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severe asthma with intense childbirth transition-like qualities

Can any of the fine homeopaths here tell me of the most violent asthma remedy that seems to have most of the qualities of the transition phase in childbirth? So desperate to cough for air, but so desperate not to cough due to the unbearable, extreme tearing apart pains in my abdomen? Even when I do cough it's hell and does not let me breathe completely. Always a tortured, desperate, trying to get away from the intense tearing pains and blowing apart my body... even screaming in my sleep as a cough awakens me to get away from the
Horrific self-attack of being torn apart by the cough that will not bring air deep enough in my lungs.

I thought I was going to die when awoken brutally once again. So I took Aconite 30c and it calmed me a bit.

I wrote the following for my MD:

I've been very sick for about a week. Unfortunately I'm not able to drive up. I caught whatever caused pneumonia in my daughter. It started with quick-onset asthma-like coughing with lots of deep fluttering and palpitations, making me cough even more. I also had intense nerve twinges mostly in my right hand, causing my pinkie and ring finger especially to move and twitch oddly on their own.

Because of my increasingly challenging coughs, such as last fall which took months to get over, I was concerned and quickly came down with a fever and lots of aches and pains, especially in my joints. Luckily the scary twitching in my right hand and my heart seemed to settle down. But my cough became worse, violent and constant even with using the proair inhaler.

I'm still coughing now but I think it's finally loosening up a bit. My biggest concern is the following... extreme tearing pain on every single cough which started mostly in my left inguinal hernia. It feels now as though I may have caused more hernias or tears further up also. I feel bruised and beat up and laying with an ice pack on my left abdomen now. I have been trying to knock myself out with hydroxyzine to limit the torturous coughing and I think it does help.
My liver area feels lots of pressure as did some tearing pains in my once repaired right inguinal hernia and other spots. I am getting better I think, but the pain on coughing has been really awful.

I think I'm most afraid of the damage that may have happened in my left abdomen, and hope I did not cause the beginning of an aortic aneurism.

I also have my ten year old granddaughter here with me who has the bad bug also. She does not have a spleen so I'm watching closely. She is on penicilin every day but still is sick with this. She and her mom were in Brazil and came back in February.

Before this hit I was finally feeling better by being gluten free and very restricted diet, and walking every day. This has really knocked me out and the pain has been so awful with every single cough.

Would an ultrasound be able to show hernias and internal tears or aneurisms?

Hi Anne, I thought I was finally improving a bit even though my stomach was very distended and misshapen but then I fell asleep and woke up in a major jerk trying desperately not to cough. So scary! It's clear that the proair is out or not affective. I was desperate and felt I would blow up every bit of myself with the violence of the cough. I had taken 100mgs of hydroxyzine and that was not stronger than the cough, and I kept ice on my swollen belly. I finally remembered I had a many years outdated Intal inhaler and in desperation I took as much of a puff possible. There was a small change so I took another puff.

This is really out of control. I won't use steroids because of the osteoporosis so what other options are there. I think I almost died tonight. What can I do?
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  tahbi on 2012-03-06
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please try the following remedies in single dose one by one and see whether you get some relief.
Arnica 200
Spongia Toasta 200
Calc Carb 200
Lycopodium 200

No need to take the next remedy if there is relief.
kadwa 9 years ago
Thank you for your reply, Kadwa. I had to go to the Emergency Room this morning. I have a bad spasmotic bronchitis. I did start antibiotics, which seemed to help during the day but as soon as dusk came, the awful reactions and intense pain from the coughing started up again. I don't dare fall asleep or be in any position other than upright!

I had tried spongia, arnica, hepar sulph and a few others with no more than a few moments initial
ease. I refused steroids and the doctor said the thick greenish-yellow mucous must get out by coughing. I don't understand why my whole body, especially my abdomen acts like I'm having major childbirth contractions.

I am in the states so it would take a week to get 200c potency.
tahbi 9 years ago
Hi David, I just saw your post and hope you are feeling better.

If you happen to read this new thread, maybe you will see that it's the same thing again.... the only way to save my life is to breathe, but that makes a violent cough that does serious pain and damage to my body. Another Damned if I do, Damned if I don't, catch-22.
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tahbi 9 years ago
It might help if you describe the symptoms more rather than telling the story of what happened. Homoeopathy only works one way - when the peculiars in the case match the peculiars in the remedy. Without a properly taken case, even an acute one, it is just guessing.

This may not be an acute, considering you have had a problematic cough in the past. It is most likely an extension of your chronic miasmatic state. Treating it as an acute will probably not be too successful.
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brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
Thanks for
tahbi 9 years ago
Thanks for your reply David. I do hope that means you are feeling better.

After trying so hard to stay sitting straight up all night, in desperate hopes of not coughing and painfully tearing apart my body again, I just went through the hellish cough/spasms and being ripped apart in agony wake-up process. I think I'm only capable of describing what I'm feeling at this very moment.

In mental shock. Totally spent. Sitting as upright as a body that has been severely beat up by itself is capable of. All of me trying so hard Not to cough at all. It is 6AM in the morning. Mentally I try to remind myself that I am better and the antibiotic has kicked in, but my body feels so beat up, beyond vulnerable, broken, swollen. My belly is huge and very distended. left side more distorted and swollen than right. My intestines and organs feel as though they were brutally forced out of my body after being shredded and mangled, and then just thrown back in in a haphazard heap. There is a very slight burning sensation everywhere. My knees are bent
tightly so my legs are keeping all the big heap of torn intestines and
bruised organs from just falling out of my body.... as well as using my legs as desperate defence armour when the next cough attacks against my will. Will continue....

I agree David, I think it is not just acute and I'm very scared for my body's future. I am tortured and broken whenever I catch the slightest bug, several times a year. My osteoporotic spine is at such great risk from the unatural absolute spasms, torques, violence of this.

Thank you so very, very much.
tahbi 9 years ago
Drifted off then... abrupt assault. I don't understand what's happening. It's like the most intense, involuntary thing my body has ever done, although like childbirth in force, Not normal at all.

First thing was involuntary spasms bearing down so hard, so much stronger than me, like vise, like childbirth, maybe from neck down whole torso. And a deep primal sound comes out of me, like trying to make my body stop whatever is about to happen. Then the cough and severe attack happens.... different parts of my body being torn up, smashed, ripped apart. Such awful violence and i go rigid, desperately trying to save myself from the awful tearing pain and severe muscle spasms by gripping my legs tight in fetal position or anything to make it stop but it keeps happening against my will..... all for not enough air.
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tahbi 9 years ago
It's just getting dark here at about 6PM, and sure enough, even though I saw great improvement after noon today, I've begun to cough and spasm again. I do so hope it's not another tormented night filled with awful pain as I've had.

My voice was worse today - hopefully because the thick stuff is moving higher up and out. I do feel thickness, fullness and slight itch in my throat still. Many times over the last week I have felt a sensation of a long cord going from way back of my tongue down into my windpipe.

There were still many tough fits of
coughing today when I would have to quickly do something like put one foot on a chair and hug that bent leg with all my might to protect myself from the discomfort and my vulnerability. I still feel bruised and torqued but so thankful I'm not reacting badly to the antibiotic.

The good news is even with all of the intense trauma and distention to my abdomen, I was finally able to have a bowel movements. It looked more like equally sized dinosaur eggs than my more normal large, long ones. At least it still works!

But right now I feel just like this time last night, and I fear what's coming. I need to stay upright all night without nodding off for a second. That's the only safe way.
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tahbi 9 years ago
Huge change. First time in over a week I can lay down without violent cough attacks but in many ways I feel very sick.

Chest feels full and tight with still some coughing. It's like I'm far away from everything. Everything is very slow. I am in a cocoon or something. My bad hearing is worse. I'm too tired to cough anymore. I'm too tired to fight. My body looks twenty years older than it did a week ago. Very thin, drawn, apathetic and old. My voice is still gone and I have lots of fullness, tightness in my neck and head. My lower back is very sore and I feel as beat up as I have been.
tahbi 9 years ago
I am looking this over now.
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brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
Hi David, Thanks so much for your reply.

Everytime I catch anything now, it goes to my lungs. This happens to be a very bad virus. I was shocked that the ER doctor did not take a chest xray so I asked him why. He said I needed pretty much the only antibiotic I can tolerate, z-pack, no matter what it was and he could clearly hear that it was bronchitis. The health care around here tends to be horrible! I don't use phone due to my hearing loss so my not so great MD has me email. I was supposed to be rechecked tomorrow and have sent several emails for an appointment.... not one reply!

It is dark now so I'm coughing more again and need to be upright. The involuntary spasms seem milder. I have coughed up lots of thick yellow-green goop and now it's mostly white or clear. My connective tissue in my whole torso does not feel like it's connecting and certainly not protecting. This is very similar to what happened in the fall when I found you. How can I keep going through this with every cold or flue?

The great news is that my ten year old granddaughter who has been with me for almost two months now, responded beautifully to my
homeopathic choices for her. She first just had a loose but hacking cough for about a week. She does not have a spleen and had open heartrgery as an infant. Fevers can be rapidly deadly. Yesterday she spiked a fever to 102. Because of her picture I chose Belladonna and gave it to her prepared to rush her to the ER. Fever broke. Then the hives started and as in the past it was the same picture so I gave her
Apis. In five minutes her sweetness
replaced the opposite and her Appaloosa horse outfit of hives quickly disappeared.

The other really great news is that I have been trying to find a much smaller place to live that will be much less of a toll and burden. I've been searching the listings for fife years. It just came on the market and tomorrow I will go and make an offer. This is really huge! My 200 plus year old farmhouse has been haunting me and breaking me for too long. There was one issue about the new listing, a bungalow condo for 60 and older, that looked to be a deal breaker but my realtor did a great job and the issue is no more.

So today in my very ill, broken state, I kept visualizing living in the sweet little bungalow, soaking in the hot tub, really being there... and then I recieved the great email from the realtor.

My body had become so strong (I thought) since fall with the major diet change and hiking and walking so often. Then this virus hits and all that health and strength and wellbeing falls apart.

I can't go through this with every bug I catch! It kills me!
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tahbi 9 years ago
The syphilitic miasm is even more evident in this episode. It is clear as day that you lie at the far end of the miasmatic scale. C-ancer, Leprous, Syphilitic, Tubercular. There are several syphilitic characteristics including the aggravation at night which I noticed before.

What is peculiar here?

Unbearable extreme pain
Tearing apart
Blowing apart
Horrific self-attack
Beat up
Knock out

Looking at the way you describe this, and taking into account the previous information, the syphilitic remedy that I think suits this is Elaps corallinus (coral snake). It suits the animal and reptile themes I see here, and have seen previously in your descriptions. It also suits the water/sea themes.

The Elapidae family, and Elaps specifically, is well known for a strong theme of feeling injured, beaten, bashed up, attacked, assaulted.

In the materia medica you can find the following symptoms:

Cough with terrible pain, as if lungs were being torn out
Dry frequent constantly reoccurring paroxysms, after suddenly catching cold
Cough with sensation of laceration
Breathing is oppressed, constriction of the chest
Very violent attacks of coughing, with severe tearing pains throughout the whole chest
Constant cough with frightful pains throughout the lungs, as if they were torn out

30c or 200c would be fine.
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
So the attack can be from oneself?

My lungs were not breaking apart. It was in my belly, abdomen, back, liver, hernias tearing, moving around. The panic and unbearable involuntary spasms through my body preceded the cough. The cough did all you just wrote, but not in my lungs... my connective tissue throughout my torso.

And yes, the need to be upright was a must from dusk to dawn especially. Normally I feel much better emotionally once darkness comes until about midnight.

Would it still be that remedy?

Thank you David!
tahbi 9 years ago
Location is unimportant. The prover most likely had a weakness in the lungs where the sensation presented itself, but it is the sensation that is important not the location.

Attack is attack, no matter where it comes from. Animal remedies often feel they are in a fight for survival with their own disease, which can be like a separate entity, a powerful dominating force.
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
One big piece of this is self-attack, auto-immune. Nerves, tendons, muscles, together creating spasms, contractions, too much scar tissue, dupuytren's, and my right ring finger and pinkie needing an exorcist..... does this fit in with that miasm? Miasms are about what is inherently passed on, right?

My dad had these issues. Dupuytren's like me, muscle spasms galore..... and unfortunately Parkinson's dis-ease.
tahbi 9 years ago
'''Attack is attack, no matter where it comes from. Animal remedies often feel they are in a fight for survival with their own disease, which can be like a separate entity, a powerful dominating force. '''

Yes! That is my experience of my disease. Thank you. I did not hear that in the past.
tahbi 9 years ago
Miasm is the pattern of the disease, the depth to which it goes, the management strategy by the patient. It is partly the conscious reaction to the disease, and it is partly the instinctive response of the body to any problem.
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago

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