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Successively 5 Remedies in High Potency

According to mental systems, if
Nux Vomica,
Lycopodium &
Natrum Mur
are to be given in 1M, ie., 1000 potency, then what should be the order of the above remedies and after what interval of time should be there between the first dose of these remedies. Should there be a second dose of any remedy?
  Mahfil on 2005-06-24
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
On what basis did you (or whoever) decide on FIVE remedies, even consecutively? You need to choose one remedy, take (or give) that, wait for its action, then see if you need to repeat it, either in the same or a diferent potency. Only when its action is exhausted and there are still residual problems, should you look for a second remedy. Don't pre-judge which remedy will follow.
Good luck.
Minsa last decade
For the advice of using only one remedy at a time means while using high potency, one should wait for 2 to 5 years until the effect of the medicine is complete, then only someother remedy can be given. Then what is the use of enlisting complementary remedies?

Mahfil last decade
I'm interested in the answer to this too as far as general understanding of complementary prescribing.

But I thought in addition to the 1) constitutional or simillimum, that in complementary prescribing there there might be 2)acute intercurrent 3) genus epidemicus remedy 4) the anti miasmic remedy 5)the chronic intercurrent (I don't entirely understand all this yet! and hope someone answering will explain it all!!!) And also there is prescribing in "layers".

That would be 5 total--but not at all clear that that is the same as what you are describing which sounds like perhaps 5 remedies each of which might, or might not, be your simillimum.

Did the 5 you mention fit as carefully chosen complementaries? And if so, how?

Or are you trying to find a simillimum and all 5 seemed potentially close?
Bodhitshe last decade
Well, here it goes.When a person is born he/she is supposed to be born in a certain constitutional state.Almost all of us have certain predispositions,individual peculiarities, weak spots in the system which may give way in the face of stressors in the environment etc. All these factors which are very individualistic help in identifying the constitutional medicine for a child.But as a person goes along he is exposed to a number of acute illnesses, situations where he is not allowed to express his true individuality owing to circumstances, suffers grief, bad experiences etc. all of which cause to add layers to the person's psyche which can manifest themselves at the physical plane in the form of symptoms.These layers form in a chronological manner i.e. in a orderly sequence from the earlier phase of life to later. That is why when we treat a complex patient/disease,we take into account the presenting symptoms which correspond to the layer which has been added last or at a later date.When you have taken care of that layer, i.e. cured the person of ill effects of that particular bad influence/experience etc. the symptoms change and the layer just underneath reveals itself which corresponds to how the patient felt a few years earlier. You go along treating the person layer by layer till you reach the constitutional state that is the state in which the person was born where the constitutional medicine will take care of the weaknesses/susceptibilities in his/her system that were present at the time of birth. Actually the fact that all the negative disease causing influences of life accumulate in layers is the reason for one of Hering's laws of homeopathic cure viz. disease is cures in the reverse order of occurrence i.e. the symptoms acquired at a later date leave the system earlier under correct homeopathic treatment.

Acute intercurrent refers to the medicines requred to treat the person if he develops acute diseases like fever, cold and cough etc. while treating him for his chronic disease. The moment the acute diseases are taken care of the homeopath resumes treating him/her for the underlying chronic disease.

Certain medicines have been found to follow one another well in clinical experience.They are called complementary in the sense that very often one will follow the other very often to complete the cure. But in classical homeopathy you prescribe only one remedy at a time and wait for its action to end before prescribing any other medicine even if it is complementary.Also complementary medicine is not prescribed blindly. It is based upon symptoms. For example, while treating someone with Nux Vomica one very often sees that Sulphur symptoms come to the fore and then Sulphur is prescribed. Because Nux and Sulphur are complementary remedies.But in many cases Nux by itself will completely cure the preson.

In the above example, while treating the person with any remedy whether Nux or any other remedy, the doctor realises that the choice of remedy is right based upon the symptoms but there is some chronic miasm say Psora which is preventing from effecting a complete cure, in that case he prescribes a suitable anti miasmatic remedy to eliminate or weaken the miasm in the background. After having done so the remedy originally prescribed earlier takes hold of the case and cures it.

This is one way of antimiasmatic prescribing. The other way is that when a patient comes to the homeopath he presents a multitude of symptoms which represent a particular miasm or he has a miasmatic history in his family background. Then he prescribes the suitable anti miasmatic remedy to strike at the miasm first so as to weaken it before starting with a suitable similimum for the person. For example, Hanneman used to start with Sulphur in many of his cases having identified Psora to be in the background of most of his cases. To understand the concept of miasm properly, you should read Hanneman's Chronic Diseases.

There is no way that a good homeopath would prescribe 5 remedies at the same time or in quick succession no matter what logic causes him/her to do that.That is not homeopathy at least the way Hanneman meant it to be. That will complicate the case so much that noone will be able to help later on.So what Mahfil is trying to do is absolutely wrong.It is better to consult an experienced homeopath rather than taking medicines on one's own.

I hope i have helped clarify some of these concepts at least to some extent.

rajivprasad last decade
Well put, Rajiv.
Minsa last decade
The Remedies selected are for the following symptoms:

Kidney stones with the production of a red-colored urine containing a sand-like sediment, crave sweets, psoriasis, weak muscles, easily tired by light exercise.
Fear of appearing in public on stage, symptoms improve outside in cool fresh air, tend to be serious, hard-working, intelligent, in a profesional position, sociable but keeps a distance from others, sexually promiscuous but impotent, afraid of darkness and supernatural things, hair turned grey early, forehead lined with worry lines and a serious appearance.

Nux Vomica:
Painful contraction of rectum, colds, cough and influenza like symptoms of fever, aching muscles.
Anger suppressed and not allowing it to show or be expressed outwardly, has passionate nature and is liable to outbursts of anger but not in front of the person concerned, ambitious and competetive, demanding high standard of himself and others, intolerant of anything less than perfect, enjoy challenges and using wits to keep one step ahead of others, works as manager, enjoys rich, fattening foods containing cholestrol and spicy meals, alcohol and coffee, has a serious look and worried expression, dark shadows beneath the eyes.

Natrum Mur:
Highly sensitive, serious-minded, intelligent and reliable, high ideals, feels things deeply, easily hurt. Sensitivity, irritability, tearfulness and depression, suppressed grief, symptoms are made worse by heat, colds with a runny nose and other catarrhal problems, symptoms made worse by heat, worse also on coast by sea breeze, improve in the fresh open air, need the company of others but shun them,afraid of mental illness leading to loss of self-control and insanity, fear the dark, worry about being late, fearful during a storm or thunderbolt, highly sensitive to music that moves them.

Colds, coughs and sinusitis with phelgm, eye infections, mood swings, depression, tearfulness, arthritic disorders, symptoms worse by heat, improve in the cool fresh air, rheumatic disorders, has a mild passive nature, kind, caring, gentle and loving, easily moved to tears by the plight of others, loves animals, yields easily to the requests and demands of others and is a peacemaker who likes to avoid scenes, has many friends, likes rich and sweet foods, fear darkness and any illness leading to insanity.

Psoriasis, dry skin, eye inflammations, catarrhal colds, coughs, stressed and worried, irritable, insomnia, feels much thirst, tired through the day, symptoms worse in damp conditions, looks untidy with coarse rough hair, hates to take a bath, lively, intelligent, mind full of schemes and inventions that are useless on practical side, enjoys intellectual discussions but gets heated althogh anger soon subsides, warm and generous with time and money, fear of heights and supernatural.
Mahfil last decade
Very much clearer! Thanks Rajiv.
Bodhitshe last decade
And, getting back to the original question...

It seems to me that, acc. my reading of Hahnemann, the poster would start with whichever remedy most nearly matched symptoms. Esp. unusual, strange symptoms that help to distinguish between similar possibilities, and similar cases as they are unique in each person.

then, as per aph. 169 --should recheck the case after the remedy had a chance to act...to be sure that a second choice still seems applicable

...but would not need to wait years as poster suggests.

Vitoulkhas suggests a one month check of how things are going, thence deciding whether to wait for the remedy to continue acting, or if another one needs to be given, etc.
Bodhitshe last decade
Can we vote on this?

I vote for Lycopodium first.

reason--it looks like most distinctive symptoms are there... and a lot of others, like the Pulsatilla nature is similar to Lyc. -- also Sulph can follow Lyc., but not supposed to be Lyc. after Sulph.

But , Mahfil, wait for one of the more experienced posters to reply who can do it with more knowledge!
Bodhitshe last decade
Excellent, Rajiv

You have put it so nicely.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Hi Mahfil

It happens to everybody when we read materia medica for the first time.

You are lucky, you thought only 5 remedies match you. When I read it for the first time, almost every medicine seems to have something or the other, to match me. Haha.

O.K. Now, coming back, for a serious discussion...

Lycopodium is basically a coward.He likes company;he fears to be alone, but he would like them to be present in the other room, not in the same room.!!

Nux. vomica is a person, who gets irritated too easily, and doesn't mind to show it on others. He is so different from Lycopodium.

Nat.mur doesn't mix with people easily. He is an introvert.Doesn't like consolation at all.

Again, Pulsatilla is so different. She/he craves sympathy.Won't mind to weep before others,tears come so easily. Feels better by consolation.

Sulphur is generally a selfish person, who wants to be recognised ,as the best of the group, though, he doesn't measure up to it.

Study medicines in comparision. For example try to understand, how each one reacts .say. consolation.

Lycopodium may give you a hard stare, and retire into the next room, if you try to console him.

Nux.vomica cares two hoots about your consolation. He may as well say. 'get lost.'

Nat.Mur feels bad, if somebody tries to console them. They feel inadequate, and blame themselves for having been in such a situation.

Pulsatilla is quite opposite.She may even exaggerate the symptoms just to get your sympathy.She feels good if you console her.Ya, there is somebody, to take care of me. Thank,God.

Sulphur...Well, he may give you a discourse on philosophy, if you try to console him.

Try to understand, how, each remedy is likely to behave in response to each stimuli.Forget about what is common. Look for differences.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Dear Mahfil,

Looking at your reasons for deciding to take the five remedies, first thing is that you should not do so.You will land in serious trouble.Already you have considerable problems which can only be healed with correct and very skillful homeopathy. Complicating the case further by taking all five at once may well render the case unsolvable.

As Mr. Murthy said, when we read materia medica first it seems that all the remedies are for us only.But that happens because the materia medica is a compilation of all the symptoms that were ever found under that remedy.That being a considerable list specially in the case of polychrests there is a lot of overlap between the remedies and we feel all of them suit us.But there are ways of separating between remedies and choosing an appropriate one which a experienced homeopath is normally able to do.

The fact that you do not show your anger on the face of the guy who offended you and that you like to avoid scenes completely rules out Nux Vomica at this stage.Nux Vomica is a very aggressive and combative guy who is going to confront and may be even hit anyone who offends him.

Also i think that most troublesome or important symptom for you currently is on the mental plane and that is having a number of fears which come to haunt you in the dark and specially when you are alone.These fears are so irrational that you fear that you may lose your sanity.Tell me if i am right.If i am right then you should take a very less known remedy Mancinella 200, one dose every week till you overcome your fears.A number of physical symptoms also will go away by this remedy.Then we will treat the symptoms that remain.

I wish you all the best and hope that my posts have helped you.

rajivprasad last decade

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