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silicea 30c for acne please help me!!!:)

Hello everyone !
I'm new at homeopathy, my co worker introduced me to it for my never ending acne problem. 10 years ago I moved to USA from Europe. about 6 years ago I started getting very bad acne. I went through a lot of stress, changed my diet and i think that had to do a lot with my acne. By occupation i'm an aesthetician so I tried EVERYTHING for acne(except homeopathy) . I took silicea 30c 3 doses 5 palettes each time, one in the evening, morning, and evening again- saw immediate results , all the pus filled, huge bumps that i had started drying out and went down. Then i took another dose a day later, and i started taking it twice or one time a day for about a week now, i feel like im back to where i started :( I have no idea if im overusing it , or not using enough of it. Although i do see a dramatic change in my acne scars!!! And i tries a LOT of lasers, mikroderms, peels and so on to get rid of them, this stuff is amazing!! Can someone please introduce me better to this whole thing?:)) I feel like im a completelly diffrent person when i have clear skin, especially being in this profession i need to have beautiful skin and number one thing is to have confidence! I saw so many doctors over the years, and i keep telling them to take a better look at my whole body to see where the problem lies, and all i keep hearing is that i need to take antibiotics, which i will never do. Antibiotics for a pimple ? really!?? I dont have a homeopathic doctor but I would love to find a person who would work with me to put my body back together :) I live in Chicago area.
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  lilyka7 on 2011-11-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
If you saw immediate results (improvement) then you only palliated your symptoms rather than cured them. Palliation happens without any worsening of the symptoms first, which shows it is not going to be permanent.

Homoeopathy on the other hand worsens your symptoms, before improving them. This usually means the change is a permanent one. Also, according to our understanding of how cure happens in the body, more important areas should improve before less important areas like the skin. When it happens the other way around (skin improves but nothing else) this potentially can become suppression where the cause of the bad skin is suppressed deeper into the body and new symptoms will arise.

At this stage, using Silicea in this way (much like orthodox medicine) you run several risks. There can be side effects, and those can become permanent the longer you continuing using it. You may suppress your symptoms and make yourself sicker. It would be best to stop the remedy and wait until you can get proper advice on what remedy actually suits you overall (holistically). There are over 5000 medicines available in homoeopathy so the choice is not a simple one.

David Kempson
Professional Classical Homoeopath
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
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Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks for your reply. I only saw improvement for a little bit, 1-2 days, i felt like it took a lot of inflammation out of my skin and thats why it looked so much better, but after those 2 days i felt like i was back to where i started, and im still breaking out just in different parts of my face, and a lot smaller and not so inflamed pimples. Most of my break outs usually only happen in my jaw line, no forehead, cheeks, chin, nose.... What would be the main side effect of over use ? 5 palettes x2 /day 30c is that a lot?
lilyka7 last decade
Yes that is alot. The results of overdosing are unpredictable, but can be very hard to reverse in some people. Side effects can happen in any part of your body as well as in your emotions and thoughts.

Why would you want to overuse it, considering it is not really helping you?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Homoeopathy is quite powerful, but is only really effective when used in accordance with our guidelines and philosophy. A complete case should taken to understand where your problems are coming from, how they are all connected, and then a single medicine is prescribed on the basis of this understanding.

Trying to use our medicines like orthodox medicine or like herbs is a sure way to fail. At best you will get palliation this way, a band-aid that requires constant dosing and runs the risks of actually making your health worse in other ways (exactly the problem with modern pharmaceutical drugs).
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Dr. David
For ur kind information, there is significant change among the time when 1st classical homeopathy had been invented and present time of human body.
Some new genes have activated and some genes have lost or deactivated in present human body.

So if u treat with a nano-particular medicine as classical or ancient way of 1st stage of homeopathic medical history and without trying or knowing about the modern techniques of homeopathic treatment and work process of them u can't say all the time 1 medicine is sufficient for a body for a period of time and the medicine will hurt the patient 1st thn it will cure.

According to ur process if a emergency heart patient of high blood pressure comes to you with BP 195/135, you will give medicine by judging his whole body for near about one hour and at last ur medicine will make his BP up at least 10 to 20 and then it will become cured.

The theory above of clasical homeopathy which is followed by you in modern days sounds so funny!! Bcs at that stage any time patient could be unconscious and if pressure rises it could cause brain stroke and also could cost his life.

Homeopathy teaches not only like medicine like cure but also like patient like treatment process. So pls don't always try to practice classical homeopathy. Bcs a Dr. 's 1st goal should not practicing classical homeopathy but curing body disturbance of a body as soon as possible by using as much as safely way for a patient.

According to modern homeopathy it is now proven that we can use more than one mother tincture at a time or potency alternatively after a regular period.

So do not always support classical homeopathy so blindly but trying to support anything what really cures people frequently.

There are so many medicines in so many potency's that cures many diseases without making worse situation in 1st time (i mean increasing that diseases symptoms).

Barberis Aquifolium Q

is like that medicine which can make any kind of acne and pimples and make skin smoother and fairer and glassier in just meter of time and it can cure permanently if it is taken regularly 3 times before 30 mins of meal 15 drops with bit warm water.

improvement shows within 7 days and at least 4-6 Oz should be taken simultaneously. No side effect has been seen in long term use and it mostly works on skin and blood toxicity.

Dr. David i had nothing personal with u but u should pls follow the modern homeopathic systems for upcoming new days to cure new diseases.All time homeopathic medicines aggravating diseases symptoms at 1st stage theory of classic homeopathy is not safe for patients, in fact most of the patient fears that thing most in homeopathy.

Last of all I want to say to u that Sir our homeopathy treatment is for all kind and age of patients but your classical theory is not applicable for all stage of patients body.

Dr. Showrav last decade
Cure is clear in homoeopathy. You can choose to not cure your patients and merely palliate them, or risk suppressing them. That is always a choice you can make. However it is not a choice I ever choose to make unless the patient is incurable or in a life-threatening situation. You mention a life-threatening situation as an example - the Organon of Medicine is clear in allowing palliation in such cases. Acne as this person is mentioning, is hardly a life-threatening situation, and so should be treated according to our principles for actually curing them.

Cure of course is always the key word. I find when discussing various ways of using potentized medicines (which are only homoeopathic when used a particular way) that the term cure is thrown about alot but the meaning is rarely agreed upon. Cure as stated in homoeopathic philosophy is of the whole person, not just one part. It moves in a particular direction and it is stable and long-lasting. It does not require constant management or redosing.

Modern homoeopathy is not what you seem to be saying it is - that is Allopathy and Antipathy. Modern homoeopathy actually involves more complete systems for classifying remedies and choosing a single simillimum and for choosing an appropriate potency or dosage. What I find strange is to hear people supporting the very theories and methods Hahnemann fought so hard against, and then terming that some kind of 'new' homoeopathy. It is just the same old medicine, which is still being used by 'modern' medicine. What Hahnemann called 'irrational' medicine.

No aggravation at all means no cure. I am sorry but if you believe otherwise but the experience of homoeopaths over 2 centuries is plain to see. No aggravation means palliation, and that never leads to cure unless the patient by coincidence cures themselves (which will only in self-limiting acutes). In chronic disease there will be no spontaneous cure, only decline, and unless the Law of Similars is used you cannot cure your chronically ill patients.

Aggravation does not have to be strong. If fact if you use the advanced dosing methods in the Organon you should be not be putting your patient's lives at risk. This would only happen if you are being careless (or are ignorant of the latest edition of the Organon).

The Law of Similars IS homoeopathy - and that law states what a substance can cause it can cure. So it is going to aggravate not because we can choose it, but because it is a natual process and will happen automatically.

In 20 years of practice, I have never had to stray from the traditional principles nor the advice in the Organon to cure a patient. When I have strayed, the results have been unsatisfying, if not harmful to my patients.

If you do not use the Law of Similars to cure, what law do your use? How do you avoid the natural process of cure our medicines instigate (creation of an artifical similar disease = primary medicinal action, push back by the vital force = secondary curative action)? If you do not use the homoeopathic principle, what are you using?
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brisbanehomoeopath last decade

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