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low sex power + erection problem

my name is Fahad from Karachi Pakistan. I got married around 25 days ago. I am 27 yrs old. Alhamdulilah, so far married has been good.
The problem for which I am here is that I have tried to do intercourse with my wife 3-4 times but failed as I was unable to get erected or If i got erected it was very soft and difficult to penetrate.

A little about myself.
I am 27 yrs old
Height is 6'2'
Weight 110 Kg ( Bulky )
I have been mastaburating alot by the age of 15. Sometimes 2-3 times a day too. Left mastaburation before marriage.

My wife is alhamdulilah in good state . She gets aroused easily and gets wet within 5 min of foreplay. I have found difficulty in getting erection. And this is getting stress on my mind.

I feel my sex power is too low. Showed to a homoeopathic doctor. He said its curable.

Please advice me some medicines for strong trestorial and libido ( sex power ) and some medicine for hard erection. How can I cure from my mastaburation weaknesses. I am really ashamed of it.

Most important thing is that I am hard as rock during foreplay with my wife. It gets down to zero when I think of start inter coursing.

I have discussed with my wife. She says we just think that we are trying to work out. We forget emotions etc. I hope you people are getting me.
She has also wished for getting pregnant which is making more and more stressed. I feel very lousy and weak. She is a nice wife and ready to support me at any moment.

Please also advice medicines which are easily available in Karachi, Pakistan.

Best Regards
  fkhan84 on 2011-12-03
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Calc carb 200c 1 dose every day morning at empty stomach. 2 drops make a dose, Drink it mixing with a cup of water and sip it slowly. Continue it before u loose enough weight.

Avena Sat Q 10 Drops after 30 min from lunch and dinner with a warm cup of water mixed with that.

PLS, Report me after seven days.

Dr. Showrav
Dr. Showrav 8 years ago
Dear Fahad,
In such cases there is very rarely any physiological problem.It is mostly your anxiety & lack of confidence in performing & added to all this is a very very UNREALISTIC GUILT of so called bad habits etc.
Fortunate part is that your wife is very understanding & cooperative.
I suggest along with avana sativa you also take 10 drops of AGNUS CASTUS Q three times a day in some water for at least a month.Do not be afraid to be with your wife.There are many other variations of deriving sexual bliss than only intercourse.Being together & sharing loving relationship will build back your confidence.If you desire share this mail with your wife too, so that she will not only be motivated but understand the situation better. I wish you a very happily married life. May God bless you both!!!Dakterssab
daktersaab 8 years ago
Dr Showrav,
Thanks for the medicines.
Inshallah, I will find out the medicines and start it as per your advice. Will report inshallah after 7 days.

Dear Daktersaab
Yes I have been trying to tell myself to feel NO GUILT.
Thanks for the wishes and prays.
Can I take AGNUS CASTUS Q along with Avena SAT Q at the same time or I should wait for sometime like 30 mins.

What about any medicines for libido and continuous hard erections.

JazakAllah Khair.
fkhan84 8 years ago
Can your prescribe me which dry fuits and fruits or food can I take in excess for helping me along the medicines.

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fkhan84 8 years ago
Do not take Agnus bcs u r married regular living sex life. some times Agnus reduces will for sex of body and mind. So no need to take unnecessary risk.Use Calc carb as I said
before for permanent treeatment of ur whole body. U can have Sebal serru Q in spite of Agnus as same system.

Apples are highly effective for u to help and Drink at least 4.5 literes of water in a day.

Dr. Showrav
Dr. Showrav 8 years ago
Dear Fahad,

Thanks for your prompt reply.
I have no comments to offer. You may use your own common sense
Reg your querry about doseage you must give a gap of at least one hour between any two medicines.
daktersaab 8 years ago
Dear Daktersaab,

Ur prescription was perfect by cause of his disease but it was just perfect for unmarried men. Using that medicine Agnus causes some mental sex feelings reduction for men which is not always cordially excepted by all married patients and it is also must to stop physical relations during having Agnus to have good work from it which is also not always possible for married couples.

Anyway nothing was personal.


Dr. Showrav
Dr. Showrav 8 years ago
Dear Dr. Showrav,

I too do not mean anything personal. In my practice & experience it has helped maaried peopla also for increasing libido as well as retaintion time. Again it all depends on case to case as you are aware of it.No ill feelings please it is a learning experience.
daktersaab 8 years ago
In newly married males, mostly it is psychological problem if they fail to achieve erections. In such cases I have seen good results with a single split dose of Aconite in very high potency (I tried CM).
Of course this is not the right way to practice homoeopathy, similimum should be selected based on totality of symptoms but sometimes “this for that” also helps.
I am just sharing my personnel experience with respected homoeopaths, not trying to interfere in their prescription.
maraheem 8 years ago
Thanks Daktersaab

I also have experience to increase libido with Agnus but it increases libido where it is below average normal level but if it is high or in normal in that case it reduces it.

This patient never mentioned he has less libido for intercourse. So I deny to prescribe Agnus cast Q in this case bcs it may reduce his libido and proper erection.

Dear maraheem

In that case as ur cause of following prescription I always used Anacardium which gives concentration and Nat Mur to reduce over excitement and have got excellent results between 1 or two days. 200c or 30c potency were good enough for all cases till now and u may know that in this potency both of the medicines work so fast and safely.

Dr. Showrav
Dr. Showrav 8 years ago
Salam to all followers and doctors.

I am using medicines which u prescribed.
I feel very better then before.
I feel good from inside.

The things which i have found after using medicines are

Frequency of urniation has increased dramatically.
I took agnus castas as daktersaab told for 1 day.
I got strong erections.
I was able to have intercourse successfully.
But the thing which is bothering me i have been unable to ejaculate inside my wife till now. I think mastaburation has made my mind to ejaculate in some other certain mode. In my wife's absence, I mastaburated and the semen came out easily and in good quanitity in no time.

How can I over come this problem ?

Now second part is that, You asked me to stop agnas castus as it may low my libido. I am feeling less libido since 2-3 days. I think because my wife is going under periods and I am making myself understand that no Intercourse during periods. I stopped using agnas castas after 1 day usage and went to use Sebel serru Q . Didnt notice a big change in 3-4 days times. I guess agnas castas worked for me first time. I may be wrong too.

I also want to confirm that I use :

2 drops of Calc Carb 200c after Fajr Namaz in 1 cup of water.
10 drops of Avena Sat Q after 30-45 min of lunch usually at 1 pm
10 drops of Avena Sat Q after 30-45 min of dimmer usually at 9 pm
I take avena sat q in 1/2 cup of warm water.

Now agnus castus:
10 drops of agnas castas further replaced with sebel q in 1/2 cup of room temperature water usually at 10 am 5pm and 11 pm
is this ok

Please solve my ejaculation problem and Increase Libido

Alhamdulilah, my wife has been very confident and co-operative with me. She has too much supported me throughout.

can i continue calc carb 200c for a long duration ( i mean for 6 months , if it works ok )

Jazakallah for all the efforts and knowledge you people put in . May Allah reward you for this.

fkhan84 8 years ago
I want to further add that I had been going through dry cough and that had made some infection in throat for which i was prescribed anti-biotics.
So I may bee feeling low due to those high capacity anti biotics. They have given me relief and alhamdulillah better.
I have been using these medicines since 4 days and i guess 1 more day.
take care
fkhan84 8 years ago
Dont use anti biotics with Homeopathic medicines bcs it may cause damage ur kidney or liver farther. Avena was god enough to solve ur coldness problem.

Stop calc carb and have a dose of sulpher 200c at morning after Fazar in empty stomach. Then tell me the result of intercourse. Follow any one of ur Dr.'s prescription other wise u will get confused.

U cannot take Calc carb for 6 months.

Continue only Sebal Q and stop all other medicines. Take it 15 drops after 30 min from meal 3 times a day.

Report me after Sulpher Dose.

Dr. Showrav
Dr. Showrav 8 years ago
Dear Dr Showrav
I have stopped every type of medcine and anti biotics

Now I have started to take
Sulfur 200c at fajr (2 drops in a cup of water and drink it slowly)

Sebal Q ( 3 times x 15 drops x 1 cup of water after 30 min of meal)

is this all setup correct.

I have not intercoursed since u sent me the reply as my wife is under periods. Although after leaving old medicines i felt loss in libido. And think of the same , i think its becuase my wife is under periods and I am not getting attracted to her.Inshallah, i will let u know as i do intercourse. plz let me know if further any changes i need to do in dosage or change of medicines

Should i take homeopathic medcines in little warm water or room temperature is good enough. I take on room temperature.

Jazakallah for the efforts Dr Showrav

Best Regards,
fkhan84 8 years ago
I think, 15 x 3 = 45 drops per day for Sabal is too much and should rethink about to continue for long time.
sadeqahmed 8 years ago
dear sadeg ahmed,

I know 45 drops is a bit high but it is only bcs of unleashing the work a bit faster than normal patients. He is married person and it is too tough to maintain medication like this for too long. When the situation will improve a bit than I will suggest him to take 10 drops or less to take. Thanks for ur sharing of knowledge, I appreciate ur suggestion.

Dear Fahad,

Should take Sebal in a little bit warm water than room temperature. Do u took Sulpher regularly? I told u to take only a dose. If u did anything like that than immediately off that thing. take only Sebal serru Q.

Dr. Showrav
Dr. Showrav 8 years ago
Salam dr rshowrav,
Yes i had been taking sulfur since 4 days. 2 drops in a cup of water.
now I wont take it.
ok I will take sebelQ 15 drops 3 times daily.
Dr showrav, anything else?

fkhan84 8 years ago
dr showrav
i went on for intercourse with my wife.
uptill now i had been unable to properly intercourse with wife as she gets afraid of the pains she has to go etc.
yesterday alhamdulilah i had excellent erection. and due to that she had to go under a lot of vaginal pain. and i had to stop after just entering, same happened in the morning.

right now i have to take out the worriness from my wife too.

is their any medication i can use to give her which makes her easy physically, mentally and psychologically.

not performing or properly intercoursing has made me frustrated and as a result makes my wife frustrated too. I dont want to destroy my relationship at all. I have been very happy coming back to life after getting married.

Now I had stopped sulfur 200 after using 4 days.
Taking only sabal serru Q. 3 times * 15 drops.

Somethings i want to add:

frequency of urination was high when i was taking calcium carbide 200 but i feel still little high urination,
when i go for foreplay, i feel down with my wife, means less libido. She has also stated to me . Is this as a result of agnus castus i took.

I have also felt loss in weight. and i want to have more loss in weight without loosing physical or sex power.

anything i should take in morning in empty stomach.

as no proper intercourse so far, I have been unable to ejaculate as of now. Hopefully, I do when i have proper intercourse.

jazakallah once again for ur efforts
best regards
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fkhan84 8 years ago
dr showrav
where r u ?
u havent replied me yet.

alhamdulilah i have successfully intercoursed with my wife yesterday and that was a proper one.
wife also happy, relaxed and at ease.
but i was unable to ejaculate in side her.

plz do reply me
best regards
fkhan84 8 years ago
the reason of not ejaculating inside my wife may be because i had been mastaburating the prone method i.e on my stomach rubbing the penis with bed for the last i guess 12-15 years. and may be i have the TMS problem i.e
Traumatic Masturbatory

Is there any cure for it, any medicine. How can i mastaburate in conventional style and then have intercourse with my wife.

I am sorry, I have to write all things very openly. I am really dissapointed.

One thing is for sure, I have been cured from manythings thru this post in the forum:

1.ability to have good erection.
2.ability to have full intercourse but yes without ejaculating.
3.most important my confidence boosted (thanks to dr showrav and daktersaab)
4.ability to loose weight as i am obese. People tell me now you have loosed quite gud weight. And I am enjoying it, I want to loose more and enjoying a happy beautiful life.

Please resolve my ejaculating problem caused by prone mastaburation.

I have never ever mastaburated the way i should i.e by hands. It always has been in prone style.

fkhan84 8 years ago
Dear Dr. Showrav,
Where r u
U haven't been active on the forum since 21 December. Sir any problem?

Plz do reply me as soon as possible
Best regards,
fkhan84 8 years ago
Is the ejaculation necessary for sexual pleasure, when every other things is ok? However, you can take honey, grape etc. nutritional food, drinks and fruits which build blood and semen.
sadeqahmed 8 years ago
Dr showrav
Sir why are u not respondingto my post.
fkhan84 8 years ago
The cause I was not replying u that is u were following too many Dr.s advices at a time. It will prove harmful for any one and I dont want to be a part of this.

I m writing down to u now only bcs of u were followed by only my prescription during last few days. U have got already my prescription's results by following it. If u dont have followed by others at those days I think u already have cured all ur problems by now.


For u: Have Anacardium 200c 3 doses in 3 days as the rule following Calc Carb.

Do not take Calc Carb bcs it lingers time of intercourse.

If ur wife still feel pain during intercourse thn give him 3 doses of Pulsetilla 200c for 3 days each in one day at morning 30 min before breakfast.

If she feels eruption or burning sensation during sex thn give her Nat Mur 200c at every morning after those Pulsetilla dose. If u like u can give her Nat Mur 200c 1 Dose within 30 min immediate after intercourse as a birth control medicine.

Write me about ur decision of going after this prescription, I will tell u the day u will start these medicines.

Dr. Showrav
[message edited by Dr. Showrav on Thu, 29 Dec 2011 18:23:28 GMT]
Dr. Showrav 8 years ago
Dr showrav
Thx for replying me

I have been following u only till 25th december with ur last prescription which included sabel x 15 drop x 3 times
Aftet that i stopped as u wete not responding and i had been waiting for your reply.

Inshallah, i will start the new prescroption from tomorow onwards for 3 days for Anacardium 200c.
What i have understood, i will take Anacardium 200c 1 dose that includes 2 drops in the morning and will sip slowly like calc carb for 3 days.

In the mean time, i want to tell u that i have had regular intercourse with my wife sometimes twice a day. But felt weak and weak erections in last two times. I gave gap of 2 days. And alhamdulilah things have normalised. Erection back harder.

Wife has no more problems . She is happy, if i m erected. Otherwise little frustrated.

The only thing which is bothering i get aroused enough to ejaculate bur have been unable to ejaculate in her. Yes i easily, ejaculate after intetcourse in prone mastaburation.

Please do something for this.
Please let me know for further medication.

Once again jazakallah for replying.

Best regards,
fkhan84 8 years ago

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