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dosage for Gelsemium for headache, help please

Had a major bad bad throbbing tearing headache following eating something. (Wanted to take pain med, but am resolved not to do that anymore.)

Took Hist. 30c. waited 1/2 hour (am following suggestions is a veterinary manual as if I am own dog)--no change. Took Gelsemium 30c within the half hour head became excruciating then improved considerably to where I was able to sleep (this was last night). Woke up with the head in significant pain again (meanwhile the real dog who shared the problem food vomited it up) toward dawn, took another dose Gelsemium 30c. again the pain eased off though not completely gone. I was sort of foggy headed and with a partial headache all day.

Should I repeat with another dose of Gelsemium 30c? Take a different potency of same remedy (higher or lower?)--I don't have any other potency on hand but could get it ordered? Try something else? Do nothing unless it gets into the bad bad state again?

Also I made a mistake and had two pickles this afternoon. How bad is that?

Is green tea allowed?
  Bodhitshe on 2005-06-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Still hoping for reply.

Headache is improving, but still not gone, face skin *feels* sunburned but is not actually burnt.

Don't know if where my book says okay to repeat until improved means until improved all the way or just improved to better than it started.

Bodhitshe last decade
I am not surprised that the remedies you used for your Headache which you got after eating something did not give you any relief.

You would have experienced some discomfort in your stomach after eating that 'something' and this should have been treated with Nat Phos 6x, dose 2 tablets. If you did not experience any relief within half hour another 2 tablets may be taken.

This remedy should clear up your problem and should have prevented your headache to develop.

Nat Phos 6x is also an excellent remedy to reduce weight. If you are interested in shedding some weight, please see my post on this forum entitled "The Ultimate remedy for Obesity,"

Headaches are best treated with Bryonia 30c and the dose is 4 pellets to be taken under the tongue as soon as you are aware of a headache coming on. If you do not have any relief you may take an additional dose in 2 hours.

Bry 30 is also an excellent remedy to overcome chronic Migraine and the dosage is the same as for headaches.

If you use these remedies suggested, please post your response on this forum.
Joe De Livera last decade
Gelsemium is a remedy for headache brought on by or aggravated by food acc. my Mat. Med. ref.--and did in fact give substantial improvement.

My question--and it still is relevant for future situations even though the particular headache is now resolved -- is whether to take another dose if only *partial* relief is obtained.

You wrote in case of Bryonia that another dose can be taken in 2 hours if there is not *any* relief so if that can be generalized--which I am not sure it can be, then I guess the answer is no.

I have tried Bryonia in past and it has not helped. But I did not repeat it in 2 hours since my past info was that if there is not any response at all to a remedy taken for an acute problem that it is not the right remedy.

Because I have chemical sensitivities running into problems with food, esp. if I go out to eat or eat anything prepared is a common occurrence. I am sure I will have opportunities in future to retry Bryonia or Nat Phos.

I am skinny.
Bodhitshe last decade
I have been actively involved in Homeopathy for the last 25 years and have the experience although I do not have any formal qualifications in Homeopathy. I also use Radar 9 to keep fully informed of the available remedies for various ailments. Both Bry and Gels are accepted remedies for Migraines and Headaches but my experience with my own Migraines which I used to suffer from up to age 35, (I am now 75) was that Bry was the remedy of choice. There are many others listed in the MM's but not all these are as effective as Bry 30.

Please remember to take the remedy as early as possible in the attack and if you find that you are haing them on a regular basis, it would be as well to have your BP checked.

If this is normal, you can stop the headaches by breaking the cycle by taking Bry 2 pellets under the tongue before you fall asleep.

You may also take 2 pellets Arnica 30 to help you to sleep deeply. This amazing remedy works by helping the flow of blood throughout the body and this may perhaps also help with your headaches. You might like to know that I have taken this remedy every night since 1996 and I feel that it has helped me considerably. My BP is 120/80 Pulse 65.

Suggest you get a supply of the Biochemic Nat Phos 6c in tablet form as the liquid does not have the same efect as the Triturated salt and use it whenever you feel full in your stomach after a meal.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you for replies and for sharing your background. I have known about and from time to time tried homeopathics for about a decade, but only decided to get more deeply informed and quit allopathics recently.

I'll try carrying some Bryonia with me and see if I can catch next headache at first signs if it will make a diff. From tests it is believed that there is inflammation in nerves and /or blood vessels causing the headaches usually--when it has to do with chemical exposure. And or insufficient oxygenation of tissues .

My BP tends to be normal to low normal--with orthostatic hypotension (drops when I stand up). Did you do the Bryonia before sleep only once or repeated? Also in 30c?

Your comment about Arnica and blood flow is particularly interesting. Did you take the Arnica every night even if you were taking another remedy at that time such as the Bryonia (since I've been told not, generally, to take more than one at same time)?

Why moderate dose every night rather than higher dose less often?

I have had chronic fatigue for some years which in my case is thought to possibly be related to insufficient blood flow from heart, and "Reynaud's" (which is cold blue toes due to blood flow not getting to feet when it is cold). I wonder if the Arnica might help with those too.

Seems usu. Arnica would be for stopping too much blood flow as in trauma or haemorrhage, but maybe it is also to regulate blood flow to normalcy?
Bodhitshe last decade
Joe De Livera or anyone else reading this--any comments on above?

The arnica use at bedtime in particular seems intriguing but isn't night after night an awful lot?
Bodhitshe last decade
Glad to note that you have quit Allopathic medicine completely. You might like to know that I have not taken any drugs since 2002 when I was in surgery and prior to that time I had not taken any for over 15 years. The result is that at age 75 I am often mistaken for one at least 15 years younger ! Drugs should only be used, in my opinion, on a SOS basis and all other ailments can easily be looked after with Homeopathy and if you cannot contact a competent Homeopath in your city, the ABC Forum is the best place to seek advice from a number of dedicated Homeopaths who can help you.

The etiology for Headaches and Migraines is guesswork and nothing has been proved. They are usually caused by relaxation of the Blood vessels in the brain which when they make contact with the nerves set up a pain reaction which those who suffer from frequent attacks know only too well. Migraines are usually one sided when one half of the brain is affected.

It is interesting that you mentioned that you suffer from Orthostatic Hypotension and this perhaps may be the reason for your headaches. I can visualize that the arteries in your brain relax with the drop in pressure when you stand up and when they make contact with the nerves you have a headache. I find your case fascinating and it would be a test case to try out a few remedies if you are willing to use them to check which of them can help you best. I feel confident that Bryonia is your best choice as I believe that it tones up the blood vessels and prevents them relaxing but this is again my own theory.

Arnica has been know for over a century to be a remedy which helps to thin the blood. It promotes the flow especially in the arteries and this has been proved by micro photography before and after taking the remedy where the increased flow was visible shortly after taking the remedy. Arnica does not stop the flow of blood as you inquired when one has a wound. It helps to heal wounds quicker by bringing in more blood to the wounded area. I presume that it helps in the coagulation of the blood and tissues all of which will help the quick healing of the wound.

I have used it after my Retropubic Prostatectomy as a substitute for Morphine which I discovered was connected to the IV drip. I ordered that it be removed but encountered resistance from the nursing staff in the hospital and the surgeon was called in. They all warned me that I would suffer severe pain but I reassured them that I took full responsibility for my pain which I was already treating with my Arnica 30 of which I was taking 2 pellets every 2 hours. They finally gave in after I signed a document absolving them from any consequences and it was the sequel that is worth recording. I was able to get out of bed on the second day after surgery and on the third day I was able to go to the toilet after disconnection from the IV drip and on the fifth day I was discharged and was able to walk to the car ! The staff in the surgical floor of the hospital, the OSU Hospital in Columbus OH were all there to bid me farewell as I was their first patient to recover so quickly which they all felt was unusual at my age 73 at that time.

As I informed you in a previous post, I have taken it for over 9 years and I believe that my current state of good health at age 75 is due to my daily use of 2 pellets before sleep. There is no doubt that it promotes deep sleep and many who have used it have testified to this great benefit as I have at least 10 patients who depend on me for regular supplies which I give them free of charge.

I believe that you are an excellent person to use this remedy as you obviously have some problem with the flow of blood with your Reynaud's problem and I am confident that Arnica 30 is your constitutional remedy which you can take on a daily basis. I would recommend a dosage of 2 pellets taken under the tongue thrice daily for the first week and reduced to twice daily after.

Please record your response on this forum.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hmmm... very interesting.

I'll give the arnica before bed and let you know. Bryonia looks more like a similimum in Mat. Med. description.

Phosphorus looks more likely to be my constitutional remedy.

But I have taken Arnica any number of times first aid for trauma and doubt giving it a try for a few nights will hurt, so I'll see how that goes. Besides, conveniently I have arnica on hand and can't find Bryonia right now.

Which brings up another question about similimum v. constitutional remedy but I'll post that separately.
Bodhitshe last decade

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