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Dog and Porcupine Quills

Dog got involved with a porcupine. I gave her whatever got into her and not all over floor of 1 pellet silicea 30c in a little water.

Could not hold the dog still and get the quills out. Went to vet. They gave sedative and got the quills out. I declined antibiotic.


1) what now for the dog?

She is still groggy from sedative

is having clear discharge from eyes.

generally does not seem to feel well.

She wants to eat and drink, but seems to be too uncomfortable to do so.

Apparently needs something in place of antibiotic to prevent infection.

2) If this happens again with this or the other dog is there something that can be given homeopathically (or otherwise) that might take the place of a sedative to help the dog to hold still so as to be able to get the quills out?

3) Is there anything that can be given to both dogs that might disincline them from trying to go after porcupines? (Maybe Camomilla ?)

4) any other suggestions homeopathic or otherwise?

5) Is silicea a correct remedy to try to help any possible lost quills to work their way out?

Should I have waited and might silicea have done the job without vet visit?
  Bodhitshe on 2005-06-11
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
What do you think of Merc Viv to cover eye discharge along with concern about skin infection from the quills?

What is the difference between Chamomilla and Passiflora as a calming homeopathic?
Bodhitshe last decade
silica will help get rid of any remaining quills.
pyrogen will be good for preventing infection.
i am not too experienced with animals so expect others on forum may have better advice.
erika last decade
This dog needs Ledum for the puncture wounds from the quills.

Clean wounds with peroxide and or Calendula or Hypercal

Hepar Sulph if there are signs of infection.

One dose of Phosphorus if she is still having bad effects from anesthetic. Or you may want to try Nux. V. first to clear the chemicals from the body.

Feed her only chicken broth or goat's milk to strengthen her and then switch her to good quality meat, raw is best.

Please make a note all readers if you dog will allow you to work with the quills you are supposed to cut them down half way and that is supposed to make them come out easier, some may fall out on their own.

Good luck!

Namaste27 last decade
Having worked at a Vet clinic for a number of years I have had experience with dogs and quills. They rarely fall out on their own, and they do need something to stop infection. I am a proponent of antibiotics (when warranted, I understand they are generally overused, but this is just about the perfect time) in this case, or at least regular washing with peroxide or iodine until it's healed over.
I doubt there's anything you can do to stop your dog from chasing porcupines, although after an experience like this she may learn on her own.
Beck24 last decade
Thank you all for your replies.

Erika: I'll order Pyrogen for my 1st aid kit for future. Any preferred potency?

In the online MM it says under injuries and accidents, wounds "dissecting"--what does dissecting mean in this context? (like dissecting aneurism?)

Should I leave it at the one dose of silica already given or do it again? (was before she went to vet so may have been antidoted by the sedative)

Namaste: Luckily I do have nearly all the things you mentioned.

I'll go get some Ledum into her as soon as I get off from here.

She's steadier today and her eyes are cleared up. I think her system may have cleared the sedative on its own, but maybe I'll give her one dose Nux later to help even more.

No sign of infection at puncture sites.

The cutting the quills clue is excellent. I hope this doesn't happen again, but if it does that could be a big help and avoid more sedation (if the dog will allow). I posted also on a dog site and someone wrote back saying she had used this and it worked.

I guess no one has any ideas about a calmative for helping the dog to allow me to work on her?

Thanks again!!!!
Bodhitshe last decade
I would put silica 30c into drinking water (change to 'non-medicated' water after you know your dog has taken a drink - do this probably twice daily until you see evidence that they are coming out then reduce dosage, stop when better) - Namaste, you may be able to advise better on this so pls do if you would ? thanks :)

Pyrogen is often used after dental and other operations instead of antibiotics - the 'dissecting' wound refers to clean cuts as in sterile operations, but I have used it inother situations also.
pyrogen 30c may be given twice daily to help in the prevention of postoperative infection. it can be given alongside other remedies.
erika last decade
Muzzle the dog by wrapping the leash around its snout, snuggly. One holds the muzzle and one works on the dog.

If the dog is flipping out and refusing to be touched Arnica may do the trick.

If she is anxious, pacing, panting, and/or in shock-Aconite.

If she tends to typically be a hyper animal/nervous as well-Passiflora Mother Tincture should calm her over time.

If she absolutely refuses to allow you to work on her, then the vet is your best bet.

Silicea-200C one dose a week until better or the 30C, two times daily until better. Only my suggestion.

Namaste27 last decade
Feedback for you who replied and also for any reading this.

2 hours after I gave Ledum the places where quills had been were no longer findable for cleaning except by memory.

So far as naked eye could tell they were completely healed whereas they were red and fleshy looking at the time I gave it. Even the ones in the nose area that were not at all obscured by fur looked completely healed up.

And the dog is acting totally better and comfortable.

Dogs don't lie about feeling better, and unlikely to have placebo reactions.

I'll give some more silicea in case of lost inside quills, but I think there aren't any.

Thanks again.
Bodhitshe last decade
excellent and further good health for your doggy! :)
erika last decade
3 1/2 weeks ago 2 of my Jack Russells got a porcupine while I was at work and my 18 yo daughter was home alone to deal with it. She called and I left work to come home and we took them to vet. They never saw any this bad. $285 and 8 hours later got both dogs back. No antibiotics, no pain meds. Said they would be fine. They sedated both. Worked over an hour pulling them from male, 2 orked over 1 1/2 hours on the female. That was a Tuesday. Both were hurting pups the next day,but by Thursday the male was feeling pretty much fine, little female was just laying and shaking in pain and wouldn't/couldn't eat or drink. Took her back and they removed more from her tongue and the throat. No antibiotics still because they said they need to work out and antibiotics would heal them over. Got Rimadyl for pain. Made it til Monday and she was still not much better. Softening food and handfeeding was working, but she was not recovering, and her right eye started fogging over. Couldn't take off work again on Tuesday so when I got home I made appt for Wed. morn. They sedated her again and found more in her throat that were working out, and her eye was not reacting to light. Got expensive eye drugs and more pain meds. They told me she will probably lose the eye. A quill had migrated and apparently got in her eye. I have been pulling more quills from both dogs all along. Sadie's are the worst, and tonight, as I wonder when exactly I am supposed to take her in for the eye removal, I felt a jag over her good eye. Pulled a whole quill out over the good eye. (Then another from her still sore chin.) I haven't tried any homeopathetic remedies other than a lot of love, but want people to know that these porcupine incidents aren't necessarily overwith when you leave the vet's office and all you can do is wait for the rest to work out. Of all the sites I have been looking at for advice, none told me this could happen. If someone knows something that might help at this point I would be willing to try it, but just know that if your dog is not recovering immediately, there are probably still more quills in there that have been buried or broken off and you will be picking them out for weeks. Hope they don't go to the eye!
jrtmama last decade
You may give the affected dog 2 pills of silicea 30. It may be administered straight in mouth or by dissolving in some water.
After one hour you may give Ledum Pal 30.
The above remedies may be given in the morning and evening for few days until there is relief.
kadwa last decade

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