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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
'But even they do not claim more than a 20% success rate. Read the research they themselves have released, and you will see that these protocols fail in 80% of cases.'

I have not seen chapter and verse to this effect.

Reference to my Website,< www.joedelivera.com > will show better statistics with over 80% CURES.
Joe De Livera 8 years ago
Thank you for directing me to your website. It was an eye-opener, that is for sure. But not for the reasons I assume you were hoping for.

It is difficult to assess your results on that forum because of the way in which it is structured. Specific individuals do not have their own threads, so it is hard to follow the reactions and reports of one case. Everyone posts one after another in one big long thread, so it takes quite a lot of reading and effort to sort out any continuity.

So I sat down for a few hours tonight to do that, just to see what kind of remarkable cures you were getting.

There are a number of things that concern me, serious concerns from the perspective of a professional health care worker, but I will only address the specific subject of your treatment results.

I looked through all of the posts for this year (so 7 months worth) and found very few examples of cured cases - certainly nothing like the 80% you claim. I will work my way back through previous years as time permits.

I am going to repost some of that information here. I would appreciate your comments on them. Perhaps you have some information that was not available on your website.

I have indicated the statements, advice or report that I am most interested in hearing comments on with **...**
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Evocationer 8 years ago
scoobydoo82 says:
January 24, 2014 at 9:21 AM

**I have experienced heart burn today since starting your remedy last saturday, today is pretty bad,**

I continue to take the Nat phos 6x 3-4 3 times a day and arnica 30c 2 times a day.

**I am really struggling today, I got heart burn and a feeling of fullness after eating dinner.**

I know you suggested taking the arnica 6c and nux vomica 30c, but I haven’t received my order yet. I believe that I can only get the pellets and I have yet to hear from you on how to make the wet dose on these 2 remedies or if I should just take the pellets. Please advise
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Evocationer 8 years ago
Jess says:
January 20, 2014 at 11:38 PM
Sir, It has been 24hrs since starting Nat Phos to treat my daughters GERD under your guidance. She has had 5 doses aprox 6 hourly for 24hrs.

**I haven’t noticed any changes yet. She has been vomiting a lot.**

Should I still begin the half tablet now? Please could you refer to my earlier question regarding how to halve the dose. Thanks again.

Joe says:
January 21, 2014 at 6:45 AM
Are you giving her just half tablet after every feed? If so, she will respond without vomiting when you give her a FULL tablet as prescribed. In any case you have only given her the Nat Phos for just 24 hours and it is still too early to show results.
You will note that I have prescribed a FULL tablet after every feed but not to exceed 6 tablets in 24 hours.
Halving the dose is therefore not relevant.

Jess says:
January 21, 2014 at 3:43 PM
Thank you but it appears my messages are being missed somehow, hence the confusion. I will explain what I’ve done so far. I cannot give a full tablet after every feed as she feeds very frequently. Meaning we would easily use up the daily allowance of 6 tablets in just 12 hours. So instead, for 24hours I gave 6 full tablets, spread evenly throughout this time period but ensuring I gave it after a feed. Your advice, as I’ve understood, is to then halve the tablet after this 24 hour period. How do I do this? Do I literally cut the tablet in half? I thought this was not recommended in homeopathy as it interferes with the properties. Or do I mix one tablet in a half tsp of water, give half to her and discard the rest (as I understand dilution actually strengthens the dose)? Should I then, as it’s a smaller dose, give after each feed? But not exceed 6 tablets in 24 hours.

If I have understood your treatment correctly, then I am due to halve the dose today as it has been over 24hours.

** I have also noticed a dramatic worsening of her symptoms since yesterday…aprox 12 hours after I started the Nat Phos. She is vomiting much more and was quite distressed yesterday.**

Is this normal? On the plus side she is very sleepy!! Sorry for all my questions but I really want to get this right and follow your advice carefully. If I have misunderstood anything then I do apologise.

Joe says:
January 21, 2014 at 5:08 PM
Your baby’s case calls for Nux Vomica 30c in the Wet dose given twice daily before a feed. This remedy will reinforce the action of Nat Phos 6x but you cannot give more than 2 doses in 24 hours.
Answering your question about halving a tablet, you can cut it in half as this is OK for the X potency but it is a NOT for the pellets which in any case are too small to be halved.

Joe says:

January 23, 2014 at 7:03 AM

I have noticed by reading the many posts you have made on my website that you do not seem to read and UNDERSTAND my advice to you. You first contacted me on January 18 and you have made all of 10 messages in just 5 days. I have patiently replied them all but you must understand that I am doing so for the sake of your baby as all I can do from my end, I live in Sri Lanka, is to prescribe the remedy and expect you the mother to respond by following my instructions literally. You live in London and I do not see any problem in sourcing the remedies I have prescribed from the scores of Homeopathic pharmacies in your city.

Jess says:
January 23, 2014 at 2:04 PM
First of all, I do not live in London and do not know where you found that info from. London is 5 hours from where I live. I live in a small seaside town and it is very difficult to source remedies. I have been nothing but appreciative and thankful for your time and patience. I have, as you requested, kept you well informed of my daughters progress and taken your advice very seriously, hence asking questions to ensure I get the treatment exactly right. I was unsure whether the Nux Vom was taken in a bottle of spring water or if this applied to a different treatment for another baby. You did not state how to give the remedy.
Yesterday I made a genuine mistake, as we all do from time to time, and thought I had bought pellets and not tablets. Someone else in the forum did the same at one point. You told them they could use them. So I presume I can too.

**The other, main reason for my many posts is because you were skirting around my questions and not answering them.**

I asked at least 3 times how to halve the nat phos before you responded. If you advising people on how to use your treatments and, are at times, not explaining adequately then naturally people will ask questions.
Thank you once again for your time but I will be seeking the help of a qualified homeopath who is happy to guide me by answering my questions with out feeling that I am wasting their time.
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Evocationer 8 years ago
Deanna says:
January 21, 2014 at 1:03 AM
Hello Joe, I sought your help for my 18 mo reflux and followed your 3 day remedy with some success. I haven’t contacted you after since I was not sure if the lingering issues were reflux or another issue. Anyhow, the baby recently contracted a severe stomach virus that has her still refusing food after a week.

**To make matters worse, she’s experiencing reflux at a level at which I’ve never seen, probably as a result of her illness. She’s waking up screaming in terrible pain like I’ve never heard.**

One night I was sure she must have appendicitis or something since her cry was so intense. I could hear her refluxing and gave her charcoal. She vomited and her pain was relieved. We have never wanted her on medication but this is so extremely painful I’ll do anything to avoid this. We have a script for Zantec but I’m scared to give it. But also scared of her having such intense pain again. Please help! peace, Deanna
Evocationer 8 years ago
Shweta says:
January 21, 2014 at 6:57 PM
Dear Dr Joe,
On her third day of Nat Phos 6x, Kanisha puked twice today. On one occasion milk suddenly came out from her mouth though she wasn’t distressed and on another occasion she was thoroughly distressed and gagged and puked till last drop of milk came out from her mouth and nose. She is very gaseous also and burping alot. Her sleep is not very sound either otherwise she is a good sleeper.
She is also teething so I guess this could also be a reason of her reflux flare up.
Please guide me from here. I really appreciate your time and patience.

Joe says:
January 21, 2014 at 9:17 PM
I believe that a few doses of Nux Vomica 30c in the Wet dose may help with her current tendency to puke her milk.
Give her a dose immediately and report how she has responded tonight

Shweta says:
January 22, 2014 at 6:59 PM
Dear Dr Joe,
On fourth day today I gave 2 dose Nux V 30c to Kanisha along with Nat Phos.

**Today she threw up every time she had milk ,not the whole feed but still significant amount. milk she spits is partially curdled. She makes swallowing movements every now and then. She didn’t sleep very well in night.**

To add more about her, she is not a very good eater. At 7.5 month we can never give her more than 4 oz of milk. She never takes milk willingly so either we have to distract her by showing something of her interest to distract her or dream feed her.
Waiting eagerly for your input and guidance.

Joe says:
January 22, 2014 at 9:09 PM
For the moment I would prefer that you stick to this protocol and report her progress in a few days.
Do not lose hope as there are a few other remedies which I can prescribe to reduce the inflow of acid which I believe is the reason for her current distress.
In the meanwhile please source
Robinia Pleudacacia 6c preferably in the Liquid Dilution otherwise in the pallets.
Please note that you will NOT use it till I say so.

Shweta says:
January 25, 2014 at 7:08 PM
Dear Dr Joe,
I wanted to report Kanisha’s progress since I last reported about her 3 days back.

** Her sleeps have improved but her puking hasn’t. She still is throwing up alot every day and is very gaseous. Like today only she threw up twice after finishing her feeds and dose of Nat phos; she sat for a while then suddenly gagged and puked; also got very distressed after it happened.**

I’m still giving her Nat Phos 1 tablet 6 times day and Nux V in liquid dilution twice.

Last time you mentioned Robinia Pleudacacia 6c, I’ll be able to arrange it in couple of days, if you feel it is required. But I’m sticking to the current protocol till you suggest otherwise. Certainly it is better to keep her on homeopathy and be hopeful rather than keep her on PPIs which weren’t helping and have side effects as well.
You guidance is needed. Thank you for your time and patience.

Shweta says:
January 29, 2014 at 11:43 AM
Hello Dr Joe,
I was taking your advice for acid reflux of my 7.5 month old daughter Kanisha. I’m giving her Nat Phos 6x for around 10 days and as per your suggestion I started with Nux v 30c in wet doses on your suggestion.

**Last I communicated to you that reflux is still bothering her and she still pukes at least couple of time a day.But somehow my last couple of comments are not getting answered.**

Couple you please suggest a course of action now since Nat Phos and Nux V are not working as expected?
Thanks for your guidance.

Joe says:
January 29, 2014 at 12:04 PM
**You have to be thankful that your daughter pukes just twice daily.**

She is under a year old and it can take up to that time to be cured of Baby GERD. You state that she is under my therapy for the last 10 days and you have the alternative of going back to the dangerous PPI drugs you were giving her before you consulted me.
The fact remains that my Nat Phos 6x + Nux Vomica 30c therapy has helped hundreds of babies throughout the world and ...

**all we can do is to hope that she will get over her current problem in a few more days.**

**You have also the option of consulting another homeopath who may use the standard classical formula which usually does not heal.**
Evocationer 8 years ago
eshaal says:

February 2, 2014 at 6:26 AM
Hello Mr de Liveria ! It has been 24 hrs since I started Nat Phos 6x treatment to my babygirl. I am not too sure If there is any improvement or not but before one day of starting this remedy she puked once and had a silent reflux because she would usually dont puke much but was restless and would resist the feeding and unable to sleep or go to sleep for a short time and wake up. I usually noticed her swallowing the acid. After I started the remedy ,she did puked but it was curd. Other than that she took milk and slept well as well but still I am not totally sure because she usually felt well sometimes like a couple of days in a week. So kindly further assist me about the usage and dosage of medicines.
She is nowadays on breast milk and she passes stool 2-3 times and the stools are loose but passes it out with difficulty i.e feels uneasy or restless before passing stool and sometimes needs some assistance like suppository to pass it.

eshaal says:
February 2, 2014 at 9:24 AM
Hi Mr de Livera, Wanted to give you an update that she cried alot again and also **refusing to feed and can’t go to sleep. she is restless.**

Joe says:
February 2, 2014 at 10:26 AM
Nux Vomica 30c in the Wet dose can help to reinforce the action of Nat Phos.
If you can get Nux Vomica 30c in the Alcohol pack this is best but if you cannot do so, you may give her the Wet dose made with pellets of which you will insert 6 pellets into a 500ml bottle of water. You will give her a teaspoonful twice daily and report her response.

eshaal says:
February 3, 2014 at 9:33 AM
Hello Mr de Liveria !! It has been 12 hrs now that I added Nux V and already given her 2 doses but dont see any obvious change,

**she is still very cranky and refuses to feed or feed very little ,sleep is also not very sound.**

Please advise .

Joe says:
February 3, 2014 at 10:27 AM
Reduce the dosage of Nat Phos 6x you are giving baby by cutting the tablet in HALF.
Some babies respond to half tablet when their condition was bad with a full tablet.

eshaal says:
February 3, 2014 at 9:52 AM
Want to add that
** she became even more restless.**

eshaal says:
February 5, 2014 at 4:40 AM
Dear Mr de Liveria ! it has been 24 hrs that I started giving her half tablet but still I am not too sure if she is responding or not.

**Can you pls elaborate a little on the healing process. I mean Is this a gradual process or abrupt recovery, The only thing I noticed is that she is irratable at night for 3 hrs or a little less, refuses to feed but sleeps for a long time during night,like 4 hrs approx.**

Pls advise further instructions

Joe says:
February 5, 2014 at 6:53 AM
You have not reported on her refluxing her milk.

**The restleness is secondary to her throwing up. If this is under control you will have to await developments.**

Every baby is different. Some babies who have been on PPI drugs respond with the first dose while others take longer. The Nux Vomica helps to reinforce the action of the NP.

eshaal says:
February 5, 2014 at 9:46 AM
yes Mr de Liveria, she never threw up a lot but had a silent reflux,

**she still has the silent reflux and still gets wet burps and throw curd but doesnt throw any fresh milk.**

Joe says:
February 5, 2014 at 9:58 AM

**You are fortunate that your baby cannot be compared to some others I am currently treating.**

Although I instructed you to give her Nux Vomica, I do not think that she really needs it judging by your last statement. Give her more time to adjust and report progress in 24 hours.

(No further posts from this patient)
Evocationer 8 years ago
Elizabeth says:
March 26, 2014 at 6:29 PM
Dear Sir,
I discontinued the elimination diet last night. My baby went to bed around 8:30 pm, woke at 12:30 am to eat, then was up every 1-2 hours with gas, gurgly acid in her throat, and seemed very agitated.

**I gave her 1/2 a tablet of the NP after each waking and that did seem to settle her. But then she’d be up again within 1-2 hours. So, pretty much back to the agitated sleep she was having.**

Do you think this could be a food allergy that is causing the reflux? Should I try something else, or continue on this path?
Thanks so much for any help you can provide.

Joe says:
March 27, 2014 at 10:08 AM
Glad to note that Baby is responding to my therapy. At her age it is not surprising that she will demand a feed every few hours and this is only for the first few months when she will sleep throughout the night like an adult.
It is important that you carry her about and leave her in her cot and enable her to crawl about as this is essential for her growth which in turn will promote deep sleep.
The reflux will stabilise as you have already seen in the last few days.
Do not worry about a food allergy as there in none especially in your case as a vegetarian.

Elizabeth says:
March 27, 2014 at 7:03 PM
Thank you so much. Last night was the first night that she did not have the nasal congestion. She is spitting up about 50% less, and much less at night.

**She does, however, appear to be gassy and her tummy is “gurgly”, which is causing her frequent night waking right now. I had my hand on her stomach and when I feel the bubbles, she’ll wake with discomfort.**

She slept soundly from about 9:30 to 12:30,

**then was up every few minutes until 5am with gas.**

However, it did not seem to be an acid reflux issue, so that’s good. And she usually has a bowel movement 6-8x a day, and she only had 2 yesterday. Could it be a side effect of the Nat Phos, and will discontinue on its own when the treatment is over?
Shall I add anything additional to her treatment for the gas? Shall I continue the 1/2 tablet for the acid reflux?
Thank you so much for your time and expertise!

Elizabeth says:
March 28, 2014 at 6:36 AM
Dear Sir,
Today was much better, she did have her normal bowel movements and her sleep/naps were spot on with how they had been. She has been content again, and I’ve been able to put her down without her screaming. Crossing my fingers that tonight is a good night!

**If we could get her sleep back to what it was, along with the healing reflux, that would be amazing.**

Thank you so much for your advise and help. It is greatly appreciated!

Joe says:
March 28, 2014 at 9:37 AM
Glad to learn that your Baby’s digestive system is slowly stabilizing. You are fortunate that you were able to contact me as your paediatricians would have prescribed the standard PPI drugs without any thought of the damage that they will do to the patient.
She is bound to improve by the day and you will continue to give her the Nat Phos 6x but in reducing doses to enable her digestive process to take over without any external assistance.
Remember the advice I gave you about vaccinations which I recommend be only done after she is over 2 years of age.

Elizabeth says:
March 29, 2014 at 7:00 PM
Good morning Sir,
Another pretty good night! No nasal congestion from reflux,

**however after nursing during the night, she’d wake about 5 minutes after falling asleep to spit up, and then would want to nurse again.**

Sleep pattern pretty similar to what it was before reflux. Shall I begin tapering off the Nat Phos yet, or wait another few days until she improves further? So glad she’s not getting the spit up reflux into her nasal passages at night any longer! And that sleeping seems to be stabilizing again. Thank you so much for your continued assistance. Yes, we are VERY happy and appreciative to have found you and your methods! Thank you!

Joe says:
March 30, 2014 at 6:29 AM
I was confident that your Baby will outgrow her GERD symptoms. It took a few days to do so with my Joepathy, but her digestive system is now well on the road to a full recovery and

** you should reduce the dosage of Nat Phos**

to the minimum dosage to keep her happy.
I have always maintained that NP6x is by far the safest remedy to help an infant to tide over the initial problems that many suffer during the first few months of their lives, and am surprised that doctors will only prescribe the dangerous PPI drugs to their baby patients which may help them temporarily but at considerable cost because of the serious side effects.
Please spread the word that Baby GERD is best treated with Nat Phos 6x which is NOT a drug and will help both mother and baby while it is being used.
Remember my advice about vaccinations and delay them as late as is possible. Also do not give solids for at least 10 months. Breast milk is the best.
If you find that your own supply is fading, feel free to contact me for advice on increasing it.

Elizabeth says:
March 30, 2014 at 8:09 AM
Thank you so much Sir! I will lower the dosage to 1/4 pill tonight and tomorrow, and then have her stop taking it the following day. Is that sufficient, or should I follow a different dosage decrease? I will definitely spread the word! Thanks again, I will inform you of progress as we wean from the dosage. Your help is so appreciated, and we are very grateful in our household to your kindness and generosity to help others with their ailments, free of charge. Your time is very valuable, we all know that, and we do not take it for granted. THANK YOU AGAIN!

Elizabeth says:
March 31, 2014 at 6:50 PM
Good morning / Good evening to you Sir. We weaned her from the Nat Phos 6x last night, possibly too abruptly.

**The congestion from milk being regurgitated into her nose came back last night, and she was very snotty with only 2 hour sleeping periods.**

I cut down from 1/2 a tablet to a 1/4 tablet for 24 hours, then stopped yesterday evening. I’m thinking that was too abrupt, and we should have gone to a 1/4 tablet every other feeding for a day or two? I know you and I are on opposite sleeping schedules due to our locations. Shall I start her back on 1/2 tablet and then wean her again in a few days, much slower this time? Sorry about that, I hope I didn’t mess up the treatment. Thank you so much Sir in advance.

Joe says:
March 31, 2014 at 10:58 PM
Go back to the Nat Phos 6x routine again and do not waste time in seeking my permission to do so.
Remember that NP is NOT A DRUG and you can use it very safely anytime for babies and adults.

Elizabeth says:
April 14, 2014 at 8:05 PM
Dear Sir,
I hope you are well.

**We’ve still been having problems with the nasal congestion after my baby’s first feeding at night.**

** It’s now worsened to be full snot coming out of her nose upon her waking in the morning.**

We went back on the Nat Phos as suggested after the weaning from Nat Phos worsened symptoms,

** but the symptoms stayed with no improvement.**

We were on the Nat Phos for at least another week. Do you have any suggestions? I feel so badly for her, as she just suffers there silently without crying, but is grunting, snotty and waking every few minutes until morning. Thank you so much Sir.

** We did see improvement for several days while on the Nat Phos early in the treatment**

, so I feel something can hopefully be done.

(no reply to or further contact from poster)
Evocationer 8 years ago
Ingrid says:

June 9, 2013 at 6:28 PM

Dear Joe,

I have read a lot about you and your therapy lately. Seems very promising and would like to benefit from your knowledge.

Female (me) 47: menopause symptoms, hot flashes, nervousness, anxieties, history depression, insomnia, fatigue, lack of motivation, high cholesterol, overweight

**I took arnica 30 ch wet dose for a couple of nights, I got super nervous (in a way I recognize from previous hard times, but haven’t really suffered from over the last couple of years, couldn’t sleep from nervousness and anxiety, felt awful).**

I did have some stressors those couple of days too. Is this a healing crisis or a sign that arnica is not for my, any thoughts?)

My husband (52): arthritis, bursitis foot, heel and ankle problems, back pain, stiff, overweight, adhd (takes adhd medication), takes constitutional sulphur sometimes

Mom (82): partially handicapped from stroke 10 years back, arthritis, overweight,nausea every day since 3-4 months back, takes blood thinner and diuretic since 10 years, high BP

Could we all benefit from shaking up a bottle of Arnica 30CH? Nat. Phos too I guess. Will it antidote or collide with sulphur, or adhd, blood thinner meds?

Please let me know, thank you very much for your generosity,



Joe says:

June 9, 2013 at 6:45 PM


You stated:
“I took arnica 30 ch wet dose for a couple of nights, I got super nervous (in a way I recognize from previous hard times, but haven’t really suffered from over the last couple of years, couldn’t sleep from nervousness and anxiety, felt awful). I did have some stressors those couple of days too. Is this a healing crisis or a sign that arnica is not for my, any thoughts?)”

You have taken Arnica 30 in the Wet dose which I presume you made after reading my instructions on how to make it. You have also taken “I did have some stressors those couple of days too.”
“couldn’t sleep from nervousness and anxiety, felt awful)”

**I regret that I cannot take your case and advice you as you are blaming the Arnica for the result which is NOT THE CASE.**


Ingrid says:

June 10, 2013 at 9:45 AM

I am not blaming arnica, just trying to understand if it gets worse before it gets better as with many other homeopathic remedies. I do know that you helped many others. Sorry if I have offended you.


Joe says:

June 10, 2013 at 7:18 PM


No, you have not. I just wanted you to understand that

**any remedy taken in the Wet dose cannot possibly aggravate the ailment that the patient suffers from.**

**You have to understand the philosophy of Homeopathy**

which deals with the potentization of any material to Nano levels like One thousand BILLION and you will only use 3 drops of the alcohol in a bottle of spring water from which you will take a teaspoonful or 5ml twice daily.

**I hope that you can now understand why my Joepathy can never aggravate the patient’s disease.**
Evocationer 8 years ago
Sara says:

April 18, 2014 at 12:30 AM

I have tried the nat phos. In both directed ways.

**It worked initially then suddenly stopped.**

I started giving directly after feeding one pellet because half did not work. After three days it seemed to stop working, so I tried half before and half after feedings and

** she seemed more agitated. She spit it up and has wet burps that are acidy (she makes a face of disgust). Throwing her body all around until it finally stops.**

I’m using the Nat. phos. Hylands pellets. Would the num vomica 30c help the situation and should it be combined with Nat. Phos.? Also I’m assuming the Boiron – Nux Vomica 30c is what I should order?

Thanks for your help.
Evocationer 8 years ago
Jeanette PK says:

December 27, 2013 at 10:01 PM

Dear Joe,

I have now given my baby boy Nat Phos for 24 hours (and I have taken Arnica wet dose twice daily and Nat Phos 2 tablets 3 times after meals). I haven’t seen much improvement yet, but he seems a little happier, which is great! He still sleeps very little and wants to eat all night. He has also got his first cold and a bad cough, so this might also play a part.


Jeanette PK says:

January 2, 2014 at 2:59 AM

Dear Joe,

I have now given my baby nat phos for 5 days and

**he has not gotten any better. In fact, it seems like he is spitting up more now. He has silent reflux so I am not used to him actually spitting up.**

What should I do now? Thank you again!
Evocationer 8 years ago
nida says:

December 1, 2013 at 10:55 PM

Hello Joe thankyou for your previous help I have been giving my now 4 month old Nat phos 6 for about 3 weeks he is a lot better now

**but lately every time we lay him down flat he gets very uncomfortable we can see reflex taking place where something comes up his throat and he tries to swallow it back. This makes him very uncomfortable he also gets a dry cough following the reflux. sometimes during and after reflux takes place he also takes a long deep breath holds it and then releases it.**

Lately the cough and reflux takes place even when he is upright and few hours have passed since the last feeding.

I have been giving him 1tablet Nat p 6 desolved in water after almost every feeding.

We also were extremely worried about the breathing issue he is having where he keeps on holding his breath. He has been to urgent care twice and doctors do not think anything is wrong with him.

please advise how to proceed next as

**this new breathing, coughing and constant reflux milk coming up his throat issue has developed.**

Thank you
Evocationer 8 years ago
Blessed Family says:

September 24, 2013 at 5:01 PM


I’m reporting back in on my 2 month olds progress with GERD. We started your remedy a week ago on Tuesday cutting out the medication the doctor prescribed. I am sorry I didn’t report sooner as you asked but my grandmother passed away so I was busy out of town dealing with our lose but contined using your remedy all the while. So for the last week I’ve given him 1/2 tablet of Nat Phos after every feeding and he usually nurses 9-10 times a day so he ends up getting 4.5 to 5 tablets a day.

** Since being on this he still seems squirmy at the breast while nursing at times and still spits up lots after each feeding.**

He is sleeping longer at night which has been nice for this tired momma but during the day he only goes about 2.5-3 hours from start to start of feedings and at evenings he wants to cluster feed every 1.5-2 hours till about his 10pm feeding then he starts sleeping well. I am burping him well after each feeding and since he was spitting so much up I’ve started waiting about 10-15 minutes after each feeding before giving him Nat Phos in hopes he wouldn’t just spit it up but even then as soon as I give it to him he spits up right away. I am keeping him elevated after each feeding as well. A plus is that I weighed him and after week on this method with all the spitting up he still gained a strong amount of weight an ounce a day (which he was a slow weight gainer at first so we monitor that closely but he’s been going great).

I’m sorry again it has taken me awhile to report in to state our progress and ask you for any suggestions.

** What should I do now not seeing a change in his GERD?**

Should I give him a whole tablet just during 5 of the day feedings and not worry about after every feeding like the night and early early morning feedings? Would you suggest anything else or just keep this up? He is such a happy spitter so can make it harder to recognize his discomfort. I have been very faithful in giving him his dose after every feeding but I’ve not been so good myself. Due to the lack of sleep and being emotionally drained

**when taking those 3 times a day (2 tablets) he acted like my milk tasted different and I had to continue to relatch him.**

I didn’t know if Nat Phos could make milk taste different or cause you to dry up a little in your production. I nursed my older child till they were 1 and plan to do the same. He is doing better about not coming off breast during feedings due to discomfort (so I guess he could have been sensing how emotional this time was for me) but that’s with me taking nothing. Sorry I know that’s lots of inform but I would rather tell you too much then not enough information so I could get your best advice to where to go from here. Thank you so much for your help and advice.
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Evocationer 8 years ago
Dear simone

Just now i saw your post i have quoted below and wanted to write my experience with a case:

'I agree- I have read 2 blogs by usa people with
'terminal' brain issues, and they worked with the
Banerji doctors online and 10 years later they are still going

What they are doing is making a difference and that is
why the largest usa cncr center MD Anderson is collaborating
with them sharing data.'

I know a patient in canada i had the good fortune to treat some years ago. Her parents had cncr and succumbed to the disease and she was put on cncr watch for 15 years by an advanced team of oncologists(the country she lived in is a developed country with advanced medical infrastructure). Without letting me know all these details she sought my help for her issues that bothered her at the time. As she was suffering from menopause blues(for want of time i don't type all her symptoms), i recommended a few doses of the then indicated medicines(Lach. and sulph.).

Then onwards her specialist doctors are so confused till this day why she has not contracted the disease. Homeopathic remedies are powerful and can even abort quite a few conditions.

A reasonably indicated remedy(be it chosen by classical or other lesser methods) can do a lot of subtle changes to a person and his/her system. So using the remedies wisely can reduce the suffering or even abort the suffering.
maheeru 8 years ago
Thanks for posting Maheeru. You do very good work.

I agree with what you say. It's too bad that many do not
try homeopathy until,as paraphrasing Dr. Showrav, 'many
patients do not try this system until there is no hope with
anything else'.
simone717 8 years ago
While the Banerjis may not be using potentized medicines in a genuine homoeopathic fashion, that is not to say that what they are doing is not also beneficial to some of their patients. Patients with no other hope may respond to their methods, although it is according to their own data only 20% of such cases.

These protocols have much in common with acute prescribing. In acutes, people can have common reactions based on the physiology we share as humans, and this allows us to use a small number of medicines successfully for those conditions. I believe that advanced pathology brings us back to that point of commonality - because of the tissue changes in particular organs, as humans we display a specific picture which can be treated with a specific remedy.

For true cure of the patient though, such protocols do not replace proper 'constitutional' treatment, which I understand the Bannerjis also promote to prevent reoccurrence of the pathology.

The usefulness of this method goes down in direct proportion to the amount of tissue change though, so that many purely functional diseases do not respond as well ie. the more peculiarity in the case, the more successful traditional homoeopathy is.
Evocationer 8 years ago
To Evocationer

I was about to post my response to your many posts above where you copied extracts from my own Website when I read your last post which I felt I should respond to, before I went any further.

I have criticized your pompous attitude to Homeopathic Healing in my post which will follow later and I am appalled at the condescending attitude that you display in your references to Dr Prasanta Banerji and the therapy that he and his family have been bestowing on suffering humanity throughout over half a century in India.

You stated:
'Patients with no other hope may respond to their methods, although it is according to their own data only 20% of such cases. '

In my next post I have proved that your statement only holds good to quantify the cases of C-ancer that they have treated and does NOT refer to their cases taken as a whole, treated by them. It is unthinkable that they treat over 1500 patients daily, and that free of charge, as it is obvious that patients will not consult them for their ailments, if their rate of cure was as low as you have quoted at 20%. I challenged your statement and requested you to provide proof of this low percentage you quoted, but you did not do so.

I feel that it is time that you do not resort to downright untruths to 'prove' your point as by so doing you perhaps feel that it is only through classical homeopathy, as prescribed by you, that a patient can be healed.

I have noted that you go by a Pseudonym, 'Evocationer' perhaps because you do not have the courage to disclose who you are in real life for reasons best known to you.

You will observe in my case that I have always gone by my given name Joe De Livera and am proud to state that it was Homeopathy that came to my rescue when many decades ago, I was first introduced to this Science which I did not believe in at that time, and which has enabled me at my advanced age of 85 years to be still able to take on types like you on a Homeopathic Forum open to the whole world, if only to expose your duplicity and expose your statements which are untrue and calculated to delude the public who may visit this thread, into believing that it is only your version of Homeopathy that can CURE which I have proved in my next post to be far from the truth.

It is your misguided sense of egotism that I strive to replace with my own sense of truthfulness and justice coupled to humility and the love of HEALING that has prevailed up to now, till you decided to inflict your presence here on the ABC a few months ago, perhaps with the avowed intention of monopolising it.

You are warned that I will be here to prevent this eventuality as the oldest living member of the ABC since 2003.
Joe De Livera 8 years ago
To Evocationer

Thank you for the publicity that you have afforded my Website by copying many cases of Babies who suffered from Baby GERD and Reflux on the ABC which you may not be aware receives over 10000 hits daily.

You have only quoted the first few posts made by desperate mothers who had been using PPI drugs prescribed by their pediatricians which rendered their babies problems with GERD to a far worse state on a daily basis. You have not however copied the posts they made subsequently as in the majority of cases their babies GERD and Reflux were stabilized in a few more days after the posts that you copied. You must understand that there is no possibility of an instant fix to this problem where the mother has been giving her baby the PPI drug for months and in some cases for years and and reports after replacing the PPI with Nat Phos 6x which I pioneered, that their baby continues to regurgitate the curdled milk. You did not care to copy the same case a few days later where the mother is happy that my Joepathy has helped their baby.

Here are just a few that I have received a short while ago today:

Submitted on 2014/07/25 at 9:54 AM | In reply to gidgetmataj.
Hello Again Sir,
I wanted to update you further on my son’s progress. After these two months we are now seeing the positive response. He now rarely if ever regurgitates. We are keeping him on your prescription for now until we are sure he no longer has this issue. I think the breaking point was when I finally was able to order the liquid Arnica, we found a great quality one from a Hawaiian company. We are so happy and wanted to say thank you.

Submitted on 2014/07/25 at 10:00 AM
Dr. De Livera,
I apologize! Yes we have been giving baby NV 30c in the wet dose as you instructed. You said we could do the dilution or the pellet form and I wanted to be sure to let you know that we did the pellet form but yes in the wet dose. Sorry I should have been more descriptive! Baby spit up is less frequent but it seems as though as soon as we lay her down she immediately Spits up. She cries for a few minutes and then is just fine. Sometimes there’s that up is acidic and other times it is just like water and really runny. Overall our baby has been acting so much better and we are very pleased with her progression! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us! Should we just continue as we are friends other day or two and see how it goes?


Note. NV referred to is Nux Vomica 30c

miriam says:
July 24, 2014 at 1:03 PM (Edit)
Respected Doctor,

Thanks Doctor for the reply. My daughter is responding extremely well to your nat phos therapy. I am very grateful. Would you ever give the baby Arnica to help them sleep at night. She seems to wake a lot at night still not sure if it is the reflux or does she need sleep training.

Thanks again

There are many hundreds of posts by desperate mothers who have confirmed, some in terms that embarrass me, that their babies have been CURED of their Reflux problems on my Website.

I presume that you have copied the first few posts sent by desperate mothers in your pathetic attempt to prove that my therapy which a coterie of classical homeopaths derisively labelled 'Joepathy' many years ago, as they seemed to suffer from some pangs of inordinate jealousy complex that you also seem to suffer from, when they discovered that my therapy based on what you label as the allopathic approach to healing and which I in common with Dr Banerji, use to help suffering humanity, which we have jointly and severally proved does CURE.

You have often classified the Banerji Protocol and Joepathy as lacking any credible results as you felt that your own classically generated remedy which you and a few other Homeopaths promote, is the only therapy that will work. I do not also understand the reason why you and your classically oriented allies on the ABC all join in criticizing me and the Banerji Protocol as there is ample evidence available that our therapy does work to CURE the suffering patient.

You have often degraded the Banerji Protocol as being so very inefficient that it is good for only 20% of the cases which you stated was recorded on their website as being cured. You then spent the whole of yesterday in copying and pasting cases of Baby Gerd I have treated on my Website with the avowed intention of degrading my own Joepathy. I would dearly like to understand the reason why you are so very adamant in always disparaging my efforts to help suffering humanity and it is of some interest to record the coincidence that we, the Dr Prasanta Banerji Homeopathic Foundation (DPBHP) and I with my Joepathy treat patients without charge.

I do wonder if this is the root cause of your intense critical outlook as displayed in your questioning my Joepathy and the Banerji Protocol which you have so degraded down to a success rate of less than 20%. I have requested you 'quote chapter and verse' in support of your findings but you did not do so to prove your point. I was frankly appalled to read this statement from you and referred this statement to a friend who had been working in the DPBHP for some years and he confirmed that the 20% rate of cure was indeed correct for cases of C ANCER which were treated by them. There is absolutely no relevance of this 20% figure quoted by you in terms of the rates of cure which attended their therapy for other diseases presented by many thousands of patients that they attend to, on a daily basis in their hospital in Kolkata.

I cannot understand the reason why you have gone down to the level of degrading their therapy by quoting figures which are totally incorrect to 'prove' your point and perhaps delude the average visitor to the ABC into believing that the Joepathy Protocol in common with the Banerji Protocol is just too dangerous to be used in spite of the patients who use it, confirming that they were CURED !

Visitors who read this thread will wonder why you do so especially since your own record of CURE of ailments as presented by patients on the ABC can be classified as dismal when compared to my own rate of cure. It seems a shame that you, a learned Australian 'lecturer' in classical homeopathy, should descend to this low level purely to prove that your own classical homeopathy is the ONLY path to a CURE. I shudder to think of the disservice you are doing to your students, presuming that you do continue in your avowed profession as a 'Lecturer'.

I catergorically classify your statements as being totally incorrect and false. I have always maintained that my 'This for That' therapy is far more appropriate to help suffering humanity and I am indeed glad that I have the support of the DPBHP in proving my point.

I have often indicated to you that I do not subscribe to your classical therapy which I indicated that I too used some years ago with the assistance of Radar 9 but was sadly disillusioned with the results, which prompted me to go into this anomaly in greater detail as I was having to contend with the criticism of a few classical homeopaths like Gavini Murthy later followed by David Kempson your fellow countryman who lived in Brisbane and went by the pseudonym 'Brisbane Homeopath'. You joined the ABC only a few months ago and you commenced shortly after by criticizing my therapy which you superciliously considered as being used by some alien who dared to use what you termed 'Our remedies' in a manner that did CURE many patients of their ailments and diseases in a manner that you and your classical types would not dare to do, merely because you were brainwashed into believing that it was only through that elusive 'classical remedy' that a patient could be cured. You refuse to accept that I am the oldest consultant on the ABC

I have proved otherwise and am happy that it is not only me that says so as Dr Prasanta Banerji also agrees with my viewpoint.

Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
Joe De Livera 8 years ago

Please delete the last sentence in the penultimate paragraph which reads:
'You refuse to accept that I am the oldest consultant on the ABC'
Joe De Livera 8 years ago

you are, as I have indicated in another
interaction, you are talking to David.
simone717 8 years ago
Joe De Livera 8 years ago
Mr. De Livra I have reported you to the moderator for these unwarranted personal attacks. I will leave it to him to decide what to do with you. I am appalled by your attitude and behaviour, although not surprised.
[message edited by Evocationer on Sun, 27 Jul 2014 05:31:39 BST]
Evocationer 8 years ago
Mr David Kempson

Please note that my name is Joe De Livera (NOT Livra)

Thank you for confirming that you are indeed the one and the same:

Brisbane Homeopath


Why don't you give Lycopodium 30 a chance to help you?

I prescribed it for you in 2012 before your accident and I do still feel that it can do you a world of good to help you to come back to reality and be of service to suffering humanity which is the real reason for the ABC and other Homeopathic Forums which also include my own Website

Joe De Livera
Joe De Livera 8 years ago
I will attempt to wade through the insults and slander to see what actual answers and questions exist in your posts.

'In my next post I have proved that your statement only holds good to quantify the cases of C-ancer that they have treated and does NOT refer to their cases taken as a whole, treated by them. It is unthinkable that they treat over 1500 patients daily, and that free of charge, as it is obvious that patients will not consult them for their ailments, if their rate of cure was as low as you have quoted at 20%. I challenged your statement and requested you to provide proof of this low percentage you quoted, but you did not do so.'

If you have published statistics for other kinds of cases and the success rates, please direct me to them. It is the success rates with C-ancer that have received the most publicity, and the only ones I can find on their website or in the various papers I have read. If I have overlooked something important I am happy for you to point me to it.

'I feel that it is time that you do not resort to downright untruths to 'prove' your point as by so doing you perhaps feel that it is only through classical homeopathy, as prescribed by you, that a patient can be healed.'

I do NOT believe this. I believe people can be healed by many different methods and modalities. Clearly the Bannerji protocols heal some patients, so methods other than classical homoeopathy must also work.

What I have taken umbrage at is YOUR attitude that classical homoeopathy heals no-one, that it does not work or rarely works, and that by applying your allopathic approach you get an extremely high level of cure far beyond what we are capable of.

'You have only quoted the first few posts made by desperate mothers who had been using PPI drugs prescribed by their pediatricians which rendered their babies problems with GERD to a far worse state on a daily basis. You have not however copied the posts they made subsequently as in the majority of cases their babies GERD and Reflux were stabilized in a few more days after the posts that you copied.'

I actually asked you to present any further information you had on those people and their results. If you have this information, which is NOT currently on your website, I would like to see it. I did say that perhaps you might have this information. Where is it?
Evocationer 8 years ago
Mr De Livera, my apologies for misspelling your name. Seems a minor thing compared to the unpleasant things you are saying about me. You notice that despite your attitude to me, I have continue to use the respectful title as is the custom in your own country.

You quoted this poster as proof of a cure:

'miriam says:
July 24, 2014 at 1:03 PM (Edit)
Respected Doctor,

Thanks Doctor for the reply. My daughter is responding extremely well to your nat phos therapy. I am very grateful. Would you ever give the baby Arnica to help them sleep at night. She seems to wake a lot at night still not sure if it is the reflux or does she need sleep training.

Thanks again '

This is her most recent post:

' miriam says:

July 24, 2014 at 10:58 PM

Respected Dr,

My daughter has been off Zantac now for 4 days. She has been good up to this afternoon. I have been giving her the full nat phos tablet after each feed. This afternoon I gave her nux vomica as she was so unsettled. This worked only temporarily.

My mother thinks she is bad today, as it takes 4/5 days for the zantac to completely leave their system. So today she is bad.

I am very disillusioned.

Please advise.'

So not yet an example of cure.

What I would like to see are cases that are followed over a longer period, with evidence that the patient not only remained well, but was not left with uncured symptoms nor went on to develop any new diseases. Do you have many of those?

Cure in homoeopathy does not leave some symptoms behind, or does it need to be constantly maintained by frequent dosing. A cured disease is not replaced by a new one that is equally or more serious. Cure in homoeopathy does not show a shift of symptoms from one area to a deeper one (skin --> organ, local --> mental etc.).

I am not suggesting you never cure anyone. You are using our medicines, with indications taken from our literature. Of course you will get some cures - homoeopathy's reputation is built on indications just like those. I too have used Nat-phos for some cases of GERD, Arg-met for some cases of arthritis, Arnica for some cases of insomnia, Nux-vomica for digestive complaints.

So I would like to see a number of cases where you gave a remedy on the basis of the name of the condition ie. GERD, and the following conditions were also true.

1. The patient did not have any uncured symptoms left behind.
2. The patient did not need constant dosing to maintain their health (dependence on a medicine).
3. The patient did not later go on to develop either a more serious disease, or redevelop the old disease but in a more serious fashion.
4. The patient did experience relief of their physical symptoms but ALSO experienced a general feeling of well-being (mental, emotional, general).
5. The patient did experience relief of their physical symptoms but did not then begin to feel worse in their mental, emotional or general levels.
6. There is follow up with the patient for several months so that the above conditions can be seen and met.

I could not find any such cases when I looked through your website, which you directed me to.

For me to be convinced that I am looking at a viable method of cure, I would like to see longer cases, ones over a significant period of time, where the direction of their progress can be clearly seen. A few days, even a few weeks, is not enough to verify that a patient has been cured of a chronic complaint.
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Evocationer 8 years ago
Just to expand on another point you keep making - I have stated, both recently and in the past, that I believe the kind of method the Bannerjis have developed has its use for advanced cases of pathology. In the same way that people tend to respond to acute situations in fairly similar ways, I believe when tissue changes have become so extensive and dangerous also provoke a similar survival response. This certainly could mean a set selection of remedies would be beneficial, based on a set of similar responses by the body to the pathology.

However, 'classical' homoeopathy has cured all of these exact same diseases. There are many published cures of the same things you use your small selection of remedies to cure, by classical homoeopaths using other remedies. I have cured them using other remedies, so your assertion that classical homoeopathy doesn't cure anyone is false and ridiculous. There is no basis for such a statement.

I do hear that YOU couldn't cure cases using classical homoeopathy, but that is not surprising as you have no training. It is HARD being a homoeopath, and it is not for everyone. Only certain people have the patience and the skills, not to mention the interest, to be a competent homoeopath. And no, I do NOT believe every healer has to be a homoeopath - there are many styles of healing.

From what you have said, you appear to have bought a repertory program (Radar) and attempted to use that. You may not realise that those programs are only useful to experienced homoeopaths who know how to take a case, develop an appropriate hierarchy of symptoms, give each symptom the correct weight, and then interpret the symptom across to the most suitable rubric. Those programs do none of that for you, and attempting to use it (as all my past students discovered) does not replace any of those skills. In fact it is more likely to result in more errors in prescribing.

What I don't understand when I look at all the things you have written, is why you feel compelled to demonize homoeopathy. The Bannerjis do not do that at all, they simply state the difference between what they do and what other homoeopaths do.

In fact, I think it is prudent to actually look at what they say is the problem they perceive with classical homoeopathy (all taken from their own website and from articles they have published). It is important to note they have NEVER stated that classical homoeopathy does not work!

I am going to comment on each one - I think they make some valid points, but of course I simply disagree with their conclusions (which have lead to their protocols).

1. Different homoeopaths come up with different remedies for the same patient, and only one of these can be the simillimum.

Refutation: Firstly, a remedy only needs to cure by being similar to the case, not exactly the same. This will mean more than one remedy might cure a patient. Having to get one remedy only for any particular patient is not a requirement for cure.

The 'Simillimum' is simply a measurement of similarity. Similarity is a sliding scale, with various remedies occupying different places along that scale. The closer you get to the 'simillimum' (perfect remedy) end the better the quality of the cure (stability, speed, lack of aggravation, depth etc). The farther away you are the worse the quality (need for repetition, shallowness of reaction, local area only affected, significant aggravation, extra symptoms created, slowness of reaction etc).

However even medicines lower on that scale can be curative when used in sequence with other remedies (complementary relationships). Patients with good vitality may often be cured even with a partial similar, but even if not, the right use of a group of partial similars can create vast improvements in health.

It should be noted that the Bannerjis are already acknowledging they are not working with the simillimum, since they prescribe more than one remedy at once, and often move from remedy to remedy treating different parts of the case.

I found this argument strange on their part - it was as if they were saying 'classical homoeopaths cannot find the simillimum so their method is inefficient!' but then they themselves develop a method that avoids bothering to find it. I always felt that this was simply an acknowledgement of defeat on their part.

2. If a classical homoeopath needs to spend so much time with one patient, then they must charge high fees to be able to support themselves.

Now in some ways this is a very valid concern, and in fact one most homoeopaths I know have had to face (including myself!). But does this then support the idea that classical homoeopathy is not efficient or effective? This is a business concern on one end (for homoeopaths) and on the other a financial one for patients.

This comes down to the quality of cure, of the changes made, by medicines that are prescribed via each method. There are advantages and disadvantages either way quite frankly.

If a classical homoeopath spends 2 hours with a patient, and prescribes a remedy that is very far up the 'simillimum' end of the scale of similarity, this medicine will create a quality of change that is worth the money to that patient. Let me outline why:

1. It rarely needs repeating. The patient can simply go on with their life and not have to worry about it. Return visits are not frequent (and in some cases not necessary for a very long time).

2. It creates change across the whole person, without any need to change to different remedies.

3. It affects life-long patterns, in mental, emotional and physical spheres. This can improve the quality of a person's relationships, their ability to enjoy their life, their ability to reach the full potential. Breaking of a miasmatic pattern can safeguard the person from future chronic disease for many years, or at least moderate those diseases significantly.

This last advantage has benefits to the community as a whole, as it does not just remove symptoms or prolong the patient's life, but it makes them better people, better members of the community. This is a responsibility classical homoeopaths have, to return our patients to their lives as better people, to be able to contribute more to society.

Even looking at this from a purely physical perspective, breaking miasmatic patterns prevents them from being passed on to the patient's children (assuming they are not already born). Thus homoeopathy can help to safeguard future generations as well.

So that is it. They are the two reasons they give. They want consistency in prescribing (same medicine for everyone), and they want it to be done fast. There is no claim that the other system of homoeopathy does not work. They only claim that a couple of things about it make it unsuitable FOR WHAT THEY CONSIDER IMPORTANT. Since I consider other things important, for me their method is unsuitable.

There is no need to say only one or the other kind of homoeopathy should exist - both should, and both have their place in the world. Each one has its strengths, and I should point out each one obviously has weaknesses too.
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Evocationer 8 years ago

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