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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I see. Couldn't it be a new discovery by Joe as he claims? I mean Nat Phos is not shown to reduce weight either, but it apparently does?

Dr David, I really want to follow classical homeopathy but if there is a easier way out, why not try?
I mean I don't know how long I'll have to wait to find a similimum.. I am just fedup of all this.
badshah19 last decade
'A few patients have responded to Nat Phos 6x dose 2 tablets taken after each of 2 meals daily.

They reported that their breasts reduced to normal in a few months.'

Joe claims he has cured several patients of gynecomastia.
badshah19 last decade
Where is the proof of such claims? Do you believe everything you are told?

I cured a case of gynecomastia once too, with the remedy Nat-mur (also not listed in our literature for the condition). It was a 16 year old boy who had developed breasts as part of his juvenile diabetes.

However this doesn't mean every person with the disease should suddenly get Nat-mur.

You should be suspicious of easy ways out. They usually give you back what you want to put into them - basically nothing.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I don't believe everything thats said, but he sounded pretty convincing especially with that case.

I really don't know.. I am just a sad young man, who is fedup of all his problems.

I just want to try this out for a month or two, and if it doesnt work, Ill have my entire life left for finding a similimum by you. I am very skeptic about finding one anytime soon.
badshah19 last decade
What if you get side effects from this non-homoeopathic use of one of our medicines? Is that a price you are willing to pay as well?

Homoeopathic medicines are not harmless, as you already know.

As I said on your other thread, I will continue to watch what happens to try and offer advice on avoiding too much harm.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Why hasn't Joe had any side effects for taking Arnica everyday so long? Others take it too, some other sites also recommend its use frequently.

What would be a side effect according to you? Aggravation? I have not noticed anything bad uptil now, its been about 24 hours since I took it.

To Joe (or Nawaz, in case Joe still doesnt want to treat me):

I have the urge to pee more often. I've also experienced some flatulence after taking the Nat Phos, especially the first few hours (todays been better).
I haven't defecated since yesterday, I had the urge to do in the morning as usual but couldn't.
I have also a feeling of 'sparkling' (such as sparkling water) in my stomache. I also belched more than usual.
I think most of these are signs of digestation?
badshah19 last decade
There are two reasons why people don't report side effects after taking a remedy for a long time.

One is that they have absolutely no sensitivity towards it (it is 100% wrong).

They are either unable to identify side effects, or they are unwilling to admit to them.

Sometimes the side effect is something the person mistakenly believes is a good thing. For example, one of the primary mental symptoms of Arnica is 'Says he is well when very sick'. Such a symptom is a very well known characteristic of this remedy. So somebody taking it for a long time can actually start feeling this way, believing they are well or at least feeling compelled to say it. However, it is actually a side effect and not a genuine feeling of well-being.

Homoeopathy is based on the Law of Similars - what a substance can cause it can cure. Do you think that Arnica could cure anything, if it wasn't also able to cause it? If the Law of Similars is wrong (which it isn't) then there is no homoeopathy - at all. No medicine in the world has no side effects. It is the law of nature.

Side effects are generally new symptoms. Either they are things you have never had before, or they are normal symptoms but they get new qualities like suddenly being worse at night time or when you get cold. These are also what we call proving symptoms.

For sensitive patients they can just become aggravated in all their various weak spots, wherever they may be.

Side effects can start anytime, often within the first week or two. That all depends on how sensitive you are to the specific remedy.

The real concern with using a remedy this way, is if it is partially similar, and palliate or suppresses some symptoms (leaving others untouched). This often results in new more serious diseases appearing in other locations of the body. Suppression generally makes the person feel worse in themselves, mentally and emotionally. Suppression can result in serious consequences for the patient.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Thanks for such detailed posts Dr David, I will keep all of this in mind.

To Nawaz Khan, I am experiencing constipation due to this remedy. Haven't had constipation since a long time, so I'm sure it is due to the Nat Phos 6x (I take 2 tablets thrice a day after each meal).

Do we change the dosage?
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badshah19 last decade
I felt that I should comment on the statement of David Kempson above which I have dealt with in detail in my response to Gavini Murthy who was the first person on the ABC to criticize me and my Joepathy.

I am copying a post I made on this thread which I believe will answer the fallacy that David has promoted that unless a remedy is prescribed on the basis of the classical theory promulgated by Hahnemann, the patient risks Doomsday.

This is obviously NOT TRUE as the facts prove otherwise.


Re: Attn: All DoctorsFrom Joe De Livera on 2010-05-24To Gavini

I note that you have returned to the ABC after the absence of a few months when we were left in peace on the ABC Forum without your constant interference on each of my posts. You have even excelled your previous record today with 4 posts all calculated to misguide my patients and as usual to insult me.

You have always been of opinion throughout the past 6 years or so that ALL my therapy which you derisively labelled JOEPATHY is a waste of time and that the patient MUST CONSULT a QUALIFIED homeopath. As you are aware this term Joepathy which you coined in a fit of rage many years ago, has come to stay and today lists over 1500 of my choice cases of cures on almost every Search Engine.

In total contrast to your derisive attacks on my Joepathy, I would like to copy a post that has just arrived a few minutes ago which is just ONE from many thousands of grateful patients on this and other Homeopathic forums that I visit where the patient confirmed a marked improvement in his condition and clearly expressed his views about my Joepathy. I would urge you to please read the whole thread for your greater edification on the methodology I use to help this patient towards a cure.


Re: Attn: All DoctorsFrom jorbri1513 on 2010-05-24

Hi Joe,

Joe I could care less what the others have to say about you and you should not care either. You have helped me and were the only one to respond to my original post which says 'Attn: All Doctors', that in itself speaks volumes. I have been pain free for the last month and attribute it all to your help. Mind you this the first time I have been pain free in 8 years. The issue I am writing about now existed since the last stroke (2002) and has improved greatly since using arnica. I want to eradicate it totally. When I read the attacks on you I equate them to a line Gene Hackman used in the movie 'The Quick and the Dead'. 'Bladders Full of Hot Air'. Now on to the real issue,

The next issue I want to consult you on is intermittent leg weakness that I am experiencing. Some days I have plenty of leg strength and can move around fine (I still use my cane).

Other days my legs feel like spaghetti. This is a result of the strokes and I suspect it is neurologic in origin. (They cleared me neurologically in the hospital before they released me) but I can think of no other source of the problem.
Can you recommend anything to help deal with this condition. There is no pain just weakness. I exercise regularly and try to improve my leg strength but it keeps happening. On the plus side, my good days are great. Thanks in advance.

Robert RayReport post to moderator

Re: Attn: All DoctorsFrom jorbri1513 on 2010-05-24


Also the Nat Phos 6x has reduced the gynecomastia in half and is still going down. Another VICTORY FOR JOEPATHY!!



On the basis of Robert's record of his response to my Joepathy, I shall expect to have your comments to this post which has totally negated all your vicious criticism of my JOEPATHY.

Joe De Livera

I would like to point out to readers the shallowness of Gavini's 'vast classical intellect' below.

He stated:
'Hamamelis works only if the blood from the veins is bright red. '

I can only presume that he is not aware of a basic fact in Biology that VENOUS BLOOD is never BRIGHT RED.

It is always a dark MAROONISH/PURPLISH colour as it is not oxygenated.

Such is the depth of this homeopath's knowledge of classical homeopathy. Edit Post Report post to moderator Re: Attn: All DoctorsFrom Joe De Livera on 2010-05-24To Robert

I posted my response on your thread accidentally but I was furious at the unfair criticism that I have been subjected to by him and few other members of his pseudo classical fraternity that I decided to end his insolence once and for all.

Please accept my apologies for bringing Gavini Murthy into your thread.

The intermittent weakness you are now experiencing in your legs will hopefully leave you in a few months. You have to be thankful that you are slowly going back to normal and I feel that in the space of another 3 months you should be able to enjoy life at the level you were prior to your first stroke in 2002, 8 years ago.

Your daily exercise routine is important with the remedies you are now using.

I shall add the reduction in size of your tits by half in my article on Nat Phos the Ultimate cure of Obesity. It is no wonder that even Gavini Murthy labels my therapy as Joepathy.

It always works in the most wondrous ways !

Please keep me advised of your progress from time to time. Edit Post Report post to moderator Re: Attn: All DoctorsFrom jorbri1513 on 2010-05-25Joe,

Thank you for the response. Like all human beings that have been deprived of something (in my case mobility), when I start to see progress and positive results, I want to fix everything YESTERDAY.
I have to remember the basis of homeopathy in helping the body heal 'ITSELF'. I will continue to be patient and watch the progress proceed at it's normal pace.

If you want me to write a testimonial to your ability to help me, let me know. I will gladly and willingly write one for you. I think that you should thank Gavini for coining the term 'JOEPATHY'. Be careful though from the tone of his posts he will probably want monetary compensation as your notoriety grows and people turn to Joepathy and your advice. Always remember that if they are attacking you it is because you are doing something THE RIGHT WAY! Take care my friend and again THANK YOU!!!!

Robert Report post to moderator Re: Attn: All DoctorsFrom Joe De Livera on 2010-05-25To Robert

I have often been compelled to read the calculated insults of Gavini since 2004 from the time he was my patient whom I treated for his Obesity with some limited success as he could not wean himself off from his coffee which antidoted the remedy Nat Phos 6x I prescribed which he confirmed had given him a breather as he reported at that time that he was feeling very light on his legs which he has not felt before.

It was after he had done some studies in Homeopathy that he started to be critical of me and my Joepathy which as you are aware is a term he coined to derisively describe my therapy which differs from the standard text book classical homeopathy that he studied on his own. I believe that he was angry and jealous that so many patients were consulting me in preference to him and it is no wonder that they did so as all he would advice at that time and even now, was to direct the patient to the nearest classically trained homeopath. It was only rarely that he used his knowledge to help a case and many are the times that he was banned from the Forum simply for being obnoxious. Not satisfied with his efforts he stated to actively interfere with my therapy and warned the patient that he was taking a big risk in using my Joepathy as it would invariably lead to c-ancer or more exotic diseases.

His main conjecture was that unless the patient sought help only from a classical homeopath, the Joepathy that I prescribe could not cure the patient. It was only when I treat cases such as yours successfully that he just cannot contain himself and instead of congratulating me or at least watching silently from the sidelines, he proceeds to insult me as he has always done since 2004.

I have noticed in the recent past that his belligerence depends on the time of day he makes his posts and I have always found that he is most aggressive and abusive in the evenings. He stated some time ago that this was due to his 'brain boiling over' and it seems to me that he suffers from some pathological trauma which is beyond his control in the evenings, perhaps after some stimulants. I have dealt with him as best as is possible in the past and I hope that he will not insult me further as I will be compelled to report him to the moderator.

You have offered to comment on how you responded to my Joepathy and I too feel that it would be a good idea for you to detail your case history of all your ailments for which I presume you had first consulted your doctors in 2002 which did not help you much. When you posted your problem on the ABC I read your case and prescribed my default remedy Arnica with other remedies and today in about 3 weeks into my therapy, you have confirmed that you feel much better and hopefully you should be cured in a few weeks into the future.

I would appreciate if you will stress 'JOEPATHY' on the title of your thread and how you were helped by my therapy which I would doubt that any other homeopath would have dared to prescribe as they do not have the ability of thinking beyond the blinkers that they have been given during their studies in college. I have often stated that I prescribe remedies if I have already tried them out on myself or in the alternative, I have experimented with them on selected cases which I was able to follow up closely. In your case I have some experience in the treatment of a few senior citizens who presented similar rubrics or symptoms to yours whom I helped successfully.

It would give me some vicarious satisfaction if you do post your testimonial if only to deflate types like the pseudo homeopath referred to above whose only desire is to make his august but empty presence known on this and other Forums with the avowed objective to casting aspersions on Homeopaths like me who are passionately dedicated to cure and who have a long unbroken track record of having helped many thousands with many cured cases which can be read on this and other Homeopathic Forums.
Joe De Livera last decade
'Nawaz Khan, can I do pushups or should I refrain from exercises pertaining to chest?'

Please refrain. You must walk with enjoyment.
nawazkhan last decade
Hi Joe,

I read your email and I have to thank you and joepathy 'TREMENDOUSLY'.

I live in the Pacific Northwest and thanks to your treatment and advice I have been able to resume my career as a Computer consultant.

I am currently working four days a week in St. Louis MO. and returning home on Thursday and flying back on Sunday for my 4 day stint all at company expense with a salary of $125,000.00 per year.

None of this would be possible without your treatment and guidance. I have continued to use Arnica 30c to control my blood pressure which I maintain at 125/70 and I use Arnicated oil to relax my muscles after

Currently my workouts are 2 1/2 to 3 hours in duration and very intense.

None of this would have been possible without your help.

My gynecomastia has been completely eradicated with the help of Nat Phos 6c to help burn the fat and turn what was a B cup bra size breast into a chiseled chest on a 55 year old man.

With your therapy I was able to train intensely and bring my waist down from 42 inches to 34 inches.

I am proud to announce that I am walking normally again and looking forward to running soon.

You are truly a miracle worker and have my complete confidence.

I had to create a new login as Nawaz keeps having me blocked because I took umbrage with him attacking me for using your therapy.

You can read the last 2 pages of this post where he attacks me for using your therapy then attacks my 'WIFE'


Nawaz advised me to stop using Arnica for HBP and I foolishly listened and saw my BP spike. This was really troubling to me since my HBP was the cause of the stroke and the residual damage which you helped me cure.

I returned to your therapy and have been fine since.

Exercise is 'ESSENTIAL' to burning fat and with the addition of Nat Phos 6c it burns fat faster.

In weight training/loss there is no such thing as spot reduction so Nat Phos 6c helped me burn fat on all areas of my body.

I am sure Nawaz will try to block this user account also.

To the person requesting the info on 'Joepathy' for gynecomastia all I can tell you is that Joe's advise to me was spot on and has helped me return to a 'NORMAL' life when I thought I was doomed to a life of immobility and gynecomastia.

My gynecomastia was an embarrassment to me and left me not wanting to take off my shirt. I didn't want to look in the mirror either.

NO MORE. As I stated previously I now have a chiseled chest and an 8 pack abdomen.

None of this would have been possible without JOEPATHY and I tried many other methods of ridding myself of my ailments but Joe's worked.

I have told many people that I encounter who suffer from HBP, Diabetes, Male Pattern baldness, and Gynecomastia (I met several men in the gym with gynecomastia) his therapy has helped them also.

I forgot to mention that Arnica started hair growing on my pate where it had fallen out over 20 years ago.
My son calls me a 'chia pet'
if you are familiar with the chia pet products you can appreciate the humor in this.


brijobob last decade
Robert, did you experience defecation problems with Nat Phos 6X?

Nawaz, thanks for that. You didn't tell me about the defecation problem, what should I do? I defecated with difficulty yesterday, it was much smaller in size (not liquid but solid) and lighter in colour.
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badshah19 last decade
Nawaz please help me

Here Joe says
'I believe that the reason why Nat Phos 6x does not work for you to relieve constipation is because you seem to have got the Homeopathic version of this remedy. It is the Biochemic version of Nat Phos 6x that will help and you are advised to get the correct grade of NP.'

What is difference between the homeopathic and biochemic one? I think I took homeopathic one, so maybe that will be the problem.
badshah19 last decade
So this is what Joe says. I got the homeoapthic one, where can I get biochemic? What do I have to ask?????

I got Nat Phos 6X in tablets from Boiron. Is this right?

'''As I have stated many times before, all Biochemic remedies are made by a process of Trituration where the Nat Phos (Sodium Phosphate) salt is mixed in the proportion of 1:9 in lactose and ground in a pestle and mortar in the old days but in big vats today. One part of the mix is then mixed into another 9 parts and the process is continued 6 times over when the concentration of the salt is 10 to the power 6 which is 1 Millionth.

How this extremely diluted and triturated mix can possibly work, I just cannot explain logically but then Homeopathy is not logical.

The Homeopathic version of the remedy is made as usual by mixing 1 part of the remedy in 9 parts of Ethanol and the process continued 6 times when the remedy is still in Ethanol and is used to potentize round lactose balls which are prescribed for other ailments.

The BIochemic and Homeopathic versions of the remedies are used for specific ailments and the Biochemic version is what is needed for both GERD and Obesity.'''
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badshah19 last decade
Hi Robert

Thank you for your post and I must admit that I am delighted after reading it. I am so very glad that you have got back to work and that you commute weekly between the West coast and St Louis. This town is of some significance to me as I had a friend of mine, a veteran pilot who was working in Sri Lanka to purchase a 10 year old Cessna 177 which I had refurbished with a brand new engine before it was flown all the way to Sri Lanka in 1979. I used it to commute between my fishing project which is about 225 miles north of Colombo and enjoyed every moment I was up in the air. I sold the aircraft to an Air Lanka pilot about 15 years ago and it is not airworthy anymore today and is at rest in a hangar in Ratmalana airport a few miles south of Colombo.

I am happy that the improvement in your condition after your stroke has continued and you can be considered to be normal today. It is personal accounts like yours that prove that there is indeed 'method in my madness' as although I am not qualified in Homeopathy nor in medicine, the fact remains that I have been successful in helping thousands of patients in the past 8 years since I first joined the Homeopathic Forums while at home I have been helping many patients which I do completely free of charge in my free time. As you are aware, I do not abide by the classical rules but it is the proof of the pudding that matters and your case is one which no other homeopath would have dared to advise on and it would be safe to state that you are cured.

I note with some concern that you state:

'Currently my workouts are 2 1/2 to 3 hours in duration and very intense. '

This can be considered as overkill in your case, and you are advised to not tax your body to that extreme level but to maintain a comfortable level of about an hour of exercise daily which will lift your Heart BPM to a maximum of 110 which I consider acceptable for one who had suffered from 3 strokes and is also 55 years of age. I would not advice to consider running as this is another ball game entirely.

You may like to know that I have maintained a 5-6 day weekly routine for over the last 50 years of walking for 15 minutes with a 5lb weight in each hand followed by 30 minutes of cycling with sufficient pressure on the pedals to make me sweat in 10 minutes while lifting my BPM to 100-110.

The idea is to exercise regularly without making up for lost time like you seem to be doing today. I must mention here that the very fact that you have survived the extreme routine you reported proves that you are 99% cured but it is just as well not to push it.

You state:
'In weight training/loss there is no such thing as spot reduction so Nat Phos 6c helped me burn fat on all areas of my body. '

I am interested in your statement and would appreciate your confirmation that you do use the Nat Phos 6c and not the 6x that I have recommended to reduce weight.

Your observation about the growth of your hair is also of interest and I would recommend the use of Arnica Q in an emulsion with Olive Oil on the scalp hair roots as this has been used by hundreds of patients including myself and this virtually guarantees a good head of hair even at my advanced age.

Keep up the good work Robert but do not push it.

Joe De Livera last decade
Joe also comment on my case? I am following as you said, and I am experiencing bad things. If you don't help me and something happens to me, it will be your fault sir.
Please don't be stubborn and help me.
badshah19 last decade
Hi Joe,

First let me apologize, I use Nat Phos 6X not 6C. I just Returned from St. Louis last night and after checking my email I sat down to respond to you after the long flight and an even longer week.

Badshah - You asked 'Robert, did you experience defecation problems with Nat Phos 6X?'

No, my experience was the opposite. Nat Phos 6X 'AIDED' in my daily elimination.

At one point I became concerned that my system would become dependent on it, but that never happened.

I have not used Nat Phos 6x since Joe helped me completely eradicate my gynecomastia.

Joe not to worry about my workout duration or intensity.
Many thanks for your concern though.

I passed the acute phase of recovery a long time ago.

I am no stranger to this type of exercise and rehabilitation.
I have been exercising and studying the effects of exercise on the body since my tender age of 15.

The reason that the workouts are so long is because I do a total body workout. If I miss a muscle group I create an imbalance and my body lets me feel it immediately after I recover from the workout.

As I'm sure you are well aware, muscle growth occurs in the rest phase and I don't have time to isolate muscle groups since I returned to work.

My body has responded 'MAGNIFICENTLY' with the help of Arnica 30c to promote the flow of blood to the muscle groups while recovering.
I don't know if I mentioned that I also massage the leg muscles with Arnica oil which I found on this site.

You are right in one thing it has been a long time between significant exercise and just trying to maintain myself, but I'm not trying to make up for lost time.

I was using coconut oil and Arnica Q, I read another thread you had with a forum poster on this subject and when I realized this would aid the Arnica 30c I was taking orally I added it to my daily grooming. I didn't have any olive oil so I used coconut oil.I'll switch over and see if there is any difference but I am getting great results with the coconut oil.

As for being a 'QUALIFIED' homeopath, WHAT is that if not someone with proven results?


Keep up your 'GOOD' works Joe.

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brijobob last decade
Brijobob, my friend. I am an unfortunate person. I am a man who has never known hapiness.

I have had gynecomastia since I was 10, I am 19 now.
I took Nat Phos 6x two tablets thrice after a meal, and have been experiencing belching and flatulence. I have the urge to pee more but haven't defecated since 2 days.
Can you share your experience?
How often did you take it? How long after meals?
You put it under the tongue or swallowed it with water?
When did you first notice a decrease in breast tissue?

I am very helpless and suicidal.
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badshah19 last decade

I am saddened to hear of you state of mind. I don't know how I can help you but here are answers to the questions you asked:

'Can you share your experience?'

My gynecomastia developed as a result of taking allopathic high blood pressure medication 10 years ago. It became worse when I gained weight.

How often did you take it?
Twice a day in the morning and after the dinner meal.

How long after meals?
I waited about 15 to 20 minutes after the meal.

You put it under the tongue or swallowed it with water?
I put it under my tongue.

When did you first notice a decrease in breast tissue? 1 month after I started taking it I noticed significant weight loss and reduction in the breast. I began a regimen of chest exercises using weights that helped burn the fat.

Badshah19, remember that 'Energy Follows Thought' you have to believe that you can and will get better and allow your body and mind to respond to any treatment or therapy that you begin.

You have access to the web, and sound very intelligent.
Research this ailment and the different was of treating it.
Don't fall victim to those fake ads for herbal cures and other lies. There is no quick fix other than surgery and that's still not quick because you have to recover.

Treat it as if your body is in a war and you need intelligence info on your enemy 'GYNECOMASTIA', go find it and help your body win the war.

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brijobob last decade
Thanks for the bothering to reply with all info. Especially

'Twice a day in the morning and after the dinner meal.'

This means you took it in the morning on empty stomache?

Did you also notice more belching/flatulence when taking Nat Phos 6X?

I have read almost everything on gynecomastia and know that surgery is the only possible 'cure' that too if the surgery is succesful. Even then scars can remain. I want to be cured with medicine, no operation for me. I wish I was cured like you..
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badshah19 last decade
No, I had no belching of flatulence.

Not an empty stomach, My morning meal is 2 pieces of fruit and some nuts.

Don't wish for a cure, effect one.
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brijobob last decade
I tried weightlifting, the gyno didnt go - because it isn't fat but excess tissue.

Now I am taking Nat Phos 6x and Arnica and I am noticing more belching and flatulence than before with much less defecation (frequence + size).

I took Nat Phos thrice a day before, will limit it to twice a day and one tablet per time for one week.

Thanks so much for telling all this. In how long did your chest become normal? Which chest exercises did you do?

Sorry for the overflow of questions but no one else is helping me in this regard on this topic.
badshah19 last decade

I tried weightlifting, the gyno didnt go - because it isn't fat but excess tissue.

There are 2 types of gynecomastia, one from excess fat one is hormonal. Have you had your gynecomastia diagnosed and know for sure it is not excess fat?

What is your diet like?
Do you eat meat? How much and what kind? How often? Organic or store bought pre-packaged?

What is your Body weight to height ratio?

What is your body type? Ectomorph, Endomorph or Mesomorph?
If you need help with this go to this link-

Do you have the right diet for your body type?

What liquids do you consume and in what quantities?soda?beer?alchohol?
milk?water?fruit juice?canned or natural?store bought or fresh squeezed?

You say you've had this problem since you were 10? So you weren't born with it and if it's hormonal how are you getting the hormones are you on medication and hormone change is a side effect? Have you identified the hormone? Have you done research on how this hormone is produced in the body or not produced and how to retard it's production? Is it
something you are consuming?

So think in your past what changed from you pre-10 years to the post - 10 years?
Did your diet change? Did you eat more sugary candy and soda?

what region of the world are you in?

'I tried weightlifting, the gyno didn't go'
How long did you try weight lifting? What exercises did you do?

Did you develop a routine and stay with it?

Or did you give up after a month because you didn't get the result you expected after a month? 3 months? 6 months? A year?

What was your diet like while you were working out?


Now that being said I have a 23 year old son so I understand your impatience and I will attempt to help you try to find a solution for your problem, but as I tell my son I will help 'YOU', NOT DO IT FOR YOU', which is what you are looking for, this the part where you need to grow up mentally and act like a man and stop whining. YOU ALSO NEED TO APOLOGIZE TO JOE FOR SAYING 'If you don't help me and something happens to me, it will be your fault sir.
Please don't be stubborn and help me.' That is a child's response not a man. Nothing that is happening or has happened is anyone's FAULT.

You sound like a child trying to threaten it's parents.

You say 'I have read almost everything on gynecomastia'
OK that's general knowledge and very good to have but how does that apply to what is happening to 'YOU'?
Again you need to know what is causing your gynecomastia. Are your man boobs getting bigger or have they grown to a certain size and stopped?

Let's start here and see if 'WE,(you and I)' can find a solution for you homeopathic or otherwise.

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brijobob last decade
Dear Robert,

I can tell you that my gynecomastia is NOT excess fat (pseudogynecomastia) but the excess tissue (real gynecomastia). I can tell this from two facts. First of all when I first started growing this on my chest area, the doctors and books said that it is pubertal and will go away within 3 years. After 4 or 5 years, my gynecomastia was still there. So I asked the medical doctor at annual school checkup about it and she felt lumps under my chest and since she didn't know about it, she adviced me to get it checked. (= lumps present under nipple) I talked about this to my family doctor but she said that it was nothing to worry about. I can still feel the lumps in my chest area, it must resemble the things that are removed during gynecomastia operation. Secondly I lost fat on my stomache and thigs when doing fitness for 4 months, but noticed no change on my chest area.

You ask questions that are important for pseudogynecomastia cases but I will still answer them. Meals at homes are traditional Indian, and hence veg most of the time. I do howhever take breads with ham or salami to school for lunch. I don't eat much chocolate (maybe 2-3 pieces a month) and don't eat much chips or other fast food either. I have to admit that our Indian food is somewhat oily, but that is not the cause of my chest fat.

My diet:
morning: one warm glass milk with 1 bread with margarine
Noon: 3 slices of bread usually with butter and ham
Evening (5 pm): bread (roti) with sauce or vegetables (daal sabzi)
Night (9 pm): bread (roti) with sauce or vegetables (daal sabzi)
I got to sleep at 11-11.30

The meat I eat is pre-packaged

I am most probably endomorph.

I eat somewhat normal. I drink no alcoholic drinks at all. I drink juices once in a while and have limited the sodas. I drink water (from 1 to 2 liters a day)
Juices I drink are mostly fruit ones, store bhought.

I have had gynecomastia since I was 10 and don't have it due to any medicine. I have gotten it due to estrogen. This female hormone is also present in men, albeit in much smaller numers. I had high numers since I developped a female type body, with fat concentration on chest and hips. I also stopped growing early on due to this, just like women/girls. I haven't grown even half an inch since I was 13.
My diet pre and post age 10 didn't really change. MAybe I was eating a lot of candy at that time, but I don't remember that much about my diet.

I am thin yet fat. I have wrists of 6 inches but my chest and hips area are over 38 inches.

Live in West Europe. I did it for a few months and got a pretty flat stomache but chest remained like this so I stopped due to close to no results (chest wise) and no time due to school.
Diet when I worked out was good, plenty of water and smaller meals during the day.

I already apoligzed to Joe but he still didn't reply. Now I did develop problems due to the remedy but let that aside for a while. I have cut down on the remedy, I take 1 tablet once a day but will start taking 1 tablet twice in a week or so.

Manboobs remain same since I stopped gaining weight (meanign stopped puberty), they arelike this since 3-4 years.

Sir, thanks a lot for taking out from your time and willing to help an unfortunate person like me. I really appreciate it and look upto you as an uncle figure. I am young and impatient but can you understand how it is when you can't have the self confidence to approach new people due to your gynecomastia? Not being able to workout because it won't be of any use since the gyno is chest tissue and not fat? When you have lived 10 years of your life as hell, hiding your chest at all times, wearing sweaters even in summer.
I am working on my personality but I am fedup of this gynecomastia.

One small question, did you have the real or pseudogynecomastia?

I hope that WE will be able to cure my gynecomastia.
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I understand your lack of self confidence and you must remind yourself of all the rest of your good qualities. Are people ostracizing you because of the problem or are you doing it to yourself?

If you are doing it to yourself
the answer is simple stop it.

Is the gynecomastia going to go away any faster if you worry and depress yourself over it?

I know what you are experiencing and as I stated before I hated to look in the mirror. I just stopped hating myself because self hatred for any reason is self destructive.

If you are really that self conscious then you can do what my sons mother used to do, she was a model and had large breasts, and when she worked she would tape them down. At least in public they won't be noticeable. I don't know the name of the tape but they sell it in many women's fashion stores.

Now privately that's another story. If you have a partner and they bother her, get rid of her, she's not worth your time and no support. If you are not being intimate then no problem anyway. My wife didn't seem to mind when it happened to me.

You have to have the confidence to do these things until the solution is found.

Enough with the cheerleading.

You said-
'I have had gynecomastia since I was 10 and don't have it due to any medicine. I have gotten it due to estrogen.'

'This female hormone is also present in men, albeit in much smaller numbers. I had high numbers since I developed a female type body, with fat concentration on chest and hips. I also stopped growing early on due to this, just like women/girls. I haven't grown even half an inch since I was 13.'
This is true and very astute of you to know this. Have you looked into why YOUR body is/was over over producing estrogen? Is it still being over produced?

Let's proceed this way, narrow down the estrogen production cycle and the reasons it becomes abnormal and see if those experiences are relative anywhere in your life. If so when, where and how.

Once we've solved the estrogen riddle we'll proceed onto the tissue now.
Have you identified the type of tissue and what it is called? How it grows and beside estrogen what can promulgate growth?

When we have this info we'll ask the Homeopath's -

1. If necessary how to block the estrogen production homeopathically.

2.) How to break down the tissue homeopathically.

If that doesn't work then we'll try something else.

Whatever happens we will not 'COMPLAIN'.

Stay excited.

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Thanks a ton for the reply. I have been searching internet for my two main problems: gynecomastia and height increase that stopped early. Altough I have achieved an average height, my potential was anywhere near 6feet. Anyhow I discovered the link between both when I asked on a height forum why I stopped growing at age 13, then one said excessive estrogen might be the cause. Then I thought of my gyno and everything fell in place.

I won't buy those things because I plan to get rid of my gynecomastia within 4-5 months. I will do everything possible. I don't show my torso to anyone because I am afraid. Its normal that people will judge me because I've seen so many of people I know judge people with manboobs. I will try not to be depress over it, altough I don't do it that often now either.

I have no idea why my body produces this much estrogen. I don't know if its still being overproduced.
I don't really know about the tissue except that it is excess tissue.
I will start looking into that.

Since Nat Phos works on hormonal imbalances, should I keep taking 1 tablet a day, then increase it to 1 tablet twice a day?

Thanks Robert

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