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tips for using homoeo. remedies

Based on my many years of practice, I have prepared & distributed the following write-up to many of my fiends & they have been using very successfully. I am posting this here under the same write-up for general information to one & all and to use it if one desires to do so.
Following are the tips for using Homoeopathic medicines for the day to day minor ailments.
1. in case of starting of cold in the nose& Throat due to exposure to
cold air or drinking cold water take ACONITE 30 & ARSENICUM
ALBUM 30 alternately two times each in a day for 3 days.
2. In case of severe Headache due to any reason take BELLADONNA 200
three dose every 4 hrly. only for one day.
3. In case of bad throat, Kharash (sore throat) & pain in the throat take HEPAR SULPH 30 & BRYONIA 30 alternately twice a day, for three days.
4. In case of seasonal viral fever, Body pain, Headache etc, like flu take
BRYONIA 30 & EUPITERIUM PERF 30 alternately two times each in a day for three day.
5. In case of indigestion & Dakaar( belching) etc. due to over eating or fatty & fried food Take CARBO VEG 30 & PULSATILLA 30 alternately every hourly three times each for one or two days.
6. In case of loose motions& vomiting due to bad food take NUX VOM 30
& PULSATILLA 30 alternately every one hourly three times each &
do fasting with lots of liquid s.
7. In case of uneasiness & tired feeling due to exertion ( heavy work,
site seeing & travel etc.) take ARNICA MONT 30 & BRYONIA 30
alternately twice each in a day & take good rest after a salt water bath.
8. In case of constipation & dislike towards food Take SULPHUR 30 and
NUX VOM. 30 alternately twice daily for SIX days and drink lot of
warm water.
9. An case of any type of injury (open or close wound) take ARNICA 200
& HYPERICUM 200 alternately every two hourly twice daily for 3 days.
Clean & dress the wound with CALENDULA ointment twice a day.

10. In case of burn or scald use KALI PHOS 6X & CANTHARIS 30 as above & apply CANTHARIS ointment twice a day after washing the burnt place with running cold water. Never bandage a burn injury.
11. In case of simple cold & running nose due to allergy take SILICEA 30 & NATRUM
MUR 30 alternately twice a day for three days. Put one drop of Mustard
oil in each nostrils
12. In case of stuffy nose & no discharge & able to breathe through mouth
only then take SAMBUCUS NIG. 30 three times a day for three days.
Use snuff to induce sneezing, if feeling very uncomfortable.
13. In case of throat pain & enlarged tonsil on the RIGHT side only then
Take MERC. PROTO IODIDE 30 three times a day for three days.
In case the pain is on the LEFT side take MERC BIN IODIDE 30.

14. In case of too much of the flow during menses & lot of weakness & pain
In stomach take SABINA 6 & IPECEC 6 alternately every two hourlyThree times each for three days.ALSO TAKE MAG. PHOS 6X 4 tablet dissolved in very hot water (1/2 cup). Three times a day. This can be started from day one. It relieves the abdominal pain & discomfort.

10. CARBO VEG.30
13. HYPERICUM 200.
14. IPECAC 6
15. IPECAC 30
21. NUX VOMICA 30.
23. SABINA 6.
25. SILICEA 30
26. SULPHUR 30.
  daktersaab on 2011-09-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Daktersaab, what is the justification for breaking the law of single remedy in this guide?
brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago

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nawazkhan 8 years ago
Dear Doctor Sahab,

Thanks for making homeopathy easy for people. It is necessary to do so at times.

Dr. Mountson aka Kuldeep or Girilal is a great admirer of Belladonna and also the remedies for tonsilitis you have talked about.

Best Regards.
kadwa 8 years ago
Dear Dr.Kampson,
It is not only breaking of the law of single remedy but also the law of like cures like.
The fact is, these are the tips as specifics for minor day-to-day problems which would get well anyway, even without these remedies. But they do help in accelerating the process of getting well.
In countries like India, Pakistan,Sri Lanka etc. it helps poor people at large who cannot afford to run to a doctor for such minor problems.The ultimate objective is just to relieve patients of their problems, which fortunately it does in most cases.
I thank you for your observation.
daktersaab 8 years ago
Thank you very much Dr.Nawaz & Dr.Kadwa.for your kind words.
daktersaab 8 years ago
Dear Daktersaab,

This is very useful. Person suffering form any of the mentioned symptoms can without worry use the said remedy. One can use these remidies for simple situations, But in case of serious and more complex ailments do not try and resolve it on your own. Consult your Homeopathic Doctor for such treatments.

Thankyou very much Daktersaab for sharing your experience on this forum. Appreciate your good work, ALWAYS.

Best Regards,
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Nikkie 8 years ago
Dear Nikkie,
So kind of you.Thanks for your good words & appreciation.
May God bless you!
daktersaab 8 years ago
Well that is a very honest and upfront comment from you Daktersaab. I am not sure I agree with the idea but I can appreciate this approach as being purely practical.

Oh I am not a Doctor, you can just call me David - my qualifications don't really entitle me to an honorific of any sort except 'homoeopath'.
brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago
Can be applied in acute but single remedy at a time would rule out the problem completely even in the countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka etc. And instead of taking by itself visiting homeopath is the best solution as homeopaths at least in Pakistan aren't charging much, one can get treated with a very minor price or if anyone want to prescribe by itself then one should buy a book for acute problem and select a remedy accordingly with more accurate symptoms pointing towards remedy.
It is always observed that prescribing by itself will cause sometimes serious damage to system. As one story comes in my mind but i forgot the whole completely think i read it here or somewhere else, i will write it my words. A HEALTHY person got diarrhea, he do have some homeopathic knowledge?? he observed his symptoms and selected ars alb i hope it was 6c and took some doses he died within a month, some blood was taken from his body which shows too much signs of arsenic. Even in acute signs we need a professional advice else a book with much detailed symptoms of acute problems is the best solution.
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Paki1 8 years ago
Dear David, Thank you for understanding me & my honest intentions.
My warm regards to you!!
daktersaab 8 years ago
Dear Paki,
Your point very well taken but you know in this jet age people want all that is quick fix.Who wants books to read.
Thanks for your observations & I shall keep in mind that I will NOT give any dangerous remedy so casually.
Harming anybody is never my intention.
Thanks again.
daktersaab 8 years ago
Dear Daktersaab !

Your dedication is commendable,really !

I was wondering,if doses remains the same for all age groups? I have two kids aged 6 yrs(Boy) and a 14 mnth old daughter who catch cold almost everytime theres a change in weather or diet (Ice cream/Soft drinks etc),moreover I myself have Sinus problem and cronic throat pain.So How do I dose the three different ages here ?
And I also wanted to know the views of you and other well read/informed/Doctors here abt those Homeopathy Doctors who still believe in not disclosing the name of the remedy they give to their patients,pills wrapped up in papers.
What can be done to such Doctors ? Dont they have any legal binding (In India)??

Thank You for going through my post!
anannya 8 years ago
One must have the right to know what goes into their mouth as medicine. The homoeopathic doctors are scared of the impact on their business.

Perhaps, you already know that Daktersaab will be on personal leave for another 5 days.
nawazkhan 8 years ago
You must understand that there are valid reasons for not disclosing the name of the medicine. Homoeopathy is a very subtle style of medicine. We rely very heavily on very small differences in the way a patient expresses their feelings, thoughts, the very sensations they have. For us to be sure of one remedy over another, the patient must give an 'uncorrupted' version of their problem, without discussing what is known about the medicine.

Many patients, after being prescribed a medicine, will run straight to the internet to read up everything they can on it. This can create problems for the practitioner as it is impossible for the patient to fully understand why the remedy was prescribed, and they will often come back with complaints and arguments. They will also begin to focus on the symptoms they don't have, or begin changing the way they express their symptoms based on the what they read - this completely corrupts the natural expression of the patient and makes it MORE difficult to accurately assess reactions and to make further prescriptions. Patients can refuse to take medicines on the basis of what it was originally made from, or they can react almost hysterically based on symptoms they read. Most of all of these problems come from the fact that they lack understanding and perspective, and most importantly trust in their practitioner.

Even when the patient agrees, once you start telling them that they need a Bird remedy or a Mineral or you are giving them a particular Flower, patients who are suggestible will begin talking about this substance - only because you mentioned it, not because they have any genuine connection to it. So the practitioner's idea, can actually change what the patient is thinking and feeling and this is a disaster.

I was a homoeopathic lecturer for 7 years at the Australian College of Natural Medicine in Brisbane (Australia). Many of the students came to me for their treatments. I can tell you they were the most DIFFICULT of all patients because of their partial knowledge of our materia medica. They would come and give symptoms straight out of our books, they would alter their symptoms to suit a remedy they wanted to be given, they would spend more time arguing about the choice of medicine rather than giving an honest report of their case.

Worst of all, once they began reading about remedies they would start to see themselves in dozens of the remedy pictures. This happens because you, as the patient, cannot be objective about your own state, and everything looks like you. There is an old saying 'We only ever see ourselves' and this is so very true in homoeopathy. The state you are in, corresponding to a remedy, colours everything you perceive, including what you read about remedies you don't actually need. Often students, and I have seen many patients do this, begin self-prescribing at this point, convinced that each remedy they see must be them. This creates such chaos that it can be difficult to clear up.

Everyone of our remedies is non-physical. There is no physical substance left in them, they are merely an 'imprint' of the substance. There is not the same ethical considerations with pharmaceutical drugs or even herbs, which can be toxic. I believe that after the remedy has been assessed to be working or not, a patient should be told so that when the move on to a new practitioner they have an accurate record of their own treatment. But before that, there is no need for them to know, and it can actually be an obstacle to them being cured.

David Kempson
Professional Classical Homoeopath
Dip.Hom.Med 1994
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brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago
I've already stated the fact.
'The homoeopathic doctors are scared of the impact on their business. '
Patient's exploring and knowing more about the remedy will reduce their day to day income. So, these so called professional homoeopaths keep the knowledge to themselves due to the fear of losing the returning customer.
nawazkhan 8 years ago
There are both positive & negative impacts of not disclosing the names of the medicine. If one has strong faith in his doctor than it is OK whatever he or she gives is not important.
In my own case at, a age of 72 & experience of 47 years I ask my friend doc to give me the medicine (when I am sick) & tell him not to disclose the name b'cos. I go on thinking about the symptoms & if potency is high then start thinking or rather waiting for the aggrevation.Is it not funny, but then that is what we are.
daktersaab 8 years ago
'strong faith in his doctor'

In this day and age with internet explosion, the above is hard to get. The world has changed. We must wake up and adjust ourselves to the new age.

Not knowing what is entering your body creates more confusion regarding the unknown.

Knowing is very good to deal with the future events.
nawazkhan 8 years ago

let us think of a possibility...my husband being in Defence,we have to often move at short notice.

Now supposedly am getting myself treated by a Homeopath for some chronic problem and i end up changing the place and the Homeopath as well....then in that case dont you think its my right to know (to be able to tell the next Homeopath) what all remedies have been tried on me and whether it helped me at all ?

I dont think am asking for much ?

Moreover,in allopathy too we never have a medicine before we know its effects and side effects..then Why not in homeopathy? It only makes me doubt the competence of the said Doc and/or his confidence in his pathy ?

Pls no offence to anyone here,its just a query !

Thank You all !
anannya 8 years ago
For myself I also ask my homoeopath not to tell me what my remedy is when she gives it - I don't want to focus on things I know about the remedy.

There are two separate issues here though - there is the telling of a patient when you first give them the remedy, and there is the telling after the patient has had their response.

The only time it is important to keep the name of them medicine from the patient is when they first take it. This way the patient will not change the way they express their symptoms because of what they think they are getting. Once there is an unadulterated response (unfiltered by the patient's knowledge, assumptions, and illusions about the substance/medicine) then there is no harm in revealing what remedy they have had. And in fact I agree, they deserve to know, so that they can carry that information on to the next practitioner.

So in that respect, I totally agree.

But what most people fail to understand, is that our remedies are differentiated on such fine, subtle differences, that if the patient knows what those differences are and starts talking about them, they actually make their own report untrustworthy. There are patients on this forum where that has become a serious problem.

It is easy for those people who do not have clinical experience with homoeopathic treatment to insist that a patient know the name of the medicine, but if they actually had that experience they would see the moment patients begin reflecting on the substance or on the materia medica entries (which can be conflicting, complex and downright confusing), it becomes 10 times harder to see what remedy they might actually need.

Many patients filter like crazy when they know the name of their medicine. Either they trust the homoeopath's judgement, and only talk about the things they know fit the remedy they were given (even it if is the wrong one), OR they do not trust his judgement and the begin to avoid saying things they think would justify the remedy choice (even if it is the right one). I can tell you I have seen this happen repeatedly over the years. It adds more pressure to an already difficult job.
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brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago
Dear Daktersaab,

Your immediate attention is needed on the following thread.


nawazkhan 8 years ago
Dear Nawaz sahab,

Thanks to draw my attention. I have replied suiably.
warm regards
daktersaab 8 years ago
Dear anannya,

In the situation of transfer or otherwise a sincere Homeopath will certainly tell you the names of the med.
In my own case, when after trying out many remedies I myself unhasitatingly tell my Pt that I could not help him or her in giving relief & I accept it as my personal failure & not of Homeopathy so pl go to another doctor & here is the list of all the medicines I have given you.In case if the other person is interested to know you may show him.
Let me tell you this happens at least in 20% of the cases.
So I can only say that it all depends upon the sincerity, concern & common sense of each one of us.
daktersaab 8 years ago

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