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Help for headache and sore throat

I have a constant headache and a sore throat today that I'd like some help on.

I woke up feeling slightly dry in the throat and had aches in my arms, shoulder and upper back. After about an hour I noticed occasional sharp pains in the back of my head.

I went to work and attended a long anticipated meeting in which we heard about the reasons for the departure of a very well loved director. The meeting lasted longer than planned and therefore I didn't get lunch. It was when I came out of the meeting that I felt the sore throat and the headache pain in my forehead. Also occasional chills.

I came home at 3:30 pm and ate and that helped very little. I also took some vitamin C and it helped for a while.

I took hepar sulph because my sore throat was more bothersome at that time and it seemed to fit the best. The sore throat improved some.

Now at 7:15pm I feel about how I felt at 3:30. The headache is constant in my forehead.

My ears hurt slightly. My throat still hurts but probably not as bad. It almost feels as if it is bruised on the outside of my neck/throat.

My gums above my upper teeth ache.

I have a temp of 101 F.

I am not irritable. Mostly tired and calm and want to lay down and be quiet.

Oh and I am on the 4th day of my menstrual period.

It is very hot here (95 degrees) slightly humid.
There is an "ozone alert" but I am not sure if it includes my city or not or if it is just the bigger city 30 miles away.

I'm trying to decide if the pain in my head is better when sitting. Since I have been at the computer here, it seems to have improved some.

I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.
  lmhoopes on 2005-06-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You might consider Belladonna, esp. if your throat is very red. Bell 30 3-4 times a day, depending on how bad you're feeling.
Minsa last decade
Thanks so much for your response. I actually tried belladonna last night and it seemed to help but I probably haven't taken it often enough. I will increase the times that I take it. Thanks again.
lmhoopes last decade
Hi Minsa or anybody, my symptoms have changed a little so I want to update you and see if I need a different remedy now.

I have laryngitis that started yesterday afternoon.

My sore throat continues although it seems a little less painful right now and is brighter red instead of dark red.

I don't have a fever.

My eyes hurt a little and they are a little red. I have a slight headache above my eyes. My cheeks around my nose/under my eyes hurt a little.

I am a little more tired today than I was yesterday. Yesterday I seemed to have a burst of energy for while.

The neck stiffness is mostly gone.

Should I continue on the Belladonna or use a new remedy?
lmhoopes last decade
I forgot to add that I have a slightly runny nose and sinus drainage in the back of my throat.
lmhoopes last decade
I think you should alternate Ferrum Phos 6x (or 12x, whatever you have or can get) and Kali Mur 12x, every 2 hours (i.e., take a dose of one, and follow with dose of the other 2 hours later, and so on.)
Minsa last decade
Thanks Minsa. I will go get those remedies tomorrow and give them a try.
lmhoopes last decade
Hello again. Minsa, I did not get the remedies you suggested last because my symptoms had changed by Sunday morning and I wasn't sure if those would be the right ones anymore.

Saturday night when I went to bed I coughed a dry cough intermittently for about 3 hours before I slept peacefully. Then I slept for a while and had a fit of constant coughing from 6 to 7 am. But then I slept a very peaceful healing kind of sleep for another hour and a half and woke up feeling great. Just a little tired but feeling definitely on the mend. Part of the reason why I didn't get the remedies.

I did have a bit of wheezing in the morning yesterday.

Then yesterday late afternoon or evening I began to cough again. It got very bad while I was putting my kids to bed to where I had to not read stories, etc.

After that it seemed that whenever I breathed in, I would cough. I coughed through an entire movie while I tried everything I could think of--hot drink, cold water, an herbal throat lozenge, salty food, gargling with salt water. I went to bed and continued to cough constantly for close to an hour. So by now had been coughing constantly for about four hours.

It calmed down to be more intermittent for a couple of hours and then I may have gotten 3-4 hours of more peaceful sleep with an occasional cough until I had a worse fit around 6:30 am.

What can I do? I really hesitate to take any cough syrup. My daughter is still nursing and after my having had an allergic reaction to a sulfa drug last November (which is what brought me to this forum) she was green and pale and vomiting for weeks after, so I really have stayed away from any over the counter or prescription drugs. However, this cough is stubborn and persistent and I can't continue to cancel my work obligations which all involve extensive talking.

I am going to the doctor today for my yearly gynecological exam and I am going to have her listen to my chest while I am there just to be sure what is all going on there. But I really would appreciate any suggestions for this cough.

I also have the headache back again. But it really isn't as bothersome as the cough.

No fever. Slightly sore throat. Muscles near ribs and chest ache from coughing.
lmhoopes last decade
One or two more things to add. The cough is a bit more productive now after getting up and taking a shower. I am wheezing again this morning as well.
lmhoopes last decade
Take another dose of the Bell, and get the Fer. Phos and Kali Mur - you might not need them, but good to keep on hand.
Natural remedies for a cough are honey in warm water with lemon (lemon increases the secretion of mucous) to which you can add any or all of the following : ginger (either juice of the fresh root, or powdered ginger - just a pinch), pepper (freshly ground, please),the juice of fresh basil, if you can find any,and liquorice - liquorice is great for coughs. Drink warm (actually, hot-as-you-can-comfortably bear) liquids as often as you can - chicken soup with pepper added is good!
If your cough is causing pain in the chest, esp. if you have to hold the chest while coughing, Bryonia might be the better option - please do read it up. Thats the reason for prescribing the biochemics - so you have something on hand while symptoms are changing. Kali Mur is a good second stage remedy.
Please post how you're dong.
Hope you feel better soon!
Minsa last decade
Hi Minsa, thanks for responding. When I went to the doctor's yesterday, she listened to my chest and said that it sounds fine.

I had my first night since Friday where I was able to sleep more than three hours at a time. Still coughing, but at least allowed to get some rest. Of course it woke me at 6 AM with a fit, but I think the mucus is breaking up now.

I will try your natural cough remedies and get the other homeopathics.

lmhoopes last decade
Hi MInsa, just another update for you. I took another dose of belladonna.

My throat is less red and sore now. Still have the coughing at night and I am getting ready to try your remedies before I go to bed.

I had a different kind of headache today and it is the kind in which it hurts worse to stoop and hurts upon standing up in the forehead/eyes area. It is best when I am sitting down. It may be related to my having a lot of cheese yesterday along with some pudding. I don't handle cow's milk products very well. But also it was a cloudy rainy day here until mid afternoon when it turned steamy and hot.
lmhoopes last decade
Since I'm reading your post a day later, would prefer to know if any change. Headache still there? Sounds like a Bell. headache. Stick to the biochemics and let the Bell act - or exhaust its action.
Minsa last decade
Hi Minsa, the headache is gone now (for now anyway). My throat is sometimes sore but usually just at the end of the day the last day or so.

The lemon and honey has really helped. My coughing fits are much shorter and the mucus is breaking up a little.

I have some sneezing and nasal discharge that is clear right now.

Thanks for your reply.
lmhoopes last decade
How are you doing?
Minsa last decade
I am mostly doing better. I still have a slight headache and occasional sore throat just about every day.

Today I have been irritable and I have a sore neck and shoulder and back on the left side. I am thinking it is a pulled muscle that was aggravated by the coughing or something.

I took belladonna again today when the headache came and it seemed to help it and the soreness in my neck and shoulder isn't as bad either.

I don't have a fever anymore. I think I am definitely on the mend. It's just a stubborn sore throat like I've not had in a long, long time or ever.
lmhoopes last decade
Did you ever read up the Bryonia? Please do - and take it if it fits.
Minsa last decade
Hi Minsa,

I read about Bryonia and it did sound like it may fit because sometimes the throat does seem worse after a stressful or emotional time period. So I tried it . . . . and it doesn't seem to make a difference.

I do think the cold is better, but the soreness in the throat just hangs on with occasional sneezing and yellowish or clear mucus in my nose.

So I am hoping that our trip to the ocean will help. I have always heard that sea air is helpful for some things? I don't really know because I don't live anywhere near an ocean, but I guess I will find out in the next few days.
lmhoopes last decade

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