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swollen eyelids while on antibiotic

Hi, I am posting again in regards to my daughters strep throat. She is on Kflex for the 3rd time, this time her eyelids keep swelling. We brought her to the doctors and all he says is that it is nothing. She has never had this symptom before. I told her doctor that I was looking into alternative treatment and he advised this was not a good idea, just that the tonsils need to come out asap. I am waiting for my appointment with the Homeopath Doctor, but in the meantime I feel something is going wrong with this antibiotic, a major resistance as well as possibly devolping an allergy to it. Does anyone know what this symptom might be, and if is due possibly to yeast overgrowth? She is on Childrens Probiotic. Thanks again for any info. Hope you all are well. Lori
  mittmitt on 2005-06-30
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi Lori,
Frankly I do not like drs who are close-minded and yours seems to be. He doesn't care much if your daughter is healthy-only that his orders are followed! They love having power over people's emotions!

Do you suspect yeast overgrowth? After so many antibiotics, with her mouth thrash-it is a possibility. Taking out tonsils? How would it help -are they overgrown?I really do not like that dr.

She might have developed some allergy, or it could be side effect of any of these antibiotics-nobody knows.
In homeopathy remedies arrre selected according to the symptoms-that'swhy homeopaths do not like when someone takes allopathic drugs--you never know which symptoms are just side effects.

Probiotics are great.

Beside antibiotics bacteria are killed also by garlic (fresh) and golden seal root--the latter you can get with Echinacea (increase immunity) in the herb store.

Seems that allopathic "healthcare" has not served well your daughter. Try homeopathic treatment before you decide on tonsilectomy.See that homeopath.
Astra2012 last decade
Astra2012, your post couldn't have come at a better time! I have a urgent call to the homeopath that I have been waiting to see, as my daughter just dose not look right around her eyes. Since her doc. thinks it is no big deal I am through with him. There is something wrong! Out of desperation for some answers I typed up on the internet "puffy eyes and strep throat" and came up with my dauthers exact symptoms. She wakes up with puffy eyelids (a fluidlike puffy, not allergy look) and as we get to late afternoon it is hardly noticeable. I found that strep throat can cause Nephrotic Syndrome in children with recurrent strep, which is some type of Kidney Failure. I know I shouldn't assume or jump to conclusions, but I went looking for answers to something that appears so wrong in my daughter. I really need for the homeopath to get us in asap! My family is no support, they say the doctors know what they are doing, and just let the antibiotic do it's thing, and wait to see the specialist. No way! Thanks for your post, you do not know how much it helps!
mittmitt last decade
Lori-I really believe you did the right choice droping that dr. There are good and bad profesionals EVERYWHERE - why not doctors? And they definitely have too much power!

Are you still giving her antibiotics, if yes then for how much longer, and do they help?
When do you see a homeopath?
Did you stop belladonna?
When you stop antibiotics and still wait for hom. appointment give her MERCURIUS (VIVUS or SOLUBILIS) 30c - just drop 2-3 pillules in water (in the bottle) shake and let her sip (sip is a dose). Watch if it helps.
Astra2012 last decade

Stopping antibiotics now may be a poor decision. Please be very careful.

If your daughter is showing signs of nephrotic syndrome, she needs to see a specialist. You do not have to see the doctor you are displeased with -- by all means, find a new one who is more to your liking.

Puffy eyelids with a smoky-brown urine are signs of strep-related nephrotic syndrome. Doubly so if other extremities (hands, feet) are puffy or swollen as well.

Info on nephrosis: http://ethex.com/emyhealth/Pediatrics/Nephrosis.asp

Puffy eyelids alone may be a sign of mononucleosis, or may simply be a new symptom of the strep. If that is the only new symptom, keep a close watch for any more changes.

Please, be very careful. Homeopathy cannot prevent or cure kidney failure.

I do wish you and your child the very best of health. Please, take care. :-)
Orume last decade
Homeopathy can and homeopathy has prevented both kidney damage as well as cured people with advanced kidney damage.I personally know of a case where a person was on dialysis and was cured with homeopathy.

One should not discourage people who are already in trouble.Those who come to this forum for help are looking for homeopathic solutions to their problems.Other types of naturopathic, nutritional and even allopathic information may be useful sometimes.But putting limits on homeopathy's reach specially when incorrect is not useful by any means.

I do not like to confront anyone like this. But if i kept quiet when i know of cases of near complete kidney failure where the person was advised kidney transplant would be immoral.This is not to offend you personally but just to provide the correct information.

rajivprasad last decade
Antibiotis should be continued -only to kill bacteria and not let them develop resistance.
This is the only reason why antibiotis are continued for several days.(are her bacteria sensitive to these antibiotics?)
HOWEVER they should be stopped if there is any adverse reaction of the patient.Would you deny that Orume?
Astra2012 last decade
Rajiv, I am sure you believe homeopathy can cure all sorts of things. However, I have seen in reality that homeopathy has its limits, just like every other method of treatment. I am sorry, but I strongly disagree with you. Homeopathy cannot cure kidney failure.


Astra, of course not. However, jumping to conclusions isn't a good idea either, especially if there is a chance of nephrosis, no matter how slight.

We do not know why the poor child's eyelids are swollen, and even Mittmitt by her own admission does not know. Blaming the antibiotics without valid reason is not sensible in this case, considering the risk of kidney failure involved.

I would suggest seeking a new physician, and come to a solid decision on treatment with that physician and a naturopath or homeopath, for a full spectrum of suggestions and ideas. But completely disregarding modern medicine because of one doctor's poor manners is just not logical, and in this case, downright dangerous.


Mittmitt, I hope that you understand, I care very much about your young daughter's health and well-being. It is important to weigh all your options, including the ones offered by modern medicine. Please don't ignore the fruits of the scientific process because of one rude doctor. That's just throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

I wish you and your daughter the very, very best of health. :-)
Orume last decade
Dear Orume,

I don't really believe that homeopathy can solve or cure all the diseases or problems.Obviously not.But let us not demean it unneccessarily.I have personally seen a person recover from grave kidney damage with homeopathy alone and hence know what i am saying in this case. I have myself cured over hundred cases that were messed up by allopaths so much that your modern medicine had given up on them.

Modern medicine may be useful for palliation but it has never cured anyone of anything. Suppression is never a cure. I agree they have developed tremendously in their diagnostic skills and also in surgery and a conscientitious homeopath would definitely take their help when required.But that would be in very rare cases. Not as frequently as you seem to suggest and specially in a case where the kid's case is already getting complicated with allopathic treatment.

rajivprasad last decade
Well Rajiv, all I can say is I disagree strongly with what you say. I also do not ascribe to the idea of "suppression" as it is not supported by any professional research or study. it does not exist, in my estimation.

And the honest truth of the matter concerning this young girl's condition is: We do not know what has caused the swollen eyelids. Blaming *anything* prematurely is bad form. That includes blaming the antibiotics.
Orume last decade
I thank all of you for your support. You are all speaking with your best intent for my daughter, and I am grateful for that. As much as I am against the antibiotic and really feel that it will not kill the bad bacteria at this point, I will not stop the Antibiotic until I see the homeopath. I spoke to the homeopath on the phone and she was great. She is squeezing my daugther in today.
As for my daughters "puffy eyelids", the past two days they have been less pronounced when she wakes up, but not gone by any means. I am considering all angles at this point of what the cause is, I do not have enough knowledge to make a decision as to what is causing this, but listening to everyone here gives me the support I need to be persistent with the doctors to rule out my worst fears. At this point, it is just the puffy eyes, knock on wood no other swelling will occur. I will watch her urine to see the color. I did stop the Belladonna. I read that it works only when the person takes it believes in it, she fought me on taking it, so I didn't think it would do her much good. I will check with the homeopath.
Thanks again to everyone here who posted to me. I can tell you all believe in what you say. I will take all that you say and listen to the homepath and then make a decision on what is best for my dauther. You all have helped me through a very anxious time, I am thankfull for this forum. Hope you all are well. Lori
mittmitt last decade

You are very welcome. :-)

I wish you and your daughter the very best, and I do hope she gets better very soon.

Take care! I'm sure with guidance and counseling from your homeopathic practitioner and a new physician, you will come to a very good informed decision! :-)
Orume last decade
Lori: Would you tell us how she's doing?
Astra2012 last decade
Astra2012, thanks for asking. The appoint. yest. had to be rescheduled as the homeopath had to cancel. She will now be seen on the 13th. At this point we are finishing up the antibiotic tomorrow and I am holding my breath that the strep doesn't come back with a vengence (if it even is gone at all), she has a appointment with the ear, nose, and throat specialist on Friday, although I really do not feel that I need to hear anything from him as I am set against having her tonsils out. I am going to keep an opened mind
and to keep my husband happy. As for my dauthers eyes, they are less puffy, not completly gone, but better. I have seen no other swelling and her urine seems to me, to be the normal color. I still want this checked!
She is to see the pediatrician on Monday for another strep test. I just hope that the strep stays away this time, this makes me very nervous. I will keep you posted and thank you for your concern. Have a great day. Lori
mittmitt last decade
Lori, it's so great to hear your daughter's looking and feeling better! :-)
Orume last decade
Hi , I have been reading your daughter's case& i thought that you would soon be seeing a homeopath,since that is slightly postponed I thot of giving my suggetion. Apis Mel is a good remedy for throat infection with redness, stinging pains; & also for any allergic conditions. apis also has puffy eyes. Please read up on the symptoms & if they fit you can try Apis 30 1 dose for your daughter.
willway last decade
Thank you Orume and willway for your posts!
I will look into the Apis Mel for my daughter. We stop the antibiotic today and I am a bit nervous that all symptoms will come back full blown, it would be nice to use a alternative treatment if that happens to hold her over until the homeopath appt., thanks for taking the time to post your suggestion. I can't wait until I have a little knowledge under my belt so that I can help someone else someday! Take care. Lori
mittmitt last decade
Keep giving her probiotics and maybe garlic (I had some infection while vacationing in London and the MD recommended it! Not possible here in the usa -drs know only drugs and surgeries. And they think they help a lot when they name your disease while all you want is "a rapid, gentle and permanent cure" - a promise of homeopathy as said by Hahnemann).
Aren't there another homeopath who will see her right away?
Astra2012 last decade
Yes, garlic's a good idea, but I think it needs to be uncooked to boost the immune system. I think cooking garlic breaks down the oils.
Does she like olives? I've found that stuffing a large green olive with a clove of raw garlic seems to mellow the garlic taste and makes it easier to go down. Raw garlic by itself is so... yukky! LOL

Of course, there's always good ol' fashioned orange juice, too. :-)

Take care and best of health to you!
Orume last decade
I considered garlic, and my daughter loves it! So I will try the olive trick, to see if we can get her to eat it raw. I bet it will work, as she loves it in mashed avocados with Blue Chips. I have looked into other Homeopathic Dr's around here, but am a little skeptical as the one I am waiting for comes highly recomended. Thanks for the suggestions, I will let you know how it works! Lori
mittmitt last decade
Glad you stopped the antibiotics
The following is an instance of the problems that can arise when treated by orthodox medication.

I am 29 years old and have had asthma that has gotten increasingly worse since age 18. I also have extreme allergic reactions to dust, mold, pet dander, and pollen. Last October, I got a soar throat that lasted for a few days. My lungs became infected and I had extreme difficulty breathing. I had a fever, chills, and coughed up green mucus from my lungs. I went to a clinic and was prescribed prednisone and biaxin (antibiotic) for 10 days. I was also prescribed Advair 250/50, which is an inhaled steroid, and I took that for one month. I took the medications because I was entering respiratory failure. When I told my chiropractor, she told me this was an extremely lethal combination of drugs to take and that I should never do this again. I became more conscious of my health, rested more, got more excercise and quit smoking (in october). In february, I got a flu which turned into an extremely painful earache. I was again prescribed antibiotics, which I took because the pain was so extreme. My earache went away but I think I'v ehad a Candida overgrowth from all this antibiotic taking.
Last week, I had some abdominal pain after eating, and then I got a severe soar throat. The infection again entered my lungs, causing extreme difficulty in breathing, fever, chills, coughing that produced green sputum, shortness of breath, and fatigue from even climbing a flight of stairs or walking around the house. I went to the clinic where I was again prescribed prednisone (starting with 40 mg the first day, then down in 5 mg increments each day for seven days) and Biaxin. I told the doctor I didn't want to take prednisone again, especially with the antibiotics, and she told me this was the only way to avoid respiratory failure. She sent me to the ER where I had an albuterol therapy treatment and was seen by an ER doctor who prescribed the same prednisone/antibiotic mix. when I told him I didnt' want to take this, he told me the same thing - that I had no choice, and that this was the only way to not go into respiratory failure. So two days ago I started taking the prednisone, and slowly it has helped my lungs to minimally function. I was prescribed 1000 mg of Biaxin/day. I took 1 500 mg Biaxin two days ago, and 1 500 mg Biaxin yesterday but I now feel like I shouldn't be taking the antibiotic and want to stop. Is it ok to stop taking the antibiotic once I've started? Is there a homeopathic remedy that will work just as well in fighting the infection? My Doctor tells me I must take what I was prescribed, my chiropractor tells me I must not. Also, is it ok to take DHEA and other immuno-supportive remedies when on prednisone?
Sorry for the long post but I am scared and confused.
walkin last decade
Walkin you poor thing! I hope you get that all cleared up right quick!

If I were you, I would stay on the antibiotics. You said yourself that they cleared it up in the past. Having a candida overgrowth (yeast infection) is very common with taking antibiotics, but that clears up quickly as well, sometimes on its own and sometimes not.

With your weak respiratory system, it's so wonderful you've quit smoking! Congratulations, I know firsthand how hard that is. Good job!

The important thing to remember, Walkin, is that your health is the most important thing you have. Please do not take chances with it. The antibiotics are helping you, this is what you have said in your post, so do not stop taking them. It is totally OK to seek a complementary treatment in addition to your regimen of antibiotics, but please do not forgo them altogether.

If you are worried about the antibiotics' effects on your body, you can always look up the studies and research done by professionals to see exactly what goes on.
Google scholar is a good source for that, or your local library can help you too.


Sometimes those professional papers get really difficult to understand. I keep this guide in my bookmarks in case I have to slog through a paper:

Makes it SO much easier!

Walkin, please calm yourself and remember that although homeopathy, naturopathy, modern medicine, etc are all very different and offer different treatments and diagnoses, all courses of treatment come from people who care very much for your health and welfare. If in doubt of what your doctor says, ask your nurse. The nurses aren't there for the money (they don't get paid nearly as much as a doctor does) but nurses are highly educated and skilled too, with a specialty in working with the people they care for and making the human connection. Your nurse may be able to explain the why's and how's behind the doctor's orders so that you can better understand why you were prescribed a medicine, what it does, and more.

I wish you the very best of health, Walkin. I hope and pray your illness clears up quickly! :-)
Orume last decade
Right, garlic should be raw... eek. And it has to be ground with your teeth before swallowing-and I know firsthand that tricks like swallowing the whole thing gives you stomachache.

ok, Lori, stick with her. It's less than a week now.
Hopefully your daughter will be totally cured-no relapses!
Astra2012 last decade
walkin, thanks for your post.
Antibiotics seem to be a double headed sword, I hope you get better soon. From all that I read here on this forum, you'll have no problem getting better, so many informative and caring people taking time out of there busy lives to help others! We are all very fortunate, to have so many informative suggestions for a cure to our ailments, not to mention peace of mind knowing that people are out there that truly care about others well being. My view on traditional medicine has changed drastically! I am so happy that I and my daughter have been introduced to the homeopathic approach. Now only if I could get my family to listen, hee-hee. In time they will. Please keep us posted on your progress towards better health.

Astra 2012, thanks for letting me know about grinding garlic with your teeth, I wasn't aware of that! Stay well, Lori
mittmitt last decade
walkin, thanks for your post.
Antibiotics seem to be a double headed sword, I hope you get better soon. From all that I read here on this forum, you'll have no problem getting better, so many informative and caring people taking time out of there busy lives to help others! We are all very fortunate, to have so many informative suggestions for a cure to our ailments, not to mention peace of mind knowing that people are out there that truly care about others well being. My view on traditional medicine has changed drastically! I am so happy that I and my daughter have been introduced to the homeopathic approach. Now only if I could get my family to listen, hee-hee. In time they will. Please keep us posted on your progress towards better health.

Astra 2012, thanks for letting me know about grinding garlic with your teeth, I wasn't aware of that! Stay well, Lori
mittmitt last decade
He's quoting, not stating, Orume dear, so your concern is as misguided as always.
Lori, all advice you get is subjective, but I will add to what Astra and Walkin say. Please avoid antibiotics as far as possible (and it is far more possible than many people who worship allopathic quick fixes - with no idea of the harm they cause - believe). The thing with side effects is they are two-fold - one is the direct effect that will show up (as an allergy, say) and then there are the effects of the supression.
Find a good homeopath and invest the time it will take to cure the child. It is absolutely foolish and counter-productive to suggest that you use allopathy and homeopathy in conjunction, since it's like telling someone to push something into a bag, out of sight, and tell him/her at the same time to take it out.
Wish you and your daughter the best anyway. Good luck.
Minsa last decade

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