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Dr. Brisbanehomeopath. I have created this new thread

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  abc1234 on 2011-11-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Yes I have seen this thread now.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Sir, It is the 5th day after first dose. The current condition of mine is unchanged. I did not notice much change after the first dose.

The current condition is not much different from the past except I am not feeling very weak now.

For 2-3 weeks, I am observing very small leaking of urine when I walk fast or movement. It is very small amount and do not drop. Most of the time I feel that something is coming especially when I cross my legs. Always I wonder whether something get outside and impure my cloths.

‘Shrinkage’, which I mention earlier is the same. Sometimes it shrinks to 1-2 inch, mostly when I try to hold urge of toilet. It is also very soft.

Sex drive is also low and I do not feel it.

I am taking anti-depressants for 7 days now. I am feeling much better mentally. I do not know whether this is because of the anti-depressants or not. Also physically I am not feeling very weak as earlier.

From the day of taking anti-depressants, Sleep was more regular and I am getting better sleep. But after wake-up I still feel that, my sleep is not completed and I still need more sleep even when I sleep for 8-9 hrs. The smell of sweat of armpit is very bad, and often I myself dislike this and I feel shy around people.

I am feeling testicular pain which did not occurring for many days.

I am facing difficulty in remembering day-to-day event like price of something I paid, whether I take medicine or not etc.

Inquire me further if I missed something. Advise me in this situation.

Thank you again Sir.
abc1234 last decade
Now because you have deleted all the information I used to make the prescription, I have no way of going back to assess the case.

This means that you are going to have to list everything that you mentioned previously as a problem, and next to it put whether the problem is better, the same or worse. Also list how it is better or worse.

The fact that your weakness is better is a good sign, and that your testicular pain was better for a short while may also show the remedy was a good one.

If I do need to prescribe a new remedy though, you will need to repost all the information so that I can reanalyze it.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Sir, I am rewriting about my problems and their current conditions below

1. I told you about the erection problem. I first noticed it when I apply water flow to clear urine in June this year. Since then erection problem arise. Sometimes I get good erection for several months randomly after that. But not good as before. I used ginseng for 10 days. The result was when I used it I get erection, though not big and hard enough as before. I am not taking that for one month now, and I am not getting erection now. Sometimes I get hard in bed in night but not for long duration.

2. I also feel softness of penis which was not before. Before I take ginseng, it becomes good and healthy after sleep. But for one month now, it is very soft, when I press, I feel it is not hard as before in flaccid state. Easily bent, sometimes I feel as there is nothing in there. It does not become good and hard (I do not mean as hard when erect, but in flaccid state) even after sleeping. It is happening for one month now. I do not observe any change in this problem after taking the first dose.

3. I also talked about the shrinking of penis. It shrinks to 1-2 inch, especially when urge of toilet comes and I try to hold it. Now most of the time it is in ‘shrinked’ state. After taking medicine I do not observe any change with this problem.

4. For one month now, I am facing leaking of urine (very small, not dropping outside). I feel something is coming in movement, in doing quick walk. It was not before I stop taking the ginseng. I think it can be caused by ginseng or the medicine for urine flow improvement( it prescribed by a doctor for me after doing an uroflowmetry test, I took it about 15 days first, after that he changed it with another one, I think it is the changed one, which initiating this problem, but I am not sure. For your note, I have visited a doctor with testicular pain, he gave me those medicine plus an anti-depressant, which I changed it because of extreme weakness and aggravated depression.) I also do not observe any change in this problem.

5. I told you about night time leakage of semen. When I feel aroused before sleep and get erection, leakage occur in night. Sometimes It occur without any erection. It occur in a gap of 15-20 days. I feel weakness after leakage.

6. I have told you about the watery semen. In the last leakage , it was complete watery. But when I took the dose, in that night, a leakage occurred, but was not very watery. I do not know whether or not because of the dose.

7. I talked about the muscle weakness in legs and arms, weakness in joints and tiredness. It is for 3-4 months now. I visit another doctor with this problem, he gave some test, which reports very good condition and he said it is psychological problem. He gave me a multivitamin and anti-anxiety-depression tablet. I completed the vitamin dose. Probably two weeks ago. About 10 days ago, I visited another doctor. He also gave me anti-depression tablet. I am starting feeling good in weakness before I start taking the medicine. For last 7-8 days, I feel much better about general weakness and especially in depression. I have taken your dose 5 days ago, and I didn’t notice much improvement with the dose. The condition now is I am feeling stronger but still feeling some weaknesses in joint and in doing hard work.

8. I get tired easily, I cannot study for long time. I get tired arriving home after university. I do not measure this problem now because the university is off now. But when I sit in a place for 30-40 minutes I feel tired. I cannot exactly say what the dose done on this.

9. Very low sex drive. I talked about this problem. One month and half ago, it becomes normal randomly sometimes. But for the last 40-45 days, I do not feel it or it is very low. After taking the medicine I did not noticed any change yet.

10. I talked about pain in testicles. The pain was mostly on left testicles. It was off for 2-3 months now. But yesterday and today, the feel the pain. When the pain is around the left testicles, with the joint in thigh. I feel better sometimes when change my gesture of sitting. Most of the time it goes without any reason.

11. I told about the sleep disturbance. It is not deep and easily broken with simple sound. But since start taking the anti-depressant (continuing 7 days now) sleep is somewhat good. But I did not feel satisfied or energized with sleep even with 8-9 hrs of sleep. This is unchanged.

12. I also told that I cannot hold urge of urine for long time. After taking 1 glass , the urge becomes very heavy within 40-45 minutes. I did not see anything with the medicine as I am not taking much water now.

13. Hair and beard loss. This problem is the same. But beard losing is somewhat improved for 2 weeks now. I do not know why? In past, 1-2 beard fall in every washing. It is somewhat reduced. But the number of beards is also reduced very much. Beard density becomes thin. Hair loss is the same as before.

14. I got fatigue and back pain with working long period of time. I did not notice it for 9-10 days.

15. I also talked about the vision movement problem when I becomes anxious with something or when I try to concentrate deeply in study. I told that, I feel sometimes the whole things are moving left-right. It occurred 3-4 times in last 3-4 months. For the last month, it do not appear again. Now I feel sometimes that, my head is moving very slowly forward-backward. I feel it when I concentrate on study. As I am writing this on laptop screen, I feel it when I stop all movement.

16. I am having memory problems now. I sometimes forget about day to day activities such as—whether I took medicine or nor, sometimes I forgot to take mobile, sometimes I forgot how much I paid the bus, I get confused whether a certain event occurred yesterday or the day before yesterday.

17. I cannot hold focus on my target. When I am university and see people doing this and that, I determine to do a certain things. But when I arrive home, I lost interest and lose my focus on study. I waste time aimlessly. I sit on computer to do a certain work, but I easily lost my focus on the task and start doing unnecessary things. I did not mention this problem before as I do not consider this as a ‘problem’ and rather consider it as characteristics of mine. But in the past, I was not like this.

18. I have another problem which I forget to mention before. It was the smell of sweat of armpit. It is very bad, and clothes becomes useless with one day use. I myself sometimes do not sit near other people because of this problem. It is very old problem.

19. I have depressive symptoms. But I am feeling better for one weeks now.

I told you that, I started the cursed habit of masturbation in the age of 19. I am now 25. In last two years, I did not feel very interest on this thing. I do not know why. I do this with friction of bed, rather than using hand. As I feel very guilty using hand.

Stool is not regular, not solid, only solid at beginning. I sweat too much, but is reduced now. I think it is because of reduced water taking.

Sir, If I missed something, please question promptly. I am also sorry for my English. I tried my best to choose correct words and to visualize exact situation. I am also facing concentration problem on study as I always wait internally for your reply. I do not know, whether I should suspend it till the exam is over or continue this. Please Suggest me. Again Thank you sir, for giving me your time and all your kindly advice.
abc1234 last decade
I am also facing hesitation problem. I feel hesitated whenever I have to decide something. I always rely on somebody for their suggestion in that situation.
abc1234 last decade
Sir, I am eagerly waiting for your reply.
abc1234 last decade
Sir, I want to put stress on the hair lossing problem. It is severe now, every time i comb, 8-9 hair falls. Also the root of the beard becomes very weak, when i comb my beard with finger, 1-2 beard comes with my hand.

Thank you sir.
abc1234 last decade
Ok we have some new information here as well, I will need to add that into the analysis.

Can you describe the feeling you have when you are wasting time, losing focus. Describe what is 'losing focus'. What happens when you cannot 'hold focus on a target'?

What is the smell of the sweat under your arms? What does it remind you of?

So I can see the issues around your sexual organs are the same. What is all this mention of ginseng - are you taking that regularly?

You are taking an anti-depressant as well? What is the name of the medication?

These other drugs being taken can complicate things for when prescribing homoeopathy.

One complication is change in symptoms like this - so the weakness and depression and insomnia improving is likely to be a result of the orthodox medication. With drugs beginning to mask or palliate symptoms prescribing homoeopathically does become more difficult.

Because your improvements could be explained by the medication you are taking and not the remedy, the first thing that needs to be done is confirm the remedy is not right.

Repeat the remedy 3 times. Hit the bottle 4 times for the first dose, 6 times for the second, then 8 times for the third. Do this once each day, but stop at anytime if you feel any symptoms worsening.

Report after 4 days, and if necessary we can look at changing the medicine.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
By Mentioning ‘Losing focus’ I try to mean that, I cannot stay on focus on my task or duty. For Example, When I go to university and I see my classmates doing study in their home and very serious. I decide myself that I also have to study this and that. But when I come to home, I do not do that, the previous goals become less important to me. I also want to mention that, whenever I see someone doing better than me in study (particularly in field, where I consider myself as a capable one) I feel something bad about myself. I blame myself for wasting time and for not taking the opportunity to advance. I do not know is it inferiority complex, but sometimes I actually consider myself as an inferior. I consider myself as a constant wrong-doer.

When I hear from someone that ‘ I see many brilliant people failing to gain success’, I think that he is talking about myself and I consider myself among those people. Whenever I see some opportunity, I always think that I cannot properly use that opportunity and actually that things happen ( despite the fact that, I do much better than many others in start, but in long run I cannot keep my progress and fall behind). I feel interested in a subject in the beginning of a semester, but after one or two month, that interest gone away. It can be also for the bad system of our educational institute, which I actually dislike much.

In past, I can plan in my head and hold focus on my plan. But somehow I am feeling that that capability is now lost. I intend to learn a subject, but within a days or two I loss focus, i.e I simply do not do that. Sometimes I cannot figure out ‘how can I start doing that?’. When I do not know clearly the starting of a process I hesitated in that.

I am taking the anti-depressant ‘Amitriptyline hydrochloride’ for 11 days now.

I am not taking the ginseng now for more than 40 days. I was taking that for only 7-8 days.

I smell of sweat does not remind me anything. I dislike it, because I feel dirty with my cloths even with one days of use sometimes.

I am feeling some improvement In leaking of urine yesterday and today. I still feel sometimes that, but it is much less than the previous days.

I am also aroused while reading an article yesterday about masturbation. It get hard, but not properly and not for long time. Is it a sign of improvement in desire?
abc1234 last decade
Sir, I am writing about another characteristic of mine because I think it will help you further.

I am in a problem of ‘less time’. That is whenever I decide to study, I feel anxiety about time, there is a feeling of time being very short. I try to grasp very quickly, for saving time. But in other time(without study) I waste many time and I do not feel anxiety.

I decided to do a task, which is very simple but require going outside home, long ago. Yet I have not done it. Sometimes my family members tell me that I am a lazy.

I like the simple living. I like hassle free task.

I do not like pressure. I do not perform well in exam pressure. But I do better in other time.

Thank you sir. Ask me more, if needed. I will do my best to describe.
abc1234 last decade
Just describe the word 'Focus'. What does that word mean when you use it?

What kind of person is a 'constant wrong-doer'?

In what way do you feel inferior?

So there are some improvements in the leakage of urine and in the ability to get an erection?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
By using 'Focus' I tried to mean that, i cannot do a (good) job on regular basis. That is for example I decide to learn a subject (for example, Image Editing or Flash Programming), start to learn it, but after some days i do not continue. I usually do not finish, which i started. By using 'losing focus' i mean, i cannot continue doing a job (study, exercise) regularly for a month or two. Cannot convert a good practice into habit, or not even maintain good practice for long time.

Usually I open up my pc to do a task or learn a thing, but i end up doing this and that, instead of my intended job.I also consider this as 'losing focus'.

A person who understands that he does wrong (by wasting time, not doing study a week or two) and decided to do not repeat that wrong again. But after sometimes, he just do that wrong again. By ‘constant-wrong-doers’ I try to manifest those people who repeats mistake even after decided not repeat again.

I feel inferior to people, who are in my scale are not very brilliant than me, but they achieve more than me. By thinking in this way, I feel inferior. By God’s mercy, I think, I am an intelligent person, and many people also tell me like that. But in comparing achievement I am a very poor person. I see my classmates coming to me to understand a topic, but in exam and result they are more better than me even in that topic or subject. Why this happen? I think this is because of not being very ambitious and not being very interested in making good result. I do not feel much intention to make good result in me, even if I feel it, it goes away after 1 or 2 weeks.

Many people have habit or field of special interest. I do not have such interest. When I face questions like ‘what is your interest?’ I cannot find one.

I also want to mention that in ejaculation the volume of semen is very small compared to that in the past.I forget to mention this earlier.In past, it was much more.

Thank you sir again for your kindly helps.
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abc1234 last decade
I will often ask you to define a word. I am not asking you to tell me your symptoms again, but to literally define the meaning of it.

When asking you to define 'Focus' for example, I want to understand what focus is, not what effect it has on your life. I do also need to know that by the way but you have already answered that question.

So I get what not having focus means to you (not able to do your job) but what I really want to understand is what you mean by 'focus'. What is it you lose, what is it you don't have, what is going on inside of you that results in this problem.

One of the things case-taking requires is a perfect understanding of all the terms and concepts a patient uses. Because language is naturally deceptive, I will spend a lot of time making sure that the meanings of words I have matches those of the patient.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
The word 'Focus' means to me: Always keeping in mind the duty of him, being active in doing them.

A 'constant-wrong-doer' is who repeatedly do the same wrong again and again.

I have tried to explain, but sorry for not doing that well.

Thank you sir.
abc1234 last decade
Ok so Focus means Duty. I would never have guessed that. You have no focus means you have no duty.

To me focus means to concentrate on something to the exclusion of all else, so I would have got this all wrong thinking that is what you meant.

What is a wrong-doer? What kind of wrong makes someone a wrong-doer? Forget about the constant bit. You have mentioned mistakes before - what sort of mistakes?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Sorry sir, 'No focus' doesn't mean to me 'no duty'. focus means to me what you said, i.e 'to concentrate on something to the exclusion of all else' and this something is 'duty' for me.I am failing because of my lacking in English.'No focus' means to me not having awareness of his target in mind.

Not completing one's homework makes him a wrong-doer. I also consider masturbating as wrong-doing and feel guilty about that.

I try to mean 'doing masturbation again' by the word mistake.

Sorry again sir, for not being very clear and for my poor English.

Thank you again sir.
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abc1234 last decade
Alright, this has altered my understanding of your case.

Get hold of Kali bromatum 200c and use the split dosing method as previously described.

One dose only.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Sir, Thank you for understanding my limitation.I want to tell you about some of my mental/behavioral conditions which i think will help you further.I forgot to mention these before.

1.In the last 3-4 years, I have developed home-staying habit. I prefer to stay at home, unwilling to visit friend and relatives (though our family doesn’t have more than 2-3 home to go). Though I sometimes get outside (I prefer near home) for doing shopping or some small daily works. This symptoms was (before last year) so much strong that, When I go to university (far from my home) I feel strong urge to comeback to home as soon as possible after staying there 3-4 hours ( I am recently doing against this, I now can stay more hours ). When I have to go somewhere (for example, buying a book or shopping for my cloths) which Is about 2-3 kilometers far away, I always feel against going there and prefer someone for doing in behalf of me; Almost always I delay this, unless it is very important. I consider it (going to there) much difficult task without any reason. This habit was not exist in past (4 years ago) and I feel interested in going library for buying book etc. I have in hand 1-2 task yet which I delaying for long time now (one is 6 months long, another 1 month).

2.I recently noticed that, I feel very nervous and something like fear in front of new person, especially seniors (such as teachers and elders). I was always a shy person and not very communicative with others in my childhood, but it wasn’t like this kind. I do not want to face anybody who is not very near to me. Even I willingly try to avoid persons who are not my family. I talked about the ‘inferiority complex’ with my friends who are performing better than me. I try to avoid them also sometimes. In general, I do not want to talk, communicate with people very much. Sometimes I feel depressed when someone do not reply me quickly when I ask him something, I feel I am not worth replying, but sometimes it happens for not hearing my question. It happened 2-3 times with my brothers. I feel strange feeling while talking with someone(not very close to me and is senior) alone (nobody is near). Communicating with new persons first is something which I think do not suites me well.

3.For two or three years, I have been noticed that, when I become interested in any task (usually computer related and problem solving type), I fully attached to it all the time. In plain word, I become addicted to it. Spending all the day doing it, thinking about it, until it finishes. Even daily activities such as doing lunch, sleeping very much affected by it. At this point, I want to tell you that, I am not a regular one in doing daily task, I always late in family lunch hour to go to dining room. I do not now, whether this habit was exists before ‘the bad habit’ begins or not. In that time (time of doing exciting job) , I cannot give concentration on any other works, if I hardly go to do other task. In the same time, I feel that, others will be laugh at me, with seeing me giving such importance to such an activity (honestly, the activity is not always very cheap, it is sometimes very good also,). When I successfully finish (almost always I finish it, regardless of how tough the job may be, because of my great interest, I find a way to solve it) the job, I feel good about myself. When this ‘period of exciting doing’ do not occur for long day, I feel very thirsty of the feeling (which give me feeling of success and achievement). I feel bore other time almost always unless another interesting task come to me. At that time, I feel the need of the feeling of success.

4. I am having another symptom of shortness of breath. When I breath, the lungs do not usually filled completely with air. I mean, I feel that, the breathing is not complete, I need more air, and feel unsatisfied. It frequently occurs in the ‘interesting period’. I try to breath fully with the help of mouth. Sometimes I success, sometimes fail. I forget the last time, I breath heartily. Sir, note that, I have sinusitis problem for about 10 years and doctors prescribe me to do operation.

5.I am also noting that, I am having concentration problem in noisy environment. My concentration becomes better in quiet environment. Also at night, I feel much peach than daylight. I observed that, I concentrate more on computer screen, when all the others are black, that is in nighttime and without any light.

6.I have noticed recently that, When someone suddenly call me (unnoticed by me) or talk to me (I was not aware that he has entered), I trembled up(not the right word actually) .

7.I usually do not feel comfortable with long-term project (for example, learning a book for 1 month). I always think there is very little time to complete this long project. I always try to do short-term task and wanted to complete in as little time as possible. For this habit, I missed learning very good stuff (for example, a programming language), which require some longer time. I am affected by this ‘short time’ problem greatly.

As to the result of the doses of Aurum Metallicum, with 2nd and 3rd dose, I feel some weaknesses in my arm and leg muscle. I also observed improvement in sexual desire and erection problem.

You advised another drug yesterday, I try to get hold of this today.

Again Thank you sir, please ask me anything that can better help you understanding my case.
abc1234 last decade
Sir, I feel pain in penis sometimes when erected. but not always.

Thank you, May God bless you with his mercy.
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abc1234 last decade
Aurum and Kali-brom can look similar. Both are very duty-conscious, both are very guilty and reproach themselves for their behaviour. The issue of Aurum is over-responisibility whereas Kali-brom is about mistakes and feeling like they have committed a crime. There is much more sexual guilt in Kali-brom than in Aurum, and it is more well known for sexual problems of all sorts. Aurum works hard out of a fear of not being the best, all the Kali salt remedies work hard out of a dedication to their task and duty (like a horse with blinkers on).
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Thank you sir for your reply.

I noticed that, the secretion of liquid with bad odour (earlier, i said that as sweat, but it is not sweat) happen mostly in situation when i feel excited. for example, when watching a game with very tense ending, etc and sometimes when aroused.

Another mental condition: I have the habit of collecting books with the intention of reading, but i usually failed to gain anything from it(because i do not read it). Every time i want to start reading, a feeling of insufficient time to complete come in my mind, and i feel very worried about shortness of time.

The falling of beard is not reduced yet. I also want to stress on this problem sir.
I hope the given medicine will also work on this problem.

I did not yet take the dose. I may take it today sir.
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abc1234 last decade
Sir, Good night.

Day 2 completes todays noon after i took the dose, it is now night when i writing this.I listing my observations below.

1.I am feeling weak again in my leg muscle after the dose, it aggravated today.

2.Testicular pain in left testicle come again after the dose, and it is continues. Aurum Metallicum also caused this before.

3.The desire i feel is much improved.

4.Leaking of urine problem is much more improved.

5. I also noticed some improvement in erection problem.

I told you before that,for me it is always hard to make decision alone. Also i used to do what others are doing.For example, when i see others are going to have refreshments, only then i go with them.most of the time, I have lunch only when i see others are going.That is I feel dependent on others about making movement.In past, I ignore this problem. but now i think it is a problem as no others have this.

Sir, I always feel that 'masturbation' is the cause of most of my problems.

Thank you sir, I am waiting your reply.

Edit: Sir, Another information can be helpful. I find the mosquitos to be very attracted to me, especially when the 'bad smell' secretion occur.
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abc1234 last decade
Day 4 after the dose has passed today. The current condition is much same as with my previous post.in day 2,3,4 and today i feel some weakness in leg muscle but now feeling better.

What to do now sir
? I have been disconnected from internet for several days now and also feeling that (as my exam comes very near) I should postpone this discussion till january last. I beg your suggestion on this matter sir.

I am feeling that, I cannot do well in my exam also i do not find any, any intension in me to do well. sir, i am seeking also your advice for 'what to do in this situation'. I am passing day without doing anything, and hoping and waiting that in some days something will happen and all will be just as good as before. I stuck in this state.i do not feeling any tension for exam though my condition is very bad.
also hair loss problem is becoming worse.In the front left side of head the hairs are so light that the head is seen easily and also the hair is very thin.I am having tense for this very much.

sir, please kindly give your advice. I need your help. Thank you again sir for spending time and energy for a person like me.
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abc1234 last decade
Which symptoms exactly have changed, and in what way have they changed?

Homoeopathic medicines can take a full week to show their positive effects.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I have noticed improvement in leaking of urine problem.it is much reduced now.not stopped completely.
Felt weakness in legs and joint after the dose,but it is reduced also now.
I felt left testicular pain after the dose for 1-2 days,but it is gone now. Other symptoms aren't changed.
Not feeling interested in coming exam, facing problem in continued concentration in study.have zero inspiration to do well in the exam and actually want to avoid this,though i know it is not possible. I do not like to face the reality of the real world. Having fear that i no longer be able to achieve success in this world.so i am not trying that.
abc1234 last decade

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