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21 month old golden retriever dog having surgery

Are homeopathic remedies made the same way for humans as for animals? Can you give dogs the sugar pills or do you have to dilute them? What is a good remedy to give after surgery? I heard Arnica was good. Any feedback would be sooo appreciated. Please suggest dosages and potencies.
  Suzy528 on 2005-06-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Are homeopathic remedies made the same way for humans as for animals?

%%%Mostly use the exact same brands, for both human and animal.

Can you give dogs the sugar pills or do you have to dilute them?

%%%Either way. Get direct into dog without hands touching.

What is a good remedy to give after surgery? I heard Arnica was good.

%%%Arnica is good for trauma of all sorts including surgery.

Any feedback would be sooo appreciated. Please suggest dosages and potencies.

%%%suggest if you post more details about situation (the dog's problems and type surgery) others here can help you better.
Bodhitshe last decade
My golden (Kasey) was vomiting for two days. My husband thought that he had swallowed part of a rawhide bone and that it did not digest. Vet introduced IV and did several blood tests and only the liver enzyme tests came out high (on Wed).
Today (thurs) did liver enzyme test was in normal range but the xray with barium showed that something was stuck in the stomach and the beginning of the small intestine. They performed surgery on the stomach and the intestine. Things looked ok, they think if rawhide was lodged it has moved to the colon. He was under anesthesia for 2 hours and will be put on antibiotics to prevent infection. I intend to give him acidophilus to rejuvinate the normal flora in his gut.
What else should I admister to him to help along the healing process. He has stitches on his abdoominal region.
He's pretty traumatized, when I left him off he tried to chase after me.
Any help would be appreciated, he's my daughter's and my faithful companion.
thank you
Suzy528 last decade
if your dog is the only pet in the house you can also put remedies in his drinking water. When you have given the dose you can change the water. Put 3-6 pillules/pellets/drops in the water and he will absorb enough for one dose with one drink.
staphisagria is a good postoperative remedy for the surgical wounds alongwith arnica or bellis perennis. staphisagria will deal with the 'incision' and the others with the soft tissue/bruising etc. arnica will also deal with any shock.
there are several remedies that help him with the need for being alone etc. - the main one is tlc from you. ars.alb. will help if he is afraid of being alone, shivery,cold, anxious.

look on vets websites (homeopathic vets) for other possibilities, plus I am sure Namaste and Astra may have some advice if they are available at the moment - they are much more experienced than me with animals.
is there a special acidophilus for dogs?
erika last decade
There is no idea in mixing remedies, as that is counteractive, the remedies wil null eachother out.
And when giving the, be carefull, not to even smel them or you will get a unwanted dose your self, and that may not be a pleasnt experience.
Stapysagria i do not recomend, ARNIKA, alone, one dose 200, is quite enough to take care of the problem.
A other thing is if having nausea from the anesthesia , then one dose nux v in 12 will take care of that, but that may block arnika from taking effect, if you do not wait app 8 houers.
Some use phos to take nausea and dizzyness, but it has to be taken in high potences,30 -200, as if under 15, it may give dangerous bleedings.
Domnt think its needed in your case though, arnika is sufficient.
allvis last decade
when I left him off he tried to chase after me.<< this is the key arnika symptome, in animals,its their way of saying, do not touch me.
allvis last decade
I think she meant the dog ran after her saying, please don't leave me.

They use bleach to turn rawhide bones white. Big hint.

Unecessary for dogs, they come from wolves and deserve at the very least a raw meaty bone a couple of times every week. It will clean their teeth bright white and keep them healthy. Read up on BARF website. RAW bones, not cooked. Changed my dogs lives and the way I view pet food companies and all the junk they market.

Please follow Erika's suggestions for she is right on the money. And Allvis suggested Nux or Phos. right after surgery if they are nauseous or vomiting or groggy which is correct.

Use Calendula gel or lotion topically to help the incision heal.

Namaste27 last decade
Thank you soo much for your input. I have Arnica 30C will that be ok. How often?
As for Nux vomica for the vomiting is 30c ok?
I agree Namaste not more rawhide bones, I told my husband only raw.
As for the calendula cream it won't still him or anything will it? And can I put it on the incision even though it is fresh?
I'll keep you updated with any changes
I hope he heals quickly.
hugs to all you for your advice
Suzy528 last decade
OOps it should say will the calendula cream/ lotion will sting on the fresh incision
Suzy528 last decade
"I think she meant the dog ran after her saying, please don't leave me."
allvis last decade
the calendula lotion is best used diluted - this should not sting.
the potencies you have are fine. In such a situation you can give the remedy when needed - give one dose and if it definitely helps then give another dose only when the healing effect of the first dose wears off.
erika last decade
yes I meant that he meant please don't leave me.
Allvis what did the following statement mean"one dose of nux vom in 12" mean?? I know If I give him nux vom I need to wait 8hours, is that correct?
Gave him arnica 30c, how will I know the effect has worn off? Should I give him 3 doses per day??
As for Nux vom what potency and how often??
He also has an acid stomach he is burping a lot, any suggestions I do not want to give him what the vet suggested which was pepsid.
Suzy528 last decade
Nux v 12 works from 6 to 8 houers on one dose, and its not needed with more than one to take effects from anesthteahia...but i dont think its needed no, its too long time since,he has got rid of that problem all alone, by himself.

Arnika is best in 200 potence, works faster, better, takes more pain, one dose once is sufficient.
It will also take the acidity of the stomach.

Repeting doses is provoking prooving symptomes, insted of a curative efect.
Or at the best , it slow down the action, so a desired reaction gets hampered..and unneded pains and too long reaction time when its needed with a fast reaction, is the case.
If to repeat, its almost only in acute , dangerous cases ,where a reaction is needed very fast in order to save life.

And then its done by sligthly raising the potency, using split doses, the plus metode.
It is not needed in this case.
Since the dog showed pulsatilla symptomes, its in pain and is nervous, it may point to pulsatilla as being a better remedy.

Pulsatillas is more sensitive to pain,(oversensitive) and are afraid of being alone.
It may be only that,the breed, and no real hard pain from surgery thats bothering the dog.
Mind this pelase, when arnika works, and when it has cured, it may be that the dog, show agression, want to bite, say do not touch me.
This is in case , prooving showing that the remedyhas woreked over, it is not easy to tell in what case this migth appear.
But it has to be said,
so you dont risk anything, if that occures after the dog seemingly is well and nice, and then changes attitude, within 40 days after taking the remedy, then you need to antidote it to stop that effect.
One dose camphor 12, or a a few drops of c, in some water should do that.
allvis last decade

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