed that it has got steadily worse and with it more ill health. Before the symptoms appeared she never caught a cold and was never ill. But in the last two years she has had more colds and this winter she has caught cold after cold. A year ago I decided to do everything I could to research and treat this problem because I believe if it can be resolved sooner rather than later there maybe a chance. I was reccomended to an very experienced allergy tester. I was told that my daughter had damage to her gut wall probably a result of the MMR vaccine, which was around the time the geographic tongue appeared. She prescribed HYLAK FORTE and ZINC, incredibly within a week of taking it her tongue looked fantastic, really healthy, however after the course ended within a week it was back. The allergy tester asked me if my daughter had a problem with her sinuses, at the time and prior to then she had no signs of sinus trouble whatsoever, but sure enough since autumn/fall 2005 she has had nonstop sinus problems and still has at present. I gave her more hylak forte and echinacea complex about 2 months ago tongue looked good and she seemed better so I stopped after a month and the tongue bad again and a cough and sinuses again. I am now going to try natmur6 for a month. What really intrigued me about your response to searching mum was the description of behaviour. My daughter hates to be cuddled when hurt and to be honest has become frustrated angry and generally unhappy when her tongue is bad and back to the sweetest kindest loving little girl when it's better. I have always believed that geographic tongue affects her behaviour and her emotions and frankly it's distressing not being able to help her. I sometimes wonder if it is just the 3 yr old thing, causing her to moodswing but I believe that the tongue is definately making her more extreme. She eats relatively well, again better when her tongue is good, she does tend to love sweet things chocolate etc, which I try to restrict, I try to give her a healthy wholegrains nuts fruit, natural yogurt, not keen on many veg, loves sweetcorn and peas occasionally carrot juice. She has only ever had one course of anti biotics, which was penecillin and she reacted in a rash as I do, so stopped after one day.I refuse to give her antibiotics unless absolotely necessary. I am also a sufferer of hayfever, which seems to have improved as I have got older, or maybe I don't roll around in the grass as much! She doesn't mind salt, don't give her much. Never noticed the seaside to be a problem. Any suggestions would truly be greatly recieved! with thanks!!!
lexylex last decade
If you are familiar with Dandelion plant, chew a leaf of it once a while. It is harmless, one can eat it as salad.
kuldeep last decade
dandelo/tarx--eat as sald green before flowers..after different chemisry --ore medicinal affect...as does taste tell--when copared between flwered and not..
John Stanton last decade
It is flowering season in northern hemisphere but still one can find a plant which has not flowered yet (in dense shades)
kuldeep last decade
John Stanton last decade
Thankyou so much for your suggestions, no one has suggested this before, I will certainly try and let you know. Do you agree natmur6 might help?
Also I forgot to mention, my daughter has hated loud noises from really young, she holds her ears and gets very upset. I know lots of childrens ears are more sensitive to noise when young but she was extreme, and she will often hold her ears now and tell me 'tOO LOUD' gets quite upset like it hurts. She has always been a bright girl, early speech, good conversation, strives to learn. One other thing, when her tongue is bad she looks pale and dark eyes, tires easily.
lexylex last decade
After a lot of thought and further research, I am beginning to think that my daughters symtoms are candida related. Her father went to the same allergy tester and diagnosed with candida and was told that we would all need to take probiotics for a year as we are all likely to have it, however I have also been told that the candida needs to be got rid of before the probiotics can help, is this true? and what would be most effective? I have a younger daughter who is 20 months so finding something safe for her maybe a problem. I know that we would need to go on an candida diet but My other greatest concern is that their father is alcohol dependent (lager)and he isn't going to give it up easily, if at all! Would I be wasting my time and money (and money is tight) putting myself and my daughters on the diet and taking the treatment if he is not part of it? I could convince him to take the treatment and most of the diet but not the lager. One other question....if we all have candida then it is safe to assume that it is everywhere in our home (more so than most homes i'm guessing) will this not start the whole problem again, or will cleaning from top to bottom with a particular product resolve this?
lexylex last decade
I can relate to the condition of geograhic tongue. I have had it since birth. My Grandfather had it as well. It is a genetic disorder. It is a food allergy, at least in my case it is. I have a very painful reaction to citric fruits and very spicy foods. If you would like to see pictures so you know I am not kidding, please email me, and I will be happy to direct you to a great site. I have taking the mangosteen juice now for about 3 months, and I can honestly say it is the only thing I have ever had that has completely taken care of this condition. It worked within the first 2 weeks and is still working to this day. I can eat the oranges and pineapples now. I can have the jalepeno dip and salsa with no more ugly sores and pain. Take a look, it may help YOU.
Xanity last decade
I am glad that you said it is genetic! I have had it my whole life and other than discomfort when it is bad and I try to eat acidic fruit (citrus, tomatoes, etc.) it hasnt really bothered me. but my son (16 months) has recently had same syptoms. Is the mangosteen juice ok for him? Has yours reacted to illness? I can give myslef about 2 days notice before I am sick just by the spots on my tongue.
ehill last decade
OMG! You guys I have had this problem for years! Thanks for posting all this I feel like I am no longer alone!
Let me clue you in on a few things from a person who has had this for as long as I can remember:1 It gets worse with more symptoms as you get older.2 If you find something to make the tongue symptoms better for a time; it hurts even worse when you stop treatment and the symptoms come back trust me!

This is totally hereditary. My grandmother had it.A cousin has it. My neice has it and I have it.
I had no idea the all those other symptoms had anything to do with geographic tongue!
I am sensitive to loud noises, have mood swings,get sick easily, was asthmatic as a child and have extreme stomach ailments.
All these things seemed to get worse as I got older except that I grew out of the asthma somwhat.
scoker last decade
My son is four years old and I believe he is suffering from geographic tongue. What I am trying to find out is if anyone out there has experienced seeing child developmental or emotional problems that can be linked to geographic tongue. I strongly believe my sons late speech development, mood swings and being extremely reserved around others has a link to geographic tongue. He is otherwise a very healthy, smart, and happy child.
jakydyl last decade

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