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tissue change on genital from staphysgaria - Correction - return of old symptom

When I was taking staphysgaria a few months ago 3 days later my genital at the end of the tip of penis changed. THe area where foreskin and the tip meet. My foreskin more loose and not going up all the way. Plus there is inflation of tip of penis at the area where foreskin and tip of penis meet with brighter color of skin at this area than the rest of the tip of the penis.

And today I noticed that this area where forskin and tip of penis meet is SMELLING bad. There is a smell I was trying to get rid off since the staphysgaria but it never goes away and today after checking I found out that it is smelling bad exactly at this area (where foreskin and tip of penis meet). I have been circumsised when young.

Any help on what I could do to get this back to how it was? Is it possible?.

Before taking staphysgaria I was taking lycopodium, in case it was that remedy. Penis close to area between foreskin and tip of penis also looks more wrinkled now. shrieveled and just abnormal. Please help

Veins are visible more too at one area

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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Ok I found out after telling this to my mother what happened that I had this problem when I was young so an old symptom returning. No tissue change after all. Apparently it is an infection beneath the skin and from there comes the smell.

THis is interesting. WOuld this indicate staphysgaria was a good remedy? Platina - staphysgaria share some symptoms and my guilt, self blame, shyness I can put in that category.

The strange thing is that I felt restless after 10 days still so no deep change and I went on to another remedy from staphysgaria.
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whether this indicates staphysgaria was right for me?
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I wonder whether I need to do something about this or just leave it be and it will correct on its own??
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i have done some self help and my BDD is about identity. The self help I am doing is about feeling whatever you dont want to feel. In this attempt the negative emotions go away. The words that 'I feel destroyed', dont know who I am anymore, I feel dead if I loose my hair are the type of words that bring relief once I feel them and my response once the negative emotions looses charge is that it is not so bad, or not that true. Those type of responses come up when I ask myself 'how do I feel?' when I look at myself

I dont know what to do at this stage. I dont think the remedy is working anymore. And now I am in this state where I am not the desperate and self prescribing doesnt seem good at all. But I am not cured. Sure I would want some excitment but not in this desperate state where I would want to ruin anything.

I am pretty sure this below paragraph describes me and my past addiction to self prescribing to get excitment and new experiences

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2 days ago I dreamed about my mother telling me to do something in an unfriendly tone. And I went to her and complained desperately why she most of the time has to talk to me in such tone when she wants me to do something. That might sound like it could be the remedy above maybe?

But tonight again totally different dreams and a recurring one about ghosts and prison, murder, heights, high bridges.

-I apparently murdered someone again and tried to hide it in the basement. A door underneath the bed leads to the basement. Detectives were around and I feared I will go to prison. The dream starts from when I have already murdered someone and this feels like something unavoidable. This means that it feels like “sh*t what have I done, I knew I will find myself in this bad situation and now prison is where I will have to go most likely and hiding this successfully which is impossible from the detectives is needed for me to live and not be caught.” So detectives were around, interviewing people, me wondering when they will come to me. They had someone in custody but because of their body language which was they had their legs crossed this meant they aren’t worried or concerned which means they are not the murderers. Then my brothers were searching around the house for no good reason and close to finding the door underneath the bed. I hoped they wont see it. And I wanted them to stop. I was in this usual situation where I cannot talk, have to keep things to myself, have no control and just hope that what I don’t wont will not happen. Then what happened next is I was in the basement all of a sudden trying to do something in there, cant remember what and there all of a sudden I felt a blanket at my BACK so I ran upstairs screaming in total fear knowing it is the ghost of the murdered person… last time I dreamed of having spiritual healing with another patient while the ghost of the other patients mother put a knife to my back.

From all the scary dreams I usually have which leave me unaffected. Those ghost dreams do scare me.

Other dreams of tonight:
-Me smoking marijuana, usually I would have panic attack and fear of fainting and I expected it to happen but I was fine, no aggravation really

- I was on a plane, outside standing on the wing and holding to the plane. I had to do this. So I was worried at first, but the conditions were fine and it was not windy at all (lol how strange- not logical)

- I think I was in new york city. There was a high bridge and it made me afraid. The bridge was going over a river. It was unnecessarily high. Which means you had to climb up some stairs to get on the bridge, then cross it and on the other side get down again. I was just looking at the bridge in the dream.
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some advice on what I should do please? Whether platina right or wrong? Whether healing can be slow to be completely cured??

I did something the other day that shocked everyone at home... Apologise to someone.
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The picture that I posted above might also explain to a few people on here who could not understand why it is important to me what remedy I am... I thought it was pretty simple to understand but apparently not. Why I had problem with a remedy like lycopodium or lac caninum. And why I had to try lycopodium to see whether I am it or not. How important it was to me. My response would be that I am dead if I found out I am lycopodium.

But this is very tough. I could easily think I am staphysgaria, lycopodium, an animal or platina. Especially since I am changable... I wake up every day in a different state. And today it is egoisem without any sensitivity.

All I know is that from all the remedies mentioned platina brought some great relief to my BDD and some relief to the problem with humiliation and self esteem
while others havent
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A few days ago I was feeling good. I once drove to a place in my car and nearly avoided an accident narrowly. And I derived some great ego about how great I am. This made me stop for awhile and think about it. That this is a bit unbalanced but better than to feel horrible about myself.

I also was with my brother and went to my mothers work place. So I was involved in a conversation with him and almost accidentaly stepped into her workplace without thinking like 'oh I cannot go in there because of my anxiety problems' lol I almost forgot to worry that I cannot go into a building with people. This was an experience that left me feeling optimistic
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wondering whether I should redose or not. But not with 10M. No desire to go through this all again.

...I saw a girl on the street who looked young and beautiful and of course all that was on my mind was to be with her. I really wanted her. But I could never have her or choose to be with her in reality even if she wanted too. For a number of reasons. My insecurities and issues with humiliation and that me and her, me being with someone is not possible... Ego I assume.

I would prefer to take a different remedy. Like tarantula but today in this state right now I dont see what it would do for me. what issues it would address. I would try tarantula if someone confirmed platina is definately wrong for me.
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