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Vaccination is a Crime against Humanity 1


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Vaccination is a Crime against Humanity

Vaccination is a crime against humanity, which is manipulated by an international syndicate of pharmaceutical companies to increase the number of sick people for their economic benefit. Actually there is a relation between drug business and capitalism. So undoubtedly vaccination program is nothing but a plot of capitalist exploitation over the majority people.

For more information about the ill affects of vaccinations and about this dirty business, please visit the following web links:



flu_bioterr..." rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">http://www.naturalnews.com/026503_pandemic_swine_flu_bioterr....














Remember that, FREE = FRAUD. Nothing is free in this world. Vaccine is provided for the children is not only free, but also invited and promoted. But if you go to anybody with your sick child, will anybody give free treatment? Not at all. When you go any hospital for vaccinate your child, they will give it without a single penny. But when you go to the same hospital for treatment of your children, can you receive a single drop of medicine or a single tablet without money? Is the production cost of vaccine cheaper than medicine? Actually vaccination is nothing but an investment. Free offer only given, when the investor believe that, it will return to them in interest with capital. When a child go to any hospital or clinic for vaccine, the vaccine givers know the child have to come back to them even after 20 years. Even if one child between one thousand come to hospital or clinic even after 40 years as a chemotherapy patient, then it is enough for the hospital and pharmaceutical company who manufacture the chemotherapy medicine.

Two major widespread idea persuade the people to vaccinate their children. Firstly, child death rate has reduced by vaccination. Secondly, many diseases now not exist which was available in past. Now we want to discuss the real fact about these ideas. Actually the reduction of child death rate is not necessarily associated with vaccination. Many cause was responsible behind it. These are malnutrition, prejudice, early marriage etc. Nutrition of mothers was highly neglected. Patients of diarrhoea and cholera were starved to death, even not given a single drop of water by their parents. Conservative guardians were not let their female children to receive any treatment for disease. Pregnant women was forced to do heavy work like 'Dheki Par' believing it will helpful for easy delivery. Daughters were irresponsibly set to marriage even at the age of 5 or 7, which now have prevented by education, law and changed social outlook. Another fact, birth rate was so high that it was affect on both mother's health and children's health. Besides, primary breast milk was not given to newborn baby which is the best medicine for immunity. After all, treatments of diseases now more developed and available than before. Sanitation system has also now improved than before which was a mentionable cause of disease and death of children. If we accept vaccine's contribution about disease prevention and death reduction, vaccination's past success could not justify the present vaccination program. Because, in past vaccine was given only against deadly infectious diseases, but now at the age of corruption, vaccine is given against normal childhood diseases, or even against those diseases which is neither infectious nor childhood disease. Regarding the elimination of past diseases, we also should consider that, many diseases are now available which was not existed before. Vaccination may be eliminate minor and less expensive treatable diseases, but create major and more expensive treatment even untreatable diseases. By the excuse of preventing normal childhood or seasonal diseases (which is not life threatening and not lasting more than seven days), these criminals produce complex diseases which treatment only expense millions of money but could not cure or save the life of the patient. Now we often hear crying, 'Please come to save a cancar-affected child. Need 3 million taka, which is not possible for poor father.' Is this situation was present 20 years ago? Actually vaccination does not prevent disease, it only change the form of disease and some cases make the disease more severe. The result of vaccination like this: Snake was available before in this river, but now it has consumed by Crocodile. The propaganda and motivation in favour of vaccination is like the Devil's suggestion to Adam: If you take this fruit now, then nobody could expel you from this heaven. If vaccination do really anything to prevent disease, it only done by creating the original disease in the body which produce antibody, which also could be achieved by real disease, no need to artificially push the germs into the body. Only difference, real disease may lasting seven days, but vaccine produced disease may lasting for two days. Because, vaccine produce the condition of last stage of the disease by pushing huge quantity of germs in a single shot. So there is no reason to think that, vaccine produced condition do less harm to the body than naturally infected disease. Real disease could be detected by symptoms which enable us to take step immediately. But vaccine produced disease silently run in the body even without producing any visible symptom. True jaundice make the patient's eye and body color yellowish. But jaundice vaccines (Hepatitis A, B, C) only attack on liver without changing body color. The most forgery of the vaccine that, if it really have any power to prevent disease, it must be effective on an infected person. But as it only workable before the disease come, not work on any affected patient, so it have nothing to do about disease prevention.

You may think that, sufferings after vaccination does not happen on every child, only happen on few child. But think, if the evil affects of vaccination were occurred immediately and on every child, had any way for vaccine manufacturers, distributors, promoters and givers to save their lives from the angry public? So, vaccine works as a time bomb. Sometimes, it blasts immediately and became visible who plotted it. But when a time bomb blasted years after, nobody can detect who plotted it. So people remain unable to know any relation between vaccination and diseases in future life. The harmful materials of vaccine does not necessarily mixed equally in all vaccines. Because, if the whole population's health condition is declined, then everything will be revealed. Some vaccine contains live virus[1], which attack immediately. Some contain harmful toxic metals which sow the seeds of cancar for future. Most of the vaccines contain the elements which affect on eating and sleeping. As eating or sleeping problem is hard to consider as a particular disease, so the vaccine's role behind it could not be detected by the parents. A professional article has described different types of vaccinosis and also specifically mentioned the reaction of each vaccine. According to this article, 'An acute vaccine reaction may include fever, convulsions and other serious complaints in the form of an immediate crisis. A mild acute reaction may only cause a mild fever, fussiness, or drowsiness, but after months or years the vaccine miasm may still produce more severe symptoms. Some vaccine reactions may be more insidious in nature and not show symptoms for a long time. In most cases, these illnesses will be blamed on other causes or be considered idiopathic. The chronic effects of modern immunization are producing three syndromes associated with brain damage, Post Encephalitic Syndrome (PES), Post Vaccinal Encephalitis (PVE), and Minimal Brain Damage (MBD). Harris Coulter documented the Post Encephalitic Syndrome (PES). It has been said that PVE has become the most common cause of encephalitis in the USA and other industrialized countries. MBD is closely associated with ADHD, the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Hyperactive children are 10 times more likely to end up in reform schools or to become felons in their later lives. They are more likely to start smoking, drinking and abusing drugs at an early age than other children. All three of these syndromes have been linked to a tremendous increase in autism, dyslexia, hyperactivity and learning disabilities since the introduction of the mandatory vaccination programs. ........ It has been noticed by homœopaths that vaccinations may lead to changes of personality, sleep patterns, eating patterns, bowel patterns and other alterations of natural cycles. Each vaccine has acute symptoms, latent symptoms and chronic symptoms. The acute symptoms are those that are mostly recorded by the orthodox school. They do not look for or wish to acknowledge the fact that immunization may produce latent states that create chronic organic pathology over the long term. When such states appear they view the pathology as a new independent disease, and do not see the connection between the distant cause (vaccination) and the recent events (new diseases). Each vaccine has the potential to produce an insidious syndrome of symptoms somewhat similar to the diseases from which they are made.' (The Origin of Homeoprophylaxis: The Symptoms of Vaccinosis[2])

The mostly promoted vaccine is Measles Vaccine which is most harmful than other vaccines. Dhaka City Corporation with some NGOs launch campaign for Measles Vaccine. In the main gate of Dhaka Shishu Hospital, it is written in big capital letter with attractive lighting: 'GIVE YOUR CHILD MEASLES VACCINE AT THE AGE OF NINE MONTH'. There was a banner decorated at the wall of 'JAPAN BANGLADESH FRIENDSHIP HOSPITAL' sponsored by Incepta Pharmaceuticals: 'Our all love is for the children (!). Please come to us to give vaccines including Measles Vaccine.' It is mentionable that, Incepta is the manufacturer of Iron Syrup which is given to the children for Anemia. Two major physical loss done by Measles Vaccine ¾ Brain damage from extreme fever, and Anemia from viral infection. Fever and Measles, which produce after Measles Vaccine, is extremely severe and unbearable than true measles. In some cases, when this fever goes out of control, it causes brain damage and make the child abnormal. Actually Measles is not life-threatening, but Measles Vaccine is life-threatening. Measles vaccine produced fever could not be stopped without antibiotic. If a child take antibiotic one time, then s/he become depend on antibiotic and require antibiotic in case of any viral or bacterial fever in future life. Because, antibiotic also destroy good bacteria along with bad bacteria, which break the body's own defense system. According to a research article published in a journal of American Academy of Pediatrics, 22% child became anemic after giving measles vaccine. (http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/cgi/content/abstract/8...) Think, if one fifth people became anemic, have anything more needed for doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies? For the treatment of Anemia, Iron and Folic Acid is given, which produce more sufferings. (http://bestfoodchoices.blogspot.com/2010/08/folic-acid-is-es...) If you see any child crying for constipation produced by Iron Syrup, you will think this evil drug is only suitable for police remand. If excretion process is interrupted, how eating is possible? Preventing the normal process of health recovery (eating and drinking), isolating the pure fresh blood from the body (through blood test), polluted toxic elements (Iron Syrup) is pushed into blood to increase the blood count. Vaccines and Supplemental Iron as well as Calcium are regularly given to pregnant women, which prevent natural birth and make necessary Caeser or Episiotomy. So we see, vaccination and related drugs make chemotherapy and caeserian customer, which is the bumper business of modern medical practice.

Vaccination results loss of appetite[3]. We hear from our parents that, eating was not any problem in their era. So they became astonished by seeing the sufferings about the feeding of our children. Do you think what is the reason and what is the difference between our parents and our children? We find nothing but only factor, our parents were not victim of childhood vaccination. As jaundice is a liver disease, so Hepatitis B Vaccine damage the liver function, which destroy the appetite. If anybody averse from food, it is obvious that, physical health and resistance power (immunity) would be absent in the body. So S/he will be depend on drugs and antibiotics. It is the great blessings for our Paediatricians (Child Doctors). If you visit any Paediatrics doctor's chamber, you will see that, all vaccines are available in there. You will be confused if it is any doctor's chamber or any vaccine store.

Vaccine shooting point (thighs) is located near the most sensitive parts of the body___ prostate, bladder and kidney; which have risk to affect on sexual and uro-genital organs. So, it is probably a serious threat of a child's future life.

In Bangladesh at eighty decade, only a single syringe with a single needle was used to vaccinate a whole classroom of a school. Now it is known to everybody as a common sense that, using same syringe to multiple people only can spread disease rather than prevent or cure a disease. It was only a symbol of either irresponsibility and stupidity, or evil attitude. Although this shooting method has changed today, but how can we trust the guys who once used such destructive method, now their everything is safe and ok, and they not doing any harmful acts by taking the chance of people's ignorance and unawareness.

Only a single question can enable us to realize the real fact about vaccination. If disease is prevented and reduced, is it beneficial or harmful for the doctors and drug manufacturers? Could you believe there are 'Hatim Tai' or 'Hazi Mohsin' who offer free service to the people spending their own money destroying their own living, specially in this capitalist world? If it were true, then we would not have to hear any news about any death without treatment in any hospital or clinic. The hospitals, who even does not release deadbody without money, does not receive any emergency delivery patient without money, invite people to take vaccine freely. Is the vaccine made from water? Some hospital authority is so unscrupulous that, they does not hesitate to keep dead child in ICU to increase the revenue.

In ancient time, discovery of vaccine was probably not from any evil intention. Vaccine was only used for emergency need in any particular time and particular place over particular people, when and where any epidemic was scattered. Vaccination was only applied on those people who were really under a major disease threat. But at this modern age, when the health and medical system gone to Mafia, then misuse and unnecessary use of vaccine started. Vaccination has been generally applied on all people of all countries in all season whether the related disease threat exist or not, or whether the disease really dangerous or not, or whether the disease generally infectious (contagious) or not. And also harmful materials are intentionally mixed in the vaccines. In past, vaccine was only applied against those diseases which can cause death or disability (like polio, titenus etc). But today vaccine is given for those diseases which does not cause any permanent or irrecoverable harm for life (like tubercosis/TB, jaundice, measles, mumps, rubella, neumonia etc).

In Bangladesh and third world countries, vaccines are brought, distributed, promoted and propagated by NGOs. If any poor people become victim of vaccine and require high cost treatment, then it will be the opportunity for NGOs to invest huge money with high interest. WHO, UNICEF and UNESCO are in charge to promoting vaccination with the assistance of Governments and NGOs. Recently WHO has expressed their position against Homeopathy. So it is understood that, United Nations and it's branches are working for whose interest. The corrupted authority of these international agencies are only serve the purpose of lobbyists, who can satisfy them by fulfil their expectation.

In past, money-lenders were set fire on the barn of farmer and then offer loan. Similarly, today medical professionals promote vaccine and then offer their service. Today NGOs are working as the great money-lenders. These NGOs are cooperating with doctors and hospitals by supplying vaccines for their mutual benefit.

Self-seeker doctors and pharmaceutical companies do everything to secure their business and prevent any barrier against their interest. When they see any alternative medicine or treatment method can help the people to avoid expensive medical procedure, they immediately take action against it. In Bangladesh, German homeopathic eye drop for cataract was banned by the lobbying of pharmaceutical companies in order to protect the business of cataract surgery. Recent WHO's role against homeopathy is also an example of their activity. Recently Tienshi Company (an alternative health service provider) has decided to stop their business in USA for unknown reason.

Today the use of vaccine, drugs and tin-packed child food has increased and people became depend on these items. But in past, disease was naturally prevented and nutrition was naturally fulfilled. We got the service from cow about planting and harvesting the crops, natural fertilizer from cowdung, and calcium from cow milk. But now cow have replaced by tractor, chemical fertilizer and insectisides, which spoil the nutrient value of foods and make the food toxin. The place of cow milk now have taken by powder milk and calcium tablet. In the budget of 2010-2011, tax has inflicted on cow, but no further tax attributed on powder milk. Some days after this budget, Anthrax is spreaded in cow and people specially children become totally depend on powder milk and calcium tablet. Only God knows about the mystery of this condition. According to my little and limited knowledge, I only can suggest the farmers to be careful about the use of Urea. Because, the color of urea and anthrax powder is same.

Now five business are most profitable in this world ¾ Oil, Arms, Drug, Medical Items (medicine, surgical instruments, birth control materials, blood, human organs etc.) and . The guys who involved in these business do their best effort to increase their business. Their activity contains convince the people, manage the media and persuade the governments and politicians to take every step in favour of their business. Vaccination is a part of unethical business of medical instruments and medical profession.

We want to clarify that, we does not mean all doctors and pharmaceutical company workers intentionally promoting vaccine in evil purpose. This manipulation only done by some masterminds who have influence on making medical syllabus; education and training of doctors. And owners and some leading persons of the pharmaceutical companies, not everybody working in the company. Most of the doctors and health workers are being misguided by some high ambitious self-seekers; and thinking the vaccine really good and necessary item. How can we know who are real guilty and who are only victim of situation? The only symptom to identify the 'Ganpapi' by observing that, who are busy to promote vaccine on general people, but not apply it in their own family.

Do you think you could prevent all of the diseases by vaccines. There are thousands of known and unknown diseases in the world. Any of these disease can attack anybody in any time, if Allah not protect. And it also true that, all disease will not attack on one child or person. So it is wise to treat anybody only after see the symptoms of any particular ailment. If you intend to make defense line and safe bastion against all diseases, it could not be achieved even by pushing thousands of vaccines. Not only disease, any type of danger can happen in the life of anybody. Do you think it possible to prevent any hazard in advance? Suppose, if you want to protect your life from road accident, you should practice yourself by crunching your body under the wheel of lesser weight vehicle so that you could achieve antibody to bear the crush of heavy weight vehicle. If you want to protect your life from rifle bullet, you should practice by shooting yourself by rubber bullet to build resistance power against rifle bullet. But these attempts all are ridiculous and absurd. So we should surrender some things to luck and depend on Almighty. If anything to do about disease prevention, we only need to find safe and natural way. We should not bring the sufferings by our own hand. In order to prevent uncertain and non-exist danger, we should not welcome sure and unavoidable danger. We should not be directed by unfounded panic and baseless rumour. We should avoid 'hujug' and think in cool brain about good and bad sides of anything before take or apply. 'Prevention is better than cure.' But this 'Prevention' is not in accepting vaccination, but in denying vaccination. Disease Prevention is only can achieved through Diet, Sanitation and Treatment. Nature have system to prevent and cure the naturally produced disease. The foods and fruits produced in any territory and season is effective against the diseases of those territory and season. But if the disease is artificially manipulated by human (which may be imported from different territory, different season or even different animal[4]), how we could prevent? Specially those virus (like Polio), which does not exist now, only become history, why we would permit it in our children's body and take the risk to become infected by Polio? In case of treatment, after complete the cure, continuation of medicine become unnecessary and harmful. Similarly, in case of prevention, after eliminate a particular disease from a territory, continuation of vaccine become unnecessary and life-threatening. Nevertheless, vaccine may be permissible only, if any life-threatening and untreatable disease spreaded in any area or locality, and if it is proved preventable by any vaccine which is suggested and approved by any honest experienced qualified doctor who is neither motivated by any personal ambition nor guided by any beneficiary party. Vaccine also may be acceptable in case of some specific accidents like Rabies vaccine for dog bite, or Tetanus vaccine for the injury by rusty iron.

The actual reason of child death is Poverty, which cause malnutrition and lack of treatment. For the lack of food and nutrition, they become sick. After become sick, for the lack of treatment, they become dead. As the poor people are unable to prevent and treat normal childhood diseases through food and medicine, so they can accept vaccination, because it is free. But for middle earner and rich people, vaccine is totally unnecessary. Losing appetite could not do any affect on physical health of a child of poor parents, because s/he has no opportunity to fulfill the appetite. Vaccine may save the poor children from suppression of appetite. But eliminating desire is not advisable for those parents, who are capable to feed their child. As vaccine may have some effectiveness about preventing easily treatable and less expensive disease, so poor people can take it, because they could not receive even cheaper treatment. If they fall victim of any major disease, they either have to dead, or have to make a paper cutting with application and go to door to door for assistance. But wealthy people, who can easily prevent minor diseases and capable to receive regular treatment, no need for them to invite untreatable diseases for prevent treatable diseases. For the governments and other institutions, they should put their attention and expenditure to prevent poverty; give the poor people food, medicine and employment rather than giving vaccines. Poor sanitation is another important matter, for which diseases are more spreaded over the poor people than civilized people.

For convince the people to vaccination, vaccine propagators use statistics about child death rate either of whole population or only of poor people, but not mention any separate data about rich people. Actually the vaccine manufacturers, doctors and hospitals get their benefit from vaccination mainly come from rich people. When rich people become influenced by these statistics believing themselves as a part of whole population and receive vaccination, then they fall into this systematic trap.

Any type of medical intervention (like medication, vaccination, pathological test, surgical procedure etc.) only necessary in either of three cases: i) if a person already fall into disease (or injury), or ii) if any disease come near to anybody (like epidemic of infectious disease), or iii) if anybody fall into risk of being infected (from injury or bite by poisonous teeth of any ferocious animal). Any type of promotion of any medical product or procedure without necessity or urgency would be considered as unethical business.

At last, we want to quote two Quranic verses. One verse is applicable about parents: 'All sufferings of the people are their own earning of two hands.' Another verse is applicable about vaccine promoters: 'When they being asked not to create mischief on the earth, then they argue that, we only want to protect, cure and reform (the people).' (Sura Bakara: 8)

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1. If the attacking germ stronger and bigger than defender WBC, body became infected. So in order to make antibody against disease, germ cell should be killed or attenuated to make it consumable for WBC. But now for the motive of business or experiment, vaccine manufacturers intentionally keep the germs intact which remain live with original shape, which can easily destroy the WBC and break the defence line of body.
2. See: http://simillimum.com/education/little-library/case-manageme....
3. See: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/babies-kids/childrens-hea....
4. See: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2010/04/1....
  sadeqahmed on 2012-01-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
This is an excellent post. Very well written, well informed, well researched.

brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Funny Too!!
Dr. Showrav last decade
This post is actually so well written I may pass it on to some of my clients for whom vaccination of their children is an issue.

I agree, it is one of the greatest evils ever committed, and it continues to this day like a form of hysterical insanity.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Dear Mr. Brisbane Homeopath,
Thanks for your reply and opinion. Do you can publish it as a book and distribute to Bangladesh and other countries? If yes, I can send you the original MS Word File.
sadeqahmed last decade
I have no resources to publish it or print it in that way.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade

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