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White Clumps on Tonsils

Hi. For the past 3 months I have been coughing up malleable white clumps that smell strongly. Only today did I realize that these clumps came from my tonsils. They seem to be forming on top of them. I have also had a constant cough for the past 3 weeks. I don't know if it is connected but my cough gets much worse at night. Does anyone have even an inkling to what this might be?

Thank you.
  rocknricer on 2005-07-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
The whole of the interior of the body is lined with mucus.
In the lungs there are cilia which gently shift muck from the lungs up to where it can be coughed up and got rid of.
It is not impossible that the lumps originate on your tonsils , but unlikely.

Smell strongly -- of what, be specific, also what color.
walkin last decade
Your tonsils may well be infected. You should see the doc and consider having them taken out. I had same symptoms at 17 . My immune system was v. low . As it turned out,the tonsil infection was leaching toxins back into my system and causing me to feel constantly unwell. After I had them removed , no more white spots, no more sore throats, and many less flu related illnesses. Do consider.
carlotta last decade
You are one of the few lucky ones who benefited from a tonsilectomy.

I had been suffering from frequent weekly colds and throat ailments when I was young and at age 17 my tonsils were removed. This made a bad situation worse and I really suffered without my tonsils as my throat was constantly in severe pain for many years after till I discovered Homeopathy at age 35 which cured me.

I am now 76 years old and would not recommend that anyone has a tonsillectomy unless after at least 6 cultures are done on his throat and it is found that he is infected with Beta Haemolyticus Streptococcus which is a very dangerous bacteria which can cause problems in the joints, kidneys and heart if the patient suffers from regular infections. It is then and only then that a tonsillectomy can be said to help the patient.

Homeopathy can help to overcome any problems in the URT and in the case of Rocknicer I would suggest that he uses Bell 30 twice daily and report progress in a few days.
Joe De Livera last decade
Absolutely agree with Joe-- avoid surgical operation at ALL costs.

This simply suppresses and drives problems deeper into the interior of the body.

Belladonna could help , as could answers to the questions.
walkin last decade
Dear Rocknricer,

You are suffering from Streptococcus aureus infection.

Apparently this is more common then I initially thought but it is the bacteria Strep aureus causing the infection of "white clumps that smell strongly".

As regarding the origin of the infections, defiantly not from the lung, as if it was you would be having other minor/major symptoms (i.e. fevers, shortness of breath, clubbing etc).

The origin in most of these infections as usual are multifactor; for example it could be related to an imbalance within your gut resulting in the over growth of a certain bacteria; or you could have a lack of balance within your pH of the mouth which results in the over growth of Strep aureus.

You have bacteria that are in your mouth naturally occurring to help prevent infections, and also help in production of a small amount of enzymes that helps in the digestion of foods. So it is originating from an imbalance. Where well that depends on your symptoms and past health history.

Your over all immune system is functioning but not at a level that helps fight of the infection completely.

Tonsillectomy is the last thing you want to get done, as it is a major part of you immune system.

Hope this helps answer your original question.


Common Sense Doc (Dr.)
apu_stiffler last decade
These are called tonsil stones. There are natural ways to treat them without having your tonsils removed. Also do a web search on tonsil stones and you'll get tons of information. I'm using something called therabreath that is helping me.
basilfry last decade
Yes catarrh from the posterior nares clearing clearing stuff out of the sinus cavities is a possible source.

Staphylococcus aureus is another case where the use of antibiotics created the lethal Methycillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus [or MRSA]. . Dr Ken Harvey, director of. Microbiology at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in Australia, where a particularly virulent strain of MRSA bacteria swept through the wards, said recently: 'We may, look back at the antibiotic era as just a passing. phase in the history of medicine, an era in which a great, natural resource was squandered and where the bugs proved smarter than the scientists
He is especially critical of doctors who constantly use broad-spectrum antibiotics ,an indiscriminate drug which kills a wide range of bugs in circumstances where they are unnecessary. " Broad spectrum, antibiotics are the refuge of the diagnostically 'destitute". he said. The British Medical Journal is shortly to publish advice to GPs and hospitals on the best, way to control outbreaks of MRSA.

So you are not in any danger as your immune system has coped with the problem.
walkin last decade
An overgrowth of bacteria colonization is not a sign of an immune system that is functioning without any problem.

Over growths of bacteria's, signifies the right environment to have an over growth of bacteria ‘A’ which results in enzymes secreted from the bacteria ‘A’, resulting in increased growth of the bacteria colony ‘A’ resulting in the destruction of other colonies that are naturally supposed to be present in your oral cavity.

Hence why the bad odor is building up, is because of the bacteria overgrowth.

Mind you some may say your body is healthy but your breath is not... just doesn't make sense does it? Bad breath in medicine is a cause of concern, hence why we have testing to make sure the strain of bacteria is not a potential harmful one resulting in further complications.

P.S. in this case posterior clearing of the sinus cavities is not the problem in this case, although it can cause similar symptoms; symptoms are not to be used alone, hence Hahnemann’s demand on the knowledge of disease; i.e. signs and symptoms (which seems to be forgotten in homoeopathic practice).

Yours truly

Common Sense Doc
apu_stiffler last decade
You can try a gently massage under the tonsils from the area under the jaw bone as often as you can as this will increase the blood supply to the tonsil fossa and this can perhaps help you to overcome your problem.

Please try it and report.
Joe De Livera last decade
Correction to the above:

You can try a GENTLE massage.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Rocknricer and anyone else interested, I just found a more extensive discussion of this problem. You are definitely not alone!! Check out the White Bumps in Throat posting.
metoo last decade

I suffered from white clumps on my tonsils for over 3 yrs. So I completely know how everyone feels in this forum. The correct term for these white clumps are tonsil stones.

I’ve tried everything, my doctor initially thought it was an infection and prescribed me antibiotics. That didn’t help at all. I then went to see a Throat Specialist, he told me tonsil stones are very common. Most people have got them, but they don’t notice it because they just swallow it. The reason why people get the balls stuck at the back of your throat, is because when you eat, food gets stuck in the tiny holes called the tonsil crypts.

So over time, the tiny holes (tonsil crypts) in your tonsils get filled up with bacteria and food particles which then become smelly. There is one way of removing the balls in your throat, use a water jet syringe and squirt the water onto the white ball. But that’s only a temporary relief, because it will grow again.

I’ve seen 2 naturopaths and 1 homeopath about my problem, but they couldn’t help either. I have to say I have spent almost $800, just seeing naturopaths and specialists.

A few months ago, a friend introduced me to this berry juice called the Himilayan Goji Juice. I’ve been taken it for a few months now, and my tonsil stones have completely gone! Its just unbelievable, the juice is made up of a berry called Goji (Lycium Barbarum). You may not have heard of Goji before, but it has been used in traditional Asian medicine remedies for generations.

What encouraged me to give it a try is that it is formulated by the Nutritionist Dr Earl Mindell, the man who wrote the Vitamin Bible, which sold more than 10 million copies worldwide.

I really think you should try this juice, as it has certainly helped me. I drink 30mls everyday in the morning. Here is the website, give it a try.

w w w . e v e r l a s t i n g . f r e e l i f e . c o m

Let me know if it helped you too!
Tiffany23 last decade

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