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desperately seeking sleep for reflux baby 13months

I have been reading other posts but most are for infants 8 months and younger so I am hopeful that someone might have suggestions for my challenge as well.

My daughter was diagnosed with reflux at 6 weeks and put on zantac. At 4 months it was not any better and she was also put on previcid. At this same time I did a total elimination diet since I exclusively breastfed until 6 months when we introduced solid food-she took well to certain foods-no fruits-I think due to acid-she has never taken a bottle and I have continued to breastfeed for all other feedings excepting real food. (she has never had formula and when I eliminated foods I discovered a sensitivity or allergy to milk and soy-later I reintroduced soy and she is fine with it-she is still dairy intollerant or allergic-I feel she has enough going on that I just stay away from all dairy for me and her)

During this time all doctors and reflux sites say to nurse less and more often which has led us to this path of every two hour feedings-which seemed a lot when she was little but worth it to help her-now at 13 months she is still on zantac and previcid and I want her off-she is mostly walking but still suffers a bit in the evening and you can hear the reflux in her belly or throat when she lays down. I co-sleep with her and she is up like clock work every two hours. All day and all night.

I took her to a GI specialist and she was put on lactulose to soften her stools and help with constipation-which the medicine makes worse. IF she doesn't poop daily you can hear the reflux getting worse...one big cycle.

I appreciate any suggestions. I would eventually like her to sleep-for her sake-I could never let her cry it out-it would only make the reflux worse and it breaks my heart-please any suggestions to fix the reflux and help her sleep longer would help our whole family greatly.
  13monthrefluxer on 2011-09-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
pls stop all the drugs..

and try the following homeoo medicine

1. Phosphours 6 2 drops morning
2. Aethusa 6 2 drops evening..

report me after a week..

dr. deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
Please visit the link below to read the experience of a baby who suffered from GERD whom I helped. I note that you have read other posts, some of which I presume that I have helped, and although the infants may have been younger than yours, the therapy still remains the same. It seems such a pity that you are only referring your problem today after a year when she was first diagnosed with GERD.


I do hope that you will immediately discontinue giving your baby ALL PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitor) drugs as they are far too dangerous for adults and more so for infants. You can Google for 'the danger of using PPI drugs' to get qualified information on this danger.

You may like to know that I have pioneered in the use of Nat Phos 6x which is a Biochemic Cell Salt which is absolutely safe in use and works in a different manner by accelerating the passage of food from the stomach into the gut thereby preventing the build up of acid which is the reason for the symptoms that your baby presents and is also an excellent antidote for Lactose Intolerance which your baby suffers from. I have prescribed 2 tablets in my previous post but just ONE will also be effective. If she does not respond with one you can then give her two. You will hopefully discover her response immediately after her feed.

Nat Phos will also help with her constipation.

You will hopefully also observe in a few days that she will not need any medication at all, as the Nat Phos helps her body to readjust itself, like rebooting your computer.

If you wish to have any problem clarified please feel free to ask.

It is understood that if you decide to use my therapy aka 'Joepathy' you will desist from using all other drugs that you are giving her today.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you for this response. It certainly is a pity that it has taken so long for me to find this area. I only started searching as the past 12 months have seemed to go in blurry quarters of hopefulness that her condition would get better or she would out grow the reflux when she started walking. I kept thinking-we could get through the month and she would be better...to be honest I don't think anyone is functioning at 100% due to the lack of sleep. Anyway I greatly appreciate your response and info-I have to order the Nat Phos 6x due to the community I live in does not have any homeopathic remedies available. So I will continue with her previous medicines until it arrives and then give as prescribed while eliminating cold turkey the other medicines. I am extremely hopeful this will help her little system.

Did you see the other post with the suggestion of Aethusa 6 2? This does not seem necessary at this time and I would like to follow your 'joepathy' :)

Lastly, I suspect her poor sleeping is due to her system being so uncomfortable but is there anything that can help her with the sleep to just help break the 2 hour cycle that we have gotten into? I ask about the other and this since if I am ordering online, I may as well order anything else at the same time.

Thank you for your time, help, and recommendations.
13monthrefluxer last decade
Please include Aethusa Cynapium 6c in your order as I will have to prescribe it if my Nat Phos / Arnica therapy does not work.

Where do you live?
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you, I will add it to the order. We live in Fayetteville, Arkansas in the USA. There is a co-op natural food store which I ran to this morning in my excitement to get started and have a good section of homeopathic medicines but they are just starting to get some new brands and have to 'sell through' the old ones so they said they will carry it down the road but do not have it now. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. We just moved here 3 weeks ago and these types of things should be considered in a move but we overlooked it for a job offer. Thank goodness for the internet!
13monthrefluxer last decade
You can mail order your remedies from:

Washington Homeopathics
1 800 336 1695
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you for that link. I just started searching...can you confirm that Arnica 30c is the same as Arnica Montana 30c? I have not found the liquid dilution available thus far on site...can I order pellets and then create the solution you list on the link?
Thanks again.
13monthrefluxer last decade
Pellets are only about 10% as powerful as the Liquid Dilution and WHP manufacture it.

You will only be wasting money by ordering the pellets. They are only good if you use the pellets sublingualy but I favour the Wet dose which I have found is far more effective and you must get the Liquid Dilution.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you! I researched and I found it-I htink I was putting the 6c, 30c etc after and so it did not come up. Please remain patient as I am learning as we go and I want to be certain to order the correct doses/items.

The Aethusa Cynapium 6c and the Natrium Phosphoricum 6X both inquire on liquid form or pill form and the pill size list 2dram,4dram,1oz,2oz and 4 oz as options.

Similarly the Arnica 30c is listed as either Arnica Montana or arnica montana radix (I am uncertain on what radix means) it then inquires alcohol content at 20% option or 87% option and size as 15,30,50 and 100ml. I assume the 87% might be stronger but thought with baby maybe 20% is better but of course differ to you...

Sorry to be so unclear but have never ordered before. Thank you for your help and patience.
13monthrefluxer last decade
I did not realize that WHP had made their order site so very complicated.

All X potencies are usually supplied in tablets and C potencies in Liquid Dilution. I prefer the 87% as this is more effective than the 20%.

You do not want Arnica M Radix which is the root.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks for the info. It is all ordered. I will let you know when it arrives and we can get started-and ditch the meds-cannot wait. I really appreciate your help and advice. I pray this helps her reflux as well as...sleep. :)
13monthrefluxer last decade
I have received my prescriptions! I will get the spring water in the morning so I may not start the arnica until the mid-day meal but thought I should ask if then I should wait?

When I read over your recommendations I just want to be certain I have read correctly:
Arnica Wet Dose: 1 teaspoonful, 30 minutes BEFORE a meal 2 X daily (does it mater what times this happens?) and
Nat Phos 6x: start with one capsule (and see how she responds-to go up to 2 capsules if necessary) after a meal, not to exceed 6 a day.

How long should I continue with this treatment? I will report back how often?

Thank you for your guidance.
13monthrefluxer last decade
You may give the Arnica as soon as you have made the Wet dose but the Nat Phos should only be given after a meal as it is designed to accelerate the passage of food down the gut thereby preventing the formation of acid, which has lead to her present problems.

You can continue to use this therapy for as long as you feel that it is doing her some good and it is absolutely safe to be used on a daily basis.

Report back as often as you wish as I get the email alert every time you do so.
Joe De Livera last decade
So we are cold turkey on the prevacid and zantac and I have given full daily dose of the Arnica as well as the Nat Phos. A few questions:
1) should I shake the bottle each time I distribute the Arnica or is just the one time enough?
2) she still breastfeeds about every two hours-is it a problem to breastfeed after giving the Nat Phos as a follow up to a solid food meal or should I wait till after breastfeeding as well?
3)she has the lactulose to help soften stools for previous constipation...I realize the Nat Phos can help with this but should I continue with the lactulose to start to help keep her regular?(I have not given any to her) She has not gone to the bathroom since starting but that is just one day. I am not concerned just kind of want to know if it is normal as she hopefully gets old meds out of her body etc.
[message edited by 13monthrefluxer on Mon, 03 Oct 2011 17:25:17 BST]
13monthrefluxer last decade
The bottle must be succussed before evary dose.

You will give the Nat Phos immediately AFTER a meal comprising solid food. I do not think that she will have any problem after a breast feel.

The Nat Phos will soften stools and you will not need any drug to help. It is not unusual for a child not to have a bowel motion every day.
Joe De Livera last decade

Breast feel to read as Breast FEED.
Joe De Livera last decade
I understood. I do not want to seem impatient...I am concerned at her level of discomfort after 2 days. She hiccups constantly and has a lot of congestion through her eyes and nose-and cries on and off all day.
She did poop today. I do not need convincing to have her off the PPI meds. I just feel terrible for her to have such discomfort. How long till one usually notices a change?
13monthrefluxer last decade
I believe that it is now time to start the Aethusa C 6c which you should have got for baby.

You will make it in the Wet dose and give her a teaspoonful twice daily and report her response.

The other medication to be continued as usual.

I presume that the reason why she is taking so long to be cured is due to her being on powerful PPI drugs for the last year. These drugs would have affected her body functions and we can hope and pray that time will help her recover back to normal.

You can now realize how Big Pharma can manipulate even pediatricians to prescribe drugs for babies which they are aware are poisonous even for adults.

Makes me sick!

You state:
'I just feel terrible for her to have such discomfort. How long till one usually notices a change? '

Do I understand that you are not happy with her progress so far?
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you. It is not that I am unhappy with her progress, I just really cannot see any yet and expected her symptoms to be worse after taking her off of the PPI drugs but forgot how bad the reflux is without them. I anticipated minor discomfort and instead am feeling anxious and overwhelmed with parenting a reflux baby because she is so uncomfortable.

The aethusa C 6c I have-how do I make a wet does with the capsules? And at what point during the day do I administer? before or after eating? morning or evening? I looked back but could not find-thanks again!
13monthrefluxer last decade
I shall copy instructions to make the Wet dose:

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

Order the remedy in the Liquid pack in Alcohol, also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard at least 6 times before you sip a capfull of the bottle or a large teaspoonful which is the dose.
Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this enhances the effect of the remedy on the user.

Since you have the pellets of Aethusa, you can insert 6 pellets into a 500ml bottle of spring water and give her 1 teaspoonful twice daily about half hour between meals. I have just noticed that you have referred to 'capsules' of this remedy. If so I would like to have more details on what precisely these capsules are and what the label reads. They must be in lactose pellets about 3 mm ø.

I presume that you are giving her 1 tablet of Nat Phos 6x after every meal but not to exceed a total of 5 tablets within 24 hours.
Joe De Livera last decade
Okay. I had the instructions for the wet pack for the arnica but was unsure if it was the same since that was the liquid pack. It is more of a vocabulary issue with me-they ARE pellets.

I started with the 1 tablet of Nat Phos after each meal but upped it to 2 since the first day and a half showed zero improvement-so she is having 6 tab daily-I can go back to 5 and just give her one after dinner if that seems best.

Just for learning sake-can you tell me what the Aethusa does for the system? I read Milk Intolerance on the bottle-which she certainly has-but I have eliminated all dairy from my diet and she has none as well. I would love it if she could tolerate dairy at some point.

Thanks again.
13monthrefluxer last decade
Wanted to update that we started the aethusa C6c and have noticed her whole system has calmed down a lot. She is not sleeping more but I think she is in such a habit of waking that she will continue this for a while but she has no congestion and I used to hear the reflux coming up her throat and no longer hear anything.

She has not had any of her previous medicines and seems to be doing fine without. I am thrilled to have her off the PPI most of all.

How long do I continue with each prescription?

Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance. Now if I can get her to sleep more than 2 hour stretches...

I did want to ask-since she is 13 months-is it okay to give her the Nat Phos pellets under her toungue-granted she might slip them around in her mouth but it takes them awhile to dissolve in the spring water teaspoon and I forgot to give her a dose-thought if I could just slip them in her mouth it might work?

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
13monthrefluxer last decade
just wanted to write back since it has been a just over a month since we started with the plan. She is off her medicines completely and we no longer hear the reflux in her throat at night. She is less fussy and seems more comfortable. She does not sleep more-but we think it is because she is in such a habit of waking up every two hours for comfort that she simply can't break it yet. We are hopeful.

I wanted to ask-how does one tell if you need to use the medicines again at any time-would one follow the same plan or differ. She is still milk intollerent and I am unclear if she could continue with the Aethusa at some point or are we just done? Thanks again for all your help and guidence.
13monthrefluxer last decade
I have often been wondering how your baby was faring and I was surprised to see that you have posted thrice and it is only your last one that alerted me due to some problem with the software on the ABC.

It is past midnight here in Sri Lanka and I shall reply you tomorrow morning.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

Please be aware that Natrum Phos 6x has lactose in it (however small) and I witnessed a severe aggravation, in less than 5 minutes, after giving 2 tablets of Natrum Phos 6x, to a 7 year old, due to the milk content in it.

Please consider to change the Natrum Phos 6x prescription to liquid dilution in future.

Please let me know if you need any more details of my recent experience with this case.

Reva V
Reva V last decade

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