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dream aggravations

Suppose a person is given a medicine, for hay fever and back problems during sleep, and the aggravation is an old symptom, a childhood symptom- nightmares. Overall sleep is better, the person gets up ironically, more refreshed, back pain has virtually gone away, and the hay fever symptoms have reduced by 60%. Is this curative or palliative, or hard to say? Dreams are vivid, a lot, and nightmarish. Even though the person is waking up after each dream, she falls asleep quickly, and very deep.
As a child, she walked and talked in sleep and complained of nightmares.

Thoughts anyone?
  karinamom on 2011-07-25
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
It is an old state returned. This is an excellent stage of treatment, but it needs to be continued - either with the same remedy at a potency that is able to hit the dreams (1M typically) or with a new remedy that suits the old symptoms that have resurfaced.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Ok the remedy is lachesis, and it was for me. My throat had become terrible, it hurt everyday i was waking up in the morning, felt like i caught the flu. The right nostril was plugged, and swollen. Upon the first dose, I felt improvement right away in my throat and nose. The sneezing in the night has lessened - now only about 30 to 40% still remains.
My sleep is deeper, more restful, i have more energy thru the day, and no back pain in the night.
Upon the second dose, i got the nightmares that lasted a few days. The last nightmare was the worst, and i woke up sobbing. The talking in the sleep has happened twice. Upon the third dose, i started emotionally reliving a bad period in my life and was really angry at a family member. I couldn't shake it, and was quite angry. I couldn't control myself even though i knew it was something in the past.
Right now, the talking in the sleep continues, back pain not there, mood stabilized, throat and ear feels good. Sneezing continues in the night when i'm woken up by my daughter, but i'm able to quickly fall back asleep. I still get some amount of sneezing when i wake up in the morning, but it lasts for a couple of hours.
Should i take another dose? It's lach 30.

Thanks for your response, David.

karinamom last decade
When you repeat doses make sure they are done as a split dose - liquid, 2 hits, 1 drop, full cup of water, stir and take 1 teaspoon.

If it has been a week since you last dose, nothing is worse, and you don't feel like you are improving any further, than repeating the dose seems appropriate.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I have broken out on my right cheek, big pimple with pus oozing out (eeek)... i haven't had a breakout like that in ages. There was a mouth blister that came after the first dose, which still hasn't healed completely. (also with pus). SHould i still take another dose.. or wait till the breakout clears up?
karinamom last decade
Any aggravation means waiting, so I would say yes hold off.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Remember when I first started posting, and my main complaint was getting my period in the middle of the night... it has happened again ( around 2:30 am). Sneezing continues to improve. Woke up with a headache yesterday morning, felt very sleepy through the day, and period came in the middle of the night. (seems all like a reminder of what happened before). I seem to have backtracked. Wrong remedy? Mouth sores are healing. Pimple is healing, but looks like it's gonna leave a mark. Energy has improved again after the onset of my period. Onset of period brought back ache in the night, but not as bad as before the lach.
karinamom last decade
I would still wait see how these things settle.

Waiting is all about confidence in the remedy choice. Self-prescribing is quite difficult for this reason - we change our ideas so much because of the changes the remedies create. I know as a homoeopath how tempting it is to change your own remedy.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Speaking of my child's fears, i remembered one of my own and thought i would mention it to you.
As a child, if i slept in the same room with anyone, and woke up, i would fear that the person i'm with has died in sleep. and I would literally get up and try to see if i could feel their breath.

As i got older, i slept alone so i didn't have to deal with it. I had the nightmares, but once i woke up, those nightmares really didn't bother me.

As a parent, and after having my first born, the fear resurfaced- i always had to go in and check to see if either child was breathing (especially if they were sleeping for a longer stretch than normal). Now that the kids are older, i resist the urge to touch them and check. But I know the fear is still there.

Is that a symptom of lach or something else?
karinamom last decade
Well it sounds like a projection of your own fear - fear of dying while asleep might point to a number of remedies. Exploring it could reveal a more precise prescription.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Okay so how do we begin exploring it....
karinamom last decade
That is a good question.

Where are you with the Lachesis now?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Actually we did explore that to some degree with the Cocculus - the anxiety about others is very prominent in that remedy. It is one of the main themes - anxiety about others but they neglect their own health.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Last dose was taken after having a terrible night of sneezing again.. lasted two days. The scratchy throat continued for a few days before then... I'm still trying to figure out when to redose myself.. so i tried waiting it out. I took the lach 6 hits. The sneezing reduced, sleep has once again become deeper, more nightmares... i'm either running away from someone, or there's a burglar in the house! eek.
Not sure if the talking has reoccurred.

I'm back to being a really light sleeper, any noise is waking me up.... (i used to be a really light sleeper before kids, and marriage). Irony- its a deep sleep, but any slight noise is waking me up... My mornings are better, more refreshed, more energy through the day.

Night back pain is around 30%.. gets bad before my period is due... but is a lot less than what it was few wks ago.

I don't feel as bloated anymore.. i feel lighter.. I'm eating less. Feeling very full after a meal, and just cannot eat more. Normally i'm always munching and hungry, even after i've eaten.
karinamom last decade
Ok Lachesis is likely to be suppressing your condition - sneezing reduces but nightmares start. This is the wrong direction for cure.

It might be a partial similar. If you want you can regive your case, especially giving all new symptoms.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Yeah, if you could please look at my case again I would really appreciate it.
Can you post your usual questionaire here? .. I'll use that as a guide.
karinamom last decade
bumping up.
karinamom last decade
Oh I was waiting for any new symptoms.

A new prescription requires a retake of the case - if I just go on the old stuff I will probably just give Cocculus again, since that whole aspect of listening to your childrens breathing, anxious for the health of others, not looking after your own health, might lead me right back there.

So what is new, what is different, what is strong right now?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
The only real symptom right now is the sneezing that comes on either in the morning, or in the middle of the night.

If one of my kids wake up, then i go to them sneezing away.
If they don't wake up and i'm fast asleep, i'll sneeze in sleep and it'll start waking me up... (and by sneezing i mean...) tons of sneezing back to back.

My back will hurt some, but not as bad as before. Again in sleep, especially if i've slept in the same position for long, and once i turn or move, the pain starts.

I haven't had as many headaches as i used to which is nice. The headaches were tolerable during the day, but once fallen asleep, i would wake up around 2-3 am with my head pounding, and would have to reach for the tylenol. (that's been a constant symptom since i was young).

The irony is, if i've woken up in the middle of the night sneezing, then i don't have the sneezing in the morning. If i've slept thru the night, then i get the attack in the morning. Usually by afternoon it all settles. And if i have the sneezing the previous day, then the next day it is better.

My throat has been better, ears better, since the lach. Really haven't redosed. I haven't had the talking in sleep either.
Dreams are there, but neutral.

SOmething i forgot to mention... when i overeat, (it doesn't matter what)... i have to rush to the bathroom- and i get loose motions. Looks like pieces of the food i've eaten comes out (green leaves, pieces of tomato, etc).
It doesn't weaken me, or bother me, since it'll happen the one time and that's it.
But just thought that it was a strange symptom.

Hope to hear back soon.
karinamom last decade
Hey David, have you returned as yet? I haven't heard back from you...

Something odd has happened. I have weaned my daughter form bfing about 10 mnths ago... and today, i noticed that after shower when i squeezed my breasts, milk came out!
It didn't look like a discharge or anything, seemed like milk, very white in color, liquidy... and not as clear as in colostrum.

I took a preg test and it was neg.
The sneezing continues in the night, and sometimes through the mornings. I notice if i have bad allergies one day, the next day is better.
Then i may get it back again the third day.

I'm also usually late for my period- by about a week to 10 days.

Mood and sleep have improved. No issues there.

I did take lac can 30 when i weaned my daughter, as the milk was not stopping even after weaning. I had always an over production of milk while bfing her.

Any suggestions here?
Hope you're back.
karinamom last decade
You need to be careful not to take too many remedies, one for this another for that - it can confuse things.

If you are doing well on the Lachesis generally, no need to change it. You have only used 30c correct? Moving up to 200 will tell you how correct the remedy is.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
i haven't taken another dose of lach for a couple of wks now. Would the milk production be some sort of aggravation?
karinamom last decade
Unlikely so long after the remedy. An aggravation is one of your current symptoms getting worse. Milk production when you are not nursing would be a new symptom, not an aggravation.

What else has not improved on Lachesis?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
sneezing continues in the night time, but only when i'm woken up by my daughter. If she doesn't wake, then i sleep thru, to sneeze when i wake up in the morning. The sneezing continues (most days) until about lunch time. I chew gum sometimes to keep away from the sneezing. Any contact, even the slightest touch on my nose, will aggravate and cause sneezing. An itch is usually what starts it.

SLeep quality, even tho, disturbed, has been good. Deep. I feel refreshed in the morning, and have more energy thru the day.

My period still comes delayed. Sometimes a week late, sometimes up to 10 days late. (40 days). (this is not new, this has been since the first time i menstruated)
Mood has been stable.
I'm very stressed out this wk cuz my daughter is going to school for the first time, (and she's terrified of strangers) and she's crying everyday when she goes, not sure if that has to do with the sudden onset of milk production again. I'm feeling quite maternal towards her, cuddling with her more, doting upon her, etc.

Throat itchiness has reduced a lot. Very slight, and usually it's there during night.

Back ache has also reduced. Before i could only sleep on my left, which would become so sore. Now i'm sleeping on both, left and right sides.
karinamom last decade

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