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I am starting to get varicose veins, ahhh!

Two days ago, I started noticing some tight squeezing and pressure in my right leg (only right). I noticed no bulky veins, but y veins were becoming more blue. Today, the tightness has increased. More like squeezing. I looked behind my right knee and noticed some very small gradual bulking up, so to speak, as if varicose veins are coming on for me. I am 22, almost 23. I am overweight. I am a male. What can I take to reverse this, stop this, or make this easier to deal with.
  Dollymaniac on 2012-02-24
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
First of all, please take a single dose of Calc Fluor 200x on empty stomach at morning 1 hour before breakfast.

Single dose means: insert 2 Tablet of the remedy into 15 ml hot distilled water. Mix it and take this dilution 1 hour before breakfast.

Thats all. Do not repeat it. Do not take any other remedy or herbs on the next 3 days. Report back after 3 days.

Info.rahiq last decade
Where can I find 200X? I see 200C and have searched this website. Could you provide help?
Dollymaniac last decade
Calc Fluor 200X ( Full Name: Calcarea Fluorica 200X ) is a Biochemic Medicine. You can find it in your local Homeopathic Store. You can ask forum moderator too (Fallow the link titled - Report post to moderator). Search on Biochemic Medicine Section of this forum. I hope you will find it on there.

Info.rahiq last decade
One may explore on this link.
calc+fluor+200x" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">http://www.seacoast.com/topic.php?health=calc+fluor+200x
nawazkhan last decade
How do you feel now? Please reply your post on time.

Info.rahiq last decade
Thank you for following up! I have been waiting for the Calc Flour 200x to come in the mail. I ordered it the day you told me to use it, since I live in a very rural area and there are no homeopathic stores in a 2 hour radius.

Currently, I am noticing the same symptoms, except it has spread to my calf. I also notice a small 2 inch segment of a vein is very slightly (just slightly) rising up. When it comes, I will let you know for sure. I am hoping it will arrive tomorrow (midnight my time here)
Dollymaniac last decade

Respected Homeopathic,

I took the one dose of Calc Flour 200x.

As of right now, I do not feel as much discomfort. I can sit now without feeling extreme discomfort. I still feel tightness in my thigh and calf, but much more manageable.

What I am starting to notice, however, is that things are progressing rather quickly. The veins in my wrists, palm, and the front of my hand are starting to become more blue and slightly elevate. My forearm's veins are become more noticeable (not raised, but the blue is showing). My feet have been taken over with them!
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Dollymaniac last decade
Your remedy need some time to finish its work completely. Wait and see. Please report your status every third day onwards.

Info.rahiq last decade
Thank you so much for the feedback!

I am noticing the things are getting worse. I notice more veins, especially in my feet, but now behind my calf and in my wrists. Do they have to pop out and become noticeable before things get better?
Dollymaniac last decade
Hi- I know you do not have
health insurance but if it was me
I would borrow some money
and go to the phlebologist dr.
who specializes in vein treatment.
If you look this up they say mostly
this is genetic and that the dr.
have to really be good at ultrasound
and then look at what vein is actually
causing the problem. they then do
a laser treatment or an injection
that seals off where the vein is
actually having a problem and the vein is sealed in that area and then
naturally then reroutes the blood
flow and problem is solved.So while
homeopathy can boost your vital
force etc this is now for
you a mechanical problem that needs
to be addressed which is why
it is getting worse.
simone717 last decade
Dear Simone,

Varicose Veins is so much curable using Homeopathic Treatment. Thanks for your comment.

Dear Dollymaniac,

You can follow Simone's advice. It's a safe option for you.


As of right now, I do not feel as much discomfort. I can sit now without feeling extreme discomfort. I still feel tightness in my thigh and calf, but much more manageable.


I am noticing the things are getting worse. I notice more veins, especially in my feet, but now behind my calf and in my wrists.


Please explain this two statement in a descriptive manner after careful analysis.

Info.rahiq last decade
It seemed to me that there was a
difference between varicose veins
and suddenly having pain and your
veins pop out which is from
some other problem
with a particular vein not working

I have had relatives with the varicose
veins that looked unsightly but did
not bother them- this seems like
it all might be stemming from one
particular vein which for me personally,
I would want to know what
was going on- just to get the facts
from a vein specialist.
simone717 last decade
In my considered opinion, 200X is the wrong potency. 1X will do a good job.
nawazkhan last decade
Hi nawaz!1
where do you get 1X?
I did not know there was such
a potency- i see the stores
having it low as 8x-

I would like to know more about
the 1x vs other potencies and
please tell me what to read about
this so I can educate myself.

thanks Nawaz.!!
simone717 last decade
Dear Nawaz,

As far as I know, William BOERICKE, recommend Calcarea Fluorica 200x single dose for Varicose Veins in his book Schussler's Twelve Tissue Remedies. Actually I can't give you detail information about it because I read it long time ago and now I don't have this book in my hand. But I'm pretty sure about that Calcarea Fluorica 200x single dose is the best potency for these symptoms:

* Varicose Veins
* Cracks in the skin
* Loss of elasticity, relaxed condition of the veins and arteries.

I use it in my everyday practice and success rate is so good too.

Normally I don't use lower potency like Calcarea Fluorica 1X. Most of the time I use 12x or higher potency of Calcarea Fluorica. Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler also advised to use 12x or higher potency of Calcarea Fluorica. Calcarea Fluorica 6X is the best choice when you treat Abdominal Ulcer and piles. We prepare Ointment, various kind of solutions using Calcarea Fluorica 3X for external use. We can directly use Calcarea Fluorica. 3X powder for dental (tooth, gum and jaw) problems treatment. I don't know how to use Calcarea Fluorica 1X. Would you please explain it?

[message edited by Info.rahiq on Sun, 04 Mar 2012 18:24:33 GMT]
Info.rahiq last decade
Thanks rahiq for all that info-
I am going to read that book-

schusslers'Twelve Tissue Remedies
and if you have any more book
recommendations I would love to know

thanks, simone
simone717 last decade
Hi Simone717 and Mr. Rahiq,

What I am saying is '1X will do a good job' means that the use of the lowest possible potency available (1X, 2X, 3X-6X), close to the crude form will work good. It will take less time to cure the disease.

Usually CALCAREA FLUORICA 3X or 6X is given, 3 times a day, for 1 week.

But, Hamamelis Virginica Q performs better than CALC FLUOR in these issues.

Many prayers for both of you.

nawazkhan last decade
Lets start with few description given by Dr. H.C. Allen in his book Keynotes And Characteristics With Comparisons of some of the Leading Remedies of the Materia Medica.

'It is adapted to venous haemorrhage from every orifice of the body; nose, lungs, bowels, uterus, bladder.

Venous congestion; passive, of skin and mucous membranes; phlebitis, varicose veins; ulcers, varicose, with stinging, pricking pain; haemorrhoids.'


Hand Book of Materia Medica and Hom┬ťopathic Therapeutics.
By T. F. Allen.

'Varicose veins externally on the abdominal walls. Varicose veins on the extremities, with soreness (it lacks the bruised feeling of Arn.). Many cases of phlebitis, with soreness and swelling of the leg, even up to the hip and extending to the abdomen.'


by William BOERICKE, M.D.

'Venous congestion, hæmorrhages, varicose veins, and hæmorrhoids, with bruised soreness of affected parts, seem to be the special sphere of this remedy. Acts upon the coats of the veins causing relaxation with consequent engorgement. Passive venous hæmorrhages from any part. Great value in open, painful wounds, with weakness from loss of blood.'


So, we can see according to these reference,


* Varicose, with stinging, pricking pain
* Varicose veins on the extremities, with soreness
* Venous congestion, hæmorrhages, varicose veins, and hæmorrhoids, with bruised soreness of affected parts.

>> If this patient Dollymaniac feel this kind bruised soreness on affected parts than we can use HAMAMELIS VIRGINIANA. If the patient didn't feel any kind of pain or soreness on affected part than my choice is Calcarea Fluorica 200x. Because, contitutionally Dollymaniac is Calcarea (overweight) person.

In my personal experience, normally we saw a HAMAMELIS VIRGINIANA patient who suffered from Varicose veins when he / she will move to the second stage.

Info.rahiq last decade
Dear Rahiq,

No need or time to start arguments. Let's concentrate on our work and spend our valuable time for the needs of patients.

nawazkhan last decade
Hello Dollymaniac,

Please update your present status.

Info.rahiq last decade
I am sorry for the great delay. I lost internet access until a few days ago. Could not afford it.

I have the same issue resurfacing. Should I restart treatment as if normal?
Dollymaniac last decade
What is your present condition?
Info.rahiq last decade
Almost everything as when I stated. When I took the one and only dose of the remedy, I started feeling no discomfort. I noticed the veins are staring to appear slightly again and bring slight discomfort--in that I notice feelings-wise them.
Dollymaniac last decade
Repeat the same dose once again. Report back after 7 days.
Info.rahiq last decade
I have research online that it maybe due to my lack of sunshine exposure, as busy as I am I cannot find time to go out and enjoy the sunshine. i'm taking care of my health and this venorid will be included in my daily health routine. Awesome!
johanna2 5 years ago

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