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Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia (ATN)

Hi, after researching the internet for ages, i have found that what i have is called Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia (ATN).

A quote from a website 'Atypical TN is characterized by a unilateral, prominent constant and severe aching, boring or burning pain superimposed upon otherwise typical TN symptoms. This should be differentiated from cases of typical TN that develop a minor aching or burning pain within the affected distribution of the trigeminal nerve.

Vascular compression, as described above in typical TN, is thought to be the cause of many cases of atypical TN. Some believe atypical TN is due to vascular compression upon a specific part of the trigeminal nerve (the portio minor), while others theorize that atypical TN represents a more severe form or progression of typical TN.'

I am getting a bad aching and dull pain in my right side of my cheek where the nerve is.

I have heard that people have successfuly cured themselves of atypical TN, with hompeopathy. Could i be helped also?

Thanks for any help.
  Depressed on 2005-06-15
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

Yes, homoeopathy can help you, but we need ALL your symptoms in order to suggest you some remedy.

1. When did the complaints start? Can you pin down its onset to any acute illness/exposure to cold winds etc?

2. Symptoms in detail: write about what makes your complaint better and worse ( heat/ cold/ open air/ bath/ night/ chewing...)
Describe the pain ( stationary/ shifting/ dull/ constant/ sharp/ shooting/ radiating to ears etc...)

3. Any other complaints apart from Neuralgia?

4. Treatment taken? its effect?
magicure last decade
Thanks for your reply,
Well, i had this rash on the right side of my face come on about a year ago, the skin there peeled twice and after that the achey/dull pain started. The redness of the rash is still there but has faded alot now but its just the pain.
I have read that facial trama can cause an onset of ATN, when i first developed this pain i also was under allot of stress and pressure so that could be another reason.

Appart from this pain, i have no other illnesses etc, i am really healthy.

The pain often started when i am quite hot, also whenever i speak or move my mouth too much the pain starts up again. Touch can sometimes set it off also.
I find that it is worse in the afternoon and at night. It is at its best when i first wake up in the morning, cold water releaved the pain.

The pain is really achey and dull. Attacks can last for a while for up to an hour before going, i am then hit by another attack of pain later on.
This is just on my right cheek and doesnt move.

I havent taken any allopathy drugs atall.
Depressed last decade
I am hoping to treat this now, as it can form TN which is far worse pain.
Depressed last decade

Could you please describe the rash that you had a year ago? ( Was it diagnosed? ) was it painful?
magicure last decade
Also, how is your thirst? How much water do you drink per day?
How is your tongue? any coating?
magicure last decade
Hi, The rash was really red and came on all of a sudden, it then peeled off twice completely, i accidently rubbed the dead skin off in the night when it peeled. When the skin came off the new skin was bright red. This is when the pain came (really achey etc)
It wasnt dignosed, i didnt see a doctor about it. It wasnt painful either until it all peeled off just very red.

I do not crave water atall really, i often wait until i really need a drink before having a big glass of water, i only drink water.
I drink about 2 liters of water a day.

After looking at my tongue, i do have some white coating my tongue with some cracks down the middle.

Thanks again.
Depressed last decade

Take Pulsatilla 200, 5-6 pills on clean tongue, for three consecutive nights and report back.
Dont eat/drink anything atleast for half an hour before and after taking the remedy.

Take care...
magicure last decade
Thanks alot for your help, i have found Pulsatilla 200, but could i take it in a liquid form? If so how should i take it? How much also?
Depressed last decade
Take 1/4 th cup of clean water and mix 1-2 drops of Pulsatilla 200 in it.
Take this sip by sip, and hold every sip in mouth for about a minute before swallowing it.

Repeat this for three consecutive nights.

Report back after 3 days, or if the complaintschange/aggravate.

Take care...
magicure last decade
Reg your problem.
ATN, will not react on any homeopatic remedie, as its confirmed both by doctors and chiropractics as being caused by compression of the nerves, in the upper vertebrae.
This problem receive suregery in europe.
Normally will a chiropractic be able to cure this problem, but in some cases it take time, or seem to not react after a ch adjustment, if so, then its time for homeopaty to take the rest of the problem.
A homeopatic remedie at start do normally not hold, if you ever get a reaction to it.

Suggestions to take this or that, is usually given by people who lack education in pathology and homeopathy.
Ill advice.Not homeopathy.
allvis last decade
Hi again magicure,
Thanks for the advice, i recieved the remedy today and have taken one dose, so far no change as yet.

After fanatically researching the internet i came on to the remedy 'hypericum' apparently this is being called the arnica for nerves. It heals, and sooths nerve pain.
What do you think?
Depressed last decade
The pulsatilla seems to be helping quite a bit i have noticed now. The pain and frequency of atacks have gone down.

I really wish to try hypericum, could i take this after i have stopped pulsatilla?

Depressed last decade

Hypericum symptomatology is totally sifferent. Though it helps pain originating from nerve injuries, your complaints dont call for it.

Since you are getting better using Pulsatilla, I wont advocate the idea of shifting to Hypericum.

Give Pulsatilla a fair chance to help you, before you think of switching to other remedy.

Take care...
magicure last decade
Hi, well ive been taking it for 3 days now and although i thought that i saw improvement at the start i am now back with the pain, its the same as before. I dont that there is much improvement.
What should i do now? Please advise.

I have to add that the pain is aggrevated by wind and is greatly helped by eating, it takes the pain away.

Thanks alot.
Depressed last decade

Take Pulsatilla again, two times a day, same way as described above.

Only, after mixing it in water, stir it vigorously for about 2 minutes, and then take it sip by sip.

If possible post everyday.

Take care...
magicure last decade

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