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wheat allergy

sneezing,face skin eash
  drdkc on 2005-07-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
ANY allergy means that the immune system is under par.
You need constitutional/hereditary tratment.
One would need a lot more details to offer any advice.
walkin last decade
Can I ask you about the same topic? When I eat wheat I have pain all over my body.

For the last two years I have been avoiding wheat/gluten. This summer my doctor wanted to eliminate Celiac sprue(since I was still having severe bloating), so he asked me to do a gluten challenge (4 slices of white bread daily). At the end of the month the doctor did an endoscopy/biopsy. It was negative and I do not have celiac sprue.

My doctor do not have any explanation for the severe pain I was experencing all over my body. Two weeks into the gluten challenge I used to feel like I had the flu. By third week my feet was so sick I could barely walk for 20 minutes. I would feel like I was standing on a wound.

Two weeks ago I finished the gluten challenge and my health has improved a lot.

Do you have any explanation for this?
Thank you
sammytvm last decade
Science has no explanation for many things , and only homeopathy -- or other non allopathic can deal with them.

Again you were encouraged by an allopath to take a dangerous course of action so that he could use a "scientific" proceedure.

The non physical being that envelopes your material body has as part of its constituents the immone system .

The consumtion of gluten affects the WHOLE of this energy level entity and thus the pain is felt over the total body -- the parts of which, are ALL connected.

Again the classical demand for a ‘scientific’ point to point detail of how homeopathy works. ONLY if you can accept that homeopathy deals with an ENERGY phenomena will it ever make sense . As I have said in past lectures – If I am talking to someone and they drop dead at my feet , the material person is on the floor but something has departed . It is that “something” that we as homeopaths treat.
The positional awareness of the body of a tadpole confirms that a non physical entity develops alongside the physical being. This brings with it a parallel to the immune system [that does not exist in the early stages of embryo development ] - which distinguishes between "Self " and " Not self " - so does developing consciousness distinguish between " Self " and " Not self " . For this to happen there must be an entity that is Self and non physical. An entity that is greater than the sum of the parts The recent cloning of a sheep from an adult cell shows that each cell has the potential to "blueprint " another entity. The development of tadpole to frog is carried out at the hormonal level. When the legs break through the skin all the cells get the same hormonal messenger. But some cells get thicker to prepare for life as an amphibian , whilst others get thinner to allow the leg 'buds' to break through the skin. So two identical cells that join each other can get the same chemical messenger and one will get thinner and the other will get thicker [3] . There is no way that this could be programmed into the DNA. Only by positional awareness , integral to the body , can we account for this development.
At a psychological level we are linked into the collective unconscious. Protected only by the insulating layer of the subconscious we nonetheless get some vague feeling of all distress, suffering and joy that is common to humanity as a whole - no human is an island. To shut this out is to develop an inflexible shell that eventually stifles all psychological growth , and results in psychological sclerosis leading to the development of multiple ills and slow demise.
At a physical level we are constantly linked to a ferment of organisms that penetrate our being, use us briefly as a shelter while experimenting with various mutated forms that then set out to communicate whenever we sneeze, make love , or interact in any way with our environment.
At an internal level we are a community of cells , each containing its genetic helix , which communicate [a] by minute electrical currents in the nervous system and [b] by chemical hormonal messengers in the blood/lymph , with an interface at the pituitary. The possibility of damaging this organization of communicating parts is immense and infinite.
Certainly it has been shown that antibiotics disrupt , that pollution can disrupt , that overcrowding , malnutrition and poverty disrupt [ contributing to the spread of TB ] . Endometriosis [chocolate cysts ] warts , papilloma , moles , and cancers are all instances of body parts losing contact and communication with surrounding tissue. Losing that sense of 'community' that is generated by the flow of biochemical , hormonal and neural messages , bathing the cellular material in an environment of blood [16] , lymph [10] , and neurological transmitters [11] .
When this network of communication is interrupted by stress , drugs, [recreational or medical], antibiotics , injections of vaccine , shock or trauma , then cells at the end of the network become confused . They lose their sense of location and wander off - looking for the 'home' of which they feel deprived. Or they proliferate out of control as in warts and growths of all kinds.
To use a structural analogy , the foundation of the body is pure energy. The layer on top of that is the immune system . As long as the energy entity is whole and healthy there are no problems or symptoms. It has been shown that homeopathic remedies affect enzyme activity . So if you care to investigate that area you may get some point to point correlation. But anything that upsets the energy level activity causes symptoms to rise to the surface, where they relieve the problem. Such things can be stress [which can cause cancer] trauma physical or psychological, drugs – pharmaceutical or recreational. I have speculated elsewhere , that the pituitary probably has a role in transfering excess , in either physical or psychological to balance out the function .

Hope this helps.
walkin last decade
Mr. Walkin,

Thank you for your post. You explanation makes sense. I am tired of tests!! Hopefully homeopathy helps me. Is there a treatment for wheat allergy or would you recommend not to eat it at all. I don't have a problem being wheat free 95% of time. But I like my (I guess I should say I need my) deserts!!

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
sammytvm last decade
A lot of allergies can be helped by low potency -say 3x - of Natrum Sul. you could try that for a couple of weeks and see if - after a further 3 weeks there is any change.
walkin last decade
You can try PSORINUM 200, 1 dose every week, and THYROIDIN 30, thrice a day, 3 days in a week,
take these medicine for 6-8 weeks, also report regularly.
drsajid last decade
1. Celiac disease or Gluten intolerance, comes after sustaining a long period of time and has got nothing to do with genetic of inheritance factor. Though definetely has many things to do with sedentary life-style.
2. Gluten (wheat) corrodes the insides of the intestines (just like aluminum utensils corrodes with passage of time, when exposed to air)
3. Stopping Gluten stops the internal intestinal wall corrosion over a period long years. When that happens you may start Gluten again (THOUGH NOT AS A REGULAR FOOD, BUT ONLY AS A OCCASIONAL WEEKLY DELICACY) and you will remain Gluten trouble free till then.
4. Start Wheat-Gluten persistantly and the G.I.Tract starts corroding again.
5. G.I.Tract corrosion, means destroying the "VILLI" (read something on "villi" on http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/40731 on my article on 20-10-2005) where I have explained briefly.
6. Villi, is easily re-generatable in the long term, provided you allow it to re-junevate with correction in your food habits and life style and other factors .....
7. Celiac disease causes Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS), which in turn gradually degenerates the whole body, causing persistent physical and mental weakness and so on .....
8. Remedies like Lyco, Psorinum, Sulph, Hydratis, Puls, Alumina do help, though not completely, but may be used depending on your constitutional picture, which will include aversions and cravings.
9. Bio-chemic's tissue remedies like Nat.Sulph-3X + Nat.Mur-6X will also help.
10. G.I.Tract biopsy for Celiac disease will truely determine celiac disease. Sprue and Celiac disease are two different things, though inter-related.
11. Pathologically, blood samples should be given for the following investigation for Celiac Disease testing :
a. Anti-Gliadin Antibodies (AGA) igG & igA
b. Anti-Reticulin Antibodies (ARA) igG & igA
c. Anti-Endomysial Antibodies (EMA) igG & igA
d. Human Jejunal Antibodies (JAB) igG & igA

You can also read something about the way the digestive system function in
http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/14924/2 , authored by "HA21" on 26-02-2005 wherein "HA21" explains something interesting on "High Protien intolerance - DUE TO WHAT ?"

Also consider reading : http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/35254
Nesha-India last decade
I read on a homeopathy site recently that lack of phosphorous is tied to inflammation of the intestines. I've tried several things like Lycopodium and Arsenicum, Nux Vomica, Aloe but they did not help. Three days ago I tried taking homeopathic Phosphorous and am finding that it has just about stopped my IBS (related to grains like wheat, corn, rice -- not just wheat). I am starting to think that because wheat is so hard to digest that when you lack Phosphorous, the bowels become inflamed and the first thing that results is wheat/grain intolerance (because it is hard to digest, and then causes more inflammation). May be worth a try if you are struggling with IBS and gluten intolerance).
Lynn1 6 years ago

What site did you read this on??

What potency did you take of phos?

Potencies above 12x do not contain any of the substance. They are so diluted that you are really taking the molecule imprint of the water dilution.

The way homeopathy works is the remedy is matched to many things,
Physical, mental, etc. when the match is good it resembles the imbalance or disease that you have.
The human body will not accept Two similar disease states. The body reacts to the water imprint and boosts your immune system,life force to clear the remedy. As it targets the remedy it also then targets the real disease.

So it sounds like you found a remedy you need. Remedies are not supplements.

Phosphorus is in many regular foods.
It has a delicate balance with calcium. Usually people have more phos than calcium and then calcium is leached out from bones, making them brittle. People with real celiac or crohns have an issue absorbing nutrients. But for others, never take phos Supplenent without professional expert guidance as it can lead to imbalance with other minerals. And
Do not confuse homeopathic phosphorus medicine as a supplement.
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simone717 6 years ago

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