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Hello David,

Thanks for your quick response. I hope you are doing great.

Just a query... (You may choose not to answer the same....) You mentioned that the remedy may not be suitable for my condition. Just wanted to know in this regard, is the medication supposed to act so quickly towards curing my ailments (Especially when I have taken only 2 doses of the medication, which seems to be quite small)?

Thanks a tonne!
coolvap last decade
2 doses may not cure, but there would show better improvement than what has shown. Homoeopathy is powerful, but you are right it is not magic.

Typically 2 doses would have affected more areas, more symptoms, even if only 5-10%.

I would have expected more significant changes in mood, mental state, energy, sleep, appetite etc as these things respond easily to our remedies.
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brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hello David,

Now that I have stopped taking Lycopodium, kindly suggest alternate medication for treating my condition.

Thanks a tonne!
coolvap last decade
I am on it. Will have an answer for you by the end of today.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Your post kept slipping further and further down the list.

I am sorry to keep promising you my attention only to lose track of you. However you have been in my mind for days so I am now working on the case.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
How does the sun or heat affect you or the migraine?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I actually think that Glonoinum is worth a try. I would get 200c.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hello David,

Apologies on not reverting earlier. I was at a really remote location and hence did not have access to internet/homeopathic medicines. I thank you for your timely response!

Sun aggravates the condition greatly. If I go out in the bright sun there is a high possibility that I will get a bad headache, which later translates to migraine. The same applies with heat as well, but the intensity/frequency is comparatively low.

Just to let you know, I sweat really less. Even though people with me start sweating a lot with an equivalent amount of activity, I hardly sweat. Don't know if this is relevant in this discussion, but I wanted to inform you the same.

You have suggested Glonoinum 200c. I will get this medicine and give it a try. Will keep you updated.
coolvap last decade
The aggravation from the sun is a very strong indication for Glonoinum, so I am keen to see how it helps you.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hello David,

I tried taking Glonoinum 200 using the dosing bottle method by dissolving a few granules of Glonoinum in around 30-40 ml of 1:5 parts alcohol:water. I had 3-4 drops from this dosing bottle along with some water 2-3 times a day.

I took this dose for 4-5 weeks and thankfully the symptoms associated with migraine have subsided. I only had to take a painkiller once since the last 5-6 weeks, something that has not happened since many years! It seems this treatment is working!

Please let me know how long should I continue taking this treatment. Will this be a long term treatment?

As always, I thank you for your time and patience.
coolvap last decade
You were meant to take one dose only and report back to me. Please stop the treatment now.

200c 2-3 times a day for 6 weeks! That is way too much.

After stopping for a week we can see what happens. It is still a great result but my concern in taking it over and over is that it could just be palliating the symptoms. We will be able to see if it really cured when you stop it.

brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hi David,

Ok, I will stop the treatment for a week and report.

coolvap last decade
Hello David,

I stopped taking the medication as instructed from 24th Mar. Sadly, i am experiencing a headache of moderate intensity from today morning. It is the usual migranish headache, which usually results in light sensitivity in addition to nauseatic feeling. Pain is in the temples with the eyes also being painful. There is a slight congestion in the nose as well.

Please revert with the future course of action in this case. It is highly irritating and demotivating to experience this headache especially when i would like to perform well at work. :-(

Thanks for your patience!
coolvap last decade
Hello David,

I had a bad headache all night long yesterday. I had to take a painkiller for the same. Even after taking the medicine I am experiencing a feeble headache and drowsiness as I was unable to sleep properly due to the headache.

Please advice!
coolvap last decade
I am definitely concerned now that the remedy was merely palliating or suppressing the headache. The fact that it returned as soon as the remedy was stopped is a very poor sign.

Please go through all your symptoms initially given, and next to each one right Better, Worse, Same. Also list any symptoms or qualities that are new. If you write better or worse please also give a percentage to represent how much.

It is important to try and understand what has happened. To abandon the remedy without careful consideration of its effect could lead to us missing a curative medicine.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hi David,

I am copying the symptoms list from my original post. I will report the current status as compared to the original status:

• My migraine starts with neck pain, and a feeling of dizziness/drowsiness and vertigo. The neck muscles become stiff, and start paining. The shoulder/collarbone muscles also start feeling stiff. Due to the vertigo, I have to take extra care while walking. ---- Lesser migraine intensity. May be 20-30% lesser. But, it did not subside with rest and I had to take migraine medication to control it. Lesser neck pain than earlier. May be 30-40% lesser. Less stiffer neck muscles. May be 30-40% lesser. Shoulder/Collarbone muscles were lesser stiff. Maybe 20-30% lesser. Vertigo also lesser. 20-30% lesser.
• It seems vessels in the nose also become constricted, since the nose feels choked while breathing. It’s like having a stuffed nose. ---- Comparatively less stuffy nose. Again 30-40% lesser.
• Slowly, the pain extends to the head and the forehead. It is majorly concentrated at the temples, and it feels better to try and press the nerves on both the temples, as it reduces the pain temporarily. ---- Temples were paining badly. Almost the same intensity. Maybe a little less, approx. 10% less.
• It’s a severe pounding pain, in rhythm with the heart beats. Pain is experienced with every heart beat. ---- Intensity was little lesser, approx. 10-20% lesser.
• Nauseatic sensation with Vomiting if untreated. I hate the smell of food when in pain, as it aggravates nauseatic feeling. ---- Again lesser nauseatic sensation. I was able to have my dinner, which is normally difficult with full fledged migraine headache due to vomiting sensation induced by smell of food. 20-30% lesser.
• Inability to concentrate with the headache, and find it difficult to speak (words don’t come freely) and remember/recall. ---- Quite better in this aspect. 20-30% better.
• Extra sensitivity to light and sound during an attack. Feels better to lie down in a dark and silent room with a pillow over the forehead. ---- Quite sensitive, still not as much as earlier. 20-30% lesser.
• The Body feels warmer/hotter during the attack. Palms of the hand feel much warmer than normal. ---- Quite better. 10-20% better.
• Movement aggravates discomfort caused due to the attack. ---- 10-20% better.

Kindly help me!
coolvap last decade
Ok it appears that overall the remedy has improved things.

What about the following symptoms?

Weak eyes
Wind problem
Premature ejaculation
Difficulty sleeping
Delay when urinating
Overly concerned with what people think
Being a perfectionist
Lack of confidence
Desire for recognition
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hello David,

My mistake, I did not report status against all my previously mentioned symptoms. Please accept my sincere thanks for your dedication towards my case.

Weak eyes ---- I do not experience any difference in this area.
Wind problem ---- No difference in this aspect as well.
Premature ejaculation ---- No way to determine change in this aspect.
Difficulty sleeping ---- No difference.
Delay when urinating ---- No difference.
Overly concerned with what people think ---- Improvement in this aspect. I am somehow developing a kind of carefree attitude towards what others think of me. Maybe 30-40% improvement.
Being a perfectionist ---- I try to do a good job at work. I like doing things the right way. But still, I have become somewhat complacent as far as my expectations from others is concerned.
Lack of confidence ---- Somewhat improved. I feel more confident. Maybe 20-30% improvement.
Acne ---- It has subsided to a great extent when on Glonoinum medication. But a few pimples have appeared again especially after consuming Migraine medication. For me, masturbation is closely associated with pimples!
Desire for recognition ---- I have become complacent in this regard as well.
coolvap last decade
Excellent. Ok then I have much more confidence in the remedy as a truly curative one. This is a good thing.

What we need to do is move to the higher potency, as it is usually the case that when a well selected remedy needs frequent repeating, that the potency is too low.

This being the case, I would buy Glon 1M and take a single (once only) dose.

Until you get this potency, repeat the 200c but I want you to follow these instructions.

Take the dose in water as before. However I want you to hit the bottle 1 extra time each day ie. 3 the first day, 4 the second, 5 the third, 6 the fourth. After the fourth day stop and report to me what has happened.

brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Alright David,

I will get Glon 1M and take a single dose when available. Meanwhile, I will continue with the current potency as originally instructed, but before consuming the medication I will hit the bottle, successively increasing hit counts every day. i will report back by the forth day.

Thanks so much!
coolvap last decade
Glonoine 1M is good medicine. I was a horrible migraine patient. After several so called 'modern medicine' treatment, i contacted a homeopathic doctor. my doctor adviced me to take this. I used it 6 months. Now its 13th year, iam happy with a migraine free life.
The only problem is that, that doctor is no more. He was my own uncle, is died by heart attack. His demise made a big loss for me, because iam suffering with Hepatitis B.

Best rgrds
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shakkeerdxb last decade
sorry for my poor english
shakkeerdxb last decade
Hey, Shakkeerdxb, can you explain the doses you took the medicine with..
shahnawaz last decade
Hello David,

Its been long since I was trying to get Glonoinum 1M. Finally, I have succeeded in getting the same today!

As instructed, I took Glonoinum 200 by increasing hit counts each day. I took this medication for 3 days. All the while I took the medication, I was migraine-free.

3 days after stopping the medication, I suffered migraine attack. Last month was excessively stressful on the personal front, which lead to reduced or no sleep. To top it all, my appetite almost disappeared. This stress probably lead to repeated headaches. Since 28th March, I have had attacks many a times. I had to use the usual painkillers to get relieved of the pain. It becomes very difficult to work at the office and carry out usual chores with an aching head. I also become light, sound and smell sensitive during attacks.

Things have been better since last week and hence migraine issue has also improved. I had headache 5 days back, but I did not take any medication for curing it. Thankfully it subsided after lasting for close to 3 days.

Please let me know if I may take Glonoinum 1M as originally suggested? Thanks in advance!
coolvap last decade
Dear Shakkeerdxb,

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. We are happy to learn that you have entered the much sought 'Migraine-free' world. I am sure it must be a wonderful experience and that you must be living your life to the fullest!

You mentioned that you took the medication for 6 months. Could you kindly share the doses and frequency of medication? It could be of help to multiple sufferers!

PS: Your english is not poor. You have conveyed your points quite well! Thanks!
coolvap last decade
Hello David,

Please help me with my query dated 01-May-2012. Can I take Glonoinum 1M as adviced?

Thanks in advance...
coolvap last decade

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